The Guest Room Ch. 01


Friday, June 11, 2004

“The train just left!” Michèle texted Axelle. She was on her way to Marseille, where she would be staying with her best friend for the next couple of weeks. Today was the start of a long-needed break from work.

“Magnifique! I’m preparing the last stuff for Henri’s party so I’ll have all afternoon to catch up with you. Have a safe trip and see you soon!”

Michèle and Axelle, two crazy blondes, had been best friends since they had gone to college together in Paris. After they graduated, Axelle and her boyfriend Henri had moved south to Marseille, in the Provence, while Michèle had found a job in the City. Today they were celebrating Henri’s birthday and Michèle would be staying to celebrate her 25th birthday there as well.

The sun stood at its highest point and Axelle was waiting on the platform when the train arrived. She greeted her friend with a giant hug. “Bienvenue ma belle!”

Utterly happy to be reunited, the two walked to Axelle’s car and drove off to Axelle’s house in the hot and humid noon.

“Quelle belle! Very nice!” Michèle was impressed when she stepped inside. Axelle and Henri lived in a small, modern house. The door opened into the living room, which was attached to an open kitchen. Large windows allowed for a lot of sunlight.

“How far are we from the beach?” Michèle asked.

“About 150 meters.” Axelle said.


Michèle followed Axelle upstairs.

“So this is our guest room.” the host said. The room had a king-size bed with bed-side tables, a chair next to the window, and a large closet facing the bed with a huge mirror on the middle of three doors. A pair of Hawaii shorts and two tank tops were spread on the bed, a laptop was lying on one of the bedside tables and a suitcase was standing in a corner. “The stuff you see is Corentin’s.” she continued. “He’s a friend of Henri’s. He arrived yesterday so he slept in here last night. Tonight he’ll sleep on the couch.”

She put her visitor’s bag down and gave a tour around the house. She showed her their bedroom, the bathroom, and the toilet downstairs. Back in the kitchen, they sat down and had lunch. They had a lot of catching up to do, and didn’t get out of the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon.

Around 5 pm, the final preparations for the party had to commence. “I expect my first guests in about an hour and a half,” Axelle said. “And I have to prepare the last snacks and also take a shower. Would you like to take a shower first?”

“Yes, that would be great. Merci.” She went upstairs.

By 7:30 pm most guests had arrived. Axelle had prepared a lot of small snacks: Ankara escort chips, nachos with homemade guacamole, tacos, mini eggrolls… Everyone was grabbing food while they were chatting, and also drinking plenty: white wine, red wine, sangria or a cocktail.

“Michèle, come over here.” Axelle said. “Let me introduce you to Corentin.”

“Bonjour.” Michèle put out her hand.

“Enchanté.” He shook her hand and kept his hazel brown eyes locked on her while he smiled at her. His gaze warmed her up.

“So I hear you’re Axelle’s best friend.” he said to break the ice. “And that you live in Paris. Have you always lived there?”

“Yes, umm, I mean, no.” She chuckled. “No, I haven’t always lived there. I moved there for college and stuck around for work.”

“I see.” Corentin said. “Do you enjoy living there?”

“Yes, I guess. I mean, it’s a great city. Some of my favorite memories are in Paris. But the main reason I live there is for my job.”

“For your job.”

“Yes. Would you like to know what I do?”

“I don’t know.” he said. “Would you like me to ask you what you do?”

“Why, yes.” She grabbed an eggroll while she tried to get a better look at him. He was wearing sandals, jeans, and a Pearl Jam T-shirt. He looked quite slim, yet not skinny. Pretty tan, too.

“What do you do, Michèle?” he finally asked.

“Well, I’m an accountant at Galeries Lafayette.”

“Nice! Now tell me about your favorite memories in Paris.”

“You really don’t want to hear about my job, do you?” she said.

“Is it that interesting?” he said. “You’re here on vacation, aren’t you? If you want to talk about jobs, we can. I’m a network technician. But I’d rather hear you talk about Paris than about numbers.”

“We’ll have it your way, then.” Michèle said.

They talked about their favorite Paris bars, restaurants, movie theaters, street corners, views, conversations. In the meantime, they grabbed a bite left and right, and kept drinking but never had an empty glass.

A couple of hours later, almost everyone had left.

“Have you seen Axelle?” Michèle asked Corentin.

“I believe she went to bed about twenty minutes ago.”

“I totally missed that. But I guess she has to work tomorrow, so I don’t blame her. Actually I’m feeling pretty tired myself.”

“Me too.” He yawned. “Let me go up with you so I can move my stuff out of your way.”

Going upstairs, Michèle felt that the alcohol had influenced her balance. She ran into the door knob as she entered the room.


Both of them laughed out loud.

“Sshh we shouldn’t wake up Axelle!” Michèle said. She Ankara escort bayan sat down on the bed while Corentin grabbed his clothes.

“You know, if you want to…” Michèle started, “I don’t mind you sleeping in here.”

“You mean in the same bed?” Corentin asked, redundantly.


“If you don’t mind.” He smiled. “Just so you know, I sleep in my boxers.”

“I didn’t bring pajamas either.” she said. “I sleep in my thong and a T-shirt.”

She didn’t mind someone she had just met a couple of hours ago seeing her butt. She would be wearing a thong to the beach anyway. Not that any reasoning was necessary – the alcohol provided confidence. On top of that, she was sure Corentin wouldn’t mind her outfit either. She grabbed a T-shirt from her suitcase and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and change. She kept her pants on until she returned to the guest room. Corentin was already in bed and had his computer in his lap.

“What do you need that for at this time of night?” she asked.

“Computer nerds like me check their e-mails before they go to sleep.”

“Oh is that what you boys do with your computers before going to sleep? I had imagined differently.” She took off her pants. Her T-shirt was just covering the bottom of her belly, so her blue lace thong and butt cheeks were on full display as she walked over to the bed and got under the sheets.

Watching her every move, Corentin grinned. “Are you implying I watch porn on this computer?”

“I’m not just implying it, I know it for a fact.”

“For a fact.” he repeated. “Do you like watching porn?”

“Sure,” she said, “as long as it’s not girl on girl. I like dicks.”

“Do you want me to put some on?”

“Pourquoi pas? Why not?” Her eyes twinkled.

Corentin searched his porn directory and selected a movie starring Briana Banks. He put it on full screen but turned the volume down, because he didn’t want to raise any suspicion with their hosts. After watching a few minutes of Briana’s professional cock sucking and titty fucking, his own dick had grown rock hard. He wasn’t really embarrassed, but didn’t feel very comfortable either. Michèle didn’t fail to notice the bulge in his boxers.

“Someone’s getting a little excited over here.”

“You’re not then?” he asked.

“I can’t say I’m not. Would you…” she stopped.

“Would I what?”

She hesitated. “Would you like to jerk off for me?”

“Ummm.” He was tipsy and excited enough that he wanted to, but somehow, he thought it was expected that he politely refused.

“Don’t be ashamed.” She smiled and looked him in the eye. “Please masturbate for Escort Ankara me. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a guy masturbate.”

Corentin gave in. He stripped off his boxers, took his 7-inch erection in his hand and started stroking its full length slowly. What a great situation he found himself in: watching a hot blonde porn star, sitting next to Axelle’s hot blonde friend and being in total control of his own pleasure. He was still going rather slowly when the movie showed Briana Banks starting to take the big smooth cock in her ass.

“Have you ever done anal sex?” Michèle asked.

“Yep, a couple of times. You?”

“No, never been there. How is it?”

“It’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. I like it. It’s better when there’s enough lube involved.”

Corentin started taking up his pace and noticed his new friend’s hand had disappeared underneath the sheets. She was rubbing herself and soon was hardly watching the movie anymore; her eyes were closed and her mouth was half-open, occasionally letting out a soft moan.

“It’s getting hot in here!” Michèle said and removed her top. She proudly exposed her B-cup tits to Corentin, not too big, but perky and round. Her nipples were pink, small and erect. It sure was getting hotter for Corentin! He couldn’t help but take up his pace again, now jerking like a mad man, using his other hand to cup his balls. He was trying to catch as much of the two shows as possible: Briana Banks on the screen taking a big cock balls deep in her ass and this Parisian fox sitting next to him topless fingering herself. It was getting too much for him.

“I’m getting close to coming”, Corentin said grunting and moaning.

“Mmmh me too,” Michèle groaned. And then, looking him in the eye: “I want you to cum on my face.”

“Really?” Corentin asked enthusiastically.

“Mhmm,” she replied, “and don’t forget my boobs.”

He got on his knees, positioned himself over her and aimed his cock at her face. She opened her mouth and squeezed her tits together. It was only a matter of seconds before he started shooting his load. The first spurt hit her on the cheek and in her hair. The second spurt got into her mouth and the next one into her mouth and on her chin. For the remaining sperm he pointed his dick at her tits. She smiled, because she loved the look on men’s faces when she let them cum on her face and tits.

When he was done climaxing, he got off her. She had swallowed the sperm that had reached her mouth and was licking some semen off her lips.

“That was fun”, she said and rubbed the cum all over her tits, as if it were some kind of lotion.

“It sure was!” Corentin said. He grabbed the laptop to put it away and noticed that Briana had also gotten a cum shot on her tits and face.

“Bonne nuit.” Michèle said and she kissed him on the lips. She turned around and they fell asleep spooning.