The Family Psychic Pt. 02


For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

A huge thanks to my editor RFFAST for his hard work fixing all my errors.

The following week went by quickly, with Morgan driving me to school each day and Sandy and Ruby meeting me in the library for breaks. I was now able to block out groups of girl’s thoughts from randomly popping into my head. Some persistent spirits did want me to contact someone for them, but I managed to put them off; school wasn’t the place to do that. I would end up a laughing stock at best or beaten up and in hospital at worst.

Tegan came to my room some nights, but we didn’t have the opportunity to fool around again the whole week. On Saturday afternoon, River and Morgan were going out again, which put a worried look on Mom and Di’s face. But they said it was all girls getting together at a friend’s house this time, not some boozy party.

“I will stay up until they get home, Mom.” I said, as the hour became late.

“Sorry, I can’t keep my eyes open, Honey.” She said, as she turned off her laptop and headed up the stairs to bed.

It was only half an hour later when I heard the cab drop them off. “Did you wait up for us?” Morgan asked, as they came through the door, giggling and shushing each other very loudly.

“I was just heading to bed.” I said, and flipped off the TV, and headed to my room, able to relax now.

I watched videos on my laptop trying to find that sleepy state before trying to get some sleep when I felt my top lip begin to perspire. I wiped away the beads of sweat, but they returned just as quickly. Then some pages began to flip, and I saw Morgan tied up somewhat, and a moment of terror went through me. I bounced out of bed and headed down the hall as fast as I could without making any noise in case she was just having a dream.

I grasped the handle then pushed down, bursting into her room. What I found was unbelievable to me. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Morgan was on her bed with ropes tied to both legs and arms in an intricate pattern binding her upper and lower legs together like a chicken wing. Her arms were wrapped together the same way above her head and tied to her bedhead. The knots went up and down the sides of her arms and legs in tight straight rows, and her legs were splayed out to each side, held there by ropes pulled down to the legs of the bed.

Morgan’s pussy had a rope running down each side of her lips, holding them apart and exposing her wetness, and her breasts had bindings squeezing them from each side and making them stand out from her chest. I looked up at her face, and she had a gag stopping her from speaking as she looked at me shaking her head from side to side, no.

As I stood mesmerized looking at the dripping pussy and erect nipples on the bed a few feet away, the door began to open, and I took a step towards the wall behind the door. River walked in wearing a robe that she dropped from her shoulders as she closed the door. Her bare back and shoulders were beautiful and soft, illuminated by only the bedside lamp, but as my gaze dropped to her bottom, I noticed rubber straps emerging from between her legs and around the top of her beautiful cheeks.

I saw Morgan trying to signal her with her eyes, but River was busy applying something to the rubber phallus sticking out from her crotch. The pages flipped again, quickly stopping on a picture of someone on their knees with her head bowed then of a man giving orders. I had to go with my gut feelings and stepped forward. “On your knees.” I ordered, in a tone I didn’t even know existed within me.

River turned her head with a shocked look on her face, stumbling a little from the drinks she had consumed that night, I guessed. “David, it’s not..” She started, before I cut her off.

“On your knees. Now.” I said, again and placed some pressure on her shoulder to emphasize my words.

She dropped her eyes and slowly dropped to her knees, then began to talk again before I cut her off. “What were you going to do with that?” I asked, nodding down at the skin-coloured dildo dripping with lube.

“I was just teasing her.” She lied, as I could feel it from her straight away.

“How many times have you lied to me before River?” I asked, and her eyes flew to mine, then back at the floor.

“Only a few times.” She said, and it stung to know that she did it again.

“How can I ever trust a word you say?” I asked, my voice cracking as the pain of her betrayal hit my heart.

“How often have you done this before?”

“This is the first time.” She tied again, but her face couldn’t even sell it.

I bent at the waist and looked her in the eyes as mine began to fill with tears. “Look at the knots down each side of her legs and arms. They are in perfect rows, and the two ropes along each of her pussy lips pull them apart just the right amount. Does that look like the first time to you? If you lie to me ever again, it will be the şişli escort last time I talk to you, ever.” I said, and stood and waited for her to decide if she would be straight with me.

After a few looks between Morgan and River she spoke again tremblingly. “Morgan needs to be tied. It’s just something in her since Dad died, a need to be bound or something. And I need to be dominated, to be told what to do. I don’t understand it, but it builds and builds until I can’t breathe any more. I just need it.” She said, and I could feel the truth inside me.

“Finally, the truth, now get on the bed between her legs.” I said, and I slapped her on the bare ass cheek as she went past me, leaving a bright red handprint on her butt.

I leaned over Morgan, and turned my head to look at her breasts, and whispered. “Morgan, if you want to stop at any time, the safe word is, well, nothing because you have a gag in your mouth. So, I guess you are saying yes to everything.” and tugged on her nipple, bringing a moan from under the gag.

I nodded at River, and she slid into Morgan’s pussy in one quick motion planting herself to the hilt. I moved behind to see the most beautiful view in history as the fake cock was parting Morgan’s lips and the straps of the dildo pulled Rivers apart too. I reached out and spread her cheeks, allowing an even better view if possible before licking through between her pussy lips. Moving up beside them, I kissed River, sharing her own pussy juice with her, but she didn’t pull back.

“Not the first time you have tasted your pussy on someone else’s lips?” I asked, and she hesitated for a second.

“On Morgan’s lips.” She said, and it was not a lie.

“What do you want out of tonight, River?” I asked, testing her more.

“A real cock in me, not this plastic thing.” She replied, still no more lies.

“My cock?” I asked, sounding as confident as I could.

“Yes, Sir.” She said, and I was lucky I was behind her because I lost my composure when she called me that.

“Then bend forward and present yourself to me.” I said, and she didn’t hesitate, flattening herself onto Morgan’s body, bringing a muffled moan despite her gag.

“Don’t worry, Morgan, your asshole is next.” I said, and I heard another moan. “No, didn’t hear the safe word, guess that’s OK then.”

I rubbed my cockhead along her dripping pussy before finding her opening, thrusting into her and getting a loud gasp as my reward. I took five fast strokes, knowing this would jam the dildo into Morgan’s pussy as well. I balled up some spit in my mouth and dropped it onto River’s ass, smoothing it around her rosebud with my thumb. I pressed against her neither opening as I took another hard thrust, enjoying her gasp and seeing Morgan bounce in her bindings.

I was never going to last long in her tight pussy. I just hoped to make a bond between me and my sisters that had been missing for so long. I longed to be more than that annoying little Brother. I had wished to throw off that label and become more to them. Now with this guidance, I could be a leader in the family. I gripped her hips, began thrusting into her with all my might as I looked into Morgan’s eyes, and unloaded a torrent of my seed into River’s pussy.

I let my body slump onto her back, preventing her from dismounting our Sister. I undid the straps of the dildo and moved River and my bodies away from her, leaving the dildo sticking out of her pussy. ” Remove her gag and plant your pussy onto her mouth, Don’t lose any of my seed, or I will punish you both.” I said, as I shuffled her bottom closer to Morgan’s face without pulling out of her pussy.

River undid the strap holding the gag, but before Morgan could even flex her jaw, River planted her pussy onto her lips. Morgan made loud slurping sounds as she licked out all my cum. I moved between Morgan’s thighs and began teasing her pussy with my tongue as I started undoing the ropes. Her skin was indented where the ropes had been, leaving a washboard feeling to the outside of her thighs.

River had finished undoing her arms when I had pulled the bindings from between her legs, letting her pussy close, making a beautiful peach. I saw Morgan’s hands reach up and take River’s breasts as I licked and sucked on her clit. “Make sure you lick her ass nice and clean because I might want to fuck her there after I finish with yours.” I said, and stuck my tongue into Morgan’s rosebud before returning to her clit.

Morgan bucked against my face in response to my words, so I plunged two fingers into her pussy. I could feel her pussy gripping and releasing my fingers as she groaned out her climax. I kept licking furiously only to have Morgan push my head away. I moved up her body, pushing River to her side as I hovered over her with my cock poised at her entrance.

“Pussy or ass Morgan?” I asked, not really seeking permission.

“Do you want to breed me?” She asked, tempting me to fuck her ass.

“I will put my baby in you if you like.” I replied mecidiyeköy escort and the smile went from her face.

“Please.” Was her only reply.

I parted her pussy lips with my cockhead and then thrust my cock home. My passage was made easy by the rubber cock that went in before me. I pushed that from my mind as I began to thrust into Morgan as River knelt by her side with her head bent. “Pull on her nipples, River.” I said, but she looked at Morgan first.

“Don’t look at her; she has no cock for you.” I said, and she quickly reached for Morgan’s nipple.

Morgan began to moan as I slammed into her body, but she kept looking at River instead of me. “Don’t want my cock?” I asked, pulling out and stepping off the bed.

Morgan’s mouth dropped open as her hips were humping at the air, desperate for more stimulation. “No. Please, I’m sorry, come back.” She pleaded, her pussy dribbling with her wetness.

“No more fake cocks, River. You are mine.” I said, and she only nodded.

“Who will you let fuck you, Morgan?” I asked, waiting at the side of the bed for my answer, my cock pouncing with my heartbeat.

“Only you, David, only you.” She said, spreading her legs wider and playing with her clit in desperation.

I climbed back onto the bed, and I was back into the hilt with one quick thrust. I began pounding furiously, ignoring her pleasure, only concentrating on my own. “Spread your pussy open, River. I want to see inside you.” I said, and Morgan almost glanced at her Sister.

“You can see plenty of her pussy when you finish cleaning my cum out of her.” I said, as I began to tremble towards my climax.

“Cum in me, Brother, give me your baby.” Morgan said, and I pushed into her and began pumping my load deep inside her pussy.

I leaned in and kissed her as she ground her clit onto the base of my cock, shuddering off into her release as our tongues danced within her mouth. “Clean my cock off then that pussy, but hold your cheeks apart while you do it because I want a good look at your opening while I watch.” I said, as I sat on a chair in the corner and River went to work with her mouth sucking and licking my cock clean, then working on getting all the cum from Morgan’s pussy. They curled their bodies into a sixty-nine and pleasured each other while I watched.

“River, Come over to me.” I said, when I thought they were good and clean.

She came and went to kneel at my feet, but I stopped her and made her straddle my lap with my cock nestled against her pussy. “You will only be my slave when I want to play that game, and only with me. Other times I might want to make love to you as yourself, like now, but those times have to be your choice.” I said, and she cuddled against my body as Morgan rolled onto her side and watched us with a big smile on her face.

“Make love to me.” She whispered, and rose enough for my cock to line up with her opening and lowered herself onto my cock. “I love you. You are my hero.”

I grasped her beautiful breasts and tugged on her nipples as she rode on my cock and kissed me the way lovers do. I took a long time to cum this time as it was my third for the night, but that made it even better for both of us as River’s trembling thighs signalled her first orgasm, then some twenty minutes later, she climaxed again only moments before I filled her spasming pussy. “You two look so beautiful when you make soft love.” Morgan said, as she snuggled up behind River on my legs.

“You pair are going to break my legs.” I grunted, as I pushed them back towards the bed.

River pulled me with her and sucked my cock into her mouth as Morgan scooped my cum from River’s pussy and licked it off her fingers. I reluctantly pulled my cock away before she could make me hard again and took one more look at my two naked sisters before I closed the door and padded back to my room.

It was soon my graduation, and we lined up and walked across the stage to collect the plaque that seemed too cheap for the twelve years it took to achieve it. Mum was in tears every time I looked at her sitting beside my four sisters. They all were beaming at me, and I felt the love from them all. Sandy and Ruby hugged and kissed me as the students gathered in the basketball court after. “What are you going to do now, college?” Sandy asked, as she held onto me.

“I am going to see if anyone will take my gift seriously.” I said, and Ruby’s ears pricked up.

“Can we help you? You must know that Sandy and I believe in you?” she asked, almost bouncing on the spot, her breasts almost coming out of her bra.

“I will have to see, I need to talk to my Mom about it first, and I don’t think it will be a paying job for some time.” I answered, trying to put them off without hurting their feelings.

“Well, count us in. We have four months until college starts, so we have plenty of time to put it off until next year if this works.” Sandy said, as we were swamped by proud parents and siblings.

It was a week later, and istanbul escort I had just about built up the courage to ask Mom about using the front formal dining room for my venture. All my sisters had gone to bed early, and it was only Mom and me snuggled on the couch watching the latest crime series on TV. “Mom, I wanted to ask you about something important.” I said, hoping to ease into this.

“What’s that, Honey?” Mom asked, without taking her eyes off the TV.

“I wanted to see if there is a market for my Psychic abilities.” And Mom’s head swung around to look at me.

“What!” She said, the TV had been forgotten.

“I want to know if I can use the front dining room to have my sessions with clients and put an ad in the paper and online and see if it is enough to support myself. I am certain I can help some people along the way.” I bumbled out my plan that I had rehearsed in my head a hundred times.

“OK, I get the plan, but what would one of these sessions look like?” She asked, now sitting facing me.

“I let the spirits guide me on that, and it just flows out of me.” I answered, but she didn’t look too convinced.

“Show me how this would go.” She challenged me.

“Let’s move to the rug.” I said, and pushed the coffee table closer to the TV as Mom turned it off.

Mom and I sat crossed legged facing each other as the sweat beads bristled under my nose. I saw the pages flipping, then stopping on a vision of a much younger Mom stepping into a small lake in a brightly coloured bikini. “Dad first saw you at the lake. You caught his eye with a pink bikini that was very small for that day.” I began, and Mom blushed a little.

“He didn’t see me first. I wore that for him.” She said, as she smiled back, touching her shoulder and tilting her head to that side.

“He thinks you have done such a good job with us, and he is amazed at the young man and women we have become.” I said, and felt the pride build up in me too.

“And he wonders why you have turned down all the offers for love over the years.” I blurted out, even surprising myself.

“We had something special, and I don’t think I can ever replace it.” Mom said, as she wiped at her eye, and I handed her a tissue from the coffee table.

I shivered from a chill going down my back, and some words came into my mind as I sat looking at my mother. “I wish I could hold you one more time, Barbie doll. To feel your flesh against mine and be inside of you again.” I said, in a voice I could not recognize.

“Richard, oh, I have missed your touch.” Mom said, as she clutched me to herself.

“Let me feel you against my body one last time.” I said, again sounding like someone else and pulling my tee-shirt over my head.

I saw another image of a kiss and copied it with Mom, licking up from her bottom lip to her top before plunging my tongue into her mouth. Mom’s eyes opened wide, as she moaned into my mouth as I cupped her breast in my hand through her shirt. “Richard, it’s been so long.”

I unbuttoned her top, and Mom helped to get it opened for me as I ground my hard cock against her mound. Mom kissed me back with a passion I hadn’t expected from her. She had always been so conservative in what she wore and how she acted. I twisted the clasp of her bra between her breasts, and it sprang free, making the fabric crumpled to her sides, leaving only her soft white flesh that pressed against my chest.

I began another hot kiss and raised her skirt above her hips, and Mom hooked her thumb into her panties and pushed them down on one side. I pushed on the other, and they were soon down to her ankles. With a few kicks from Mom, she had them onto the floor next to us. “I need you in me again, Baby.” She groaned, and fumbled with my pants.

“Like on the floor in our first apartment behind your mother’s.” I said, as the words came into my mind.

“We made love all night.” Mom said, and hunched her hips against my hard cock.

I was hesitating, and the gravity of my next move worried me. I was not Dad, but I know how much she wanted me to be him. Then I felt her pussy juice spreading on the underside of my hard cock, and logic went out the window. I moved down enough to line up my cock, pushed the head past her lips and waited for her to stop me. In response she gripped the back of my arms and pulled me into her body.

I started slowly at first but thrust deep and hard, as she pulled my head down to her and kissed me again. She was an incredible lover pulling her knees up to her chest and spreading her legs wide for me to fuck her faster with each stroke. My cock was making wet slapping sounds as it slammed into her dripping opening.

“I’m going to cum, Honey.” Mom said, as her pussy began clamping around my cock, driving me over the edge.

“I love you, Baby.” She screamed out.

“I love you too, Mom.” I groaned, as my spunk filled her pussy to overflowing.

My hips kept driving into her as she pulled me into her body, her orgasm making her spasm and groan out her pleasure. Mom buried her face into my neck and kissed my chest as my last bursts of seed shot from my cock. I collapsed onto her body and kissed her lips as she looked into my eyes, recognizing me as her Son.