The Cuckolders Inc. Carl c


KaranUpstairs, I undressed Scott, and myself and then I cuddled with him. I turned spoon-style and held his hands against my breasts. I was understanding sometimes I had tits and sometimes I had breasts. I decided I liked that. Sometimes Scott had a penis and sometimes a cock. The penis could change into a cock instantly. I liked that. too.I sighed and told Scott to go to sleep. We would talk later after he absorbed my answer from downstairs. -I was hoping he wanted to continue, but it didn’t matter, I had decided. I slowly drifted off thinking about feeling cum splash all over my skin, hoping Scotts was too.When I woke, Scott was still holding my breasts. I pressed back against his cock. Cock I was thinking, not his penis. I turned over and pressed my breasts against Scott, my tits not breasts. I would eventually get it straight. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t always had tits. I kissed Scott and told him to get up. We had to have dinner and then make some decisions. As I dressed, I watched Scott get dressed and I asked where to go for dinner. There wasn’t going to be any cooking done at our home tonight. We decided on a Chinese place and drove over. When we ordered I asked if I could go first. “Ok Scott, I have to know … I have to know if my answer to your question about losing me was clear enough. Do you want us to move? We could do it tonight if need be. I won’t give you up.““No Karan, I’m not wanting that, I can see you and Carl …” his voice trailed off.I could see Scott’s eyes water.  Then he continued, “I see that you might love Carl. I worried that he might replace me. Um … you might need him more than me. You want to … to continue submitting, to him, both of us. Right”I nodded. Feeling my eyes water. “Are you willing to continue with … that thing, the bukkake? Me, as the center of it with you watching?”The first dishes came and we served ourselves. When the last one came, I continued, “As many as we can get? Have a video camera recording it? All of it?”I was trying to not be too clear if anyone caught anything we said.I was watching his eyes, his expression, and his body language. He leaned across the table and held my hands, saying he wanted to watch me. He wanted me to know he had done this, for me. His answer wasn’t just yes, but hell yes. Ok, so he was in, and I was in. Now, how to make it happen? How soon could we make it happen? I pulled a small notebook from my purse with a pencil.I wrote the word, where.On the next page, how soon?Then, where do we find the guys?How do we communicate?The video camera or cameras?I started talking, ”A hotel suite could hold fifteen-twenty? There would be a shower for me if I wanted it, then I mused maybe no. I might want to go see Carl with all my trophies, maybe wearing a long raincoat. We could just go home and take private pictures. We could see Carl, and both of you could fuck me. I would like that, I think.” I was feeling my nipples harden and pussy moisten. I was wondering if Scott’s cock was hard.”What kind of place would work for fifty, or even more? What kind of room was private enough? Could we find one? Empty offices in a strip center, or empty stores at a strip center might work. I made notes. Scott noted that fire regulations might bursa escort give us a starting place. He started looking at his phone, presumably fire regulations, Communication, I wrote prepaid phone. A special email address might work. Hmm, we needed to think this through. Can we rent a video camera and lights? Yes, I’m sure they can be rented. Can we rent a mattress for me?. Do we need a mattress? A pad?I stopped and looked at Scott. “Let’s eat, then go home and do this.”I finished eating. I looked across the table, “My … umm I’m getting, I’ll continue that thought at home if you don’t mind.” Well, my pussy, I love that word, was getting wet. I finished eating, grabbed one of the fortune cookies, opened it, and read, ‘You are going to have exciting times.’ I laughed out loud as I handed it across the table.  “They have no idea.”Scott grinned when he read it.Going to our car after paying the bill, I grabbed Scott’s ass saying. “I’m going to love this bukkake. Saying again bukkake, bukkake. Laughed and grinned at him. “Which of us is getting lucky tonight? Hmm?”It was becoming clear to me that we still had questions about getting enough guys, and depending on how many guys we got, a. place to do it. The number of guys drove the hardest issues.I asked Scott, how much was it worth to us. We both had good jobs and we weren’t spending it all. We had good savings. We could spend almost any amount we needed. How much was it worth for him to see men cum on me? How much for me to feel cum on my skin? Fresh cum direct from men’s cocks. Oozing all over my skin.  The thought made me dizzy. Still, it was doable, if we wanted it enough. God, a hundred guys cumming all over me. Scott watching me as it happened.Finally, as we wound down I said it all depends on how many we can get. The basics, we can do. How hard will it be to get men willing to do it?I grabbed Scott and pulled him upstairs for a fuck.The next day after work we met with Carl and went over our lists.We finally solved all our problems, except we still had to recruit the guys. Carl knew a guy with some forested land and a guy with pro video cameras. Scott and I went back and forth about Scott doing it alone, with me along but just there, or with me there helping recruit. Me alone was vetoed, period.We went to a few, working guy blue-collar bars. We just wanted to look at them and talk to some bartenders. See if they would just laugh us out of the bar. We should have known this was the part that took the most time. We realized after a bit, that it was the bartenders we needed to know. There was more than one shift we had to work and we couldn’t just go in on weekends. It took over two months to get over seventy guys interested, but the bartenders were key. They thought it was funny, especially the female bartenders, some of them wanted to watch too. How many would show, who knew? Still, seventy guys, plus maybe ten from Carl’s friends, plus Carl maybe, all of them coming on me that sounded interesting.CarlWhen Karan and Scott left, after asking for permission to make changes to Karan’s bukkake I  realized organizing it was going to take time. I  needed to keep both Karan and Scott submitting. I went to the pool, stripped, and started bursa escort bayan swimming. When I finally quit, I started thinking about how to continue. Trying to organize my thoughts. I had to get more charms for both Scott and Karan.I was mulling over the possibilities, Karan and Scott, Karan only, Scott only. When I got out I still hadn’t decided. I was making them submit a few times each week. By the end, they both had twenty charms for their collars. And then there was the time at the bar, it was my next humiliation for both Karan and Scott.The three of us went into a bar called Smokies. Scott and Karan found it while searching for guys in the bukkake. Cheryl, the bartender, had been extra helpful when I went in ahead to arrange for this. I told her what I intended and we set a time when would be a fair crowd. I gave her two hundred for helping me.I’d also gotten Paul to set up a video camera, focused on the spot Cheryl set aside for us.I started kissing Karan while sitting at the bar. My tongue was working her lips and mouth, one hand caressing her tits, the other caressing her ass. The conversations of the other twenty men and two women slowly stopped as they realized what I was doing. “Undress her, hubby. Strip her so I can fuck her.“ loud enough that everyone in the bar could hear. I hadn’t warned either of them what I had intended and I could see him tense and hesitate. It was clear to everyone in the bar that he was submitting to me. Both Karan and Scott were.I turned Karan so she was facing the room. She started flushing as I said.”Start by unbuttoning your wife’s blouse, Scott.” Using the word wife and his name to increase the humiliation. When Scott was finished unbuttoning her blouse, I told him to unfasten her bra and expose her tits. All this in my loud voice. When Scott was finished I reached over and held her tits. Still using my loud voice,”Hubby, Tell me you want to see me pinch her nipples, see me kiss her tits. mark her tits, mark them as mine. I could see Scott’s erection, see his hands tremble, and see him wet his lips.  I waited, then looked him in the eye. His voice was trembling.”C-C-Carl, I want to s-see you pinch her t-t-its. Please, kiss her t-t-tits, please, mark them as yours…” his voice hesitated then stopped.Quieter, I told Scott to finish taking her blouse and bra off, exposing her tits to the entire room. Her flush was moving down her. shoulders to just above her tits. I pinched her nipples, kissed her tits, and followed Scott’s instructions by sucking hard on one tit and nipping the other. The new marks were clear to anyone close to the action.“Scott, caress her tits, then make her stand and take her skirt off, but leave her panties.” I watched while Scott caressed Karan’s tits, then pulled her off the stool, unfastened her skirt, and pulled it to the floor. I bent to her ear and whispered,”Thank your husband, use the word husband. I want to remind Scott and everyone else that he is your husband. Thank him for stripping you, so I can fuck you. Say fuck you. Let them all know they are going to see me fucking you, right here on the bar. They’re going to watch you being fucked.”I was standing behind her with one hand moving to her tits escort bursa and my other hand covering and caressing her mound. Karan started looking at Scott,”Scott, my dearest … husband, thank you for un … undressing me, in front of everyone. F-for undressing, strip-p -ping me so Carl, my Master, can fuck me. Here, on the bar. So you … can see me b being fucked. So everyone can see me, while I’m being, I’m being fucked.” The last ‘fucked’ was louder. I saw Karan wet her lips. I had my hand on her pussy, to feel her juices leaking She was shivering and Scott had a huge wet spot on his pants, where he had cum. Cheryl had cleared the bar near us. I pulled Karan’s panties down to finish stripping her and then lifted her onto the bar. As I lifted her onto the bar, I saw two men walk in and just stood there when their eyes adjusted to the light. They just stared at us, then whispered to each other. I saw them find a table near us.After undressing myself, I clambered up, not gracefully, but still up, and started rubbing her caressing her, kissing her, and fingering her pussy. Everyone could see her leaking  pussy. I looked at Scott, “Put my cock in her. Put it in her pussy, so I can fuck her.He reached over took my cock and placed it against her pussy. Scott was trembling and sweating as I  pushed through his hand and penetrated her. I could feel her move her shoulders and reposition her pussy so we were lined up better. I kissed her as she gave a satisfied sigh. I continued fucking and kissing. I leaned up, so I could reach her clit and finger it, and then I felt her come around me. It felt wonderful. I licked her lips and sucked her earlobe. I was trying to think non-erotic thoughts, even while my cock was enjoying her pussy. I was successful holding on until her third climax when she lifted her ass off the bar and tried to bite my lips. When she came that time, I could feel my balls spasm and I was over. As I felt my cum ooze in Karan I had one more thing to do. My cock relaxed and slipped out. I looked at  Scott,”Scott, get up here and clean her. Lick her pussy clean.” I got down and waited for Scott. As he was getting In position the men in the bar applauded yelling out, “Lick her clean.” “Way to go.”“Fuck that bitch.” “He showed him who is boss.”One of the women said wonderingly, “God Bill, she loved being fucked in public. I couldn’t do that.”There were some not-so-complementary comments I heard, but most of the men weren’t assholes.As Scott was licking her Karan reached down and fondled his hair pulled his face onto her pussy, and rolled her hips in satisfaction. Sighing,  “I love this. Lick me clean. Use your mouth, stick your tongue in, suck my clit.” As he sucked her clit she came again, closed her eyes, and relaxed. With a final, ”Y-Y-Yesss.” I started getting dressed after helping them both down. Karan got dressed, skirt and blouse only.As we were leaving a group of three men walked in. I looked at them and said, “Sorry guys, you’re too late.” And we walked out.Before leaving I handed Cheryl an additional hundred, “For cleaning our mess. I hope you enjoyed the view.” A couple of days before fucking Karan In the bar, I‘d talked to Cheryl about hiding a video camera focusing on the spot she was willing to let me use. I’d given her a text just before we walked in, so she could start the camera. I went back the next day to retrieve the camera. I edited the video at home, and e-mailed a copy to her, as promised.