Winning an Unexpected Bet Ch. 02


After Becca’s quick exit, I went about the rest of my day trying to pretend like nothing had happened. I had lunch with my girlfriend and then went to work my shift at the bookstore. Becca was off that night so I could act like it was just another ordinary work day.

By the next morning I could almost believe the whole thing was a dream. Except that when I went into the spare room I saw a hint of orange under the couch. When I looked under I found Becca’s panties, which I must have missed in the mad dash to get her out of the apartment before I got busted.

Luckily I knew my girlfriend hadn’t seen them, or else there was no way she wouldn’t already have confronted me. I stuffed them into my pocket for the time being, figuring I could give them back later. It was Saturday, and I was closing at the bookstore, as was Becca.

For once I wasn’t looking forward to seeing her. I hadn’t texted her at all since she left. I mean, what do you say to someone in that case? “Sorry I had to kick you out of my apartment basically naked?” Awkward.

I also didn’t know how she felt about everything. I was already trying to convince myself that it was just a one time lapse in judgement that wouldn’t happen again. So I was hoping she didn’t have something more in mind.

I showered and got ready for work. My girlfriend dropped me off at the bookstore just before my shift started. Judging by the cars in the parking lot it was going to be the usual busy Saturday.

Sure enough there was a line of customers at the front cash and Becca was busy ringing them through so we didn’t have time for more than a quick “hi” at first. Plus there were other staff around, so we weren’t exactly free to talk about what had happened right away.

Finally after about an hour there was a bit of a lull. Becca and I were both at the front desks, tidying up returns and getting reorganized for the next wave of customers.

“So…how are you?” I said.

She gave me an unconvincing smile. “Okay I guess,” she said. “How about you?”

I tried to smile back, but I’m not sure I did a better job than she did. “Also okay thanks. Um…did you get home okay yesterday?”

She blushed. “Yeah. I had to pull into a side street a couple blocks away from home to put my pants and shoes back on but hopefully nobody noticed. Also turns out driving barefoot is not much fun, just as a tip for the future.”

I laughed. “Good to know. I’ll try to avoid that in the future. And I’ll do my best not to put you in a position where you have to do that either.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” she said with a more real looking grin.

I leaned in closer and whispered “I have your underwear by the way.”

She looked relieved. “Thank god,” she said. “I noticed that I didn’t have them but I didn’t exactly want to text you and say ‘hey have you seen my panties?’ just in case your girlfriend checked your phone.”

“Good call,” I said. “I’ll give them to you later, I don’t want us to be on camera here with me handing them back to you.” Fortunately I knew the store cameras didn’t have audio, so this conversation wasn’t being recorded.

“Also a good call,” she said. “And I do need them back, I haven’t done laundry in a while and they’re my last clean pair.”

I raised an eyebrow at that, and she laughed. “Does that mean…” I started to ask, but then she cut me off by punching me in the arm.

“Yes that means I’m going commando you perv,” she said, still laughing.

“Pics or it didn’t happen,” I said without thinking.

She blushed again. I was worried that I şişli escort had offended her and also frustrated that I was already misbehaving again. Just then a customer walked up and I had to stop dwelling on things and help them out. By the time there was another lull an hour or so later Becca was due to go on break so I was left manning the registers alone.

A few minutes later as I said goodbye to another customer my phone buzzed in my pocket. We weren’t really supposed to check them while we were working, but everybody did it, so as long as you didn’t make it too obvious you could get away with it.

As there weren’t any other customers needing my immediate attention I pulled it out, thinking it would be a text from my girlfriend.

It was actually from Becca. And it wasn’t just a text, it was a picture of her.

She was in the employee washroom in our back room. The picture was of her reflection in the mirror. She was kneeling on a chair that we kept in the washroom for staff to hang purses and coats on. She was looking over her shoulder and smiling at the camera. Her pants were undone, and had been slipped down to her knees, so her naked ass was in full view.

I hadn’t had a good look at her ass the day before, having mostly seen her naked from the front. It was clear that I had missed out. She had a nice, firm little ass. In that position with that look on her face she looked like she was waiting to be spanked. And then taken from behind.

The caption with the picture said, “See? No panties!”

Intensely grateful that I wasn’t busy with customers, I shot back, “Not convinced. This could be a trick pose, where they’re just hidden from view.” My resolution to behave myself had clearly already failed.

I almost held my breath waiting, hoping the lull in customers would continue.

I didn’t have to wait long.

A minute or so later I got a response. It was another picture.

This time her jeans were turned inside out, lying on the floor in a crumpled heap. She was still sitting on the chair, but this time facing the camera. One leg was draped over the arm of the chair, the other spread to the side, her foot on the floor. One arm was up, obviously holding her phone out to take the picture, her other hand rested lightly on stomach, just above her naked pussy. It looked just as amazing as it had the day before, and I was disappointed that I hadn’t gotten to go down on her.

The caption with the picture this time said, “Satisfied? Or do I have to get strip searched?”

Adjusting my pants so as to hide the growing bulge there, I sent back “I wish that strip searching you right now was an option. Rain check?”

A slightly longer wait this time, but still no customers. My luck was clearly in. This time she sent back a video. It showed her undoing her work vest, then lifting up the shirt she was wearing underneath. She undid her bra – which was green this time and apparently opened from the front – freeing those spectacular tits again. I was impressed she was doing this all one handed as the other hand was still holding the camera.

She pinched her nipples, one at a time, and then moved her hand slowly down her chest. This time she didn’t stop above her pussy but just as she touched her clit, she winked at the camera. Then the video stopped.

The caption this time said, “Wish you could search me too. For now I’ll do it for you. Make it up to me later?”

Not going to lie, I almost went back to fuck her right then and there, but I couldn’t really afford to lose my job. I could have found another job, but explaining how I got fired to my girlfriend would likely lead to me being dumped and ending up with all my possessions in a heap at the side of the road.

So I had to restrain myself. I settled for sending back “Will do.”

Then I finally got a customer, so I had to get back to work. Much as I wanted to watch that video a few more times.

A few minutes later Becca came back from break, but I was still with customers so I couldn’t do much more than wink at her and give a little thumbs up. She laughed, and then returned the thumbs up. Fortunately the customer I was with didn’t ask for an explanation, or even really seem to notice.

The next couple of hours were uneventful. It was busy, although I’m pretty sure I wasn’t giving my usual customer service ‘A’ game. I was a little distracted, as you might imagine, with replaying in my mind what I had just seen.

A couple more hours passed where it was too busy for us to say anything further. Eventually the rest of the staff finished their shifts, leaving Becca and me to get ready to close the store for the night. The store had quieted down, only a few customers still wandering around, and we were in the aisles straightening up the shelves.

“I liked the…ah, texts you sent,” I said to her, after making sure none of the customers were too nearby.

She blushed, but smiled. “I’m glad. I don’t usually do that kind of thing, I was worried you would think it was too much.”

“Not at all,” I said. “Knowing what you were back there doing, and seeing the results was…ah, inspiring, to say the least.” I could feel myself getting hard again at the thought.

She seemed to notice as she glanced down at the bulge in my pants. “I’m glad to hear it.” She looked carefully around the store, probably checking if the coast was clear, then stepped closer to me. Standing next to me, she made a show of straightening some books with one hand, while her other hand reached down and stroked my cock.

I gasped in surprise, but turned it into a cough, and then angled myself to give her better access, while also pretending to tidy a shelf.

Now, I should point out that we were standing in the one aisle that the store cameras didn’t really pick up very well. We both knew this, because the managers were always telling us to keep an eye on people in that aisle. So it may not have been accidental that it’s where we happened to be at the time.

I stood there pretending to tidy shelves, although at the moment I’m not sure I could have remembered how to alphabetize properly, while she continued to stroke me. Eventually, after another careful look around, she unbuttoned my jeans so she could slip her hand down the front of my pants.

She stroked me over my boxers a few times, and then slipped her hand under those as well to touch me directly, skin to skin.

She continued at a steady pace, not too fast, probably not wanting to make too much noise. I abandoned all attempts at cleaning and simply tried to keep from making stupid faces as I enjoyed how good it felt.

I was getting near the edge when someone an aisle or two over said, “Excuse me?” making us both jump.

Becca took her hand from my pants and dashed over to help the customer as I buttoned myself up again, trying to look casual.

I was annoyed with myself. That was stupid and risky, never mind how much of a turn on it was. I resolved again to behave better.

We kept up with closing tasks. Finally the last customer left and I locked the doors behind them. We counted the tills, I set up the night deposit, all that good stuff.

We were just about finished everything when my phone buzzed again. I knew it wasn’t Becca because she was sweeping nearby.

It turned out to be my girlfriend. “Hi honey,” she said. “I know I’m supposed to be picking you up but I was at my mom’s and lost track of time. Can anyone give you a ride home?”

“Becca can probably drive me home,” I said. Hearing this, Becca looked over and nodded. I gave her a thumbs up.

“Oh, Becca is there?” said my girlfriend. Her tone was cold. “Couldn’t someone else give you a ride?”

“No,” I said, “it’s just the two of us. Would you rather I catch the bus?” Becca, obviously listening to my side of the conversation made a face at this.

“No,” said my girlfriend. “It’s just, well, you know how I feel about her.”

“It’s just a ride home,” I said, “she’s not going to drive me across the border for a night of booze fueled mayhem.”

As my girlfriend sighed in response to that, Becca suddenly put down the broom. I thought she was annoyed with me, but then she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me along to follow her. She led me back over to the aisle that was off camera, whispered “keep talking” and then knelt down in front of me.

I was too shocked to do anything as she unbuttoned my jeans again. She unzipped my fly and slid my pants and boxers down to my knees. My cock leapt back to attention as soon as she did.

With a wicked grin, she started giving me head. She wasn’t shy about it either, she slid me deep into her mouth. Her tongue felt like it was everywhere, caressing the shaft and the head of my cock.

Almost lost in bliss, I still tried to keep up a conversation with my girlfriend. She was still complaining about Becca, but this was a familiar argument that didn’t require that much of my attention.

After this whole day I knew I wasn’t going to last that long. All my steamy thoughts about the pictures, the handjob just a few minutes ago…I was a little overstimulated.

But I was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

Finally my attention flagged enough that my girlfriend got annoyed. “Are you even listening?” she said, “or is Becca distracting you?”

“Well she is going down on me right now,” I said. Becca’s eyebrows raised at that, but she didn’t stop.

I tried to make an “I’m about to cum” gesture, in case she didn’t want to swallow, but she just winked and kept going.

“Oh you’re so funny,” said my girlfriend.

“You know it,” I replied. And then I came. Hard. I had to fake a cough to avoid moaning too much, and I had to put a hand on the nearby shelves to keep standing as my knees threatened to buckle.

Becca didn’t miss a drop. She swallowed it all, licking me clean.

“Are you okay?” said my girlfriend. “What was that?”

“Fine, just drinking some water and swallowed the wrong way,” I said. “But listen, we’re about done here, can I let you go?”

“Sure thing,” she said. “See you soon.” She didn’t sound suspicious, so hopefully I wasn’t in too much trouble yet.

“See you soon,” I said.

I hung up the phone.

Becca stood up. “Um, so that happened,” she said.

“So it did,” I said.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “I’m sorry I know I didn’t really give you much choice. I just hate how she’s always talking down about me to you, and I kind of wanted to get back at her.

I just kissed her once in response. A soft kiss on the lips. When I stepped back she was smiling.

She reached down and gently put my cock back in my pants for me.

“So, I guess I should drive you home huh?” she said.

“Please,” I said.

This was getting complicated.