Tortilla Lover


Yes, I admit it, I was hard up, hard up big time, but that still doesn’t mitigate the fact that right there, as I was quick frying some tortillas to make enchiladas, I had one of the most incredible sexual experiences of my life. Undoubtedly, if my girlfriend had not been away for over three weeks or if I had strayed a bit, perhaps visiting the sheets of any of a number of our free-loving friends I wouldn’t have had the experience. Even if I had jacked off recently, I’m sure the overall experience would not have been as ecstatic, but I guess my recent abstinence had me unknowingly hovering on the verge of this incredible sexual lunacy.

It all started innocently, as I must assume most incredible sexual experiences begin. In this case I had decided to try a new recipe for enchiladas I found in the food section of the newspaper. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a handful of spices and sauces and then moved down into the bakery section of the store. Surprised at the wide variety of tortillas they had, I confirmed I needed corn tortillas, but instead of grabbing a small bag, I picked up a large bag figuring I could always snack on the extras while the enchiladas were cooking.

Once I got home from the grocery store I spread out the ingredients, placed a skillet on the stove and poured a bit of oil into the pan. I needed to quickly heat the tortillas by placing them in the hot oil, turning them once, but removing them before they got crisp. Then I was supposed to place the warm tortilla on a paper towel to absorb the excess grease and then put then in a baking pan where I would roll the cheese into the tortilla and cover it with the sauce.

The process worked very nicely and before long I had the pan full of tortillas, cheese and sauce ready to slip into the oven. I set the heat at 350 degrees, slipped the pan in and turned to begin cleaning up the mess I made on the stovetop. I turned off the heat to the frying pan escort şişli and then turned to grab the extra tortillas. Suddenly I found myself gazing at one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen.

Okay, yes, it had been a while since I had sex and I was horny as hell, but still, as I looked down at the package of tortillas, the way the individual folds of soft, breaded discs had formed as I pulled some out to cook, I saw it. Now my girlfriend has a beautiful pussy, wonderfully soft with gently flowing folds of flesh, but damn, as I looked as the light tan edges of the tortillas all I could see was a nicely shaved, alluring vulva, actually even more beautiful than my girlfriend’s.

The only thing that was obviously lacking was the glistening moistness I would see as my girlfriend opened her legs to me, but with a bottle of cooking oil right there, I quickly dabbed a bit on the tortillas as if it were a large tube of lubricant. The breaded pussy was now moist, open and wanting so I did what any man would do when faced with such incredible sexual beauty, I quickly pulled off my clothes.

Sure, I could have simply unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and shoved it in, but no, the vision I had before me simply demanded more. Standing completely naked in the kitchen, I calmed myself a bit, not wanting to rush it. I gazed at the pussy while running my fingertips over my nipples and enjoyed the electric rush of sensation that had my cock twitching like a venomous snake, ready to strike. Reaching out, I poured a bit of oil on my fingertip and gently eased it in between the folds, pushing and penetrating into the opening.

Strangely, as the walls of the quasi-cunt absorbed the oil, it seemed to move, almost pulsating around my finger, so I quickly withdrew and applied a copious amount of oil to my cock, sliding my fist up and down its length until it was sufficiently coated. Moving forward, I took hold of the package escort etiler of tortillas and then eased my cock into the willing, yearning pussy. Immediately I could feel the soft folds slide over me and as I moved deeper and deeper inside, the walls of the pussy began to swell, gently clasping my erection in a rolling pulsation that I only remember feeling as my girlfriend came.

I began moving myself in and out of the pussy feeling it open to me, drawing me deeper and deeper inside with my every thrust. As I moved I could almost hear it whisper, “Come on baby, give it to me, don’t hold back.”

‘You like it like this?” I moaned.

“Oh yes, but faster now, come on… faster,” the tortillas seemed to groan.

“Do you feel me?”

“Oh yes, I can feel you filling me. Now I want to feel you come, please come inside me.”

“Oh yes, yes,” I moaned as I arched my back, giving in to the incredible sensation. I came, spurting my cum into the corn tortillas again and again. When I finally finished coming, I left my cock pushed deep in the folds, languishing on the wet warmth. My cock then slowly softened, gently slipping out of the beautiful pussy as it left a light dribble of cum on the gently curving lips.

Gazing at the pussy, glistening wet with the white trail of my cum pooled on the curves I could feel a tingling in my balls and knew with a bit of encouragement my cock just might get hard again, but suddenly a loud buzzing interrupted my observations. Realizing the annoying noise was simply the oven announcing my cheese enchiladas were ready, I carefully placed the tortilla pussy on the countertop and pulled the pan of enchiladas out of the oven to cool a bit.

Still naked, I set the table for myself, carefully arranging two pot holders and then placing the enchiladas in front of me. Using a spatula I put four on my plate and then looked closely how the tortilla gracefully rolled around the bayan escort taksim cheese. The end formed a nice, gentle opening that oozed a bit of melted cheese and I was immediately reminded of my girlfriend, how her pussy oozed slightly after she would come.

Remembering how I would grab her ass and push my tongue into her, I eased my tongue into the warm opening and slurped out the juices, the warm cheese filling my mouth with the flavorful, salty taste. It was a bit different than my girlfriend’s cum, but still quite wonderful. I then lovingly licked and sucked the cum out of each of the enchiladas until, when I finished the last one, I realized my cock was hard again.

Moving back into the kitchen, I oiled up my erection once again and grabbed the tortilla pussy and eased myself inside. The sensation was still there, but somehow not quite as intense, the swelling not as noticeable and the pulsations weren’t as strong. I had to pump harder and this time instead of simply losing myself into the sensation, it wasn’t until I pictured my cock sliding in and out of my girlfriend that I really began to respond.

“Oh yes Connie, can you feel me?”

Connie replied this time, “Oh yes, you’re so big, come on… I want you to come for me.”

“Oh Connie, yes, yes…” I moaned as I arched my back and spurted my cum deep into my girlfriend. Opening my eyes then, I quickly pulled my cock out of the package of tortillas. With all the frantic pumping, the stack of tortillas had changed, the individual discs were torn, matted and deteriorated until wall I really had was a plastic sack of crumbs. Tossing the package into the trash I reached for my cell phone.

I dialed the phone and listened to it ring several times. Suddenly she answered, “Hi, this is Connie, I can’t answer the phone right now. Please leave a message after the tone.”

“Hey Connie, it’s me. I was just thinking about you. I miss you, please come home soon.” I tossed the phone back onto the counter and began to clean up the mess I had made. Occasionally I paused while cleaning, letting my mind wander to Connie as I tried to remember if it was three or four more days until she was supposed to come home.