The Keyholder Pt 6


Ben was now back in his original Prince Albert cock cage, over which he wore his full steel chastity belt. Amy held the keys to both.Living with his chastity keyholder kept Ben in a state of constant arousal and longing. The keys were just so close, with one of their favourite hiding places being the front pocket of Amy’s jeans. Well, whether the keys liked it there or not didn’t really matter, as neither they nor Ben had any say on when they would come out.Amy knew full well that it was a teasingly cruel place to keep them. Ben never had a chance to sneak the keys while she was out; wherever Amy’s jeans went both the keys and Ben’s eyes would follow.Relaxing on the sofa at night, Ben would become aroused, lean across, and kiss her. His libido would grow, but his cock would remain a one-inch-long stub, encased in unbreakable steel. He would run his hands across her body and kiss her breasts, tantalisingly on show through her low-cut top. Her jeans would be taut around her hips, effectively sealing closed her pockets and shutting away her beautiful legs and hips that Ben so wanted to touch. He would caress the keys through the soft warm denim and kiss her again.On this occasion, Amy pulled her legs up in front of her, showing her toned butt but creating a barrier between them and crushing the keys even more closely against her inner thigh.“I bumped into your ex-girlfriend, Louisa,” she whispered.Fuck. Ben stopped, his hopes of seeing his cock that evening vanished with just the word ‘Louisa’.“I know I was jealous of her, but she’s okay,” Amy continued.Ben’s cock felt hopelessly trapped, faced with the almost impossible task of reassuring his insecure woman and making her feel special again before the keys would ever see the light of day.“I thought she could hold one of your keys for a bit?”“What?” Ben stared open-mouthed.Amy had found herself unlocking Ben more and more often as their relationship and love for each other grew. Despite her love of teasing and denying him, she felt that they had lost some of the danger, excitement, and longing of their early relationship. Maybe an external keyholder could bring back the edge, creating a feeling of real frustration, being truly under inescapable lock and key.Ben and Amy had discussed the idea of an external keyholder, but her choice of Louisa, a stunning blonde extrovert and Ben’s ex-girlfriend was a shock.“I’ll hold the key to your belt,” Amy breathed, “… so nothing can happen without my consent, but we’ll need Louisa’s key to get to your cock.”*Anticipation filled the room as Amy and Louisa sat on one sofa and Ben on the other. Amy had got to know Louisa better than she had let on, and the two of them chatted like old friends as Ben poured the wine.Louisa, the younger, overtly stunning blonde seemed in awe of her older and more seductively smouldering friend. Louisa wore a pink cardigan with a tiny grey flared skirt and her bare thighs, clinched leg over leg seemed to dominate the room. Her blonde hair was silky and her smile permanent, but somehow Amy no longer felt threatened by her. Ben’s overwhelming love made her feel safe, and despite just wearing jeans and a white cotton top, she knew that Ben was still looking at her.“The only key to Ben’s Prince Albert,” Amy announced, placing the single silver key on Louisa’s lap.Ben’s eyes were transfixed. His freedom was sitting right there on Louisa’s lap.“You decide when you give it back,” Amy breathed.“Fuck… So cool,” Louisa whispered, grabbing the key in her closed fist, and holding it to her chest.“But please don’t lose it!”Louisa slowly pushed it inside her bra and then winked at Ben as if challenging him to retrieve it, “Maybe I’ll leave it there while I make love to my new guy,” she smiled seductively.Ben tried bursa escort to adjust his crushed and tormented steel crotch as he looked at her, “New guy?”“Yeah,” Louisa sighed, unconvinced and with a longing gaze in her eyes, “I wish I had that cheating fuck in chastity.”*With the long legs, short skirt and Ben’s key gone, Ben took Amy’s hand and led the aroused woman back to their bedroom. He pulled off her top and bra and straddled her on the bed as he kissed her breasts. He stripped down to his glinting chastity belt and kissed Amy again.“Please, darling,” he panted, his cock pounding inside its cage.“Are we going to regret giving that key to Louisa?” Amy panted.“Fuck, I already am….”Amy stripped off her warm jeans and straightened her black silk underwear that had endured a steamy morning. She took the key and unlocked the belt. Ben’s testicles hung down beneath a short silver cage that contained his cock. Amy wrapped her manicured hands around his balls and watched his eyes lose focus and melt away as she massaged them.“Oh fuck, let’s do it,” Ben cried, his fingers trying to prise open the small steel tube.“Oh, darling,” Amy exclaimed, “Have you ever known me not to lock you down properly!”“Spare key?”“Only key is in your ex’s fucking bra!”Amy pulled back her dark hair to reveal longing and desperately aroused eyes. She loved the excitement and the raw emotion of their predicament. They physically couldn’t make love because of another woman. It was crazily frustrating but to her, crazily sexy. That bitch would make love to her man with Ben’s key still between her tits, leaving Amy with a man with no cock. Fucking she was already wet.Ben’s head was now down between her legs and quickly bringing her to orgasm. She cried out, her toned body quivering in ecstasy as she grabbed his hair to hold him between her legs. She trembled as the hormones coursed through her body. Ben went again and she held tightly to his head to steady herself. She was still shaking, and Ben’s lips were still in contact with her vagina as she wrapped him up tightly between her thighs in a loving, but inescapable embrace.*It was almost a week later when Amy and Ben met Louisa and her new guy at the bar. Louisa looked stunning, her blonde hair cascading down over her short tight red dress. Amy would normally have been intimidated by her full breasts and exposed tanned thighs but was strangely excited by the thought that this tall, blatantly sexual woman held the key to her man’s cock.“You look lovely,” Ben whispered to Louisa as they kissed on the cheek. A moment later and Amy said the same thing as she also hugged the keyholding blonde.Louisa grinned, playing teasingly with her curls as her eyes flicked between Amy and Ben. With her date at the bar, she leaned in between then and licked her lips, “Did you make love today?” she breathed.“You know the answer,” Ben winced, her words seemingly shrinking his cock cage.“I will tonight…” Louisa teased.Thrilled by her power high, Louisa leaned forward and kissed Amy on the lips. Amy smiled and edged forward on her stool, pushed her leg between Louisa’s bare thighs as she kissed her back.“You girls enjoying yourselves?” Ben panted, his cock aching from sight of his keyholders kissing.“Girl on girl while you’re in your cage,” Louisa teased, her hand resting beneath Amy’s black cocktail dress, “fuck that’s cruel.”*With the prospect of sleeping with her date all too vanilla, Louisa had made her excuses and joined Ben and Amy at their apartment.Ben, knowing that he was outnumbered, tried to take control by wrapping his arms around Amy’s waist and kissing the giggling drunk brunette. He loved Amy’s wild nature, her fetishes and the fact that she occasionally flirted with women, but his cock had bursa escort bayan barely been able to resist the sight of her with Louisa.“Should we chain his hands to his cock,” Louisa interrupted, pulling Ben’s head to the side and placing her freshly glossed lips on his.“What?” Ben protested.“Or I could leave now,” Louisa threatened, turning and rubbing her silk-covered butt against Amy’s short dress.Amy quickly stepped in to prevent a fight and held her finger to Ben’s lips as she led him back to their bedroom. Amid deep kisses, she stripped off his clothes and used her key, which dangled from the back of her thong, to unlock Ben’s chastity belt. She then handcuffed her naked lover’s wrists together, “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you,” Amy whispered as Louisa joined them in their bedroom.Amy gestured for Ben to lie down on the bed and then sat astride his waist with his cuffed wrists stretched up towards the headrest. Louisa was fidgeting, desperate for a chance to join in.“Take a seat,” Amy smiled at the overly eager blonde. Louisa let out a giggle and then climbed onto the bed and sat down on top of Ben’s outstretched arms with her feet folded beneath her.Ben tried to look up from between Louisa’s thighs, but the blonde eased forward, stowing Ben’s head safely inside her dress. He wanted to watch and twisted and pulled in an attempt to free himself from the two women who were straddling his body.“Blindfolded inside your dress… cool,” Amy purred.“Fuck, I love it,” Louisa breathed, still riding the efforts of the hopelessly captive male.Amy looked down at Ben’s small silver stud that sadly limped between her open legs, “That’s all he has,” she breathed as she stroked his balls.“Oh fuck, if only all men could be kept this way…” Louisa leaned forward hoping to kiss Amy.“Your choice Lou,” Amy whispered, “if you keep the key Ben will stay like this.”“Just a brief reprieve… and only while we’re sitting on him,” Louisa trembled as she fished around inside her bra and pulled the key from beneath her swollen breasts. There was a moan from inside her skirt as Amy unlocked him and gently massaged him to size.“Wow!” Louisa mouthed.Amy pursed her lips as she placed lubricant on his cock, pulled her panties to one side and slowly lowered herself down onto the faceless man’s penis, “First time won’t take long,” she breathed, sitting up straight and gently thrusting down.Ben climaxed; his shaking body easily held in placed beneath them. With Ben still inside her, Amy propped her hands against Ben’s chest and kissed Louisa again, “Oh fuck,” Louisa trembled, “this is so cool.”Amy was now using her tongue, “Squeeze your thighs tighter, I don’t want Ben to hear…” she whispered as the women kissed.Ben was already hard and frustrated by the humiliation of being stuck inside his ex-girlfriend’s skirt as the woman made out above him. His arms were aching from Louisa’s weight, but his outstretched fingers could only just touch the red fabric that wrapped around her hips.“Sit on his face,” Amy breathed as she kissed Louisa’s neck, “Let’s humble him.”Louisa unhooked her dress from around Ben’s head and placed her tacky butt directly onto her ex-boyfriend’s face, her thong doing little to shield him from her body.“Breath play really works for him,” Amy mouthed as she eased his cock back inside her, “Let’s see if I orgasm before you asphyxiate him…”Ben was thrashing about, his chained hands managing to lift Louisa from his face for just a second before her full weight re-landed. Ben and Amy were getting close, even Louisa was aroused as she rode Ben’s face like a wild bull, his saliva and her perspiration making it harder to grip.Only once Ben and Amy had climaxed did Louisa lift up and allow Ben to gasp in some breaths. In appreciation escort bursa of the blonde’s actions which may have saved his life, Ben peppered Louisa’s thighs and butt with kisses.“See, he still likes you,” Amy smiled.“He’s just pleased to be breathing…”Louisa loved the feel of Ben’s warm breath pumping against her damp thong and his gentle lips against her panties. She waited and watched happily as Amy threaded the chastity cage back through Ben’s piercing and locked him back down to his one inch. Ben’s cock crushed under Amy’s expert touch until the metal pieces touched and the lock inserted and turned.“Wow is that all he gets?” Louisa asked, aware that Ben’s brief respite had been spent with her on his face.“It’s a compact package, isn’t it,” Amy smiled, jiggling the beautiful metal object“It’s so cruel…” Louisa’s sighed, her compassionate mood flowing from the fact that Ben was still kissing between her legs, his tongue now venturing inside her thong, “…oh…. fuck…”Amy slid forward on Ben’s chest and kissed Louisa as Ben’s tongue flicked against Louisa’s labia and then pushed further inside. Louisa became animated, madly kissing Amy as if they were making love, as if unaware of the man beneath them. Louisa orgasmed, moaning out loud and hugging Amy while her cheeks dropped back down onto Ben’s panting face.“God you’re sexy,” Louisa trembled.Amy glowed at the compliment. The women hugged again and sat giggling on top of their chastised captive.Louisa finally wobbled back onto her heels and looked on in amazement as Amy locked Ben’s full chastity belt over his Prince Albert cock cage and then handcuffed his hands to the belt, “You really keep him locked up like that?” Louisa stammered.Ben shared a discrete smile with Amy, he knew that she was toying with the attractive, but naïve blonde, “Put him in his box, will you Lou?” she called.“Oh wow,” Louisa mumbled as she hesitantly led her ex-boyfriend into the spare room and watched him climb into the heavy wooden trunk, “You need to close it Lou, or he tends to climb out…”With that, Amy closed the lid, sat on it and provocatively crossed her legs. Still unsure of what to do, Louisa followed suit, her tall, toned figure weighing heavily on the lid.“Wow, if I could hire you for the night, I wouldn’t have to padlock the box,” Amy breathed, still fascinated, and aroused by the younger woman’s body.Amy padlocked it anyway and then led the stunned blonde out of the small room and locked the door behind them. She withdrew the door key which she tossed vaguely towards her handbag but clattered onto the floor and skidded under the sofa.Louisa looked on in awe. No wonder Ben loved her; she had a brooding controlling sexuality that Louisa was also starting to find addictive.The women finished their wine before Amy showed Louisa to the door. She then walked barefoot back to her room where she slipped out of her dress and lay back, giggling on the bed. That had been so much fun, kissing a cute girl and totally exorcising her jealousy of Louisa. She jumped up and pulled on a white tee shirt and blue jeans and slowly meandered back to the spare room and unlocked the box, “Did you like that, darling?” she smiled.Ben’s contented smile beamed up at her, “I think she’s into you.”“She’s a tart.”Ben struggled to sit up with his chained hands and strained upwards to kiss Amy’s lips, “So you are my only keyholder again?”“Yes… the keys are back in the safety of my pocket… and that’s where they’re staying tonight.Ben’s heart skipped a beat.He scrambled out of the box and followed Amy’s provocative jeans back to the lounge. They sat down on the sofa where Amy threw her legs over her partner and snuggled up to him beneath a blanket, “This is so nice,” she purred.Halfway through the movie and Amy was already asleep. Ben could feel the keys in her jeans pocket but had no desire to remove them. He leaned to the side and lay down on the sofa. Amy now lying on top of him and soon they were both asleep.