397 Kay, enjoying Bill and Ben at home


397 Kay, enjoying Bill and Ben at home397 Kay, enjoying Bill and Ben at home This story is only tweaked by me to ensure readability, it is written by Kay my pretty Australian divorcee who is apparently a nymphomaniac as well as a masochist, so it`s in her own words. She now lives in a rented room in what would be called in England; a house of multiple occupancy, the top floor is occupied by a chap that owns the place, for security purposes we shall call him Bill and in one room a renter called… Ben… they all share kitchen and bathroom and the place is situated on the coast, about a couple of hours from Sidney. (This is not her usual BDSM fair, see stories number 384/5/6 and 395/6/7)It was the morning of the third day since returning from my second weekend with Jack, my now regular dominant pain partner, I had for the most part, avoided my two housemates, who had not so far known much of my needs with Jack, though they were curious, I had stayed mainly in my room, or wearing leggings and a hoodie to cover my marks, so`s not to inflame the situation, not knowing how they might react, though I knew they both had a fancy for me. Today however, I had woken up desperately horny, I stretched, and toyed with the now wispy hair under my arms, I find it strangely erotic now it`s grown quite long, something Jack loves, tugging it gently, watching the skin rise, still slightly yellowed with bruising from his ministrations, though healing fast, faster than I had expected, faster than my breasts, which still showed a lot of bruising! Tracing the welts on my belly with my fingers, and remembering getting them, I shuddered and hunted in the bedclothes for my dildo, I lay back and slid it’s thickness inside my fast moistening hole, stroking it a couple of times, then pushing it deep, wedging the end on the bed, trapping it in there. I rubbed my clit hard, and fast, sitting up to jam my weight down on the trapped dildo until it hurt, deep inside in a lovely dominant sort of way. Cumming quickly, I lay back panting, the dildo sliding slowly out of me, slick with my juice, two of my curly, golden hairs stuck to it. It was good but not good enough. I had heard the younger man, Ben leave for work, a while back, but knew Bill was still upstairs, I decided, having already let Ben fuck me once already, it was now to be Bill’s turn. The last thing I wanted was jealousy between my housemates, I really liked living here in this two-storey house on the waterfront, my rent was affordable, important when you’re unemployed, and with Bill being the actual homeowner, I decided it was essential he got his share. Besides, two fuck buddies is always better than one, especially for someone as needy, or should I say greedy as me!At some point it would be inevitable my weekends with jack were going to be revealed, you cant keep marks like that hidden forever, it would be a risk, Bill might have hated the idea and asked me to leave, but the signs were he was hungry for some action himself, so I reckoned it was time to bite the bullet, besides I needed sex today and the real thing too…. My mind made up, I got up and looked through my drawer, finding a shorty nightie, red and fairly see through, with a matching G string thong, and pulling them quickly on, illegal bahis I checked myself in the mirror. The marks on my body were clearly visible through the thin nightie, small tufts of my pubes escaping the sides of my thong, my still swollen sex on display, sticking wetly to the material.I grabbed a towel and headed upstairs, Bill was at the table in the sitting room, working on his laptop, he did a double take as I greeted him with a “Good morning”, putting my towel down and heading into the kitchen to turn on the jug for coffee, asking him if he wanted one, him agreeing, I walked behind him, as I reached for his cup off the desk leaning over pressing my body against his, my breasts squashing against him. The coffee made, I took both cups over, and placed his on his desk, again me brushing against him as I did so. We chatted as we drank, his spreadsheets forgotten as his eyes drank in my semi-nakedness while I stood there brazenly, drinking my coffee accepting his obvious ogling. I could see he was fascinated by the marks on me, particularly the bruised bite marks on my tits, though as a gentleman he never mentioned them, I was almost imperceptibly grinding my puss on the corner of his desk, leaving a tiny wet spot as I finished my coffee, did a twirl, put my cup in the sink, grabbed my towel and headed for the shower.Back downstairs, I left my door wide open, I sprawled naked on my bed and started watching gangbang videos on my laptop, slowly working my dildo in and out of me once again, knowing I was in full sight of the open door and knowing he could not resist at least looking at me once again. I heard Bill coming down the stairs, made sure my legs were wide apart and facing the doorway, he stood there watching me, fixated on that big, black, studded rubber cock, disappearing deep inside me before I slowly pulled it out, my labia clinging to it as though trying to hang on to a long lost treasure. I was loving putting on a show for this man, arching my back off the bed as I pushed it deep, moaning as my other hand pulled and stretched each bruised nipple in turn. Suddenly I caught and held his gaze, “Come in Bill, and help me. don’t just stand and gawp” my voice was husky with desire. He tentatively entered my room, standing close by the bed, nervously watching, so I took his hand and placed it on the end of the dildo, as he began to work it gently, I took his other hand and put in on my breast, his fingers caressing, his thumb flicking my at my erect nipple, once the initial contact was made “Squeeze it Bill…please” I begged, and he did, I moaned louder. My own hands found the zip on his trousers, opening it and taking his cock out, found a smallish but quite thick, and very stiff circumsized prick. Stroking it, I rubbed the pad of my thumb under the big purple head and he groaned removing the dildo, both hands now spreading my labia wide, opening my hole, exposing me to his eager gaze, leaning over looking up my gaping pink tunnel, and asking, “Can I lick you?” I answered enthusiastically “oh please do, I’d like that” releasing his cock, I moved on the bed until my cunt was on the edge, grabbing behind my own knees, pulling them upwards and down onto my chest, my legs wide open, he knelt down, pulling illegal bahis siteleri my lips wider, fastening his mouth onto my wet and glistening vulva, his tongue moving constantly, probing deep inside my hole, then licking upwards, tickling my pee-hole with its tip, trying to push in before moving to my very aroused and erect clit, swirling around it, me moaning and pushing my crotch against his face, close to cumming, his lips sucking my bean into his mouth, holding it there with his teeth as his tongue flicked at it. I groan, and started to spasm, his mouth moving back to my opening, lapping at the escaping juices, drinking me down. By now I’m bucking, writhing on the bed, my arsehole winking in time with my contractions, his tongue sliding down to it, licking up the dribble that has escaped, before pulling back, watching my final spasms, fascinated, his face very close to my pulsing sex, then standing up, his grin wet. I quickly change position, kneeling on the bed, finish undoing his pants, pulling them and his undies down his legs, I take his cock gently between my lips, teasing the eye with the tip of my tongue while my lips suck on the head, my hand gently massaging his balls, then suck it all inside my mouth, tongue still working wetly, my nails, now lightly scratching his balls as I suck his stiff cock, licking the glans underneath with every out stroke, I hear him groaning, I suck him deep, my tongue poking out to lick his balls, and feel his shaft swell, then his cock is shooting, long squirts of salty semen, thin and watery, it fills my mouth, and still he’s shooting, so much cum it overflows and dribbles down my chin, and finally I pull of him, look up at his flushed face and open my mouth, to show him his own huge load filling my mouth! I play with it with my tongue as he watches, before I pointedly swallow it all down, then with my fingers clean my chin and licking them erotically, with a smile of deep satisfaction. Bill quickly pulls up his pants and without a word, leaves, going back upstairs. I lay on the bed blissing out, enjoying the aftertaste of his cum. I then dress, in leggings and a hoodie once more. After a while, Bill calls me up for lunch, having made me a chicken salad sandwich. Over which there is no mention of the sex we had so enjoyed. After lunch Bill leaves saying he has to do some work stuff, so I take a nice long walk along the waterfront, and then when I get back a nap.It’s early evening when I awake, having overslept. The upstairs of the house in darkness, but directly opposite, there is light shining under Ben’s door, and the faint sound of his television, I knock softly and he opens, I ask about Bill, and he tells me Bill has had to go to Sydney for a conference and won’t be back until morning. I went back to my room, leaving the door open, I stripped off and stood in front of the mirror applying cream to my marked belly, then my breasts, when I heard Ben’s door open, “Fuck, what happened?” he was standing in my doorway. I answered turning around and shrugging, “Just another rough weekend.” it was no use hiding the marks now, not that I wanted too as I hate hiding and lying, I needed them both to understand.I stood for him to gaze, my bruised tits and striped canlı bahis siteleri belly shiny from the cream and him staring at my marks, mouth open. To break the moment I asked, rather matter of factly, “Could you do me a favour, and rub some of this on my back as it`s difficult to reach?” I asked offering him the tube of cream, “a um, well… yeah, sure.” I laid on the bed, face down, legs slightly apart, and soon felt Bens fingers, soft and gentle, “There’s no need for tenderness Ben, I enjoy the discomfort, just massage it right into my skin…” then I added “It might be easier if you got on the bed.” I soon felt his weight on my mattress, his hands rubbing cream into my shoulders, “ooh, yes like that.” I purred. Bens hands were soothing, and I was more than a little turned on. “Who did this to you?” he asked, “I don’t want to talk about him Ben, it’s private.” I answered. “Okay, it`s your business, but can I ask why?” “Because we both get a great deal of pleasure from it. Now no more questions.” His hands had worked down past the small of my back, and were now massaging my arse cheeks, circular motions, intentionally causing my crack to open. He in a near whisper exclaimed, “I could never hurt you like that, but I gotta say, seeing you all marked up like this, well it`s got me horny.” I turned slightly, and saw he had a hardon, he was by now kneeling astride my thighs, watching my crack winking at him. “Well, we can`t have you Horney can we, why don’t you slip off your shorts and do something about that.” He hooked his pants down, his cock springing free, hard, bent upwards, bigger than I remembered, much closer to seven inches than the six I remember from our one previous night together. He pushed it down, between my already wet lips, then leant over me and thrust, driving it all the way in in a single hard stroke, I sighed, his hard cock felt so good, as he began his thrusts, fucking me hard, till he stopped suddenly and rose back up into a sitting position on my thighs, causing his cock to now push up, grinding against the back of my tunnel, his hands on my arse pulling my cheeks roughly apart, thumbs close to my brown star, tearing me open, while I rose up slightly to meet his thrusts! I felt one of his thumbs sticking into my arse, working in and out as he continued fucking me. ” if you want you can put your cock in there.” He must’ve wanted, because his thumb plopped out, quickly replaced by his cock, both of us gasping, his fingers digging into my crack, forcing my cheeks so far apart it hurt, his cock pounding into my arsehole like a jackhammer. I came before he did, my ring gripping and releasing his cock in my spasm, causing him to shoot his load into me, warm squirts deep up inside my guts. Then he rolled off me, both of us panting. We lay there chatting, as his cum oozed from my arse, my body finally satisfied, at least for now! During the aftermath chat he again said that “he couldn’t bring himself to mark me like my friend does, but he loved the erotic marks afterwards, he asked if I remembered meeting his friend Mitchell at the club, we had gone to last week, our first and so far only outing together… I said I did, then he told me he’d bumped into him earlier, Mitchell asking specifically if I still had his number, and ‘could he be a mate and ask me to give him a call’. Then he thanked me kissed me goodnight and went back to his room. I lay there thinking about his friend, and drifting off to sleep, deciding I would call him the very next day.