The Holiday – part 2


“How far are we going to take this?” I asked. The girls looked at each other, at me, and then in unison sank to their knees. Gilly placed my cock before Channy’s mouth. Channy looked up at me at gently licked the tip of the shaft. “I would have thought, David, that we are going to take it to the limit.” She took as much of the length as she could deep into her mouth, withdrew and offered it to Gilly. Channy stood looking at me. “This sort of thing happens more than you would expect, David. I encounter it so often in my practice.” The words seemed blurry to me, Gilly was going to town on my cock. I watched in fascination as Channy continued. “It’s also a very common fantasy regardless of age or status. The simple fact is we are consenting adults, no one is going to get pregnant, and god damn it I need a fuck!”Gilly gagged as she attempted yet again to ram my entire cock down her throat. Channy joined her. “Here, sweetie, let me try….” Channy took my swollen cock from her sister, its purple head glistening with Gilly’s saliva. Placing the tip in her mouth she proceeded to roll her tongue about the head, occasionally stopping to tease my urethra. Meanwhile Gilly started licking the length of the shaft, one hand playing with my balls. Inch by inch Channy took more of me until, at last, the entire length was taken, my balls against her chin. Her hands reached behind me and pulled me closer, holding me tighter. I could feel the bulging head of my cock wedged deep inside her throat. She held me there, eyes looking upward at me, bulging. Finally she released me with something escort of a splutter. “My God that thing is good!” she exclaimed. Gilly started sucking again. I was getting weak at the knees. I needed to sit or lay down. I didn’t want to spoil the moment, however, and watched as my sisters took it turns to bring me closer to climax. Channy broke the silence. “I think we ought to take this inside, get a little more comfortable.” Gilly released my cock with a pop. “I think so too,” she said. “God, I can’t believe how fucking wet I am!” She stood, placing two wet fingers in my mouth. I sucked them gently, savouring her taste. She spoke softly in my ear, “Come and fuck me, bro,” then walked seductively into the house leaving Channy and I in naked silence. Channy handed me my scotch, sipped on her champagne. “I’m not sure how or why this happening but I have to admit I’m enjoying it,” she said with a slight smile. I wrapped an arm around her slender waist, relishing the softness of her skin, the firmness of her breasts pressing into my chest. She looked up at me, inviting explanation. I had none. Instead I kissed her. Her soft lips responded and the passion escalated. She began nuzzling into my neck, kissing and biting softly. My free hand stroked her back softly. “I can’t believe how fucking turned on I am,” she said. “I want to fuck you, I want to watch you fucking Gilly. Hell I’m so fucking horny!” And with that she grabbed my hand and led me into the house. Leaving our glasses in the kitchen, we entered the living room to find Gilly laid back on the sofa. With bayan escort one leg over the back and a foot planted on the floor, she was feverishly fingering her pussy, oblivious to our presence. Channy and I watched for a moment, my cock regaining its rigidity. Gilly was gyrating, clearly enjoying herself. Channy took a hold of my cock, gave it a gentle squeeze. “What are you waiting for?” she whispered. “Go on! Go fuck your baby sister.” She took a seat in the armchair, crossed her legs and gave me a commanding look. “I’m going to enjoy watching this.” Gilly heard the last remark and stopped pleasuring herself. She looked at me with hungry eyes. “Come on, big brother. Come satisfy me.” I positioned myself between her widely spread legs, the tip of my cock teasing at the entrance of her glistening wet and hairless pussy. Gilly placed her soft hand around the shaft and rubbed the head of my cock teasingly along her neat slit, parting the lips to reveal her silky pink softness. I pressed forward and entered her warm haven. Her eyes widened as I pushed my entire length into her. A low groan ushered from her slightly open mouth. I could feel her pussy tighten around me and felt her shudder just a little. “God, you make cum just by being in there!” she hissed. Thrusting her hips upwards she encouraged me increase the tempo. Happy to oblige, I thrust harder trying to muster all the depth I could. “You like that? You like your big brother fucking you hard?” I asked, rhetorically. Gilly moaned, I leaned forward and covered her lips with mine. Her mouth opened escort bayan and our tongues played, hungrily tasting each other. I adjusted position, placing her legs over my shoulders and pushed ever deeper into her hungry cunt. Again she shuddered issuing a small plaintiff cry as I mercilessly hammered into her. “You started this, Gilly. Now you’re gonna have to take your punishment. You’re gonna have to take all this cock and you’re gonna have to take it hard!” Gilly’s moans got louder as pounded harder into her soaked pussy. “Yesssssss,” she hissed. “Fuck me harder!” Fuck me….Fuck me…..Fuuuuckkk!” I could feel her contractions as her climax began to consume her. Her hips thrust back at me, her hands pulled me closer. “Fuck fuck fuck…Oh David, don’t stop! Oh, oh oh God yes! Yes! Yes!” She slumped beneath me, breathless. I eased my relentless pounding of her cunt and made to withdraw. “No. Don’t, David. I want you to cum inside me.” She kissed me, wrapped her legs around me and whispered in my ear, “Fuck me until you cum. Give me all your cum. Soak my pussy, David.” I needed little more encouragement. I’d been holding back since she and Channy started sucking my cock. Four or five deep strokes later I felt as if my cock exploded. Spasm after spasm wracked my body. Hot sperm coursed the length of my shaft to empty deep inside my sister. The sensation was almost surreal. My mind was lost in a fog of ecstasy as Gilly’s pussy milked my cock for every last drop of my seed. I slumped on top of her, panting for air, loving the sensation. Channy moved toward us. “My turn,” she said, brushing Gilly’s auburn hair from her face. She kissed me. “That was so fucking horny!” I pulled my softening cock from Gilly’s swollen snatch. “I’m going need some time to recover, I think.” I watched as my cum oozed from her opening.