Webcam Masturbations Ep. 01


This was my very first time using a webcam and I really wanted to make a good “first” impression, if you know what I mean. I wanted to develop a devoted following of men—and women—who showed up on their laptops or desktops on a regular basis to see me and what I could do with my body to excite them. People who appreciated and lusted after my body and became so erect, or engorged, that they couldn’t help but begin touching themselves in the comfort of their own bedroom or living-room. I anticipated them, in a private session, asking me to spread my legs wide and slide my fingers into my pussy, then slowly licking my fingers one by one. Using a vibrator against my hardened clit until my hips started rocking and I began to moan and cry out as I came over and over again. Sliding a vibrator in and out of my swollen, soaking wet pussy, all for the webcam and the strangers who watched me, stroking themselves until they could stand it no more and came without hesitation

I had bought several vibrators in different shapes and sizes so that my clients could choose what they wanted tome to use. I had practiced eagerly with them all, slowly allowing the vibrations to make my clit so hard and sensitive and allowing the vibrator to slide just to the entrance of my pussy so that juices would rise to meet the tip of the vibrator. I was able to become very wet and cum quickly by just touching myself; stroking my nipples or my clit created the same reaction in me. I was extremely responsive and turned on very easily; I never held back, something men greatly appreciated.

My Recent Sexual Background:

To be honest, I was sick of one-night stands; gathering up my clothes, putting them on and doing a once-over of my hair and face in the bathroom before leaving quietly before the guy woke up. Or, the other way around. He would be gone as I kocaeli escort draped an arm across the satin sheets and felt: emptiness. I felt disappointed and left alone and—used.

To pick up men, I would hit the bars downtown and heads would turn when I walked in. I had a healthy confidence in my looks: curly, blond shoulder—length hair, blue eyes, an easy laugh. I generally wore tight jeans and a loose blouse with no bra. Even despite the looseness of my blouses, the men could still see the swinging and pendulousness of my ample, size 42DD breasts. My huge, dark nipples would harden into very obvious points and men—and women—would often stare at them as I approached the bar.

I wore little makeup, just some shiny lip gloss in coral or pink, dramatic eye shadow, a few coats of mascara, and I am ready to go. One-night stands? Too many to mention. Most of which I am not that proud of. I am writing this erotic story of my experiences for money, I admit. But my life is much more than just sex. It encompasses stories of travel when men would find me interesting enough to take me along on trips with them. Stories of times with boyfriends which lasted several months at a time, sometimes more. Okay, I see a pattern: they all involved men who were enthralled enough with my looks to hang around for enough time to have something exciting happen. Such has been the entirety of my adult (and teenage) life.

I have had businessmen—film directors and pimps—approach me in bars and streets and ask if I’m interested in making money with this body of mine. I had always turned them down, but now am honestly reconsidering. These experiences will come in later episodes that I write. Now? I am working 80+ hours in a convenience store. Certainly not the exciting life I have been longing for. Screw it! I’m in it for the money and the darıca escort fun now!

Back to the Present:

I adjusted the webcam to focus on my bed. This was my practice session. My vibrators were clearly visible to the camera. I turned with my ass to the camera and slowly swayed it back and forth. I could hardly control my excitement. Feeling my pussy growing wet already at the thought of men imagining standing behind me, instructing me to bend over, so they could help me pull down my pants and grope my creamy, soft white cheeks, spreading them wide to begin by sliding their fingers into my swollen lips which cried out to be rubbed and entered, and using one finger to rub my hardened clit.

I shook myself from that very erotic daydream so I could continue to practice undressing. I unzipped my jeans and stepped out of them, showing my light pink bikini that I bought as a set at the local lingerie store. I had invested in a whole collection of very erotic lingerie, both from online and brick and mortar stores. While bending over I slowly removed my bikini and slowly touched my ass, spreading my cheeks like I did in my daydream. I stretched one hand around to rub my pussy until the lips glistened as I grew more excited. I moaned softly and turned to face the camera. I was wearing a matching, lacy-pink bra. I held my breasts with both of my hands and jiggled them before undoing the clasp in front. When my tits were released they jumped free and bounced as my hands cupped them and brought them up to my eager mouth so that I could suck on my rock-hard nipples and swollen areolas. My fingers pulled and rubbed on the nipples as the wetness from my pussy began to dribble down my inner thighs.

My eyes hardly ever left the webcam, having foreplay or sex with whomever was watching me. One hand gölcük escort continued to play with my nipples and jiggle my breasts while the other continued further down to my stomach, further, pulling gently on my belly button piercing, further, until my hand reached my pussy. I was so excited at the prospect of masturbating so sensually in front of strangers that the wetness which had begun to dribble down my thighs formed a small stream that created a small puddle on the floor. My fingers eagerly slid into all that wetness, rubbing familiar circles around my clit that had emerged from its hood, hard and very aroused. I touched my clit directly and rubbed back and forth rapidly until I almost came, until my pussy began spasming. My breath had quickened and was coming in little gasps now, moaning from the sheer pleasure of masturbating.

I lay on the bed now so that I could reach further into my pussy, all the way in. I bent my knees and raised my legs up so my pussy was in full view of the webcam. My fingers slid in, two of them, making sure to rub the g-spot in front. In and out, in out, moving quicker and quicker as my arousal turned to spasms. I held a vibrator directly on my clitoris and the vibrations only added to an indescribable feeling of climaxing over and over. I tried to muffle my cries, something I certainly wouldn’t be doing during my live performances. My audience would enjoy hearing my moans and cries of pleasure as I grew wetter and wetter with my hips rocking from the sheer intensity of cumming.

I would not be the only one in the performances. I planned to invite a close girlfriend of mine who had experience with women before and who was, to me, a very sensual and attractive woman. Another friend, an ex-boyfriend with whom I had stayed good friends, would be more than willing to have sex with me on camera. Who knows—maybe the three of us will perform on camera? As long as we get to practice beforehand and I can make sure that our interactions would be highly erotic. After all, isn’t that the point?

(Stay tuned for Episode 2 of “Webcam Masturbations)