The Morris Family – Chapter 2


Everybody told me I met her the day I was born but of course I don’t remember. My first memory of her was at five years old. She was six and we both were hiding behind our mothers skirts when we went on vacations to Mexico. That was until we ran to each other, my mother screaming “Mama” and her mother screaming “Maria”. She was introduced to me as “Tia Juana”. In my childish speak she was for that moment on Joanna, I ignored completely the “Tia” since I didn’t know the meaning of it.Five years later I met her again. At 10 Mom had already explained to me meaning of “Tia” and she ended up being my aunt. I found it odd that being one year older than me she was my aunt so I dismissed it and she was still only Joanna. We spent that time barely going to the beach that was just a jump from her house because we were taking care of my little brother and sister, Rob and Annie, the twins that were three years old then. We met again when I was 17 and I was already aware that she was becoming a beautiful 18 year old young woman. A petite young woman. She was 5 foot 3 with long chocolate colored hair and hazelnut colored eyes with a shapely body that was filling up in the right places. That summer we spend time together going to the beach and stuff. We talked about the future and she wished that she could go to the university far away from home. She really liked her family; that was not the issue. But she had never been out of her house more than a couple of days and visiting family somewhere else. I wished I could tell her to come with me. I was seriously becoming attached to her. But I was only 17. And coming with me meant being with family too. The day before we left to go home, I asked her to go with me to the beach for one last time. That day we enjoyed it to the fullest. We laughed a lot enjoyed each other company and smiled all the time. She looked beautiful in a white bikini, not the smallest I’ve seen but still it fitted her perfectly. Her small 34B breast looked about to burst from it, her round butt looked gorgeous and her taunt tummy showed that she made enough exercise to keep her fit and give her that figure that kept me looking at her all the time. When we were returning to her house where we stayed the summer I stopped her in the door of the house and thanked her for the wonderful summer. I gave her a quick kiss in the mouth and went inside without waiting for a reaction pretending it has been only an accident. We went back to the US and I started my last year of high school. That Christmas şişli escort bayan I was not aware of the family plans for the holidays, I was still stuck in the non-kiss I gave to Joanna. On Christmas Eve Mom was busy getting ready for the party while I was on the living room, watching TV on the couch when the door bell rang. As the twins were nowhere to be seen and Dad was away (I didn’t know where,) I was the only one available to go and open the door. When I opened the door there she was, dressed for the cold but still seen as beautiful as in her summer clothes on her home. Joanna was there brightening my house and my Christmas as nothing else could. As soon as I was able to speak I asked. “How did you get here?” And my father’s voice answered from behind her, I had not registered his presence there until that moment. “I brought her here. Didn’t we tell you I was going to pick her up to the Airport?” I stepped aside to let them in and he was bringing in a couple of big trunks. I looked curiously to them and asked her. “How much time are you staying?” “In this house, a couple of months I hope. Later I’ll try to rent an apartment near the university two hours from here.” She answered. I felt myself soaring to heaven. She was staying with us for some time. And after that she will be on driving distance for a long time. Right there I started making a long term plan to be near her the longest time possible of those 2 months. During the Christmas Party and the next week up to the New Year, I self appointed me to be her guide around town. I was taking her from place to place, explaining her where to take the bus, schedules and times. Where is everything in town and where to get the best coffee, cake, etc… When the holidays finished and I had to go back to school I would hurry back home to ask her for help on studying and spend the afternoon with her. The days when we didn’t feel like studying we would go out and watch a movie or just walk in the park. In the end she stayed a little more than a couple of months since she was looking for an apartment she could share with another student of the university. She ended up rooming with another foreign girl, an Asian beauty with an athletic toned body, small A-sized boobs, and eyes as black as her straight long hair that reached her lower back. We met her the day we took Joanna to her apartment and she introduced herself as Yuuko. We drove with Joanna to her new apartment around mid March. We took 2 cars that day. mecidiyeköy escort bayan One was my Dad’s car and the other was a pickup truck we rented to take all the stuff that my Mom bought for Joanna since Christmas to put in her apartment. A comfortable couch, a desk, a TV and some kitchen appliances she may need. Mom and Dad were on his car and I went with Joanna in the pickup. On the way there we talked little as I was nervous about what I was about to do. I had bought for her a teddy bear for Valentine’s day, but didn’t muster the courage to give it to her. It was now or never. Half way to her apartment she had had enough of my behavior and asked directly. “What’s up with you? You have been avoiding talking with me since we left your home one hour ago. If you didn’t want to come with me you should have told and you could ride with your Dad or stay home with the twins.” With her harsh words I got enough courage and told her. “I’m going to do something and I don’t know how you are going to take it.” Said that I took out the teddy bear and handed it to her. “Why are you giving me this?” she asked. I took a deep breath and told her. “I bought this teddy bear for you on Valentine’s but didn’t have the courage to give it to you. You mean a lot to me and I like you” She giggled and answered. “Of course you like me, I’m your favorite aunt”. With this I turned in my seat and looked straight to her. “I like you more than an aunt, more than a family member, I like you as a man likes a woman.” Her face changed from a playful one to a really serious one and I thought that she was going to scold me and turn me down and she asked. “Are you aware that I am 1 years older than you?” “Yes” “And are you aware that I am your mother little sister even though she was your age when I was born?” “Yes” “And are you aware too that what you are suggesting we do is known as incest and, since you are younger than me, I would go to jail if someone knows?” At this point I was starting to worry as I stammered one more “Y.. Yes”. “And you still confessed to me knowing all that” She said that not as a question but I still answered one more “Yes”. With that said she reached for her cell phone and dialed. A few rings later the call connected and she said “Hi, Maria, we are going to stop fast on the next gas station. Your kid needs to go to the little mans room.” A little wait as she heard something from my Mom and she continued. “Don’t worry we are not going to take long, keep going and escort şişli we will meet you at my apartment. See you there” and she disconnected the call. Still with her serious face we stopped at the gas station and Joanna parked the pickup in the furthest part of the parking lot and sat there with a tight grip on the steering wheel. After some time, that seemed like hours to me but couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes, she turned to look at me and leaned over me giving me a kiss that took me a second to return. After a few seconds she sat back and looked at me with a happy expression on her face. “I’ve wanted to do that since last summer” she said. “Last summer?” “Yes, that last day you gave me a kiss and you said it was accidental. I couldn’t take it out of my head and I came all the way here in part to know if it really was accidental and to fulfill my dream of studying far from home.” Still in a daze from her words I asked “Can we kiss some more?” She just giggled and leaned again. This time I was ready and once she was near I sneaked my right hand to the back of her head and my left one to the small of her back. I pulled her near me across the bench seat of the pickup. After a second of surprise she got my idea and started roaming her hands over me as I moved my right hand to play with her hair and with the left I started fondling her 34B boobs. After some minutes making out like that she broke the kiss and started fumbling with my jeans to open them and free my manhood that was getting uncomfortable inside them. Once free it stood there rigid. My 6 and a half inches pointed to the roof of the truck. She stared at it for some time with a lustful look in her eyes. She liked her lips and the reached to it and started moving her hand up and down. I was in heaven seeing this Hispanic goddess jacking my dick. When the first drops of pre-cum started to show she quickly took the head in her mouth and started to suck and lick it. I started to moan, “Yes Joanna, keep sucking it, don’t stop please!!” After a few minutes I started to feel the signs that I was near to come and told her. She stopped all her actions in me and approached a bit more. “If you are going to come, you are going to do it inside of me” she said as she moved aside her white lace thong and straddled my legs. She lowered herself slowly in my dick. I thought it was because she was enjoying it as much as I was. Since I was looking at her pussy swallowing me inch by inch slowly I saw a small red drop roll from her pussy and along my rod. I looked in her face and saw the pain that she was enduring giving me her virginity. As soon as she had all my length in her, she made the attempt to move and I saw the effort it was taking her to do so. I embraced her and stopped the movement. “Don’t move.