The Totally Accidental Time-Tripper 2: Double or Nothin’


“Boo!”Charise jerked forward in her chair, bumped from behind. She sputtered and spat up the soda she had just sipped, spritzing it on her desk and legs. “Dunlop! You asshole!”“Apologies, Charise,” the professor chuckled. The white-haired, wrinkled kook backed up in his wheelchair. “This thing has a life of its own.”Swatting the soda spray off her jeans, she gave him the side-eye frown and grumbled, “Why are you in a wheelchair? Your legs work better than your head.”“Because it’s fun!” He spun around in a circle. “Look! I’m a roulette wheel. WEE-ooh!”“Your brain is a roulette wheel, and it’s missing its marble,” she groused. “You’re too frail to have fun. You’d sprain your lips just whistling.”“My dear, you will be surprised to know I am still quite limber,” he said, stopping in mid-spin to flash a grin and twinkle his eye at her. “So are my lips.”He demonstrated by throwing a few puckered kisses at her like a guppy.Charise removed her glasses to wipe them on her shirt and rolled her eyes up. “Yeah, jerking off to porn in your office keeps you very limber, I’m sure. You’re gonna break your arm.”“You can always do it for me,” he suggested with a chortle and a hopeful bounce of his powder-white brows.She smirked, picked up her empty soda can, held it up in his face, and crushed it with her hand.Dunlop shuddered.“I’m not that type of lab assistant,” she grumbled, turning back to her desk. She waved her hands over a mess of papers and at her computer monitor. “I’m not any type of assistant. All I do is so-called ‘data’ entry, uploading your nonsense.”Her elderly employer and self-professed inventor bounced his head side-to-side and sighed. “You’re right,” he said, sounding surprisingly remorseful. “You deserve more productive endeavours.”“Yeah? Like what?” she scoffed, flipping her cherry red locks of hair back dismissively.“Well, to be honest, we could use some cash,” he said.Charise paused, confused, then turned, eyeing him. “What do you mean?”He shrugged. “I’ve run out of funds.”“What?” She frowned and shook her head. “You’re out of money?”Dunlop smiled and nodded. “I’m afraid so. Totally broke.”Charise blinked at him. His wistful expression did not jibe with the apparent urgency of the matter at all. While struggling to absorb the information, she glanced around their surroundings: a decrepit warehouse full of Dunlop’s “inventions” and tonnes of other electronic hardware castoffs he had collected for years. Even though it was all junk, it must have cost him something to gather all of it plus fees for the warehouse, electricity, water…And he had never sold any of his invention ideas as far as she knew.Suddenly, it started to make sense that he was broke.“So… what does that mean?” she asked.“Well, I’ll probably start stocking up on cat food and then look for a cosy spot in the park by the public washrooms to set up a tarp tent,” he said wistfully. “Hopefully with a view of the lake.”“Oh,” Charise remarked.“Then, I’ll wither away and die, I suppose,” he mused while stroking the white and grey stubble on his wrinkled chin as if contemplating the breakfast menu at Denny’s.“Sounds like a plan,” she mumbled, looking off to the side, distracted.“And, of course, we’d have to part ways,” he added.Still turned aside, she grimaced with mild concern. It was a good-paying job, for what it was worth. Not too demanding aside from fending off the professor’s feeble attempts at sexual harassment.“But, I do have an idea of getting a fresh infusion of cash,” Dunlop said.Charise chuckled at him dismissively, then jeered, “I’m not becoming a stripper.”“Oh…” He paused, blinking. “Well, then we can just use the time machine.”“Oh, God!” she groaned, throwing her eyes upward and turning away again. “I told you I’m not doing that again.”A month ago, she and Dunlop completed their first successful attempt to send her back in time to 1985. After meandering around the era of hairspray, spandex and shoulder pads for a few hours, and getting into some mischief by accidentally walking into a guerilla porn video shoot, she returned and presented Dunlop with the Holy Grail of the quest: chicken balls from a defunct Chinese take-out joint.“It’d be a simple errand, Charise.”“Fuck off.”“A milk run, practically,” he suggested.“You want milk? Suck a cow.”“You would just need to find Barry…”Charise suddenly paused. “Barry?”‘Barry’ was also known to her as ‘Apollo Cream’, a porn star she just met during her 80’s sojourn. Well, ‘just met’ was an understatement. She fucked him… under an hour of meeting him, too… in front of a goddamn video camera and film crew. She tried to convince herself that she had been coerced into doing so, but the word ‘LIAR’ crackled in her brain like a neon sign whenever she did.“Barry has money?” she asked. She closed her eyes and shook her head, agitated. “Who the hell is this Barry guy to you, anyway?”Dunlop turned in his wheelchair, shrugging. “Just a person I knew, once,” he said as he slowly wheeled away. “He’s a means to an end to provide funds to sustain our little operation here.”Charise remained in her chair, her lower lip protruding and shifted aside as she thought. It wasn’t as if meeting with Barry again would be an altogether bad thing… God, that snaking tongue and steel cock of his…“Stupid! Stupid!” she berated herself, suddenly, banging the heels of her palms against her temples. “You can’t possibly be thinking of agreeing to do this again!”Oh, she was.“If this works,” Dunlop called out from somewhere in the warehouse, “I’ll double your salary!”She shook her head again and sighed with self-dismay. “Double and a half!” she shouted back and stood up to shuffle after him.Right. She was doing this for the ‘money’.Charise found Dunlop already waiting for her by The Chrono-Jump Chamber, an old jerry-rigged refrigerator. She didn’t acknowledge the cocky, puppet-master grin he was throwing her way.“So what year am I tripping to?” she asked.Regarding his tablet, he tapped the screen and replied, “1985.”“Again?”“Well, last time that was an accident, remember? It was supposed to be 1984. Not to worry, though. My calculations…” he paused to give his tablet a stiff whack with his hand. “My calculations are perfect this time.”It didn’t exactly fill her with much confidence the way he continued to shake and smack his control tablet.When he was done, he looked up smiling. “You’ll be arriving on November 28th, four months after the last time.”Charise rolled her eyes. The 80’s again. As she limbered up, stretching her arms and legs, getting ready to climb into the fridge, she asked another question: “And once I’m there, I go meet Barry, then what?”Dunlop reached into his lab coat pocket and produced a sealed envelope, handing it over to her. “Give him that. He’ll know what to do.”She flipped the envelope around a few times and eyed him. “This isn’t going to screw with ankara escort the timeline when I get back?”Dunlop held up Scout’s Honour fingers. “There will be no screwing,” he replied, then leaned forward and winked, “unless, of course, you want…”“Shut… up!” she interjected and pointed back to her work area. “Remember the soda can?”He shuddered again.“I just don’t want to be a part of anything amoral,” said the woman who agreed to star in a porno faster than singing Happy Birthday To You.As she prepared to get into the fridge, he said, “Oh. I’ve made a few upgrades to the chrono-synchronizer band since last time.”The modified Fitbit was her anchor to the present. It pulled her back from the past when her time was up.“Like what?” she asked while strapping the device to her wrist.“Well, for one thing, you can stay longer in the past. Eight hours,” he noted. Then he pointed to a little red button on the side of it. “That’s your time-hiccup button.”“‘Time-hiccup’?”Dunlop nodded, appearing pleased with himself. “It’s a one-time repeat mechanism. The band has enough power to send you back once by about an hour while you’re there.”Charise regarded the button and nodded. That could actually come in handy, she thought. Not that she would give the old crackpot the satisfaction of knowing he came up with a useful idea.“You couldn’t think of anything better to call it other than a ‘time-hiccup’ button?” she asked.“Time-belch? Time-burp?”“How about something not emitted from your mouth?”Dunlop looked up and away, grinning crookedly. “I suppose I’m just fixated on my oral proclivities when I’m thinking of you.”“Fuck…” she sighed and stopped herself. She hadn’t the wherewithal to waste a breath on “you”.She stepped into the fridge, Dunlop shut the door, and she settled in. As she recalled from last time, she’d only disappear from the present for a few minutes.After a moment, the interior was illuminated by blue light as the Chamber went into operation with a loud hum. She suddenly recalled a question and knocked on the inside of the door. “Hey, Dunlop! Am I gonna find Barry at the video repair shop again?”The humming began to grow louder. A charge crackled along her fingers, up her arms.“Oh, right! That reminds me. I made another upgrade,” the professor called from the other side. “You’ll not only be tripping back in time, but to a different location.”“What?” Charise yelled, frowning as the machine trembled and her entire body tingled while tendrils of electricity enveloped her. “Where the hell am I…”Ffz-ZZT!“… going?!” Charise yelped, stumbling forward, the fridge suddenly disappearing around her. She would have fallen flat on her glasses if not for her head landing against someone’s chest.“Watch yerself, missy,” the person said, catching her by the arms.Her eyes rolled around as she froze against the man’s chest for a second. Then, she immediately jumped back and apologized, “Oh, shit! I’m so sorry! I… uh?”“Easy there, darlin’. You look all shook up.”Her eye twitched. “Aren’t… aren’t you Elvis?”The man took a step back. Dressed in a white, high-collared, bell-bottomed jumpsuit and sporting that legendary pompadour-styled hair, he propped his upper lip aside and pointed at her with double-pistol fingers. “That ah am, missy. Uh-huh.”Charise’s face tightened, sour and confused. She thought Elvis died in the 70’s. Did the professor fuck up? She smirked at herself. Of course, he did.“Excuse me, missy,” someone else said to her from behind. She turned and faced another doppelganger Elvis, a bit chubbier and wearing sunglasses but decked out in a similar jumpsuit, baby blue and covered in rhinestones. He struck a gunslinger pose and pointed at himself with his thumbs. “But if you’re looking for the King, he is in the building, right here in the flesh. Ahthankyouverrahmuch.”Charise’s red lips drooped open. “What. The. Actual. Fuck?”She slowly turned her head and gawked down a line of Elvises –Elvae?– a baker’s dozen in all, all striking poses, waggling their hips, curling their lips and declaring themselves to be the true King of Rock and Roll.The first Elvis handed her a ticket: “The One and Only Elvis Revue (Las Vegas Chapter).”“Compliments of the King,” he said with a cheeky click of his tongue. “Now, you be sure to come out and Elvis personally promises you a night of entertainment that cannot be denied. Glory, glory Halle-luuu-jah!”The ‘Elvae’ strutted away down the aisle lined with casino gaming tables and slot machines, spectators snapping photos and asking for autographs.Charise watched them go in a daze as they disappeared around some potted palm trees. Then, she looked up and around finally taking in her surroundings. Judging by all the gaming tables and machines, the ornately decorated furniture and wall, the barmaids in short skirts and stockings, she was in a hotel-casino in Las Vegas.She sneezed as a woman brushed past her nearly knocking her over with the linebacker shoulder pads of her pastel-pink jumpsuit, the hairspray in her frizzed up ‘do setting off Charise’s allergies.A group of women wearing frilly black lace dresses, stretched tops and fingerless gloves walked past her sniggering. They eyed her Plain Jane orange sweat top and jeans.The men around her were similarly attired in mid-80’s style, brightly coloured, blocky suits and low neckline t-shirts. Almost all of them proudly sported wavy mullet hair and the fuzz of five o’clock shadow.Olivia Newton-John, Linda Ronstadt, and Barry Manilow were all on the marquee, all shows “Sold Out”.Charise ruffled her with a drag of her hand and sighed. Yep. Back in the 80’s again.“Excuse me,” she asked a passing barmaid, “what’s today’s date? Um… and year, too.”As she chewed her gum, the barmaid replied, “November 28, hon’… 1985.” She didn’t seem too bothered by the question about the year and simply walked off in her spiked heels.Charise wandered the casino and hotel for almost an hour, the bells and whistles of the slot machines tickling her ear, the smoke clogging up her lungs. Giving the professor the benefit of the doubt, she presumed he had intended to send her to Las Vegas. But how the hell was she supposed to find Barry?“Cherry?” someone called out from behind. It took her a moment to realize that they were speaking to her. “Is that really you?”She turned and faced a curly brunette dude with bushy brows and a broom-head moustache. Tilting her head back, she frowned and said, “Parker?”The man unexpectedly reached out and hugged her. She immediately shoved him back and away, cringing.Parker was the director of the porn film she inadvertently participated in during her first jaunt to 1985. He had the mildew of sleaze about him.“No way! I cannot believe it’s you! Here! In Vegas!” he declared, unfazed by the odious look she was giving him. “What the hell are you doing here? Did you see our ad?”“Uh, ankara escort bayan no,” she said flatly. It was a misunderstanding with one of their stupid ads that got her into trouble the last time. She didn’t bother to explain why she was in Las Vegas and turned the question back on him. “Why are you in Vegas?”“We’re shooting another movie!” Parker replied.“‘We’re’… ?” Her eyes widened. “Is… is Barry here, too?”“Holy smokes,” Parker remarked, openly admiring Charise’s figure, “I’d almost forgotten what a total hard bod you had!”“Parker!” she snapped, pointing to her mouth. “Is. Barry. Here?”“‘Apollo’?” he replied, referring to Barry’s porn moniker. “He sure is!”“Thank god. I need to see him.”“For sure!” Parker announced, his enthusiasm still peaking at an eleven. “I’ll take you to him right now. He’s so gonna freak when he sees you!”He led her through the casino towards the hotel lobby, stopping at an open seating area where the chairs faced a wall of televisions. Various horse races were displayed on the screens.“Judd! Yo, Judd!” Parker hollered.The person he seemed to be calling to didn’t turn, just hopped around in his seat anxiously while watching one of the races.“Judd! Goddamn it!” Parker yelled.A porcine young man seated in one of the bucket chairs reluctantly looked away from the televisions.“Kid’s got a goddamn gambling addiction,” Parker grumbled under breath. He pointed at Charise. “Look who it is!”Judd squinted at them, then his eyes finally lit up. He looked back at the television for a moment to see the finish of the race, threw a crumpled piece of paper at the screen, then shuffled quickly over.“Hi, Judd,” she said. The earnest guy was kind of squirrely and still perpetually glowing with perspiration, but not nearly as off putting as Parker.“Cherry!” he said with a plump smile as he approached.“Charise,” she corrected.Parker and Judd regarded each other, nodding slightly. Then the latter said, “Right. Charise. Hey, I can’t believe it’s you!”She rolled her eyes and chuckled bemusedly. “Yeah, well, apparently, no one believes it’s me.”Parker nodded to Judd. “Go get the camera. Let’s take her to see Apollo.”“He’s gonna freak when he sees you,” Judd remarked.Charise sighed again. “Yep. I heard that, too. Plenty of ‘freaking’ to go around.”Judd ran back to his chair and grabbed the video camera.“He was supposed to be getting pick up shots of the casino for the movie,” Parker explained.As they rode a hotel elevator up to the top floor, Parker couldn’t stop remarking how excited he was to see Charise again while still blatantly ogling her body. She didn’t pay much attention to him choosing to watch the floor numbers light up instead.Almost immediately after stepping out and turning down a long corridor, she spotted another familiar figure leaning against the wall outside the last door. He was in a white suit and pink shirt with the collar popped. She tried to steady her lip as the edges of her mouth twitched upward and her heartbeat and step quickened.“Apollo,” Parker called ahead, “look at who we ran into down at the casino!”Charise wasn’t surprised that Barry, aka Apollo, didn’t ‘freak’ when he looked up and saw her coming. Cool like a tall glass of Perrier, he pushed up from the wall, turning and smiling his sparkling whites at her. She appreciated that much more than if he had freaked out.“Hi,” she said with a pleasant grin, keeping it simple. His hair was a little longer than before, wavier, and more a warm golden colour than frosted. Those blue eyes and sharp, handsomely boyish features of his were thankfully unchanged.“It’s Charise,” Judd noted. She caught him winking at Barry.“Charise. Great to see you again.” Barry tilted his chin and nodded. “Yeah, nah. I wouldn’t forget you. My homegirl who tastes like cherry.”Charise tilted her head down and aside, hoping to hide her grin and eyes behind her glasses. Fuck, two seconds in, and he already had her blushing. Yeah, that whip-like tongue of his had done a real number on her.“And you ran off with my chicken balls,” he noted, chuckling.On her first time trip, she had returned to her present time the moment he handed her the container of Wicked Wok chicken balls to the delight of the professor.“Oh… right,” she said, wincing sheepishly. “Sorry for just… disappearing with your balls.”“Hey, you’re welcome to my balls… anytime,” he said with a smouldering, playful squint.“Damn this guy,” Charise thought to herself feeling her panties suddenly warming.He waved her off. “Nah. It was the least I could give you after that amazing… well, you know.”She swayed her head forward while nodding and shrugged at the same time. Playing coy as well, she said, “Yeah, I know.”As they continued to grin at each other, Parker leaned in between them, grinning, and said, “After you two fucked each other mental.”Charise and Barry both put their hands on their hips and turned away, shaking their heads.Parker stepped away with Judd, sniggering to himself.“So,” she started, scratching her brow with her pinky, trying to stay focused, “shooting another… ‘film’… are we?”“Oh, yeah. Yeah, we are,” he said, always smiling at her. He paused and eyed her. “You’re… you’re not answering our ad again?”“No,” she replied quickly. She grinned and held up her hands, backing away. “No, no, no… NO.”She had no idea why she was so adamant in her response. Maybe she realized just a little self-respect and propriety was the best play, at the moment. Focus on the job at hand.“I wanted to give you this,” she said, pulling out Dunlop’s envelope from her back pocket and handing it to him.He puzzled over the envelope for a second but didn’t open it. Instead, he noted, “Yeah. I get that you wouldn’t be here to make another movie. It was lightning in a bottle, for sure.”“More like lightning in a refrigerator,” she thought.“You were really fantastic, though, Charise,” he said.“Yeah. You were too, Barry,” she replied, feeling her cheeks warming again. “Oh, you’re probably in ‘actor’ mode. I should be calling you ‘Apollo Cream’, right?”“Apollo Dream,” he said.“Really? I thought it was supposed to be an homage to the Rocky movie character?”“Yeah, well, not after they had that Commie, Drago, kill him off last week. Lame.”“Oh… right. But his son…” Charise caught herself. The movies about Apollo Creed’s son were still decades away. “Nevermind.”He shrugged. “Parker wanted me to go by ‘Apollo Reamed’.”“Of course, he did,” she deadpanned.“Yo, Apollo,” Parker said, “we ready to shoot soon?”“Dino’s still in there casting,” he said, nodding his head back to the hotel room door.“Who’s Dino?” she asked.“Our, uh, benefactor. Dino Montoya,” Judd explained.“Like an investor?”Apollo waggled his head, squinting. “I guess you can call him our Executive Producer? To be honest, Charise, the movies we made after yours didn’t do so hot. We escort ankara ran out of cash.”“They ran out of cash?” Charise thought. Why did Dunlop think he could get money from him, then?“We kind of need Mr.Montoya, so he’s calling the shots,” Apollo continued. “He paid for us to come to Las Vegas.”“Yeah… by bus,” Parker sighed.She raised her ginger brows high above her glasses. “Wow. Good to have a fan of your films, then.”“Just the first one,” he said and unexpectedly reached up to her face and brushed aside a loose lock of hair. “Understandable, I guess.”Charise stood frozen, staring back at him. God, she wished he hadn’t done that. She sniffed the musk on his hand as it passed by her face like it was the pheromones of Adonis.“Get out!” a voice from inside the room suddenly bellowed. “All of you, get the fuck outta here!”Some shrieks and excited chatter approached the other side of the door. It swung open and out spilt a gaggle of women.Charise backed up against the wall as they streamed past her all in a huff. She frowned, noticing an odd commonality shared by all of them. They all had red hair, although probably only one was an actual natural. The others were dye jobs and at least a couple of them were sporting really awful wigs. They were also kind of dressed… down… sort of like Halloween country bumpkin.Apollo, Parker and Judd immediately filed into the room while she hung around just outside the door and peeked inside.A gruff, tall, brawny middle-aged man in a blue blazer and white slacks paced around the room while smoking a cigarette and looking mightily agitated. He mumbled and growled, “No good! No good!”“No good, Mr.Montoya?” Parker asked.The man paused and glared at him. “Ain’t that what I just said, you saggy-assed, budget rack, Tom Selleck wannabe, dip wad?!”Charise stifled a chuckle, then snapped her fingers. Definitely, Parker resembled the Magnum P.I. star… after he was run through a photocopier several hundred times and slicked in grease.“Where did you bastards dredge up them discount bimbos?” Montoya snarled, puffing his cigarette like a steam engine.“We took an ad out,” Judd replied. He pointed to Apollo. “It was his idea.”“Thanks, Judd,” Apollo grimaced. “Sorry, Mr.Montoya. I guess we lucked out the first time.”“Sorry don’t get me no movie!” the ‘Executive Producer’ spat. He pointed at them with his cigarette. “If we don’t shoot a fucking porno, you guys are paying for this trip, plus interest. Then I’m snapping your dicks off with my bare hands. Comprende?”Parker and Judd shuddered.“I wanna see hardcore fucking happen in this goddamn room and put to video by tonight,” Dino Montoya insisted. “Now, what are you butt fucks gonna do about this situation?”Parker, eager not to be separated from his money or his penis, lit up with an idea. “Actually, Mr.Montoya,” he said as he back-pedalled towards the door, “I think we have just who you were looking for.”“Parker… no,” Apollo said.Too late, discount-Tom Selleck nabbed Charise by the arm and dragged her into the room.Montoya’s mouth flopped open, his cigarette dropping onto the suite’s carpet the moment he laid eyes on her. She wasn’t sure, but it sounded to Charise that he muttered the Holy Trinity in Spanish.“Holy shit! You bastards! You found her!” he declared. “Cherry!”“Charise,” the three other men said in unison.The man welcomed her: “Hello, Charise. My name is Mr.Montoya, but you may call me Dino.”“Uh, hi… Dino,” she said hesitantly as Parker and Judd prodded her forward. Apollo just partially covered his face with a hand, grinning.“Let’s see the goods.” Montoya took her hands by her fingertips and held them aloft as he examined her. He didn’t appear disappointed in the least. “Jesus and Joseph. She’s even dressed for the part just like last time!”Charise’s mouth slipped ajar as she turned her head aside and eyed him suspiciously. “Wait. What do you mean, ‘like last time’?”She regarded Apollo, Parker and Judd, then looked towards the door where the would-be porn actresses had been unceremoniously kicked through. A realization dawned on her. “Those women were supposed to look like me?” she asked, incredulous. “The red hair? The plain Salvation Army scavenged clothes?”“You know,” Montoya said to the three men, disregarding her questions, “I think she looks even hotter with the glasses. Let’s keep’em for the shoot.”“You got it, Dino!” Judd remarked.“Mr.Montoya to you, you little pie-faced, Pee Wee Herman ghoulie,” the Executive Producer snapped.“Um… there seems to be some misunderstanding,” Charise remarked hesitantly. “I’m not here to…”“I’ll pay you double what I was gonna pay one of those bimbos,” Montoya interrupted.“It’s not the money…”“Triple.”“Charise just happened to be in Vegas for a vacation,” Apollo interjected. “We just ran into each other by coincidence. She wasn’t intending to be in our movie.”“I don’t care why the fuck she’s in Vegas. She could be here with a nunnery tour group, for all I care,” Montoya retorted. “I want her in my fucking porno.”“Well, you know, Mr. Montaya, that’s not up to you,” Apollo insisted, stepping forward.The brawny man stepped right into him, as well. “Yeah? That what you think? You think your pretty boy toy Don Johnson mug will stop me from popping your balls like grapes with my fist if we don’t shoot no fucking porno?”Charise noted Apollo had that “give it a try, fat boy” look in his bright blue eyes. It was gut-tinglingly sexy. Yet, incredibly, it was the thought of the thug, Montoya, crushing his beautifully balanced and totally suckable testicles in his big, hairy paws that spurred Charise into action. “Mr.Montoya,” she said as the two men leaned into each other. “Dino!”The two men stopped. All eyes in the suite were suddenly on her.Charise froze, momentarily forgetting what she was going to say. “Ah… actually,” she started, cleared her throat, then tried again, “Actually… I was here on vacation, but then I did see the ad and decided to come out for the audition. The ad was a good idea… Apollo.”Montoya nodded approvingly at Apollo, suddenly appeased. He said to Charise, “Well, you’ve obviously got the gig.”Apollo leaned close to her ear and said, “Charise… you don’t have to…”She smiled at him. “No, it’s okay. I’m good.”He continued to urge, “No, I mean I don’t think you really know…”“Right. Settled,” Montoya declared, slapping his large hands together with a thunderous clap, “So, let’s shoot this fucker! Cam! Where are you?”“Cam?” Charise looked around the room, confused. “Who’s Cam?”Apollo sighed and rolled his eyes.That’s when she noticed the guy on the veranda outside, doing the Karate Kid crane kick.“Get your ass in here, Cam!” Montoya ordered.Another hunk of prime man, his beefcake body topless, oiled and tanned, entered the suite from the veranda wearing Walkman headphones, bobbing his head and shimmying in his sneakers. His long, molasses-coloured hair was held back by a headband, pink to match his shorts, hugging his hips and crotch tight and leaving very little to the imagination as to what was behind them.Once again, Charise’s jaw dropped, her eyes locking wide behind her glasses.