The Houseboat Incident Ch. 03


My sister and I were the first to approach the boat, we could see Tommy slumped back in a foldout chair his head back as if he had passed out, however as we got closer we could see the brown blanket is his lap moving up and down which was barely visible over the side of the boat. My sister turned to Mark and Cody making a low shushing sound and pointing back at the boat. They stopped laughing and closed the gap of distance between us, being careful not to make a sound. The four of us slowly made our way closer to the edge of the boat.

The four of us looked over the side of the boat to see Tommy breathing heavy at first our suspicions were that he was squeezing one out, but the legs coming out the bottom of the blanket were clearly Kali’s. Mark turned to face the group and pantomimed sucking a cock, my sister let out a low giggle quickly covering her mouth and looking over a Tommy nervously to see if he heard. Tommy’s eyes opened and he glanced over at us, a wide grin formed crossed his face. He placed his finger over his lips to indicate to us to be quiet. We stood there in silence as the Kali’s head bobbed up and down underneath the blanket. Moans could be heard beneath the blanket as time passed the bobbing evolved into a much faster pace.

Tommy was obviously struggling to maintain the calm look he had on his face as the sensation became more intense. He placed his hand on the top of the blanket helping keep the motion in rhythm with gentle force. His eye began to roll into the back of his head as he fought to keep his head up right his chest began to heave rapidly. He held up his other hand his finger spread out. It looked over at us the feature of his face mimicked that of ecstasy. He began to use his fingers to count down from five slowly his gaze never leaving the four of us. I could feel the moisture return to my pussy the arousal from the guilty pleasure of watching my sister being treated the like cum dumpster had only recently subsided.

The countdown continued as each finger dropped the more intense the force on Kali’s head got. As the final finger dropped his finger, he let out a loud moan his hand firmly pressed down on Kali’s head. His eyes were clamped shut. Kali’s legs began to move wildly as she tried to lift up. After his third grunt and hip thrust his hand slid off of Kali’s head.

“Why the fuck didn’t you warn me?!” Kali yelled popping up from under the blanket and slapping Tommy’s chest.

“How the fuck you could you not know?” Tommy replied putting his arms up in defense.

She began to couch still trying to catch her breath, there were thin streaks of cum coming from both corners of her mouth which she quickly smeared across her face Ankara escort trying to wipe it off. We all started laughing, Kali’s head whipped around instantly with a look of dread on her face. Here fear automatically turned to anger. It took her a moment to fully realize what was happening, before she frantically covered her tits which we out for the world to see, they were a nice full C cup, with dark brown nipples, the combination of her arousal and the cold air had made her nipples hard and erect they looked like to brown pencil erasers. In the background Tommy wet flaccid cock lay slumped between his thighs shining brightly from the overhead lights of the deck.

“What the fuck?” she yelled once again slapping at Tommy.

“Oh yeah and we have an audience,” Tommy replied defending the oncoming slaps.

“Fuck you guys,” Kali said wrapping the blanket around her.

The laughter continued as she disappeared into the cabin making only one pause to flip Tommy off. Tommy pulled up his shorts taking care to be delicate when pulling the waistband up over his junk. He stood up with one last tug of his shorts. We all took turns climbing back on to the boat. Mark and Cody gave Tommy a high five as they passed the laughter still escaping all three of the lips.

“Good night bro,” Mark said heading off to his room.

“Night man,” Tommy replied back as he sat back down and lit a cigarette.

Cody and my sister exchanged looks, his was hopeful hers was dirty. He shrugged told everyone good night and headed into the cabin. I waved to Tommy and gave my sister a big hug.

“Again sorry about earlier,” She said softly into my ear during our embrace.

“Its okay, quit apologizing. It was bound to happen at some point, not like you haven’t told me worse. Point is we are having fun.” I replied back giving her an extra squeeze.

“True that, I’m glad you’re having fun. Love you sis,” She said squeezing back.

“Love you too” I said breaking the hug.

“Good night everyone,” I said with a wave and headed to my room.

I shut my partition and laid down on my bed and tried to fall asleep. I tossed and turned but couldn’t seem to find sleep. My mind was racing thinking about the events of the evening. I went over them again in my head, hearing the moans from Tommy and Kali fucking, my sister being fucked by Cody, Vance’s hard black cock fucking my mouth and covering me in his hot cum, seeing my sister on her hands and knees being plugged with cock from both ends while they treated her like the slut she was, and watching Kali suck Tommy off. It wasn’t long before I could feel the hot rush of desire fill every inch of my body. I could feel the hot moisture Ankara escort bayan between my legs start to soak my bikini bottoms. I wanted so desperately in that moment to tag teamed by two hard cocks, to hear them force me to pleasure them in every way they saw fit. Treat me like my only purpose for living was to be there sex toy.

I hadn’t even noticed that my hand had made it’s was down to my wetness and was massaging my clit through my bottoms. I had been so horny and focused on my thoughts my body had begun to act on my desires without my knowledge. I reached up with my other hand and began to massage my tits I could feel my nipples hardening as I slid my fingers over them. I raised my other and up and wiggled my fingers underneath my bottoms my pussy lips were slipper to the touch. I slid my fingers down forth penetrating myself with two fingers allowing the juices to rolling over them, before pulling them back and rubbing them against my exposed clit. The movements were highly constricted because of my bikini after only a few minutes my hand began to hurt from the struggle.

I was so horny that before I progressed I considered heading to Vance’s room, I wanted cock so bad that I really didn’t care whose it was. I knew he was asleep and didn’t want to disturb him. As much as I didn’t think he would be upset by a horny cock craving chick knocking down his door in the middle of the night and demanding more of his hard black cock. The debate went back and forth in my head, but I ultimately decided not to bother him. It only took a few seconds to weigh both sides of the argument in my head but the battle was that of epic proportions. I for moment considered seeing if Tommy or Mark were still awake but thought better of it. Instead I removed my bikini bottoms and tossed them to the floor then spread my legs further giving myself room to continue unhindered.

I slid my fingers back inside rewetting them before moving them back to my clit. I made small circles around my clit with my finger tips. I could feel the intense heat coming off of my pussy and I continued to massage my clit. I stayed focused on the sensations that carried over my body in short continuous waves, but my mind began to conjure up images of being covered in thick layers of hot cum and being berated by hard cocks shooting unending loads at me.

My skin began to burn and my breathing had gotten almost out of control. I started to feel light headed and couldn’t feel my feet. My pussy lips were so engorged they felt near bursting. More images kept flooding my mind, old boyfriends begging for more, feeling hard cocks sliding between my tits, the hot feeling of hard cock filling my pussy. These Escort Ankara images were followed images of my best friend Trina on her knees licking my clit while moaning as she plunged her dildo deep into her pussy.

I rolled onto my knees and buried my face into the pillow raising my ass high into the air. My legs were spread far apart allowing for me to continue rolling my clit with my finger tips. My tits mashed into the mattress as I moaned into the pillow. The thick sticky feeling of sweat now covered my entire body. I began to quivers as I lost all sensation from my extremities. I was soon overwhelmed by a hard explosion that shot from my knees through my thighs and up my body, It felt like a wave ran through me and splashed against the inside of my head. I could hear moaning echoing inside my skull but it still seemed distant as if I was underwater. As the noises from the outside world slowly crept back in I began aware of my surroundings again. My thighs felt weak and shaky, I turned my head to the side to catch my breath small whimper moans escaped my lips as I did.

My fingers rubbed at my pussy lips the hyper sensitivity of my clit was now more then I could bare. Two of my fingers found their way inside of me, the sensations starting to flood my body once again I pushed them deep side before curving them back the tips ran across my G spot. My legs gave out forcing me to slump onto the mattress my knees spread wider than before. I began to moan and shake uncontrollably as I battered at my G spot I could feel pressure building as if someone was poking at my bladder, just when it felt uncomfortable it was followed by a sharp jut of immense pleasure the pleasure so much more intense following the discomfort this cycle continued driving me wild. My hips began to hurt from the position and the shaking but I couldn’t stop. I could feel the pressure building the feeling now more overwhelming then before it felt like I was on the edge but couldn’t quite make it over but kept getting closer and closer, my thighs began to shake and my legs muscles tightened my breathing now shallow and quick. With one hard roll of my finger across my g-spot everything stopped and then exploded all at once my fingers wiggle wildly against my g-spot as I bit my pillow and let out a hard moan that hurt my throat as it passed my through my neck my cheeks hot and flush as I shoved myself harder into the bed. As the explosions around my body dwindled I pull my fingers from my still dripping wet pussy and rolled onto my side, my breathing was still shallow and my throat felt coarse as if I had spent the last hour yelling at the top of my lungs. My bed soaked in juices and sweat. My arms were weak but I managed to peel off the rest of my clothes and pull open the tiny window in my room allowing the cold air to filter in. The air across my body felt incredible. As the heat from my body lowered and my breath fell under control I drifted off.