The Chair Ch. 30


Tuesday morning he was in the home office working out a new design on the computer when the redhead walked into the room. She was wearing her usual attire for when they were home alone, just a white push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret. She came up behind him and leaned down to look over his shoulder at the computer screen. The drawing he had on the screen gave her no clue as to what his new design was going to be. He had told her that it was to be a surprise at least until he needed her assistance in designing and testing the prototype (the same way as he had done with The Chair). As she leaned forward looking at the drawing, her breasts cradled the back of his head provocatively. She brought her right arm around him and slipped her hand inside his shirt. As her manicured fingernails began to play with his left nipple, she slipped her tongue into his left ear. She had long ago learned that although he loved either nipple to be played with, his left nipple was more sensitive to her touch. As she traced the spirals of his ear with the tip of her tongue, she began pinching his nipple harder with her fingernails. She dropped her other hand into his lap and squeezed his dick to gauge his response to her teasing. His cock was fully erect. Little did she know that it had been that way since she had walked into the room.

She then whispered into his wet ear that she was very horny and that she needed him. He knew that when she was in this type of mood, there was no denying her what she wants. He hit the save button on the computer, not wanting to loose his latest changes to the new device. He then rose from his chair and took her in his arms, kissing her. First gently and then gradually with increasing ferocity. He had slipped his leg in between hers and as they kissed, she was humping her naked pussy against his thigh. His one hand cradled the back of her head, his fingers woven through her red hair. His other was resting on her back, just below her shoulder blades. With his thumb and three fingers, he deftly unfastened the clasp of her bra. When she felt the tension around her chest release she knew what he had done. He felt her smile as they continued their kiss. He stepped back just far enough to slip the bra straps off her shoulders and let the bra fall to the floor. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as he bent down, slipped his arm behind her knees, and lifted her into his arms. After flicking lightly at her right nipple with his tongue, he looked at her smiling face and asked where she wanted to do it this time. Since they had moved into their new house less than a week ago, they were working on “initiating” each room of the house. Of course they weren’t counting the numerous places they had already had sex (with each other or with others) during their wild housewarming party [see Chapter 29]. The redhead thought for only a few seconds before deciding on the kitchen.

He carried her down the hallway and into the kitchen. Once there, he sat her ass down on the marble countertop. After kissing her lips again, he began slowly kissing his way down her body. Soft gentle kisses on her neck which drive her wild, then down her chest to her breasts. He then went down on his knees as he kissed his way down to her warm wet pussy. As he worked his tongue as deep inside her as possible, she clamped her legs around his back, not wanting him to escape. After licking her for several minutes, she finally came. When she relaxed and loosened the grip her legs had on him, he picked her up and moved her over to the table. She quickly had his pants unzipped and sliding down his legs. Then she grabbed the lapels of his shirt and tore it open, sending buttons scattering across the floor. He now grabbed the redhead by the shoulder and one hip and flipped her over so she was now facedown on the table. He slid her back towards the edge just enough so that her legs could bend at the hips and her feet could reach the floor.

As he began licking his way from her neck down her back, her full firm natural breasts were pressed against the table. The coolness of the surface making her nipples erect. She moaned as his tongue passed lightly over her asshole the first time. He then continued down, licking the lips of her pussy from behind. Then he went back up and flicked lightly at her asshole again. He continued with more and more force until the tip of his tongue slipped inside, eliciting another moan from the redhead. He firmly grasped each cheek, spread her ass and plunged his tongue as deeply inside her asshole as possible. This triggered a mini-orgasm in the redhead. Without giving her any time to recover, he then stood up and quickly plunged his long hard cock all the way into her pussy from behind. Holding onto her shoulders for leverage, he began thrusting over and over again. Four minutes later as she was nearing her climax, he came, filling her pussy with his cum. As her orgasm then began, the well-toned muscles in her cunt began squeezing his cock çapa escort forcing his cum to flow out alongside his dick. When she recovered and he slipped out of her, she moved to the floor and took his dick in her mouth and proceeded to suck him clean.

When she had finished, he told her that he must return to his work. As he made his way back to the office, she reluctantly agreed to leave him alone (for awhile). He spent the next 25 minutes putting the finishing touches on his plans. Feeling bad that he had put her off earlier, he went off in search of his redhead to make it up to her.

When he neared the Den he heard the redhead moaning. As he looked in through the door, he saw the redhead lying on the couch and facing the computer that was sitting on the table. She had her bra pushed up over her tits and was pinching and pulling at her nipples. He then noticed the red light on the computer’s webcam and he realized that someone else was watching her in addition to himself.

Recently they had gotten a few webcams for their computers and she had discovered the joy of exhibitionism over the internet. She now had several “friends” (both male and female) around the world that she would occasionally perform for. Some of them have webcams of their own and she could watch them at the same time that they watch her.

He quietly entered the room and sat in the recliner where he could watch her perform for her anonymous audience. She had now unhooked the bra and was slipping it off her arms. Her hands then returned to playing with her breasts. She took her left breast and raised it toward her mouth as she stuck her tongue out and flicked the tip over the nipple. After she released the breast, she grabbed the webcam and repositioned it so it was now aimed toward her naked pussy. With one hand draped over the back of the couch, her other hand began playing with her pussy. First she ran her fingers in a circle over the tiny strip of red pubic hair. She then moved her fingers down so they were rubbing her lips. After 2 or 3 minutes she stopped the circular motion and with two fingers pulled her lips apart slightly. From his vantage point he could see how wet her pussy was. Her other hand then appeared from behind the couch with one of her toys that he hadn’t seen for quite some time.

Long before they had even thought about The Chair, when they knew each other only from the strip club where she worked, he had bought this one for her birthday. It was a glass dildo about 8 inches long made up of several different size spheres, each a little larger than the previous one. She had told him how she had seen glass dildos in some of the pictorials in Penthouse and they both thought they were really sexy. For an added thrill, they can be chilled or heated. Typically she preferred to use hers after it had been heated under warm water.

Holding the glass dildo in her left hand, she used the small sphere on the end and traced a path around the lips of her pussy and then up and over her clit. She repeated this pattern several times, each time she seemed to be getting more and more excited as he could see her pussy become even wetter than it had been. She then took the dildo and inserted the first sphere between her lips. As the widest part of the sphere passed through, she released her lips, allowing them to close around the cool glass surface. She next slowly pulled the glass phallus part way out, allowing her lips to form themselves around the circumference. Then she slowly pushed it in past the second, slightly larger, sphere. As she continued to torment herself with the first two spheres, she used her free hand to simultaneously play with her clit.

He could tell by the change in her breathing that she was now getting close to climaxing. She now inserted the dildo past the third, even larger sphere. As she continued thrusting the unit in and out, her breathing became even more labored. She began thrusting even faster and faster, at the same time rubbing her clit, until her orgasm exploded. As she came, she screamed.

He always enjoyed watching and hearing her come. His mind drifted back to memories of watching her make herself climax in the middle of a lap dance with him in the club.

As she slowly regained her senses, she noticed for the first time that he had been watching her. A smile crept across her lips when she saw the bulge in his pants as he looked at her. She took the computer keyboard and typed a message to her anonymous voyeur (known only as SexySlut217), informing them that her guy was here and she was going to sign off to take care of him. After reading the return message on the screen, she told him that her “friend” had asked if she could watch the two of them. He now knew that the person on the other end was a female (or at least claiming to be). He only had to think about it for a few seconds before telling the redhead that he was OK with it if she was. After all, they frequently had fatih escort sex in the presence of others, and this was another step removed from that. While she typed their answer on the keyboard and repositioned the webcam, he quickly stripped off his shoes, socks, shirt, and pants.

He then stepped up to where the redhead was sitting on the couch and let her have the honor of removing his boxers and revealing his long fat dick to the female on the other end of the webcam. The redhead slowly stroked his manhood from the head to the base and back again. She then turned him sideways with respect to the camera before she starting licking up and down his cock. When she couldn’t wait any longer, she took him in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down as she took his dick further and further down her throat. He could only take a few minutes of this before he was ready to cum. The redhead sensed his impending climax and backed off until just the tip of his dick was in her mouth. As he began to cum, she grabbed his dick and aimed it at her open mouth, letting the webcam capture the cum shot. When his orgasm ceased she swallowed every drop. She taking care to lick her lips clean of the few spurts that had missed the target.

She and her guy then fell back onto the couch and looked at the computer screen in front of them. A stream of text appeared from the anonymous female on the other end of the connection. SexySlut217 was thanking them for a wonderful performance, but now she was so turned on that she said she would have to go and take care of herself. The redhead grabbed the keyboard and typed in that “turnabout was fair play” and she should turn on her camera and let them watch her masturbate. There was a long period where no text appeared. Was she considering it? Had she left?

And then all of a sudden an image appeared on the screen. It was the image of a sexy brunette lying on a bed. They rightly assumed that this was their electronic voyeur. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties with shoulder length hair (predominately straight but with a slight curl to it). She was wearing a short powder blue tank top that did little to conceal the shape of her large full breasts (they would come to find out later that they were natural) and a sexy lace panty that looked like it came from Victoria’s Secret. Her legs were long and shapely and her thighs were firm.

The brunette turned around so she was now facing the camera with her back against some pillows against the headboard. The camera had a perfect angle looking straight at the beautiful girl on the bed. Her legs were spread slightly, her knees were bent and her feet were flat on the bed. As they watched the computer screen, the redhead sat in front of him and leaned back against his naked chest as he wrapped his arms around her. The brunette on the other end of the computer connection brought her one hand down across her chest and began touching her breast through the tank top. Her other hand slowly slid across the bare flesh of her tummy before coming to rest on the front of her lace panties. Not content with mere over the top stimulation, she moved her first hand under the tank top to massage her naked breast.

Not wanting to be denied a view of this girl’s incredible body, the redhead grabbed the keyboard and typed for SexySlut217 to remove the top. It was almost 30 seconds before the brunette noticed the message, being distracted with her own pleasure. She pulled the top off and threw it across the bed. Her breasts were even more beautiful than they could have imagined. Now unencumbered by the top, her hand returned to her breasts. She would alternate between rubbing and squeezing. Occasionally she would grasp a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pull, distending the breast a few inches, and then release it. As they watched her play with her breasts, they noticed that her other hand was quite busy rubbing her pussy through the lace. Before long the girl on the bed escalated her stimulation by moving her hand inside of her lace panties. Through the lace they could tell that she was now working at least one, but most likely two, fingers in and out of her pussy as she rubbed her clit with the heel of her hand.

Again the redhead took the keyboard and this time told the brunette to remove the panties. This time her response was almost instantaneous as she raised her ass and slipped the panties down off her legs. She then returned to her previous position except now she only had one leg bent at the knee with her foot on the bed. The other leg she had stretched out flat on the bed and spread far apart from her other leg, fully exposing her pussy to her voyeurs on the other end of the webcam. Before the brunette returned her fingers to her pussy, the redhead and her guy noticed a small tattoo located near her pussy. Unrestricted by the lace panties, she was now thrusting her fingers into her pussy more vigorously as she neared her climax. sarıyer escort bayan They watched as she simultaneously rubbed her clit with the fingers of her other hand. They watched as she bit her lower lip, closed her eyes and threw her head back as she came. Her legs clamped shut around her hand, holding her fingers in place as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her. As she lay there with her hand between her legs, they watched as her body spasmed as her orgasm slowly subsided.

It was 4 minutes before she made any voluntary movement. The brunette removed her hand from between her legs and then she turned around so her head was now nearer to the webcam and she was laying face down on the bed. From the angle she was laying at and the position of the webcam, they had a view of her naked backside. From what they could see, her ass was every bit as beautiful as her breasts. They also noticed that she had a larger tattoo on her lower back. Supporting herself on her elbows, the brunette began typing on her keyboard. As she typed, the redhead and her guy watched as her breasts hung down invitingly between her arms as she typed. She thanked them for a wonderful show and said that she hoped her show for them was as pleasing for them as it was for her. Then they both agreed that they would have to do this again sometime, soon. Then she signed off and their screen went blank.


Friday afternoon he called for the redhead to join him in the bedroom. He had the computer in the bedroom turned on when the redhead came in. Next to the computer there was a small cylinder attached by wire to the USB port of the computer. The computer screen was being projected on the large flat screen mounted on the wall in front of the bed. Beside him on the bed sat the wireless keyboard. He told her that it was time to test his latest invention. She excitedly joined him on the bed. At last she would find out what he had been working on. He reached into a box beside the bed and pulled out a medium sized dildo about 5 inches long. When he handed it to her she seemed a little disappointed that that was all that it was. She had been expecting something a little more elaborate. He told her that there was more than just the dildo. He then handed her a small white g-string. He told her that it was necessary for her to insert the dildo completely into her pussy and then slip on the g-string to hold it in place. Not questioning his judgment, she did as he told her. As she was getting prepared, he logged onto an internet site where he promptly encountered SexySlut217. It had been two weeks since their online encounter with SexySlut217.

Unbeknownst to the redhead, he had been in contact with SexySlut217 several times over the past few days since their webcam experience with her. He had initially contacted her to ask if she would help him test his next product. After swearing her to secrecy (from the redhead and anyone else) he described the device to her. She was instantly intrigued by the concept and agreed to help him. He had her meet him Thursday afternoon where he gave her a box containing the device and some software to install on her computer. They then mutually agreed on a time Friday that they would both manage to be online and looking for another webcam experience.

In the last few days he had also upgraded their webcam connection so that they now had audio as well as video capability. He spoke into the small microphone around his neck and asked if SexySlut217 would be interested in playing with them again (already knowing her answer). He told her that the redhead would go first. Then he told the redhead to get into the position that SexySlut217 had been in last time. She propped herself against the headboard and began playing with her breasts through her bra. SexySlut217 verbally coaxed the redhead on, telling her how hot she was, etc. When she thought the time was right, she told the redhead to remove the bra. By the time her bra had hit the floor, her hands were again playing with her breasts. As she pinched her nipple, she jumped as if she had been surprised by something. She looked over at her guy and saw that he was just watching her and was not touching anything. She was slightly confused as the reason she had jumped was that the dildo in her pussy had all of a sudden began slowly vibrating and pulsing. She had been sure that he had done something to cause it. She continued playing with her breasts and the vibrations began to increase. When she took her hands away from her tits, the vibrations stopped. For a moment she thought that the dildo could sense her state of arousal and react accordingly. Then she noticed that the next time the vibrations began, SexySlut217 had moved her one hand just outside the view of her webcam. She didn’t know how, but she was almost positive that SexySlut217 was controlling the dildo/vibrator in her pussy.

When she asked her guy if her assumption was correct, he smiled coyly at her and confirmed it. He explained that the commands were being transmitted over the internet and then transmitted from the wireless antenna (the cylinder connected to the computer) to the dildo. He said that the range could be adjusted anywhere from 20 feet to 300 feet.