You are Cordially Invited to Celebrate the Joyous Marriage of Ted and Brianna


Two weeks ago, Ted asked me to marry him.Eleven months to the day since we met.Eleven months to the day since we started our first (but not our last) multi-day fuck fest. Our very first date ended with three days in bed together!In answer to Ted’s proposal, I pulled him down on top of me, grabbed his gigantic black cock with both hands, and I slowly, eagerly, joyously stuffed all of him into my always-hungry little white pussy.I wrapped my pale arms and legs around his luscious dark chocolate body, and I ecstatically exclaimed, “Yes, yes, oh YES!” as my toes curled in the exquisite pleasure of not only the moment, but also of knowing that I shall have him, I shall have this, every day for the rest of my life.The Date: The big day is February 14. Valentine’s Day.One month to the day since his proposal and my eager acceptance.One year to the day since we first met.One year to the day since he first slowly slid his magnificent nine-inch black cock into the very center of my hunger, into ankara travesti the very core of my passion, plunging himself so lovingly into the very essence of my heart, into the very depths of my soul.One year to the day since my trembling, contracting nether set of lips first joyously squeezed every last drop of his sweet love out of his balls and deep into my love canal. Just as we did during his proposal to me.One year to the day since I first knew for sure, this is the man I want in my life, in my heart, in my arms, and especially in my bed, every day and every night, even when we are 110 years old.The Venue: An elegant mansion that a friend of Ted’s family will let us use for free, for the ceremony. And an elegant Italian Ristorante for the reception.The Dress: Short. Simple. Curve-hugging yet free-flowing to dance with my groom.Shows off my legs and thighs, but (just barely) hides my ass and my pussy. No ridiculous long train for this bride! White lace. travesti ankara White lace panties, and same for the garters too. I want to really show off what Ted is getting!The Veil: A wispy, transparent white veil, that he can see my joyous smile and my sparkling eyes as I marry the man of my dreams. Easy for him to lift to kiss his bride. A veil I shall leave on through our first night of intense pleasure, no longer as boyfriend and girlfriend, no longer as betrothed, but actually as husband and wife for the first time. The veil symbolizing that this time, for the first time, he is not fucking his girlfriend, he is not fucking his fiancée, he is fucking his bride, his wife.The Song: Our first dance as husband and wife has to be the Pointer Sisters, I’m So Excited. First dance we open up to all our guests, Let’s Hear It for the Boy. The Vows: We worked this out together, and we will each say these words to each other (is it any surprise that the line about worshipping ankara travestiler each other’s bodies was my idea? I got the idea from a line in Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding vows, “With my body I honour you.”):From now until the end of all eternityI worship your mind with my mindI worship your heart with my heartI worship your spirit with my spiritI worship your soul with my soulI worship your body with my bodyThere is no more mineThere is no more yoursThere is only oursWe are oneThere is no more meThere is no more youThere is only usWe are oneOur triumphs shall bring us joyFor we are sharing them togetherThrough our loveAnd through our passionOur defeats shall bring us joyFor we are sharing them togetherThrough our loveAnd through our passionThe outside world cannot harm usFor I protect youAnd you protect meThrough our loveAnd through our passionEvery smileEvery tearEvery life experienceStrengthens our loveThrough the yearsFor we are experiencing them togetherThrough our loveAnd through our passionI am yoursAnd you are mineMind, heart, body, soul, and spiritWe are oneWe are loveWe shall love, honor, cherish, and worship each otherThrough our loveAnd through our passionFrom now until the end of all eternityI love you so much!