Youthful Delivery


***This story can be either, First Time, Romance or even a Fetish story. I debated on not even publishing it on this site since there are so many critical people, but I decided to be generous. I may pull it though if I get people complaining about petty shit. I hope readers know that writers dont have to publish their work but choose to.***

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Alex walked into work for another boring shift at Whitmire’s. The town never had a Walmart or any other large department store, so Whitmire’s was the closest thing to the town’s one-stop store. The only thing it was missing was a pharmacy. To Alex it was a great place to work while still in high school and it paid better than a fast food job too.

The job was simple and all he had to do was stock the shelves and unload the trucks when they came in. Alex liked that by the time he came into work after school was done, the trucks were already unloaded and all he really needed to do was stock the shelves and help the customers.

The tricky part was handling orders when everyone was staying home quarantined. Alex had a car and his role of stock boy now became delivery boy for call in orders and online sales. It paid a little more and tips were now part of his salary but it still felt like he was delivering pizzas at times. Even when things started to reopen, the store kept him doing deliveries since he had a pickup and was good about showing up on time compared to the other two drivers they had.

Christmas was always a blessing and a curse. Being eighteen and a senior in high school, money was always needed. The blessing of extra hours and no school seemed like the perfect combination too. The curse was that Christmas made people into vile evil beings that were ready to lash out when they did not get their way. Being a delivery boy now put him on the front lines of handling nasty customers while orders ramped up.

Although the pay was good, it killed any sort of social life, but Alex didn’t care as he didn’t have one anyway. He was average on all accounts and girls seemed to want the better looking muscular football players. He did ask out a few girls, but it never went well. He figured his dating life would be better once he was done with the social scene of being in high school. The one girlfriend he had was last year and it only last a few months before she found a football player to date

The delivery was simple and it was a week before Christmas. It was just five bags of groceries and some toys. It was a Saturday afternoon and it got him out of cart roundup as he knew one of the other guys would have to struggle with it now. To him, it was an easy trip and hopefully a decent tip too.

As he pulled up to the house, he saw a driveway or an access way to another house in the back. With a quick look he saw that the house on the front of the street was a simple ranch style house and that there was another house in the back that looked like some sort of rental. He saw the address he wanted was the back house too.

Pulling up to the house, he saw it was a rundown little cottage type of house with the December snow masking the ugly appearance of all of the strewn items on the front of the house. The house had an attached garage on the side and when he pulled up it began to open like someone was watching him. He pulled right up and next to the old Honda that was parked in front. There wasn’t a driveway of any kind but he saw the tracks left in the snow from a previous car.

As he got out of the car he opened the trunk grabbing some bags and walked towards the now open garage. Alex then saw what looked like the lady that did the order. She had to be in her late twenties or early thirties. With his eyes looking down, he saw she had a slim body with leggings that hugged her skin.When he naturally looked up, he saw the shirt she was wearing was simple, but her breasts pushed the front out making it clear that she had a very large chest.

Moving his eyes up to her face as to not be caught looking at her sizeable tits, he saw that her face was sleek and beautiful. Her black hair was thrown up and her face had nice sleek features that he could not stop looking at and thinking how pretty she was. She had no makeup on and looked like she was not dressed up for company either. It wasn’t the first time the flutters in his stomach raged at the sight of beauty but he knew this was like nothing else he experienced.

“Can you just put them by the door?” she said nicely, pointing to the door that connected the garage and the living area of the house.

“Sure,” he answered, putting them down and walking back to the car to get the other bags. As he walked back, he knew that this had to be the hottest woman in town now and head and shoulder hotter than any girl he saw online too.

Walking back to the house he got a better look at the inside of the garage. It has strew with boxes that were piled up like someone was either moving out or in. Everything was packed şişli escort neat but there was an open box on the floor and a half assembled children’s bike. It looked like someone was struggling putting it together as there were more tools out than what was needed to assemble a bicycle.

Putting the last load of groceries by the door, the lady came out handing him a five dollar tip. He smiled at her. “Ohh, thank you.”

As he turned to leave, he got another look at the half assembled bike and then the lady. “Looks like you’re having trouble.”

“Can you tell?” she answered back in an almost exhausted tone as he knew there was no sarcasm, but honesty in her struggle.

He turned to look at her and then the bike. “I put my brother’s bike together last year. Looks like you’re stuck on the frame.”

“Really? I can’t seem to get the front part to go on,” she answered almost in a giving up tone.

Alex grabbed the last box which was a toy as he assumed she had a son of about seven or eight. He then looked at her seeing her soft face and then the half assembled bike. If he spent too long, his manager would complain that the delivery took too long. He figured he had at least twenty minutes though.

“Here, let me see what I can do.”

Alex knew the front assembly would be the hardest part. He then grabbed the wrench and quickly put the front forks on and then tightened it. He then managed to run the brake cable and then fit it so the bike would have brakes. He knew the manufacturer of the bike and that it was a cheap brand that made you assemble everything. The more expensive bikes came almost all together and by the look of the house, he knew this lady did not have the money.

Just as he was getting the last of the bike together he noticed that the back wheel was bent slightly. He then looked at the box and noticed that it probably happened in shipping. The bike was together and just needed the tires put on too.

“You have to call the company. The one wheel is bent. They should send another one.”

“Shit…are you joking?” Her tone now sounding distraught as he knew that shipping during this time was crazy.

“Yeah. See?” Alex answered showing her the bent wheel.

“Shit. I only have a week before Christmas. I don’t know if they will get it here in time.”

As much as he wanted to be the hero, he knew his hands were tied but at least his advice could be helpful he felt. “Just ask them to send it rush.”

“Thank you though. I really do appreciate this,” she said smiling as he could see that this woman was hot by his standards and even though she was not dressed up or wearing makeup. He could see the natural beauty she had in her face and her body was just smoking too.

Alex drove back thinking that this woman had to be a single mom and was gorgeous in her own way. The more he thought about her the more he could not get her out of his mind. It was like his thoughts went back to her all the time and the more his mind went to her the more beautiful she got in his mind.

It was Monday after school and five days before Christmas. It was the busiest time and he was out of school which allowed him to work more hours. The store stopped taking deliveries due to the large amount of people requesting it and now Alex struggled in the cold to bring in the carts and stock the shelves after unloading the truck. It was grueling work but it still paid the same as when he was doing deliveries, just no more tips.

It was almost the end of his shift and the amount of carts was giving him a work out when he spotted the same lady from the other day leaving. She had no groceries and it made her stand out. He wondered if she got the part and walked up to her.

Once he got close enough he could tell that his mind was not playing tricks on him and that she was just as pretty as he remembered. Her slim and defined cheek bones were nicely highlighted with a small amount of makeup. Her hood was up but her black hair could be seen a little near her face.

“Did you get them to send you another tire?”

She had a disheartened look on her face. “It won’t come in time. The store doesn’t have one either.”

“I am sorry,” Alex answered truly feeling sorry for her that she did not get what she needed.

She then walked away and his eyes went to her ass as it seemed second nature to look. The coat she had on was covering her backside, but her legs could still be seen. He still felt robbed that he could not see her ass in the leggings.

Not wanting a child to have a disappointed Christmas and wanting to see her again, he went to the back of the store where they kept the returns. He then saw the same size bicycle and removed the wheel. It was being returned for a broken seat and he knew nobody was going to question the loss of the tire. He put it by the backdoor and then finished up for the day. Since he knew others did it and the manager opened the door for him, it was not a question of getting in trouble either.

It wasn’t too late but it was still dark outside. He felt the nervous jitters of coming to a lady’s house not even knowing her name to drop off something. She could be at work or not at home either as he knew this was a gamble. Pushing past the fear, he knew that he was being helpful and nobody could fault him for trying to be the good guy in this situation.

Knocking on the door he felt his heart pounding through his chest. The fear of rejection was there as was the unknown. He imaged being screamed at for being some weird stalker. The time he walked away from Ashley in the hallway when he wanted to ask her out now came to his head. She was his age and this lady was a hot mom that was much older than him.

The door opened and he saw her. She was wearing a sweater and leggings with her hair up again like she was not wanting to be bothered with it. “I…I got a tire for you.”

Her face smiled as he felt reassured that he was not going to get screamed at for being a stalker. “Ohh shit…thank you. Let me open the garage.”

Alex backedaway and then went into the garagewhen she opened it to put the tire on and finish the rest of the assembly. She was right there watching him smiling. “You are so sweet. I can’tbelieve you are doing this.”

“Ohh, it’s nothing. I just found a return and figured you could use the tire.”

“Well you are so sweet. My son will be so happy. You saved his Christmas,” she said as he heard the sound of her voice seem that she was almost about to cry.

When he got up he hugged her and the sweater could not stop him from feeling her breasts against his body. He didn’t make a big deal of it and let it be just a hug. The smell of her body as she was close was almost intoxicating and he could feel his body against another girl that was not related to him.

“Can I offer you something to drink or eat? Please…let me get you something,” she offered as she moved away towards the door.

“I…I. I guess,” Alex stuttered as he wondered what to do.

“Oh please,” she responded, grabbing his hand and pulling him inside.

The feeling of her tugging at him and the smile she had warmed him and saying no was not an option now. He felt weak to her and before he realized it, he was already inside her small kitchen.

There was a small table with some decoration and candles that were not lit. The kitchen and the appliances looked old and dated and the appearance of the house was a cheap rental that needed to be redone. The cabinets had stains on them and looked old as the floor was linoleum that had broken and peeled spots at certain places.

He sat at the table as she went into her refrigerator. “Can I get you a soda…I doubt you’re old enough to drink. I don’t even know your name.”

“Alex. Soda is fine.”

“Okay Alex. I am Danielle.”

He scanned the small space and saw the sink filled with dishes and pots around it that needed to be cleaned too. He wondered if she was just a messy person or that she was in the middle of cleaning. There were kid toys around but they seemed to be clean and put away. It was just the counters that were covered in pots and plates.

“So, are you in high school?” she asked putting a can of Coke in front of him.

“Yeah, my last year.”

She then turned around to the freezer and his eyes went straight for her backside. It was everything he thought it would be too. Her ass had a curve to it and the grey leggings she was wearing were highlighting them and every other supple curve that a woman should have. It was the sight he so wanted to see and the sight that would be masturbation fantasies for days to come.

“I have some pizza bites or I can make you a sandwich. Pardon the mess but the sink just got backed up and if I run the dishwasher it overflows.”

Alex knew exactly what the cause was as his father made him fix their clogged drains on a weekly basis. He could hear his father’s words that a man should be able to do man things. Cleaning the gutters and fixing clogged drains was something he learned at an early age.

“You have a plunger?”

“I think so. You think that will work? I was reading online that I needed a snake thing to unclog it. My landlord won’t come fix it until Tuesday…or so he says. I called him about the dryer and he has yet to replace it.”

“It should work. I have unclogged drains with them before that were bad.”

“Okay,” she said before leaving and coming back with a plunger.

It was a double sink and one side was clogged and had standing water. He moved a few things and then began to plunge away hoping to fix it. The first few times nothing happened and then he really began going hard. His muscles strained and his body struggled to keep up the pace. It then just happened as he saw the water drain out.

“I think I got it,” he announced with pride that the water was no longer there.

He turned on the water to the side where it was clogged and it was now successfully draining. He then turned to her and before he knew it, she was hugging him again. It was like scoring a winning touchdown as he knew this super hot woman was giving him a hug. All of his senses were going wild as he smelled her body again while feeling the warm embrace too.

“You are going to make a great husband. I bet your girlfriend loves that you can fix things.”

“No. I am single,” he said as she moved away but was still smiling at him.

“Well you have plenty of time. You are still in high school. Sixteen, seventeen?”

“I am eighteen,” Alex answered as he felt that she was going to think less of him that he was older and without a girlfriend.

Her smile was not there, but he could still see the genuine happy look to her face. “Well, you need to ask a girl out. You are good looking and should easily find a girl. Plus, you are a really sweet person.”

He held back the smile as a warm sensation filled him as her words of him being handsome sunk in. “I guess.”

He played it off but knew that he didn’t want another girl or to try with another girl. The sight of her was all he needed to see when he thought of beauty. The fear stirring inside of him was how to approach the hottest girl he knew and one that was older than him.

“You afraid?”

“Kinda,” he blurted out as the embarrassment was now mixed with fear. The idea of not being a man to talk with girls after demonstrating his masculinity now sounded like he was just a kid.

“Don’t be. Just take the initiative. Girls like it when a guy is in charge. Just don’t be too forward or cocky…need to find the right balance. You will get the feel to it.”

The wave of inadequacy rushed through him as her words felt like a knife in the heart. She wanted a man to take initiative and yet she saw him as a boy… a child. She was way older though and there was no chance in hell that she would go for him now. He didn’t know if she was married or had a boyfriend but the shame of not being masculine clawed at his insides.

Leaving quickly was the only option he saw and he blurted out his intention. “I got to go.”

“Ohhh, okay.”

With his insides burning with desire and the shame of not being a man in her eyes beating at him, he swallowed it all down. It was now or never, and he pushed the fear into a small ball within him and decided to go for it. Just as he got up to leave, she moved towards him in what he knew was a hug good-bye. This was his time to strike as he saw it.

She moved closer as time seemed to slow down as he knew this was the most pivotal moment of his life he felt. As their bodies closed to the point he could act, he did. He moved his head for a kiss and then stopped.

The fear won out as he now thought of himself as some aggressive asshole that was expecting more for something simple. The rejection by her meant that his self-esteem would be crushed and that if she hated him, the rest of his life he would carry that burden.

Just as he paused she pulled away. “Did you want to kiss me?” Her face questioning him as he knew he did try to move in for a kiss.

“Yeah…nooo. I am sorry,” he answered as the guilt was now showing on his face and he knew it.

“Well, you deserved it,” she shot back as he felt her lips against his. It was a quick kiss but it was on the lips. There was no tongue but it didn’t matter as to him being kissed on the lips was priceless.

His heart pounded fast as her words and the lingering sensation of her lips felt like lightning bolts. “Thank you. I really liked that….I can come by and fix that dryer for you.”

She moved back smiling as if she knew he had a crush on her. “You don’t have to do that. I think it’s broken anyway. But thank you…you are really sweet to offer.”


The whole night Alex could not get Danielle out of his head. The smell of her and look of her was so consuming he felt the urge to masturbate just to that. No porn was needed as he recalled her ass and the sensation of their small kiss. When his memory recalled her breasts, it was all over and he climaxed imagining what it would be like to have her. He knew it was a crush but he just could not get her out of his head.

Whitmire’s did not give out a Christmas bonus but they did have employee discounts. At Christmas time for non-seasonal employees they did give a scratch off card with a percentage off a single purchase. Normally it was ten percent off, but this year Alex got the thirty percent off card. It was not the fifty or the seventy-five percent, but he did know that his normal ten percent was also used after the thirty percent was taken off.

With a sale on dryers he figured it would be perfect for Danielle. It was a major reduction in price with his discounts, and he thought it was worth it since he was not planning on using it for anything special. The idea of being a hero in her eyes was all he could think about when he spent the money too.

The entire shift he wondered if it was a good idea. The thoughts of spending that much money on a kiss at best ran through his head, but he still could not stop thinking about her smile and the way she looked at him when he fixed her sink. Being her hero was like being drunk but without drinking he felt. The intoxicating feeling of helping her out was too much and he knew it was worth it.