422 the eyes have it [2]

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422 the eyes have it [2]142 The eyes have it (2)Bemused, Maj could not belive she had caved in so completely or so easily, she had been so strongly against it on her way home, so determined so decisive and yet, here she was, still in her working tweeds leading him to her own bed…They sat on her bed, it was one of those moments in life, pregnant with the enormity of the decision, when words are not enough…but they both knew they needed to talk, break the silence, so both began, then stopped as you do…”you first” he shrugged then said, “I did hope you would be true to yourself Aunt Maj, and you have, and I wanted my mum or you in her place, you know that don’t you?” She nodded, he went on, “but this time aunty I want you for yourself, I want you because you have decided your not past sex, you are not old fat or over the hill, your desirable and I want you and I want you all the way…!” her finger struck his lips, asking for silence and she whispered, ”enough talk…before I change my mind… I`ve spent all day denying myself, believing I`m past it, I want you to prove me wrong…OK?”His lips welded themselves to hers they fell back onto the bed… his hands found her breasts through her clothing her arms hauling him to her in a hug that said much. Her nipples stiffening like they hadn’t in years, her sex beginning to dampen, memories of Paul flitting through her brain, the bondage that last time, his cough, knowing he had but days to live back then, this last game, it had been all too much…Here she was with this blue eyed youth, his long blonde hair hanging over his shoulders, kissing her, manhandling her breasts, mauling her about, no fineness, a virginal lover…She had a vision of Paul, his coughing and gasping for breath, his voice in her ear, saying she must live, and live for them both, his seed filling her the whole sexual thing an effort that last time, she had been worried that he would die and not having released her she would be days secured… but he had managed, had lived just three more days, three days of hell for them both…The lads fingers were unbuttoning her blouse, she knew this was unstoppable now, and Paul, her beloved master Paul, was long gone, was her past, today she must live again, wake up and smell the coffee as her boss would say.She held his hands looked deep into Mikes eyes and said, “don’t spare me , I need sex as much as you need to learn and if this is going to work, you need to take control of me, take me, use me, but don’t spare me, …please…just do whatever you have dreamed of in your fantasies with your mother.” He looked deep into her eyes once more, kissed her again then began undressing her in earnest, she moving herself silently, to facilitate his undressing, sitting up as the blouse and atakum escort jacket came off, laying back and lifting her hips as the skirt and slip hurriedly left, their usual curtain of respectability vanishing in a moment, her daily armour shed to the tune of this young man whom she knew would soon ravish her like some common whore. She lay now in her underclothing, a well filled matching dark blue set, a long line bra, a suspender belt, her belly just peering over the top edge, her stout legs encased in shear nylons, and knickers, stray pubic hair showing round the crutch, not having been shaved in the last few years.To him she was all he could desire, a real woman, not some model in a sex magazine or page 3, but a woman he would meet in any street, desirable, and willing, begging him to take her, use her, enjoy her. a spitting image of his mother too, again he kissed her, then his hand found her fast wetting crutch, his memory straying to that time with his mother, the crunch of his fathers car tyres on the gravel outside, that moment when he knew it was impossible and he needed to get to his room…But not this time, this time she was his…this time …undoing his fly and pulling out his stiffness, he hauled the knickers to one side and without foreplay or more ado, roughly crammed his tool into his Aunt till his zip collected pubic hair, with a cry of delight and triumph, he began his ride, it was to be short, hard and intense, the ejaculation huge, a fantasy now completed, for him sublime, though for her it was not such a joy.He rolled off to lay at her side sprawled diagonally across the quilt, cum soaking her crutch, dribbling on the bedding, his tool wilting, no kiss, no kind word, no caress, just a silence, long and oppressive. Her thinking what had she sacrificed herself for… a two-minute savaging, was that it? Silent tears fell as they lay each contemplating what had occurred. Up on his elbow now, he looked once more into her face, apologising for his haste, explaining his need to ensure he got what he had so long desired and this time with no interruptions. He kissed her, gently, tenderly and with real affection, while she lay silently wondering about him, asking herself about her sanity in giving herself to him as she had.He rose, threw off all of his clothes and with eager fingers dragged her wet knickers down her legs and off, tossing them across the room in a show of indifference, then kneeling and kissing her hair covered mons with passion, his tongue seeking her clitorise eagerly. It was awesome, excitement coursed through her body, instantly he was forgiven, that tongue licking at her nub, probing her hood, slathering at the lips, a torrent of emotions, feelings, her heavy legs finding atakum escort bayan his shoulders, her heels on his back slippery nylon comforting and erotic, he, so absorbed that they hadn’t noticed she was still in one shoe, the other having gone with her knickersShe lay, her senses building to a climax, she knew would be epic, his breath on her mons, hot and rapid, his hands on her ample hips pulling her onto his ever probing tongue reaching into her belly deep and urgent, trying desperately to make up for that first brutal using of her.Her knees gripped his ears and a long groan filled the room, as she climaxed, her shoulders still on the bed, her back arched but her hips raising themselves, urging him on, her hands clenched the tension pushing red manicured fingernails into her own flesh.It was a long magic moment of bliss, she knew in her heart this would not be her last with her strange nephew, they lay sated for a while, then once again the eased them apart, she swung herself to the pillow, and as if by unspoken mutual agreement he mounted her once more, this time easing himself in gently, with no restrictive knickers pants or jeans to impede his entry, he began once more to ride her more than willing body. together they began to rise to the occasion, her nails raking his back, his arms supporting his upper body, her bra rubbing against his chest the nipples just making themselves felt through the soft material. They built themselves to a massive mutual climax her hips once more rising her back arched lifting them both from the soft mattress, with a cry of extasy that meant so much.They dozed together Adam and Eve, Hansel and Gretel, aunt and nephew… five minutes, an hour, who knows. Her bladder bursting, she rose and toileted herself, shedding stockings and suspender belt as she did, she retained her bra, smiling to herself that it would enhance her shape, simply slipping on her dressing gown and slippers. By now he had raised himself, still naked, the kettle singing on the stove.She made something to eat, he laid the table, all in silence, neither wishing to break this companionable dream.Finally, she asked of his day, he said, that it had been a day of settling in and admin really, “but it got better when she had come home.” she blushed remembering her working clothes, her suit, and her shoes s**ttered to the four winds…As they ate, he suddenly asked what was it she expected of this relationship? Her reply somewhat took him back, as she said “liberation…she wanted to mentally free herself from ghosts!” he asked about her Ghosts and her one word told it all…” Paul.” After a moment or two she asked of his aspirations in the sexual scene, he thought then said,” I have slept now with my mother`s escort atakum twin and though I still want to have my mum I feel I am nearly there. Is that strange?” she smiled said nothing more but went and hung up her clothes, laid out fresh underclothes stockings and the like for work.She returned to the living room and they sat this time together on the sofa, facing the TV in front of the coal effect fire in darkness and companionable silence for quite a while, then without looking at him, she said, “ I suppose now you’ve had me and seen my fat body you won`t want more, will you, I`m just a notch on your bedpost, a conquest…” His answer to that was decisive and swift…” Look Aunty, that’s not the case, is that what you think of me, some sort of stud? I`m here for six months or more, and I shall very willingly share your bed till you say not to, I will try to play out our wildest fantasies, and fill you every night if you wish, but you must promise me that one day you will tell my mum how satisfied you are and ask her over to share my bed if only once.”She found his wish to still bed his mother a little annoying if a touch exciting in a strange sort of way, was she not enough? She had no desires to tell her own sister that she was bedding her son, though she found the idea of her knowing or in fact visiting erotic, it was a strange mix! She nodded, said “oh, he didn’t just want straight sex then,” and laughed at his blush, in reply he said “perhaps not, but I have read your mind Aunty, and no neither do you, you want whatever you used to do with uncle Paul, to prove to him you still have it, still can… can take it, whatever it was. But you need to tell me I can only read so much, the rest your hiding …yet”It was her turn to blush.That night and for the rest of the week, together they slept, usually after a bout of intense naked vanilla sex, living like a married couple, her going off to work in a bright frame of mind, her step lighter than for a year or two and her staff happier in consequence.It was on the Saturday Mel rang, just a catch up, to see how things were, Mike chatted for a while reassuring his mother that the course was going well and he was behaving, he then handed the phone to his aunt saying you talk to her, I need the loo, and vanishing in that direction. For a few moments they chatted then Mel suddenly said, “you sound different Maj, happier, more, I don’t know, satisfied somehow, have you found a new man?” there was some hesitation then Maj quietly said “well yes, I suppose I have got a new man in my bed nowadays.” Her sister chuckled said “she was a dark horse,” then asked who he was, a long moment passed then Maj said…erm …Mickie” there was a silence then a click as Mel put down her receiver.Mike returned and saw a look of shock on his aunts face, ”She rang off… I told her just as you asked and she rang off” he kissed her, then said it’s a lot to take in, she will come around you see if I am not right!”Maj however was not so sure.