The Dance, Chapter three


“Hi,” I said shyly as she opened her eyes and looked up at me.Her head was on my chest, where she’d slept for most of the night and what a night it had been, we’d made love in the shower hurriedly, frantically as if we had an itch that badly needed scratching, then we’d got into her bed and made love again.She was the most utterly uninhibited woman I’d ever known, she adored being eaten and shimmied around on top of me so that she could suck on what she called my big lollipop as I wallowed in her gorgeous little pussy.We’d climaxed together each time, and even after she’d swallowed my third load of cum, she’d stayed where she was with her wet, fragrant cunt over my mouth.”Hi darling,” she said softly and lifted her head up to kiss my neck, but she looked very serious, and I feared the worst.”That was totally and utterly wrong Lenny.”My heart sank at her words, but then I felt her hand on my morning erection. “But if you do it again, I might just let you away with it.”Sitting up, she held my penis against her pussy and slowly introduced it into its new home, sinking down on me with a smile of pleasure on her pretty face.”Let’s spend all day doing this mum,” I suggested as I thrust myself up into her wetness, but she laughed and said that she was always hungry after sex. Her lovely big breasts jiggled as she bounced on me and I groaned with pleasure as she held each one in turn up to her mouth and licked each turgid nipple.”How would you like to take your poor old mother out for dinner?” she smiled and fell down on me crushing her breasts to my chest.”And then we’ll come back for a little bit of anal play.””Oh God yes mum,” I said and felt my balls tightening at the thought of fucking her anally.”But I want escort beylikdüzü you to tell me in very explicit detail, everything that you’d like me to do.” I felt her tongue licking in my ear. “And I want it, dirty darling,” she whispered. “Very fucking dirty.”Her words took me over the top, I gripped her buttocks tightly and pumped jet after jet of sperm up into her body.”Yes Lenny,” she hissed in my ear. “I’m there darling, yes, OH GOD YESSS!”I lay in the warm soapy water watching as she sat on the end of the bath shaving herself, legs wide apart and pussy glistening temptingly. We’d both finished washing, but her display was more than enough to keep me there watching how she did it with delicate little strokes of the razor.”So that’s why you always took so long in here,” I laughed. “I’d like to do that for you next time.””Ooh, yes please darling,” she giggled. “Your dad would never do that for me.””Bloody hell mum,” I found it hard to believe what she told me. “I’d love it.””In that case darling, we’ll do it tomorrow, and we’ll do it downstairs.””Downstairs, mum why?””We’ll film it for the site, I need to do an update very soon, but you’ll have to keep your back to the camera.”Then she giggled and added. “Besides, my stockings would get wet in the bath.”A vision of mum naked except for stockings flashed into my mind, and we both laughed as Percy perked up as well and showed above the water.”I can’t wait mum.”Rinsing herself off, she got out, and we dried each other off just as we saw dad’s car pulling into the driveway.”Oh shit,” she cursed. “Get dressed baby and come down as soon as you can, but hurry.”She donned a dressing gown and went down in answer to his loud knocking, I heard escort akbatı her asking him what he wanted from behind the door as I went downstairs after hurriedly donning jeans and a tee shirt.She opened the door, and he stood glaring at us both.”I want my money.” If looks could have killed, I’d have dropped dead on the spot. But I managed to nod politely which he totally ignored.”Why have you changed the fucking locks?” he demanded.”Because I fucking well wanted to,” Mum said smiling at him sweetly. “And if you keep on swearing at me like that, I’ll call the police to get you removed.””I’m not going anywhere until I get my money.””Dad,” I began, but he looked at me like I was dirt.”Don’t fucking call me dad,” he said with a sneer, “She went with any fucker who smiled at her.”I bent down close to him and smelt the booze on his breath, even at that time of the morning he’d been on the bottle.”Just ring the police mum,” I said with my eyes firmly on his. “He’s been on the booze again.””You think you’re so fucking smart don’t you?””I know I’m smarter than you anyway mister,” I said softly, “Although that’s not saying very much is it?””Look,” mum said with a sigh that put her robe under quite a strain. “My solicitor is sorting the finances out, so neither of us can get anything at all until he’s done it, do what I’m doing, borrow it, and now if you don’t leave this very minute, I’ll call the police.”He brushed past me making sure that his shoulder would catch me, but I’m younger and bigger than him, and I was expecting it, he bounced off me and hit the door with a thud.”Smart little cunt,” he spat, but I just smiled as mum had done. “Don’t strain your vocabulary,” I grinned. “And don’t hurry back will escort beylikdüzü you mister?”I emphasized the mister just to remind him of what he’d said, and mum smiled to herself.”Tell that fucking solicitor to get his fucking arse in gear,” he said as mum stepped aside to let him out. The smile on her face as we watched him climb into his car and pull away had nothing to do with him, but more to do with my finger that was prodding at the tiny little hole between mum’s buttocks!”That reminds me,” she said with a shudder and came into my arms to kiss me. “I replied to Karen yesterday, let’s see if she’s sent me a message.”Our mouths opened, and she sighed as we kissed deeply and wetly, my finger still embedded in her anus.”I don’t want you to darling,” she breathed into my mouth. “But you’ll have to take that finger out while I boot up.”Having booted up, she laughed when she saw Karen’s name on an E.mail.”Ooh yes,” she giggled as she clicked on the attachment first. Karen was sitting in her chair at home, wearing nothing but stockings and a smile, a handwritten notice she held had a phone number on it, with the words, “This pussy is reserved for Kelly.””Bloody hell mum,” I said. “She’s a bit hot isn’t she?”She chuckled as she read the letter accompanying the picture.”Dear Kelly, now you have my home number as well as the office number, use one of them as soon as possible my sweet sexy lady. I hope you realize that my panties were soaking yesterday after you walked into the office with your son, you’ll forgive me if I fantasize about you and him together won’t you?”Love and very wet kisses.Karen.”Are you going to ring her mum?” it was a silly question because she was already dialing.”Pleasure me, darling,” she whispered as she sat back and put one foot up on the desk, she was already wet as I knelt between her thighs. I breathed in the beautiful, cock stirring aroma of her cunt and wondered briefly how dad could possibly prefer another man to this.