Tim And Abbie 81:  Boxing Day Comes To An End


Monday morning, Tim wakes up, still resting on Abbie’s boob.  He so wants to wake her to take things a little further, but he also notices the time.  He does need to sprint home in time to get showered and dressed for work.  Tim leaves a note saying he will see Abbie on the bus shortly and quietly leaves so Abbie can sleep the extra half hour.He is at his stop on time and enters the bus to join Abbie at ‘their seat’ as he thinks of it now.  Tim so wants to take Abbie in his arms and kiss her good morning, but he is in no way ready for such public displays of affection.He does slide his hand in hers between them on the seat and squeezes it, hoping she understands how much more he wants to do to greet her.  Her squeeze back, unspoken, let him know that she too would.Now, not judgmental in any sense, Abbie does notice how Tim’s suits are starting to get threadbare from use.  So by the middle of the week, when they are together over dinner, Abbie carefully mentions it.  Asking that as she notices Tim’s suits are showing a bit of wear and tear, would Tim like her to help him buy some new suits and other things?Abbie did not mind, but she is alluding to his underwear.  He wears old man boxers, which just are a bit bulky under a pair of pants.  The new cotton boxers which shape themselves to a man’s thighs, and more so outline his cock would be so much nicer.  Or even silk ones.  Abbie imagines Tim would be ecstatic feeling soft silk against his privates.Tim turns to her with a look of such joy in his face, and says, “Abbie, I know I need new things, and was trying to think of a way of asking you to help me.  Yes, I would love to have you with me on a shopping spree.  And maybe you would let me buy you a few new things too.”Abbie raised her eyebrow a bit of the last comment but smiled at Tim, saying, “Well, how about we take a half-day off work sometime this coming week and go on a shopping spree?”Each considering their workloads, they decide they could both bursa escort do this Friday.  It would be an early start to the weekend, and after shopping could have dinner and stop at the Wilde Peacock even.So plans are put in place.Thursday night on the bus home, Tim tells Abbie he needs to stop by his house and will be over to her place around nine if that is not too late.  Abbie is getting rather curious about what is going on.  Tim has not invited her to his house yet and it Tim is spending a lot of time there, Abbie has no idea what he is doing.Abbie tells him that it is fine.  She will stop and get something for her dinner at a to-go place near her house.  Tim smiles to himself over Abbie’s culinary choices.  That is something he hopes he can help her change.Since Sunday night, when things did not go as hoped, Tim and Abbie have not mentioned what happened.  Tim is thinking about it a lot and is confused about what came over him, but he had several drinks that afternoon, and he hopes that was the cause.  Still, he is a little gun shy and afraid to try again.Abbie seems to understand that and enjoys his hand play and her sucking him, but he knows, eventually, they are going to have to face this.  Tim thinks about this off and on during the day, and wonders if he tries something intermediate to see if he stays hard.  Or, will he soften whenever really confronted with what was to him a taboo place before Abbie entered his life.That evening, Tim checks out the work on his house, and everything is amazing.  He cannot believe the transformation which has taken place.  While there, Les comes over to ask if he likes what has been done?  Leslie also lets Tim know that all the work should be completed in the next week or so. Leslie reports that the company asked if he wanted them to set up all the furniture and things that have been being delivered?  Right now, everything is being stored now in his shed outback.  The price Les says they quoted bursa escort bayan is well worth it not to have to do it all himself, so Tim tells her to give the go-ahead.This means, without too much work on his part, hopefully by the end of next week, the house will be ready.  Already all the changes make it look like an entirely different place.  Now so light and airy, fresh and modern, but keeping with the original design.  All Tim can do now is hope that Abbie likes it.Tim checks the rooms already finished and the totally redone kitchen, which is more than he could have imagined possible. Even without the furniture or appliances in place, it shows such promise.He hurries now, seeing the time, and quickly grabs clothes for tomorrow and heads to Abbie’s.  Halfway there, he realizes he has not eaten yet but finds he isn’t hungry. He just wants to see Abbie now.  To feel her in his arms, her lips on his.Abbie buzzes him immediately, almost as if she is standing by the buzzer to answer.  But that would be telling on Abbie.  Tim, passing by the elevator, seeing it is on the top floor, runs up the stairs to Abbie’s apartment.  Both are realizing how much they yearn for each other when apart now.Tim finds Abbie’s flat door open an inch and presses the door open, calling to her.  He stops, mouth open, as he sees Abbie standing waiting for him by the couch.  She is in all her loveliness.  Naked, except for sheer bikini panties, which not only show the outline of her throbbing clit, but its tip is peeking out over the top of her panties.  Her lovely boobs are perky and firm, her curving waist and flat stomach down over her shapely thighs and calves.  Tim knows he has hardened just at the sight of her.He drops his bag, quickly closes the door, and has Abbie in his arms, kissing her while feeling her body rub seductively against his.  Oh, he wants her so much, but still is so unsure.  Abbie can sense this and just kisses him, steps back, escort bursa and tells him, as doing so, “Let’s get you out of these clothes, so you are comfortable.”Tim smiles down on her as Abbie efficiently undresses him.  His cock is hard already from their kisses.  She takes his shaft in her hand and wanks it as they stand close together, kissing more.  One of his hands is rubbing outside Abbie’s panties against her big clit, feeling it grow. The other is caressing and molding her breasts, pinching her nipples.They fall together on the couch.  Tim notices now that Abbie has filled two wine glasses for his welcome, along with the second half of a sub sandwich waiting for him on a plate.  Tim looks lovingly in her eyes as she says, actually shyly, “I wasn’t sure if you would have time to eat, so got something for you too.”She has the tv on low with some sitcom which they watch as they sit thigh to thigh,  Tim now realizes he is hungry; he eats her offering as they chat over the show and continue to rub thighs.  As Tim eats, Abbie, from time to time, lifts a napkin to dab his lips. And her other hand, not holding the napkin, is rubbing up against his thigh higher and higher.Tim finishes, takes another sip of the wine, and thanks Abbie for thinking of him in this way.  She blushes at the praise Tim is offering her. They lean back on the couch, both content, stroking each other’s thighs as they watch until the end of the show.Finished, Abbie turns the tv off and looks into Tim’s eyes deeply as she continues to wank his hard cock.  His hand has dived under her pantie waist and is rubbing and pinching her clit.  Both are staring into the other’s eyes, Abbie does read what Tim is right now longing for and lowers her lips to his cock to start sucking and licking him.Tim lets out this long sigh of satisfaction.  Abbie’s lips on his cock is the most wonderful thing he could ever imagine.   Now regularly feeling this sensation is heavenly to him.  He is so close to cumming but questions himself.  Is it fair that Abbie so pleasures him this way, and he has not done so in return?  He is not sure if he is yet up to it but feels it would be a step for him to overcome to take them to the ultimate pleasure.