The Snapper


By the mid ‘90s, Terri and I had been married for more than twenty years. I had taken a job as a private investigator. It paid very well. However, it kept me away from home for weeks at a time. Though a few trips were by air, most of my travel was in my personal car. I had been on the road nearly two weeks when I met Sue. Shortly after dark on a Saturday evening, I stopped for the night in central Illinois. As usual, I stayed at a motel that was part of a well-known, nation-wide chain. After getting settled into my room, I decided to go to the motel’s restaurant for dinner. As I ate my dinner, I could hear music coming from the motel’s lounge. After finishing dinner, I headed for the bar to have a drink and relax. A live band was attempting to play country music. I say attempting because, they were loud, but not very good. They frequently missed notes and badly screwed up the lyrics to well-known tunes. I enjoy dancing. So as I sipped my drink, I scanned the room for possible dance partners. My gaze settled on a young lady sitting about three tables away. She was a rather heavy girl who probably weighed in at about 225 pounds. I like larger girls. They tend to have big tits, and I love big tits. This one was no exception. She was wearing jeans and a loose-fitting blouse. That blouse allowed just enough of a view of her ample cleavage to pique my interest. She was with a couple who seemed to be deeply engrossed with each other. They were paying şişli escort little attention to their friend. The girl I was interested in seemed bored and unhappy. When we finally made eye contact, I smiled at her. She smiled back. The band began playing their next number. It was a slow tune. I approached her, introduced myself, and asked her to dance. She looked up and, with surprise in her voice, asked, “Me? You mean me?” “Yes, you! Is there something wrong with me asking you to dance?” I replied, as I held out my hand. She hesitated then replied, “Oh no! A dance will be fun.” With a broad grin spreading across her face, she practically jumped to her feet, took my arm, and rushed to the dance floor. She practically dragged me with her. As we took each other into our arms and began dancing, she told me her name was Susan, but everyone called her Sue. Sue then asked, “Why did you want to dance with me, instead of one of the many other girls here?” I have found over the years that an honest answer is so much easier to remember. So, I told her why I had chosen her to dance with. “You looked lonely, and I prefer big girls.” Sue asked, “Why?” I asked her, “Do you want an honest answer?” When she said she did, I gave it to her straight. “Big girls have big tits, and I like big tits.” Sue thought about that for a second, smiled, pulled me closer. Hugging me tightly, she crushed her tits into my chest. She asked, “Do you think mecidiyeköy escort these are big enough?” While returning her hug, I replied, “I think they’re great.” When our dance was ended, I invited Sue to join me at my table. She accepted, picked up her drink, and told her friends she was joining me. They didn’t seem to notice, let alone care. For the next couple of hours, Sue and I danced to the slow tunes. We talked at our table when the band played the faster stuff. Neither of us cared for the fast stuff. She told me she was twenty-seven years old and single. Her long-term boyfriend had gotten into drugs. For the past year, or so, he had been both physically and verbally abusive to her. She had finally gotten her fill of his abuse, and had thrown him out a few weeks back. After several unsuccessful attempts, her friends had finally convinced her to go out with them for an evening of dancing. She was out for the first time since her boyfriend’s exit. By the time the band was about finished for the night, Sue and I had made each other quite horny. We had been discreetly copping feels of each other as we danced. I had been squeezing and rubbing her ample ass and tits. Sue had been firmly grinding her crotch into mine, and occasionally letting a hand slide down to rub and squeeze my hardening cock. When the last dance ended, we kissed firmly. I asked, “Would you like to come back to my room for a while? I’ll be happy to take you home later.” Sue, holding me tightly, replied, “I’ll go with you, but please go slow. I haven’t been intimate with anyone in almost a year. I have my own car, so it won’t be necessary for you to take me home.” We headed for my room arm in arm. When we entered the room, I turned the radio to some soft music with the volume low. Wrapping both my arms around her waist, I pulled her tightly to me, and we kissed passionately. Sue put her arms around my shoulders, and we resumed dancing. As we danced, I kissed and nibbled my way from her ears, to her neck, and finally to the cleavage between her abundant tits. I reached into her pants, squeezed both ass cheeks, and pulled her hips to me. Sue was again grinding her crotch against my erect cock. Licking and sucking between her big tits, I began unbuttoning her blouse. Sue pulled away and said, “Wait a minute!” I was thinking she had changed her mind about being in my room. Instead, with a smile, she gently pushed me back onto the bed, and proceeded to turn off all the lights. When I asked her to leave the bathroom light on, she reluctantly agreed and returned to me. Her smile grew wider when I told her that I thought she had a beautiful body, and that she should not try to hide it in the dark. I had stripped to my underwear by the time she returned from the bathroom. Sue had removed her blouse and pants. Leaving on a pair light blue panties and a matching front closing bra. She joined me on the bed. Cradling her in my right arm, I resumed kissing, licking, and sucking Sue’s neck and tits. I quickly released the clasp of her bra and set those large puppies free.