Young, Dumb and Minimum Wage


Everyone is over 18.

Edited 1/10/20: Typo corrections.


Fifteen years ago, I had moved out of my parents place and needed a job fast. I was broke as hell and at eighteen being a drop out, my options were pretty limited. It didn’t help that I was a bit overweight and sitting at home playing video games all day. The time came though and this old grizzly burger veteran was telling me he wanted to give me a shot. I couldn’t say no. I needed money.

The plan was to train a bunch of us to move into a brand spankin’ new building. Sounded easy enough, but this old place was filled to the brim with people. There’s no way this shit was safe or up to code. At the grill, I would be getting ran into over and over, nearly burning myself all day long. The floors were slick and employees would be skating to get where they needed to go, because their non-slip shoes were useless in this nastiness.

However, what I remember the most…my boss would hire six or seven gorgeous babes to one or two men to run this place. Even though I didn’t like the prick, kudos to him because it was a genius move. Having a couple cuties ringing up orders were part of keeping regulars and I started to notice them as the days went on.

Some were single, some weren’t. For my virgin eyes, though, it was just a sea of beautiful faces and lovely asses. You don’t know how many times I would be flipping patties and a busty brunette shuffles by making me lick my lips at all of that juiciness. It was incredible. The boss wanted pony tails, visors, tucked in tight uniform tee-shirts and khaki pants. He knew what the hell he was doing. He was whipping his cock out and dropping it on the table to all of the businesses around him. If you didn’t have a spunky blonde with a curly pony tail and cute glasses, you weren’t shit. I mean…he had the never frozen beef thing, too, but c’mon, we know the real deal.

I remember one evening during dinner rush…I absolutely could not stop my eyes from fixating on Kay’s big succulent butt. It was so heavy in those pants. It was just an apple you wanted to sink your teeth into and suckle. Every time she bent over for cups or utensils, I’d pretend I was right there behind her and holding her by those broad hips. When she turned around and flashed me her smile time and time again, I just kept my bulging pants underneath the grill over hang. She was out of my league, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t rub one out to her when I got home. Pretty much how it went down every day.

“Hey, dummy,” I heard. It was Lisa. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Really?” I said, not looking. “That joke is older than you and you’re o-“

Lisa held up a spatula from the other side of the grill and pointed it at my hidden crotch.

“Finish that sentence and you won’t have anything to give her.”

“You’re just mad that I’m not staring at you all day,” I popped off with a smile.

She scrunched up her face. “I don’t need your oogly-googly eyes on me, young man.”

“Yeah, but…damn, you are lookin’ good today,” I said, staring her down with serious intent.

“News flash, she’ll never fuck you and newsflash, your meat is burning,” she laughed.

“Fuck me,” I said, scrambling with the spatulas.

“Fuck me is right, but she’ll never say that to you,” Lisa kept poking.

“Tommy, those rows look like shit,” I heard from behind. “Get that grill in order before we really get slammed.”

“Yes, sir,” I said quickly, fixing my mistakes.

I wanted to pull my hard cock out and swipe it across Lisa’s smug smile. I think she would have l liked it. That’s my fantasy, anyway.

Kay, Jennifer, Bethany and Lisa were among some of the women coming to the new store and I had got to know them pretty well. Story after story about children, drama, problems with other women at the store and anything that was pretty much boring as hell to me. All I could do was tune it out and just pretend they were slobbering on my cock with as much mouth movement they were giving me. I busted so many nuts thinking about these women when I went home. It was unreal.

At the new store, Kay and I would occasionally flirt during the shift and especially during break. We were the same age and we shared some interests. Obviously, this led to phone number exchanges and when we weren’t being hounded by roommates or parents, we’d experiment with talking dirty to each other. Listening to her talk about how she would use it as a big lollipop was two things: I thought the ropes were going to hit the ceiling and now I would have to see if she really would do it in person.

A week later, the two of us finally had the schedule in our favor and met out back. Even in her uniform, she was just unbelievably sexy. Thick red hair pulled tight into a pony tail, busty and pushing out on her shirt and let’s not forget that big beautiful ass crammed into those taut khakis. It only took one glance from her big green eyes to almost make me bust in my own work pants. I thought she would be impossible to hook up with and here we are.

But I’m stupid.

“Hey, şişli escort you,” I smiled.

“Mm, hey,” she grinned, wrapping her arms up on my neck.

“I got a question,” I said.


“Curious why we don’t hang out outside of work?”

I think I heard crickets chirping.

“Can’t we just enjoy what we have here?” she finally said, pushing her hand against my obvious boner. It twitched against her fingers and she rubbed it harder. “Definitely enjoying that,” she whispered.

My gut was telling me something was up with this and as she slowly slid to her knees and pushed her lips against the huge tent, there was no way I was going to put this puzzle together now. She was dabbing little kisses on the fabric and nibbled on the pronounced head. Just then, Kay’s phone started buzzing in her purse. Ignoring that, my zipper was starting to come undone by her cute little fingers and all of it jut out and pushed into her forehead and into her bangs.

“Mmm…” Kay mumbled.

Holy fuck, she was about to suck my dick. I was at full mast and dribbling into her scalp. Her phone buzzed again and I couldn’t let that distract me. I wanted those pretty and full pink lips to slurp up around the top and take me to new places and she was pursed up against that raging virgin cock. With a sudden burst, the back door to the building flew open and I flinched with a face hanging with disappointment and resentment.

That resentment was for Lisa’s annoyed face looking right at me.

“Hey, dumb ass,” she said, hands latched to her hips. “I looked out of the window like ten minutes ago and you’re still standing there doing nothing. I don’t know what your deal is, but you’re supposed to relieve me and you’re late.”

Kay was silent with my cock resting on her beautiful face. Her phone blew up again and I clinched the side of the truck bed with a sigh.

“Fuck. I’ll be in there in a second,” I said, admitting to myself that this wasn’t going to happen. Not now, at least.

Lisa slammed the door and I looked down at Kay and she had already flipped out her phone, even though I was still draped across her nose and forehead.

“Let’s pick this up tomorrow?” I asked.


“We’re both off tomorrow. We can get together,” I reminded her.

“Yeah, maybe. I got shit to do, you know,” she replied with a bit of haste and sour tone.

“Alright, damn.”

I stuffed my softening dick back into my pants and put a kiss on her cheek.

“Call me if you want to chill.”

“I will. Go. You’re late and I gotta run,” she told me, waving me off.

Finally having myself situated, I stepped in to find Lisa in the employee’s area to keep their belongings.

“Here’s some training stuff from Jason, just look at it later and fill it out before you go,” she said, not looking at me.

I stuffed it into my pocket and told her sorry for making her wait. She had her purse up on her shoulder and I watched her storm off. I really didn’t like making her mad. That sucked up part of the night, just thinking about it.

The shift was pretty uneventful after dinner and I had remembered the training papers, but they were blank…until I found a hand written note.

‘She’s playing you, dumb dumb.

2 boyfriends

slut who will do anyone

std or 2

ps, I made up that last part, but it got you thinking and you looked at your ding ding.’


Just fuck.


After a couple of days away from work and ignoring Kay’s phone calls, I spotted Lisa in the back. I’m not sure what she was doing different, but she was looking twenty one instead of thirty nine. Gorgeous waves of brown curls behind her visor and flowing on her back. Delicate and lovely make up to bring out all her features that I obviously wasn’t aware of. Everything was tight and just…Jesus, she was amazing. Those blue eyes were making me stiffen up.

I had to thank her for the note and we exchanged a brief ‘hey’ to each other, I firmly slid my hands onto her hips and pushed my covered erection up into her, lifting her to her tip toes. I barely heard anything audible out of her and gave her some more, lightly gyrating myself into her butt.

“Thanks for getting me out of that situation,” I whispered, pecking her ear.

“That’s no problem,” she replied.

I was a bit worried about how I approached this, because she was still filling out paperwork and didn’t give me anything in return. I spoke to myself too soon because she turned out of my grip and handed me her pencil before she took a generous helping of my package into her palm, slowly working it in her hand. Oh, man, she was giving me the most evil look.

“Maybe I’d indulge you more if you weren’t late again and I had to spend extra time filling your shit out, too.”

Letting go, she tapped at it with her pencil and shrugged before slipping away and heading towards the front. She left me stunned and all I could do was grit my teeth and clinch a fist, letting out a big damn sigh. What a dumb ass.

Even though the night was once again without much customer action, Lisa and I bantered back and forth like we usually did and I felt better about our conversation earlier. The monotony of this job was starting to set in, though and I really didn’t want to be here as much as I used to be. Making five dollars an hour was what it was, but I was mainly here for looking at hot women. Maybe I was growing up and needed to worry about more important things. Yeah, that’s a lie. We all have shitty work days. Man up and power through it.

Over the headset, I heard Lisa calling me to the freezer. I found her stuffing some lettuce into a tub and I closed the door.

“Beth got fired,” she said.

“Oh, shit. For what?”

“Jason wouldn’t say. He’s going to move me to her spot. That pretty much means opening every day.”

I quickly realized what that meant and felt my heart sink just a bit.

“I told him we need to get you to mornings, too. You’re wasting your time on nights. You’re going to get burnt out and quit with how boring it is.”

She wasn’t wrong. Fuck, she had wisdom.

“Well, maybe he’ll do it,” I said with a shrug.

“It’s already done, if you want it,” she turned with that usual poker face.

“Uh, yeah, I gue-” I got out before she cut me off.

“Hey. None of that I guess shit,” she said, moving in on me. “You’re out here slinging your dick around at anything that moves and I’m trying to teach you something. I need you on mornings to get this stuff done.”

I stood there feeling little and nodded.

“And while you’re out there fondling me like a dummy, they’ve been installing cameras while you were off.”


“Yeah, fuck.”

“Is there one in the back?” I said with a sigh.

“I don’t know, is there?” she popped off quickly. “You weren’t thinking about that when you basically had your dick in me.”

“We still had clothes on,” I said, regretting it immediately when she slapped my arm with quite a bit of strength.

“You better be here at seven to help me unload the truck for put away. Shit, showered and shaved,” she said, holding up a finger and piercing through me with those light blue eyes. She wasn’t joking.

“That’s pretty early, man,” I said under my breath.

Lisa fell into the door with her butt hitting the knob and angrily kicked it back at me, leaving me alone. I did laugh a little bit, but I knew I would be there bright and early.


Closing at two and not getting home until two thirty, just to get up at six thirty to be here at seven was a colossal mistake. Holy shit, I could not function. I clocked in at the register and turned to find Lisa already signing off on the delivery and closing the door on the vendors. She waved me back with a smile.

“I need a real man to put this heavy shit up,” she said with zeal. “I do have a real man here today, right?”

I rubbed my eyes and yawned right at her and she laughed.

“Wake your ass up, boy,” she told me, walking by and swatting my behind with her clipboard.

Lisa came back with a cup of water and I took a big drink. I felt her hand on my back and she was rubbing me in circles.

“Alright, babe. In the cooler, the veggies have to be first in first out, so before you put all this stuff on the shelves, make sure the old stuff is in the front.”

I did look a bit off into space, because I knew all of this, but she was the boss. However, I latched onto that sultry tone of hers that I’ve never heard before and my interest in nasty vegetables went up zero percent, but one hundred percent for her. She was clear, direct and very soothing.

“After that, we basically just rotate all of the frozen products towards the front of the freezer and put away dry products and we’re ready to start morning prep.”

“Yep. Sounds good,” I said quietly.

It just occurred to me while staring at Lisa’s thick peach stuffed into that dark blue pencil skirt, that she is an assistant lead now. From the dress shoes and pantyhose to the skirt and the button down light blue shirt, she was…exquisite for being in a fast food get up. The shirt was extremely tight and with two buttons undone, I finally got a glimpse of those big beautiful breasts. That cleavage was unprofessional, but I wouldn’t stop her. Quite the opposite, because I wanted more.

She flashed me a smile and I didn’t know where to focus my attention. The delicate pearls around her neck, the thick rimmed clear glasses or that immaculate chest. She was like a goddess with that head of wavy brown hair. For half a year, I was chasing the wrong ones.

“Could you grab that box of straws on the top?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, not hesitating.

I got up behind her and grasped her waist with one and used my height to bring down the box.

“Thanks, hun,” she told me, checking off some paperwork. “If we can get this put away, we can discuss your new position bump, too.”

I stepped back and looked at her a bit puzzled. “For real?”

Lisa winked with a grin and stepped away to let me work. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to store away all of the frozen food. Not only did I get a promotion, but I was along side the best one of them all and never realized it until now. I was firing on all cylinders even without much sleep. This felt good.

The freezer door came open and there was my new boss.

“Damn. You crushed that truck, babes,” she said with a big smile. “Let’s make sure inventory is good.”

“Seemed to be,” I told her.

“Always best to double check,” she reminded me. “Always. Always. Always. Those assholes are always losing things.”

I stepped out and she held the clipboard to the door. Following in behind her, I pressed myself into her backside and put my hands out to brace and catch my breath.

“Fifteen fries, six nuggs and six tenders,” I told her. Those boxes were pretty heavy.

“Got about thirty five minutes before Jen shows up,” Lisa said.

“Alright. What do we do now?”

“Need you to handle it before she gets here,” she said, writing on the inventory sheet.

“Well, what is it?” I said, a bit confused. “Salad prep? Grill prep?”

Lisa tossed the clipboard onto a random shelf and pushed her behind into me.

“Need you to handle me before she gets here.”

Oh, shit.

A tight grip on my cold hands, she pulled them around and stuffed them into her skirt, pushing my fingers through her tiny hairs and into a damp warmth. Oh, fuck.

“Warm up, baby,” she whispered, leaning her head back onto my shoulder.

Those delicate fingers were tracing over my pants and with a quick pull on the zipper, my arousal sprung out and I gushed a few globs onto her hand. I couldn’t believe Lisa was rummaging around and squeezing on my fat balls while pulling on my shaft. They were so soft and warm. My own cold tips were fluttering over her silky smooth lips and once I managed to press into that bud, she let out the cutest moans right into my ear. We were both on fire and I was going to lose my virginity right fucking now.

I pulled free and yanked on the zipper that lined her ass. She hurriedly shimmied out of it until it was at her ankles and I stepped up with it bouncing off of the white lace and I slapped it into the valley of her buns a few times. When I peeled the lace to the sides, I could feel the sticky juices on the tip as I nudged it against her. Thanks to the ramp leading into the freezer room, she was the perfect height and I pushed up into the best feeling in the world. I took in her perfume and nuzzled into her neck with a sigh.

The sound of her groaning as I filled her destroyed any staying power I had and it was made worse when her creamy shoulders came into view and her button down fell onto her back. She braced onto the wall and pushed into it, letting me hit balls deep every time. Our angle was amazing and I lined her silky black bra with my fingers until I finally cupped those marvelous boobs into my palms. I pushed those heavy globes together and her nipples hardened up even more while they bounced around.

With her legs tight together, the feeling was unbelievable. I was so deep and I kept plunging it up into her harder and harder, cracking my waist against her wide bubble butt. There was no way I was going to last any longer. I felt it. I felt it and nothing could stop it.

“Fuck me harder, Tommy,” she said, throwing her hair onto her back.

“I want to, but Lisa, I’mgonnacum…” I blurted at her.

“Fuck me harder right fucking now,” she gasped, pushing on me with her thighs, taking it deeper.

“I’mgonnacum…oh my…fuck,” I grumbled.

I did as I was told and I was firmly planted, driving it to the hilt and pulling her back away from the door. Her hands found mine on her chest and I impaled her with every ounce of strength I had, violently fucking her from behind until she shuddered against me and her head fell forward. I didn’t stop there and plowed her relentlessly. Snatching a large handful of silky hair, I yanked back and drove it home until I cried out into her ear. The wet sloppy sounds of my balls beating up against her thighs were one of many catalysts. Her tight cuddling walls frantically worked my rapidly maturing endowment and the tip stung the moment it all blasted deep. I reared back and plunged it in again, spraying cum as far as I was able, bumping that beautiful ass over and over while I exploded. I had a death grip on her scalp and held her in place while I emptied my nuts into this gorgeous woman.

“If you messed my hair up, I’m going to beat you,” she said with her voice cracking.

“Nah…” I panted, “It’s fine.”

I lied.

“C’mon,” she said, tapping my head while we embraced. “I know you want to live in this moment, but we’re gonna smell like sex and Jen will know.”

I fell out even though I didn’t want to and she turned, pulling my shrinking hardness into her hand.

“This isn’t over. We just have work to do,” she said, looking a bit tired. Just then, she leaned over and pulled all of it into her mouth and suckled the length for a good half a minute before letting it go with a slurp. “Thanks for taking care of me, baby,” she smiled, pecking my lips.