The Secret Island

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 The ferry slowly went past the castle to my right and the National museum to my left. It was a quiet Saturday morning; the water was like a mirror and the buildings reflected into it. I shaded my eyes and looked at the castle again. A big brown grey building where the King of Sweden and his family lived and worked. Below it, the traffic flowed with cars and buses making their way to their destinations.Mine was the town of Sandhamn in the archipelago of Stockholm. It was the last major town before reaching the smaller islands which made up the archipelago between Sweden and Finland. From the sky it looked like you could hop from one island to next the next all the way to Finland. At Sandhamn I would be met by the owner of the company I was working for as a consultant. I had been invited for a long weekend as a thank you for finishing the project on time. I was looking forward to some R she was a stunning woman. Behind her I saw Marie coming down the stairs from the house dressed in very short shorts and a blue halter top with a Mickey Mouse print on it. Her boobs bounced seductively as she made her way towards us.“Hi, Mike.”I felt the swell of her breasts as she leaned into and gave me a peck on the cheek. “C’mon, I’ll show you to your room,” she said and took my hand.“See you for coffee on the terrace,” said Magnus to my back as I followed Marie towards the house.The house was of a two-floor design with a living room, kitchen and guest bathroom on the bottom and four bedrooms on the second floor with their own baths. My room was the last to the right when we came up the stairs. It was light and the view was stunning. Below I could see the boat and the water with the sun reflecting on it.“My mom and dad’s room is down the hall and I am in the room next door. I hope you like it,” said Marie.“I love it; it’s so beautiful out here.” I put my bag on the bed.“Yeah, I know, but you come back in January and see if you feel the same.”“How do you even get here? The sea must be frozen?”“That, my friend, is not easy, but can be done. Change into something more comfortable and I’ll see you downstairs.”Walking away from me I could have sworn there was a bit of extra swing in those round hips and I sighed, wondering how it would feel to kiss her ass cheeks. She had some kind of boyfriend back in the city, ankara travesti Magnus had mentioned him at some point, so I figured she wasn’t a virgin. I had fucked my share of them in my 42 years on the planet but I wasn’t a fan. I preferred women with some experience. I wanted to get right to it not having to spend time convincing a woman to have sex with me. Once the clothes were off, I dove headfirst into that hot pussy and expected to be left alone, not having hands trying to push me away, telling me to wait and be gentle. No, fuck that.Magnus, Lena and Marie were seated around a glass table on the terrace. A thermos and a couple of plates with Kanelbulle and cookies were laid out. Something I had quickly learned when I arrived in Sweden was their affection for coffee. Everywhere you went, there was coffee. They even had their own word for drinking it. “Fika,” they called it. If a person used that word, off you went for the black brew and a chat, quite nice actually.“Mike, do you fish?” asked Magnus after serving me a cup.“Not really, I did some fishing with my grandfather back in the day, but I haven’t in years. Why?”“Marie, you wouldn’t think so by looking at her, loves to fish and I thought she could take you out this morning, if you want too, of course?”Marie was all smiles and white teeth and she nodded her head. “Please say yes, my parents hate it and it gets boring out there by myself.”The thought of spending a few hours with the hot teenager sounded great; maybe I could convince her to go skinny dipping, the dark side of me thought.“Sure, I’d love to. Are we going by boat?”Marie laughed. “No, we are using kayaks made for fishing. Are you good as you are?”I looked down at my shorts, T-shirt and flip flops. “Yeah, I guess so.”She jumped up, “Let’s go!”Down by the dock two kayaks were tied to a structure and I leaned the fishing rod Marie had given me against it. She undid some cord and then together we lowered the two kayaks. They had comfortable looking seats, rod holders, a small cooler where we put our water bottles and some cookies to keep the energy up. The kayaks floated high on the water and were easy to get into.“So, what you do is, you just pedal like if it was a bicycle,” Marie instructed me when I was sitting comfortably. I looked around. “There is travesti ankara no paddle?”“No need to, it’s much easier to use your legs and it makes the kayak go faster.”I followed her out of the cove and as she turned left, I noticed how easy the little boat moved in the water. I didn’t need to strain myself and still, it moved along at a brisk pace. The water wasn’t as calm as before but I wasn’t worried. We went for about twenty minutes and then stopped just off a tiny island.Marie turned to me. “Cast in the direction of the island, around here the pike grows quite large. We might even get some perch.”I did as instructed and on my third cast something hit the spinner and the rod bent. “Oh fuck, I got something!”“Reel it in slowly, it must be a pike.”The fish on the end fought hard but after a while it came close to the kayak, tired of fighting me. It was a pike.”good eating, keep it,” Marie said and cast her own line.We fished for an hour before Marie said we should change spots. I had caught a small perch and she, another good-sized pike. The wind had increased as we set off. She kept us close to the islands so the wind wouldn’t be coming at us, but still. I was out of shape and my legs began to feel like rubber. Marie didn’t seem to be tired and went along like nothing was happening. Suddenly there was a cracking sound and my feet began to move widely. There drag from the water was gone and the kayak didn’t move.“Marie, I think my kayak is broken.”“Lift up the propeller and show me.”When I did a large piece of plastic came off. “Oh shit, that’s bad. You won’t make it back and I can’t tow you in the wind. Try to make it to the island over there and I will go and get my dad’s boat.”I tried to figure out the distance to the island she had pointed at and it was a good mile or so away. Beyond it there was nothing close, just open water.“Oh, okay, but hurry up, I don’t want to spend the night on this thing.”“Just relax, this isn’t the open sea, you will be fine.”She turned and left me alone on the water. I watched her until she was just a speck and by then I had already drifted a bit off course and without a paddle I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it to the island. I decided to lie down and use my arms as paddles. That was hard work and I soon became too tired to move ankara travestiler them. I was way off course with the island half a mile to my left. Now I was getting worried. If I missed the island, then there was no way Marie or Magnus could figure out where I was. I had a large bottle of water, a Pike, a Perch and cookies to eat. But the fish had to be sushi since I didn’t have a lighter or matches to make a fire.The current brought me past the island which slowly disappeared behind me and there was no sign of Marie or Magnus. I drank some water and then lay down in the kayak. The sun was quite warm, and I had to save my energy.I woke up by the kayak hitting something in the water. I sat up and to my surprise I was stuck on a small rock sticking out the water. I checked my watch. It had been almost four hours since Marie had left me. Not far from where I was stuck was a small island with some trees and smooth rock sides which gently curved into the sea. I calculated the distance as best I could and figured it wasn’t more than a couple of hundred yards. I had my life west to help me float. I got out of the kayak and the cold water made me gasp. I managed to get the thing off the rock and then using my legs I pushed it towards the island. It took a while and by the time I reached the rocks I was so tired I didn’t think I would have lasted much. I managed to get out of the water and drag the kayak up and tie it to a tree. Then I drank more water and ate some of the cookies before exploring the island.It took me 15 minutes to cross to the other side where I found a beach. The soft sand felt good under my feet and I sat down for a rest. I couldn’t see any boats on the water so I figured this wasn’t a well-traveled part of the archipelago. I decided it was better to stay on the side where I had landed since that was facing the way Marie or Magnus would arrive from. Using the cords from the kayak I made a simple hut in case it began to rain which I didn’t think it would, but you never knew.The sun stayed in the sky until almost eleven at night when it dropped out of sight, but it never became dark as in black, just a dark grey. The wind had stopped and there was a silence around me, only the lapping of the water against the rocks. It was an eerie feeling being alone, but I wasn’t going to break down. The next day I would be found and back at Magnus place.I woken by the rain, or at least I thought it was rain but when I opened my eyes, I made out two figures looming over me, water dripping from their hair. I sat up so fast my head against the shelter.