420 those bloodthirsty Yanks

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420 those bloodthirsty Yanks420 those bloodthirsty Yanks This was written for a friend in the USA to his order & menu for their anniversary! don’t blame me if it`s not to your taste!So, the queue outside the big meeting hall that doubled as court, music hall and function rooms had been made of two thirds of the town.It had formed here in this little place in north Carolina, it was one those sort of place anyway, few of you would have heard of it and it is well off the beaten track, sort of a backwater that had a sheriff, a mayor and a law of its own style of going on and for that reason, Well perhaps it had best remain nameless.These two had wandered in from, well that don’t make no never-minds either as I doubt they will be missed except by a few friends, and there`s no need to cause our little town a problem with the FBI or any other agency is there.Their names are Rob and his wife Jean , he`s overweight and not tall, she’s about the same height and shall we say heavy, tits like spaniels ears, belly just causing a wave of fat on each belly side that hangs onto her large thighs a typical American couple.They were out for a day or two camping and having a wander around the state as a break for their anniversary when they stumbled on this place. Unfortunately they also stumbled on the local still run by the area police unit, run by the local sheriff.They also ran d**gs [that`s the sheriff`s office not our hapless pair] so the sheriff, a nasty little man who virtually ran the place, decided to remove the pair from circulation. Simples, as the mere-cat would say, except that the sheriff was also a greedy chap and he had sold the two portly holiday makers to the sadistic town mayor, with the proviso that when the mayor was finished with the pair they were to be disposed off permanently as hog food.Word got around the town [population 145 persons it said on the nameplate] and in the town was a ring of hard drinking, d**g using BDSM lovers led by the mayor, and they had turned out to enjoy the spectacle of the pair “being taught to keep their noses out of the town`s business”. Now truth to tell both Jean and Rob were in reality a bit kinky with masochistic tendencies and had been looking for somewhere sort of private, to camp and enjoy one another, it being their anniversary, when they happened upon the still and its staff!The lady, Jean had a fantasy she had had for years, about being put on display to serve multiple men then be the sexual pet to a group of men and women alike and bred to their dogs as well. She was now under the delusion that all this was an elaborate ruse by her husband to allow her to live her fantasy it being their anniversary.He had pulled stunts before, no roses or a bottle for him each year, one year he hired a remote farmhouse and she spent the weekend secured to a bed being used by all their friends both men and women alike, another he borrowed a friends dogs for her and she was used day and night by Mastive and Dane over the weekend. He was quite an inventive soul thus she believed it was the most inventive ruse yet to have hired a theme park if she was not mistaken.Oh how mistaken she was to prove to be!They had been kept separately since the sheriff had ‘captured’ them, which luckily for the forces of law and order; that had reinforced the dream.The biggest deputy had clicked her illusion that she thought this was a fantasy, when he interrogated her; (ladies first) and so he had been able to ask Rob all the right questions during his interview finding out all the details of her fantasy, then reporting it all to the sheriff. Explaining that she wanted her breasts and labia clamped and used with weights and the like and that she wished to be hung to be used before an audience.Now the sheriff, he being quite a bright sort, worked out the advantages of going with the flow, he didn’t want witnesses, life running this area was just too good and knowing the mayors group would enjoy the use of the lady wanted the brownie points.So it was he who interviewed Jean himself again, she still under the illusion that her hubby was behind the whole thing and wishing to reward him for the elaborate hoax, it was she who explained all of Robs little foibles, his love of having his tackle abused, and his love of the thought of being hung to be displayed to a crowd.They were returned to their cells one at each end of the little jailhouse so they couldn’t exchange details.Each of the prisoners were taken to the court singularly, each was sentenced before the mayor, to humiliation and a whipping apiece for violating the town code and jean was told she was to be used by some of the town men , women and a****ls.The rest of the sentence was written down, so they would not be alerted. So neither knew they were for disposal, that they were to be used as playthings by a group of sadists nor that the other had betrayed his or her partner`s inner thoughts.They had languished in jail for the rest of that week and both had been told Saturday was to be the first special day. Not that the sheriff and his 4 merry men had not taken some advantage of Jean especially as in turn they had had night duty and each had used the hours to screw her relentlessly! Jean enjoying the attention still under the impression it was all part of the celebrationThe sheriff, having other tendencies, took advantage of Rob, shackled as he was.On the Saturday afternoon, Jean was told to remove her clothes; she was placed in chains and led through the main-street to the town hall rather as a dancing bear would have been. The town k**s turned out to ogle her, mostly the young boys who never having seen a naked woman before stood open mouthed.On arrival the woman was led inside to the entrance hall, here she was stood, her arms spread above her on a rope which was pulled up so she was on tiptoe. Through her legs a bar was passed, supported on two stands, the deputy checking that her labia was to either side of the terrible support, her rope was now eased the so that her clit was resting on the bar bearing her full weight, which was considerable, though she could relieve the strain by standing on her tiptoes. Her choice became apparent quite quickly, pain in her leg muscles and feet or rest on her tiny clit.The deputy now attached clamps and weights to her nipples, and a one to each trabzon escort of her labia with a short chain, he over-tightened each clamp carefully.To these chain`s was now attached a c***d`s plastic bucket of little weight. She had been given much to drink that morning, and her bladder need was now becoming urgent, but she had realised that to pee would cause her immense pain in addition to the pain she was already in.It was Rob`s arrival that took her mind from her predicament. He too was naked and led by a couple of deputies, he was gagged and his eyes fixed on hers as he was led past, she called out to him “happy anniversary sweetheart” but his eyes and looks of bemusement gave her the first indication that perhaps this was not his doing, and an icy shudder ran down her back.She watched as he was hoisted by his arms so that he too was on tiptoe, his circumcised penis peeping out from under his belly, automatically stiff with the excitement of seeing his wife in her present circumstance and of his own joy of bondage and being on display. Her mind having been distracted for a moment she was now brought back to her reality, the pain in her crutch was excruciating and her need to urinate one that was now urgent she knew the time had come she began to allow her water to run, there was no choice.Tears ran down her face as she allowed a trickle to dribble over the bar, she heard rather than saw the piss hit the bottom of the empty bucket, she tried to stop the flow, but once started her need to empty became urgent and the dribble became a full flow. The weight on her labia now became excruciating; the dull pain on her tender nipples and her clit that had been her main concerns, now became just a sideshow as the weight on her sex increased and the tiny teeth on the clamps at her sex lips now threatened to tear the tender skin. She had been hung 30 long minutesThe deputy sat opposite her watching the discomfort of the woman and enjoying the spectacle immensely smiled at her and explained in his own happy way that she had better get used to it as the box office didn’t open for another hour and she would be there till the whole town was in and seated. She heard a voice that she vaguely recognised as her own, ask what happened then? He said that she would find out soon enough but he was glad it was not him that was going to entertain this crowd tonight.A shudder ran through her which she instantly regretted the bucket oscillating wildly and the pain in her clit sending red hot messages to her brain.The next hour was one of immense pain and suffering, the sheriff visited, ‘checking on his prisoner`s welfare’ he said, he hardly glanced at her, but fondled Robs manhood in a gentle but firm way squeezing his balls till his victims eyes rolled and a blood freezing scream was heard round the gag. After the hour past, the box office opened, having paid for the privilege, the adults of the town, filed past her each giving her a slight push, a pinch or a slap on the tits, that wobbled her on that awful bar, her muffled screams music to their ears as they passed along to slap the penis and balls of her mate, who soon joined her in voicing his displeasure at the mild pain now running through his tackle. After10 slaps he came, having enjoyed the experience, by the hundredth slap he was beginning to throw up, his balls bruised his cock painful, by the time the last of the audience had passed he was hanging in his shackles totally spent, u*********s, bruised and in real pain.She too was in a lot of discomfort, her sex a throbbing tortured mass of bruises and pain. She was taken down to her relief the bucket removed and was then made to hobble painfully stiffly past her limp husband and out onto the stage. Her arms again, were secured above her; as the towns folk held a raffle for who was to use the lady and for how long. second prize was for a day with her, to do as the winner would, and the third was half a day. Though she did not know it the First prize was to choose how she was to be put to death at the end of the month, this winner having a week to devise a method that would be; painful, spectacular and slow. He or she needed to display his chosen method on the town notice board the by the next weekend.Her revived husband was now fetched in and displayed alongside her, there was another draw, this time only the town`s women could enter, and they each drew a bingo ball for the order they would enjoy his services, the last ball a golden one, again to decide his demise and to have his services for a whole day before his death. Thirty two women drew balls, they ranged from a nubile s*******n year old virgin who drew the seventh ball, to old Granny Parker who drew the first, 75 if a day and a single spinster woman.Seth the town drunk wanted to know if his old hound could have Jean on “the last day of her sentence”, he was told that was a good idea; however the other men then said that their dogs should be involved too, and it was decided that the last week would be set aside for the a****ls of the town to use the pair of them as they saw fit in the town square.The itinery for the pair was set so the mayor placed a collar round each neck, he explained that with cuffs on each wrist and the cuffs attached to the collars, when out of their cells, that that is how they would be dressed from now till the end of their sentences. He went on to say that they had been sentenced to humiliation and whipping and now was the time for the whipping, he was a humane man so he would let them choose who were to be whipped first, 30 strokes and 25 strokes being the sentences in that order.Rob ever the gentleman said he would be first to save his wife the extra strokes., he felt like shit after the slapping his tackle had had but he reckoned she must have been in a worse state, they stretched him over a table and the sheriffs men held him down while the deputy took a single tail to his arse, he was soon a bloody mess, each stroke tearing at his buttocks like a saw.Jeans eyes were out like organ stops, she screamed as the first blood ran down her husband`s legs, knowing it was her turn next, he past care and u*********s again was soon dealt with to the joy of the crowd.A bucket of cold salt water was thrown over the comatose figure, the sole concession to the mans woundsThey left escort trabzon her suspended as she was; the deputy called TWENTY FIVE and began striking at her exposed body with a soft cat of nine tails (not wishing to damage this large ladies skin as they wanted her for their enjoyment each day for the next few weeks) all over her body each stroke counted by the assembled crowd,25, 24, 23, and so on on breast, back, bum, and legs, stinging swipes that left her red and pained, but did not break her skin. Her teeth gritted she hung on grimly till the last number was called There was a round of applause for that, and then she was released to her collar as she had been told she would be.The nipple weights were removed, pain coursed through the nipples and the pain was something fierce.The evening was over, and back they went to the jail house, her wandering in a daze, staggering, hardly able to walk from the afternoon`s exertions.She found herself in a different cell this one had bars all round three sides, and was next to another identical cell with her naked, comatose and bleeding husband laying face down on the bed in the centre of the cell.She looked around the cell, other than a mattress on the bed in the centre of the thing there was a john in the corner and nothing else.A doctor was administering rudimentary first aid to his backside. When he had finished he came to her the deputy opening the cell doors to allow him passage.He checked her skin for lesions’, found none then the deputies threw her bodily onto the bed taking a leg apiece and holding her open for the doctor`s examination. He was thorough but rough fingering her torn labia and her bruised clit as if they were fruit on a stall. The pain was terrible, but he declared both Ron and Jean fit to be punished from the next day.Her blood ran cold as he said that “there were folks keen to screw you lady, and they would be along from after breakfast he supposed.”The tearful woman asked when would this all end and the deputies and the doctor laughed at her scornfully the doctor saying for you both it will all end in the town square on the 15th. Then they left the cells, and the weeping woman and her sleeping husband. The date was the 1st of the month, and it was their anniversary.Rob had come round in the night, and they had talked, he assured her that the whole thing was not of his making, and that these folk were very, very real he had set up a party for this very night at their home, someone was sure to miss them.. Wouldn’t they?Reassured that there was hope they tried to sleep in the clammy warm cell, breakfast was delivered, by the deputy as normal, stiff bones, bruises, first she then he was allowed to shower, the water delicious on the sweaty skin, she s**ttered powder on the bits that rubbed, and was about to dress in the shift they had supplied, when the deputy removed it saying “she did not need bother she was going to be busy” he swapped them over Rob being allowed to shower the second deputy taking her to the bed, and securing her ankles wide apart, her wrists attached to her collar, Rob returned and was secured on his back in the same way, having no regard for his torn backside.His first client was the rough tough old woman who had lived here for 75 years, as girl and mistress; she was a spinster lady and was at him like a real whore, having him hard and fast like a true sex worker, jean was not so lucky, her man was a hog keeper who smelt like he was living amongst his charges, he slathered his tongue all over her breasts, fingered her bruised sex then rammed his tool into her causing her to scream as the bruises reacted to the treatment, he filled her as she began to cry.He had hardly left when the next arrived, normally she would have welcomed such a handsome young man, and he twisted her nipples, while he screwed her in the roughest way, by now the granny had had her fill surrendering the used rob to the next lady, by the middle of the day they had each had 5 partners, he was bleeding again from his butt, but no one seemed to be bothered bar his wife, she was full of more seed than she could ever remember and was glad when the deputy called dinner, allowing them to eat, shower and freshen up, though their hearts sank when they found themselves back at the job, straight after the break, he complained that he was running out of steam and she that she was sore, the deputy, laughed and said that the first complaint and they would be “sorrier than they ever had been, as their clients had been told if they were not satisfied they could use them for any sadistic purpose they wished.They continued till tea, each adult passing the baton to his or her neighbour.Exhaustion overtook them after the meal and it was breakfast again all too soon, one day rolled into the nextThe women had had their fill by the Saturday, the men though seemed never ending, one or two of the less choosy using robs battered arse rather than wait their turn with the beleaguered Jean. They were both tired beyond belief when the adult supply stopped. It was Tuesday and the two had showered and breakfasted as usual, their collars and wristlets attached, when to their surprise they were taken naked to the town square. Each was made to kneel, heads secured in low stocks a strap round each knee keeping each body folded ready to receive the dogs each man held.c***dren as young as eight or ten played in the square as the first dog mounted his victim, the owner aiming the rigid tool at robs pink puckered arse, and laughing hilariously as the knot tied spreading his butt to a screamingly painful size and his bowels filling with scalding seed.A second dog mounted his wife, her well bored sex now loose after the last week`s exercise, she hardly felt the dog inside her till the knot began to dilate the passage to her very core, spewing hot seed into her guts. Eventually the dog tore itself free, to be followed by another then another she lost count, the hours passed marked by the striking of the belfry clock.By mid afternoon the supply of canine sex machines had all but dried up, the bolder c***dren were using their small hands to explore jeans sex, they swung on her slack breasts, played with her nipples, and gently found their way round the woman`s body.The sun hot on their backs they watched a couple of the locals, trabzon escort bayan erecting a post in the square about 5 feet high to its vicious point, well set into the ground. The post crew then erected a second identical post about 10 feet from the first. The c***dren laughing now dancing round the posts. Whispering amongst them-selves and laughing, pointing at the posts then at the secured pair still on their knees facing the stakes.Four thinner much longer posts were set in the ground in pairs either side of each pole each pair about 3 feet out from either side.The deputies arrived collected the Pair and trickling wetness from their used bodies they shuffled through the streets back to their cells.Neither one cared now, they had lost the will to live, eating, flopping on their beds, where they were asleep in seconds.The dawn came as usual, shower, breakfast, routine the second prize winner now appeared claiming his day with the prisoner of his choice, it was the town sweeper who had won, and he chose Jean as his partner for the day, he was soon in the saddle,The third prize winner was the postmistress and she was happy to use Rob for her half day. she used the poor man hard, being dragged from his pole at midday leaving him to watch the sweeper who was to say the least well endowed, and energetic still screwing the wife Rob now hardly knew, By tea time they were both collapsed again the deputy on duty suggesting they slept well as tomorrow was the hardest day they would ever endure, and they would need their strength.The breakfast was exceptional the next day, and very early they ate ravenously, after the shower and being told to empty their bowels, a new development was a cross-bar fixed between the wrist bands each about eight feet in all in length, the deputy asked if she enjoyed a good stake, that drew a sad smile from the assembled crowd.They began to have butterflies they were frightened, it was the 15th the last day of their sentenceThey were stood outside the jail, the c***dren quieter now an ominous sign, as together they walked slowly down the main-street, a deputy at the end of each cross pole a drum beating somewhere behind them, slow mournful steady, all very ominous, they arrived at the square the whole town stood around the perimeter.The stakes, each with their attendant posts, now also with two of the cubes of ice that had been fetched from some distant source, each two feet by two feet by three feet high, wrapped in sacks and topped with wooden plates.The mayor met them and stood looking with eager eyes at Jean; then Rob but perhaps with less interest.Jean tried to reason with him, saying they were American citizens, and they had been violated, used and she wished to protest, she would be complaining all the nine yards. Rob however was quieter, accepting his fate he had worked out the significance of the pointed stakes and the ice.Silently the deputies attached spreader bars to the ankles of each of the prisoners who were then lifted to stand on the ice blocks, the cross poles sliding between the two vertical poles and the tip of the point of the stake inserted in Rob`s anus, and in Jeans virgina. They were facing away from one another.A rope was run from the end of each of the cross pole ends so there was no chance of either managing to twist them-selves loose.The mayor removed the sacking so that the full rays of the sun could play on the ice in the hot square. The clock bell on the church clanged the hour of nine and the crowd fell silent as the ice slowly oh so slowly began to return to its natural state. The sun on the ice slowly dampened the sand, the point of the stake slowly oh so slowly invading Rob`s rectum, he could feel it slowly enter him not a bad feeling after the cocks he had endured these last days, the clock struck the next hour, Jean too had not as yet felt more than the effect that a good dildo would give. The ice continued its slow melt; rivulets of water began to slowly drop to the sand. Rob was the first to feel discomfort, the point of the specially sharpened stake pricking at his guts. The pain increasing as the hour past, not a sharp abdominal pain more a nagging deep seated guts ache like he had as a boy when he had eaten too many green apples. His mind wandered to his mother and the ear ache she had given him along with the Caster oil. The stake slowly drove itself deeper, it would take more than Caster oil for this, he began to moan, gently at first, increasing as the moments past. Soon Jean began to moan as well, her body better able to take more of the vicious stake; she had more of it embedded in her birth canal before the pain began. The point began to become invasive, even the dogs had not hit the top of her cervix this wooden phallus not only was reaching it, it was beginning to slowly pass through the soft wall of this deep interior organ. Pain long passed the point where she bit her lip, forced her to begin to scream she could not help it her guts were splitting, tearing, blood running freely down the stake. The mayor paying one of the deputies as he had bet that the woman would scream first.Rob was moaning as if he was soon going to pass out again. No one moved, the sight of the victims in such pain both fascinating and gross, some couples were screwing having been turned on by the screams, some k**s turning away, one throwing up, the ice still draining into the hot square mixing with the blood and that bell that awful bell, clanging the next hour regularly, slowly, marking the embedding stakes progress.Rob was first to go, his body not having any resistance since the loss of blood from the whipping, the deputies struggled to lift his slumped body from the embrace of the stake. The body was brought for her to see, she barely able now to do so the pain so intense within her very core, the old hog keeper began to hack with his axe at the body, removing parts for his hogs, hacking at the remains till the parts became into edible chunks. Tears now falling from Jeans eyes as the hog man advanced towards her axe in hand, with a single blow the thing was done she was gone he had put her beyond misery she had passed to another world. as with just two swipes of his axe he removed the sex from Jean, he would save that piece, he had enjoyed it last week he did not see why he could not enjoy it again. The sheriff sent the town home, soon just the hog keeper the only human left in the square throwing pieces of body into his old trailer, as the last lump of ice slowly slipping to the muddy ground and the clock tolled its final chime.