Thoughts of You

Alex Grey

I awake from my dreams and my thoughts drift to you, as usual. You are all I can think about these days and I wish that you were here with me now, smiling at me in that sexy way that you do. I love the way your soft brown eyes twinkle at me, and the creases of your laugh lines that show so prominently when you do. I love the way you stare so deeply into my eyes like you are staring into my very soul. The way you look at me hungrily with so much lust even when I don’t look my best; even when I’m dressed in my favorite ratty old sweatshirt and jeans. You make me feel like I am your number one; like I am the only woman you will ever want and ever need for the rest of your life. When our lips finally touch it’s like we are on fire and melting together into one being.

The waiting in between your weekly visits are torturous to me and I wish this wasn’t a long distance relationship… I wish that we lived together, and that I could awake with silivri escort you beside me every morning. I wish that we were together so I could wake you with my kisses and touches instead of our daily ‘good morning’ texts or our online messaging. I am so lonely for you.

My body is so hot and my pussy is aching terribly for you. I push the sheet and blankets off and away from me and kick them down with my feet to reveal my naked body to the coolness of the morning winter air. I lay there quiet and still for just a moment, so I can fully submerge myself in my thoughts of you. I move my finger tips down slowly over my body giving myself goose bumps. It makes my nipples feel so hard and they are just aching to be touched. I stop to lightly pinch them and massage my 36 I’s before traveling lower to my drenched mound.

I can feel how wet I am before my fingers even slide between my lips. I am thinking about bakırköy escort your kisses on my face and my lips and all down my body. I am thinking of your soft touch. I am thinking about your hard cock deep inside me. I am thinking of your musky soapy smell.

I lightly stroke my moist lips and slip my fingers into the wetness of my folds. It makes me gasp and I close my eyes and tip my head back. I am thinking about you and the way you kiss me, your hot breath in my ear and the stubble of your face as you kiss my exposed neck. The way you move slowly down my body, sucking my nipples into your hot mouth, your tongue fluttering over them. I am thinking of you kissing me, slowly making your way lower and lower and the way the scruff on your unshaved face feels tickling the inside of my thighs as I throb with desire for you. The feel of your tongue darting and lapping at my lips and my clit while I moan in şirinevler escort ecstasy is on my mind as I slide my fingers over my soaking clit. I am wishing that it was your tongue instead.

I am working myself up into a frenzy now. I am grinding my hips while my fingers slide over my clit and down inside my warm wet throbbing hole. I want you here with me, I need you so badly.

I think about you flipping me over and mounting me from behind; the way you slide your stiff cock into my eager drenched slit. I want you to fill me up, I’m aching for you. I think about you pumping deep inside me, pulling out and teasing me with the tip of your luscious cock. I think about you smacking my ass and pulling me back toward you. I am thinking about meeting your every thrust with my own, the sound that it makes when we do, skin against skin. It’s a satisfying sound to hear. I am clenching my hole the way I always do over your delicious cock. You know that thing I do that makes you groan happily and grab me tighter toward you.

As I reach my climax I think of you crying out and shaking as we cum together. Falling down intertwined on the sheets we kiss passionately and you smile at me as we breathe together, our hearts pounding.