You Can’t Hurry Love – Chapter 10


On their next date, Dan and Roxanna decided to meet up with some of Dan’s friends at a local Scottish festival (bagpipes, kilts, caber-tossing, and so on). Dan’s friends have an off-beat sense of humor. So he was nervous about how Roxanna would react to them. But if Roxanna and Dan were to be boyfriend and girlfriend, true soul-mates forever, they had to meet and accept each other’s friends and relatives. At the festival, Roxanna and Dan left his friends for a while to stroll hand-in-hand through the park. The happy couple, in the first fresh blush of love and lust, came across a picturesque little waterfall. There was a small rock ledge on one side of the waterfall, to stand on for taking photos with an interesting backdrop. Dan and Roxanna stopped at this waterfall and took each other’s photos. After all, since they were now officially boyfriend and girlfriend, they decided that they ought to be carrying each other’s photo in their wallets. As they sat, stood, photographed, talked, and laughed around the waterfall, Roxanna playfully splashed Dan, and he teasingly splashed her back “I love when you get wet,” Dan joked. Roxanna smiled knowingly, no doubt replaying in her head every sexy moment of just how wet she got their first time. Just as Dan was then reliving their first shared sex in his own mind. “I have this favorite sexual fantasy. But it hasn’t happened…yet!” Roxanna smiled impishly. “Oh?” Dan was intrigued. “And kocaeli escort what’s that?” “I’ve always dreamed of making love under a waterfall!” Dan’s cock instantly sat up and paid attention to her remark. He desperately wanted to fulfill her fantasy right then and there. Had the park not been crowded with festival-goers, Dan and Roxanna probably would have gone for it. And then she would have had to invent a new fantasy for them to explore. To their mutual disappointment, they both had to settle for a quick hug and kiss, fully-clothed, beside the waterfall. After the festival, Roxanna, Dan, and his friends all decided to eat at a reasonably classy restaurant. Some of Dan’s friends are real two-way radio fanatics. So they made sure that everyone had a radio in their car, tuned to the same frequency, before they all drove their cars from the festival to the restaurant. Just in case anyone got lost. Roxanna didn’t find all these radios at all odd. In fact, she took to the radio like a duck to water, joining the radio conversation as they all drove along. When they arrived at the selected restaurant, it was closed. One of Dan’s friends said on the radio that he knew of a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken. “Oh, great,” Dan thought, “I’m trying to make a good impression on my new girlfriend. And here my friends have to go and suggest KFC.” KFC, while nice enough fast food, isn’t what anyone would call an upscale establishment. kocaeli escort bayan Not a place to take a girl to impress her. But Roxanna once more surprised Dan, announcing over the radio, “KFC sounds fine to me. The food’s good enough, at least it’s edible, and it won’t break anyone’s budget.” Dan and his friends liked to play a silly game of quoting lines from movies to fit the situation or the conversation. Now they started these antics at KFC. Dan worried that Roxanna would think them all crazy. Would she end their relationship just as it was getting started? But again to Dan’s surprise and relief, Roxanna joined in the game. She started quoting lines from her own favorite movies. Some of these movie quotes weren’t familiar to Dan and his friends. Dan now knew that this amazing woman fit in well with his friends and their silliness. This realization strengthened Dan’s growing conviction that he had at long last found his soul-mate and life partner. After dinner, Dan and Roxanna returned the borrowed radios. Dan’s friends all got in their cars and drove home. But Dan and Roxanna lingered in the KFC parking lot to talk a while. Dan apologized to her for not taking her to a better class of restaurant. “Why?” she asked. “Do you think a fancy restaurant will impress me? Dan nodded his head yes. “Oh, honey, don’t you know?” Roxanna kissed him. “Your sweet personality, your generous heart, your loving izmit escort soul, have already impressed me way more than any choice of restaurant ever could! Not to mention how much your tongue has impressed me!” she smiled and giggled. “And how much your cock has impressed me, too!” Finally, she told Dan she wanted to go home to bed. Somewhat naively, Dan asked her if their long date was making her tired. “Not tired, my sweetie,” Roxanna smiled. “Horny! You wouldn’t believe how horny I am for you right now, baby! I want to go home to bed—with you! So you can completely fuck my brains out. So you can fuck every last bit of horniness out of my pussy! As you always do! As only you can do!” Emphasizing her remarks, she gently, lovingly tapped Dan’s crotch, right through the front of his trousers. They both smiled, gazing soulfully, longingly into each other’s eyes. Dan and Roxanna both raced to their cars in record time. Pushing the speed limit, they both drove to Roxanna’s house. In Roxanna’s bedroom, they left the light on, so they could watch each other as they stood facing each other. Their fingers slowly, teasingly, and playfully undressed each other. As less and less clothing covered them, and more and more flesh became exposed, Roxanna and Dan both began to breathe heavier. They could feel each other’s hearts beating and thumping ever faster, as they held each other’s naked forms in their arms. Dan’s naked cock pulsed strongly and rhythmically against Roxanna’s bare belly, as he slowly slid a finger past her hairy bush to enjoy the moist slickness of her inner walls. Dan began to slink down onto his knees, trailing gentle, loving kisses and soft nibbles on Roxanna’s skin.