Wife Seduced On Vacation

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A few years ago, my wife went on vacation with some work friends. At the time, traveling was not really my thing, so I stayed home and had a few days to myself. The people she went on vacation with were made up of several couples, a single female and a single male. We’ll call him Rick. She told me, early in the trip, that Rick was taking an interest in her. So I told her, “what happens on vacation stays on vacation,” and that she should have fun.After a few days, she arrived home and I questioned her about what happened with Rick. She told me they made out, and I left it at that. I was so turned on that she made out with somebody else that I didn’t want to push it any further. She is very conservative, and I could see she kind of felt bad about what she had done.Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. We were making out and I proceeded to question her again about the time she went on vacation without me. I had been thinking recently about it and realized I never really asked too many details about it.She asked me, “What do you want to know?”I replied, “Tell me everything. I want all of the details. We never really escort bayan talked about it.” So she gave me all of the previously left-out erotic details.”The day started off pretty normal. We all met for breakfast and then went to our hotel’s pool. At the pool, we were all drinking and having a good time. I noticed Rick was flirting with me but paid no attention. As the day went on–with numerous drinks in me–Rick’s flirting was having an effect on me. As you know, you were the only guy I had been with so it was nice getting attention from somebody else. We all got tired of swimming and decided to go our separate ways until dinner. Before we all parted ways, Rick asked if I wanted to have another drink. I accepted and invited him to my room.””Just coming back from the pool, all I had on was a ‘modest’ string bikini and he had on only his swimming shorts. When we got to my room, he pulled me to him and gently kissed me on the neck and then on my lips. My knees immediately buckled, which forced me to sit down on the edge of the bed. Rick positioned himself behind me and started to massage my shoulders. As he was kocaeli escort bayan doing that, he began to gently kiss my neck. I turned my head toward his and sank my tongue into his mouth. I could feel my pussy getting wet. In the back of my head, I knew this is wrong but you told me to have fun plus I figure we weren’t having sex so this was okay.”As he kissed my neck, he cupped my breasts from behind and began to gently massage them. Then I felt a gentle tug at the string that ties around my neck. As the top fell away, I felt the cool fabric replaced by his warm hands. I began to realize the effect of his warm hands on my cool flesh and the drinks were having.”I let him know I was getting cold, so we moved under the covers. I laid on my side so he positioned himself on his side behind me. He began kissing my neck, massaging my shoulders, and massaging my breasts again. In this new position, I could also feel how hard and how big he was.”Up to this point, your cock had been the only cock that touched me. I didn’t know this but as we were getting under the covers, he removed his kocaeli escort shorts.”I remember getting hot enough to throw the covers off and got up on my knees. He came in behind me again to continue kissing my neck and massaging my breasts. As he was doing that, my hands moved back to his hips.”Now I could feel his hard cock through the fabric of my bikini bottoms. I kept moving my hands from his hips down to his inner thighs. I was justifying in my head that this is okay because we aren’t fucking.”At that moment, I realized I was letting my guard down a little, but you and me fooled around like this before we were married so I figured I could stop it before things went too far. I really wanted to wrap my hands around his cock.”As I was massaging his hips and his thighs, I felt his hands descending from my breasts to my stomach. The contrast of his warm hands on the cool flesh was sending waves of electricity through my body that were making my pussy ache. Just before his hands got to my pussy, he stopped. I felt them move to the ties of my bikini bottoms. Then a tug.”I was thinking, I should stop this but it will be fine as long as we don’t go any further. As my bikini bottoms fell away, I felt his naked cock against my ass. Immediately, I opened my legs wider and he pulled back to create some space between us. Then he pushed his hard cock down between my legs.