245 the eyes have it [5]

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245 the eyes have it [5]Breakfast over and after a coffee hers in a closed cup with a straw, he washed up, her still sat in a sodden roll-on reeking of warm piss. To her amazement he cleared the table, of every scrap, even the laughing gnome cruet set paul had brought from that visit to Mablethorpe that habitually lived on the table top, today it found itself a new home for the day, peering at her from the side worktop is arms round the salt and pepper mushrooms. From his bag he took a rope or two, lay them on the table, smiled at her then explained that, “Although she had said she didn’t like pain, he was going to give her some mild discomfort, nothing heavy but she would be glad when it was over…he then looked her in the eye and said “did she want toileting as he knew she would be here for hours…!” she took the option, and he saw to her as if she was one of his patients, without embarrassment or adding to her mental discomfort, throwing the roll-on into the laundry basket and washing her from waiste to knee. Drying and powdering her like a baby afterwards. Enjoying a quick rub of her clit as his hand passed.Inevitably she found herself over the table end, facing the gnome and away from the door, her legs tied to the table legs, the collar of the jacket roped to the other end legs, via some ‘D’ rings till then un noticed under her ears.Then she was left, the sounds of the hoover could be heard for some time, he then loading the washing machine, and asking in a matter of fact way what setting to use! It was surreal, he peeled potatoes for tea, he diced carrots, he even popped to the butchers three doors away and fetched sausages and some meat for a casserole for tea next day… Maj meanwhile was still secure unable to do much, hardly able to move a twitch, and eye to eye with the leering gnome cruet, grinning at her from the sideboard, reminding her of paul and his love of bondage!Finally he returned, showed her the sausages, and the meat, and a pack of pegs he had bought on his way back to her, he had also collected the mail from behind the front door, luckily nothing of importance, so he tucked them behind the clock as usual.By now an hour or more had passed, she was bored, legs stiff, feet cold on the tiled floor, her tits in the rough jacket flattened on the hard, surface, and that smiling gnome beginning to haunt her brain. she heard but could not see him doing something in their bedroom, then without so much as a “here I come Aunty…!” he suddenly thrust his rigid penis into her dry unsuspecting sex. She more squarked than screamed, but the initial shock osmaniye escort was so unexpected that she immediately began to cum, not massively but too cum just the same. For some moments he rode her hard, then she felt him ejaculate deep inside her, withdraw and with no regard for her feelings went to put on the kettle once more. The gnome just grinned. He placed the coffee on a convenient chair the long straw in her mouth, and did not speak bar to say, “not to drop it!” This passing sex happened twice more in the next couple of hours, interspaced with his doing the housework and some homework, her eyes were attuned to his approach now, and the third time after he had filled her he mopped the tile floor under her saying she was a messy girl dribbling like that, and pegging her not inconsiderable labia together to prevent what he called seepage. The pegs bit hard on the two soft lips, then the pain settled to a dull but intense throb. He left her to stew, she complained bitterly, he returned and fitted that blessed gag once more and the gnome still smiled. She heard the television the bastard was watching rugby.Miserable now her head on the table edge, her neck tired, her eyes closed sick of the sight of that gearing gnome, her feet felt dead, her tis flat and her sex lips still throbbed.She heard him coming, half time, on went the kettle once more, then the cups were washed, and fresh coffee delivered all without a word. As he left, he said “Its Argentina versus England, and dependent on the winner, if Argentina win next time its up the arse Aunty, and its 22to 23 at the moment!” she heard the living room door close and she and the gnome resumed staring at one another.She heard the door open once again the crowd at Twickenham or wherever baying and his approach again, more sensed than heard on the carpeted hall. She felt the pegs come off, blood retaking the compressed vein’s pulsing pain on either lip of her sex, then his tool against her brown star, Argentina must have won, she braced herself told herself to relax but knew he was going to be harsh and painful, felt the head invading her, stretching her ring relentlessly, he wasn’t going to take no for an answer…With almost a pop the head got in, he rested for a second then on and in, the invader stretching her almost tearing her, pain like fire tearing through her back passage, her head up and shaking as he still pushed himself ever inwards her arms trying desperately to free themselves but to no avail. He began his dance, fire with each stroke then his hips stopped, and he began to pump, , escort osmaniye each spurt she felt, her bowel glad of the warm wet lubricant, then he was out and gone once more. Her arse felt stretched and full his seed still held in her bowel, her ring still stretched from the invasion. She cursed him, the gnome, and the games, her age, the weather and Argentina, her bladder was filling once more, but she knew it was not over yet. tomorrow dinnertime he had said, and until then she was his. She counted the hours twenty to endure, this was not her or her Pauls idea of bondage, he would have spread her on the soft and comfortable bed, tied her out gently and had her softly, played with her, tongued her fingered her, fucked her, but never hurt her like this. her mind wandered, remembering, enjoying, even chuckling about that gnome, and Mablethorpe…He was coming back, this time he kissed her butt cheeks undid her ankles then gently almost reverently slid himself into her sex and began to ride her in a more caring sort of way. She couldn’t put her finger on the change, but it was a loving, almost a caress. As he slid inwards, he released the left ‘D’ ring rope, an easy slip knot, he withdrew a little and on the next assault undid the right rope, with every stroke she felt a little more free of everything but that jacket, her spirits soared, her traitorous body began to react… the strap on the gag next, each of his thrusts deeper and stiffer than the last, she began to climax, hard and heavy, head thrown back, the spat ball bouncing across the floor as she realised it was loose, she would show paul , that gnome, she could take it still… her eyes were rolling now her breathing like a bellows her own hot discharge running wet on his root, his balls slapping at her mons hard and tensing as his balls tightened and cum filled her belly once more.They lay sated, come and her fluids dripping on the already wet tiles, their breathing hard still, every muscle slowly relaxing as they returned to this world. He withdrew, stood helped her up, kissed her passionately then undid the jacket.She looked at him surprised, the said “You said dinner time tomorrow…” he grinned flashed his eyes at her, then said, “I said you were mine till then, and you are, and I think perhaps now you always will be, just you`re not physically tied, unless of course you want to be, so get that mop working and go and shower, then you have a meal to cook, and then… who knows!” they kissed, both smiled and she reached for the mop. Two hours saw the place back to rights the cruet back on the table, osmaniye escort bayan the floor clean again, her showered and the meal finished and consumed. By the time she gotten out of that shower all traces of cords, and strait jackets were but a memory only Pauls gnome still grinned back at her, and she knew he always would.Life settled down once more, each night if they were in that mood, they had very vanilla sex, Saturdays they played a little more robustly but never as hard again, yes, a little bondage, but Pauls style, yes they tried anal and loved it, but with lubricant, care and love. And yes they experimented, she wore the egg out in the park, hidden deep under her clothes, he following her at a discrete distance, the pulses such that she had to sit on the nearest bench flushed and breathless, to the fright of two passing small boys who actually fetched the park keeper thinking she was ill!Her embarrassment was massive, but Mike smoothed it all over buying the boys ice creams for their diligence and soothing the parky by saying she was on the change! He had her wear it to the cinema, out to a meal, even shopping, always giving her a long burst just at the most embarrassing moment. In turn she mail ordered a cage for him and fitted it while he was asleep, having it on in seconds, with a snap that said “gotcha…” that lasted two days but it was her that removed it being by then in dire need of his services!Time was ticking away she was aware of that, and she dreaded the flat being empty once again though she said nothing. Her sister kept in touch more now, always once or sometimes twice a week she would ring and chat for half hour or more, asking of his welfare, telling of the visitors they had had, at the villa, hinting at her sexual freedom, of Juan`s friends and his enjoyment of watching her with his men-friend`s. Maj however was slower to enlighten her sister of what she had missed out of in Mike, though she did hint he was “bloody good in bed!” which she knew scored a point or two.For a week or so she was on her own, he being sent to do hands on training at one of the bigger hospitals up near Manchester for hands on training, it was a long week… though the next nights were intense. Again, he went off southwards this time for two week at Broadmoor, again the days or rather the nights dragged, but again the following week was beyond her wildest dreams making up he said for lost time.But she knew time was slipping away from her, she was eligible to retire, but one of the partners had said she was invaluable…so she had soldiered on, more to fill her life than for the job but she knew it could not go on for ever, she could sell the place, make a handsome profit no doubt , but where would she go especially now the lad had awakened god knows what in her, until him, sedimentary sex life it was a worry.