1st time (sex) at school for 18 year old me

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1st time (sex) at school for 18 year old meHi im a sr in high school i atend a mostly black school but im one the few white k**s there so yea this is my story as i was sitting in chemistry class i start to zone out until a gorgeous brunette sit in front of me she had sat in an older chair one that just had a big square hole in the back instead of 3 slots as i just start to put my head down i notice the the brunette in front of me has on low riding sweatpants and a thin pink g-string and this excites me (remember im still a virgin at this part so what ev)and just imagining what i would do to this girl just made my cock throb harder and harder and in mid stare she gets up to use the rest room and a few min later of still imaging her with me i cant resist i went to the bathroom to rub one out as i walk to the bathrooms in the back hall i walk by the girls one and i hear a little moan and kuşadası escort i lean my head in and ask if everything is all right and i hear a gasp and the silenced and then i realized what the girl in there is doing so i walk in nervous as hell and i knock on the only occupied stall and ask if she needed help and to my freakin surprise she says she would like to try as she lets me in i see its the brunette that sat in front of me in class and i see that the front of her g-string is completely soaked so i start rubbing her cunt with the g-string still on and i can feel the warmth and sticky-ness her thong was just mopping with juices and i was familiar with what to do since i had discovered porno a year or so before and she starts moaning and moaning so i say to her “lets find an empty class room so we can close the doors” so we cleaned up she took off her thong fixed escort kuşadası her dress and we walked to the nearest class room with out a window on the door and we walked in and closed and locked the door so as i look around she lies face up on a art table and takes of her blouse to reveal the biggest tits I’ve ever seen so i started rubbing them and sucking on them and i slowly move down to her pussy and begin to rub again and right off the the bat she starts moaning so ask her if this his her first time and she says no so slip my middle finger in side and begin to pump for lack of a better word and i start to lick her clit and she just got louder she must have only done it once or twice because she was still very tight and then when i completely was not expecting it she squirts right in my face and all we both can do is laugh at this point she sees my cock throbbing kuşadası escort bayan in my pants so she sits up and unzips my zipper and starts stroking my cock then she started lick just the and eventually she was pretty much deep throating me then she just pulled my cock out of her mouth and just smiled at me and i took this hint exactly like she meant it so there i was was standing cock in hand a waiting pussy i was moments away from losing my virginity so i mustered up the courage and dove right in first pumping at a slow rythem to start and she was moaning lightly so she said “harder” so i started going faster and she was a hollering im amazed the no one heard us and i must have been doing something right because she squirted again all over my my sweater as i started to reach my climax i said oh gawd im gonna cum what should i do she said just pull out and come on her or something so right before i burst i pulled out and and busted my load all over her stomach we both smiled then laughed at what we just did and we clean up our mess left and went back to class this time sitting next each other and we’ve been dating for about a month now 😛