The Bus


It was raining cats and dogs that morning. And it was Sunday.

Michelle was walking with her slippers on the side of the road to reach the bus station and go to the college.

Sunday and college in the same phrase was already sounding bad enough, but was raining hard and it was 4am.

Buses on Sunday didn’t make all the runs as while the week, and she couldn’t be late for the meeting with her professor.

The umbrella in a hand, the plastic bag with her shoes to change in the other, and her feet completely wet because of stepping in the puddles.

“What else could go wrong today” she was thinking in her mind.

Surprisingly, but not that much, at the bus station, the display was saying that her bus to the city was delayed 15 mins because of the weather.

It was dark and she was alone there and kinda scared by the look of a couple of guys looking at her like wolves look at the sheep they’re going to eat.

Minding her business, but suspiciously looking around, she waited for the bus, that when finally arrived, made her release a deep sigh of relief.

The bus was almost empty. Sunday was off day for most of the people and usually for her too.

The night before she almost forgot she had to go college in early morning, and she went meeting her girl friends and stayed up till late, so she was feeling really tired and still sleepy.

Good thing it would have took almost two hours to reach Manila and she could have take a nap on the bus.

The two ugly guys at the bus station, fortunately didn’t take her bus.

Walking thru the seats, she said hello to a man that previously had been in her mansion to makeover mom and dad’s master bedroom toilet.

He had been always a kind man. Many times, during the weekdays, he used to keep a seat for her when the bus was crowded.

She remembered the first time she met him. It was another bad day ad this man let her sit on his place when he noticed the bandages and gauze on her knee.

Since that day, they used to travel to the city many times sitting side by side and sometimes nicely talking about this and that.

Ronald was a 52yo man, married and with 6 kids.

He lived in a squatter area and struggling to bring food to his family, he used to have also a few bad business. People around, were saying he wasn’t the good man he was assuming to be, but Michelle didn’t feel scared of him. Not even once. He never did anything bad to her and had always been kind.

He was sort of ‘rough’ and always smelling like cigarettes, but that wasn’t bothering Michelle, who also was secretly smoking, since 15, when she was ‘out with the girls’ to feel more like a real woman.

She looked at the back of the bus and smiled when she saw that the last row was all for her. The bus’ lights were off and she could finally take a nap and just wake up at the bus terminal.

It didn’t take long time before Michelle fall asleep deeply with her head laying against the window.

She didn’t notice at all Ronald peeking at her time to time, and also didn’t notice at all when he transferred from his seat to the one right beside her. She was just sleeping too deep.

Michelle was such an unripe juicy fruit to Ronald. Back in the days when he was working in her house, many times he saw her roaming around just with panties and bra from a room to another. But she was just a couple of years older than his daughter and that seemed to him so not right.

Just, that morning, when she passed by his seat, the smell of her perfume pervaded his mind, and made him horny.

Just two women and another guy on the bus, all in the first rows of the bus.

He was right in the middle and Michelle in the last one.

He found himself a few times peeking at her and stroking his dick thru the pants thinking about how good should have been feeling her mouth on it.

What made him step up and move to her, he didn’t really know at the moment, but when her perfume stroked again his mind, it was like he couldn’t see clear anymore.

The feel of a rough hand on her legs was what Michelle felt. She was feeling this hand caressing her thigh on the side. Many times she had erotic dreams about her and classmates doing things. Many times before it felt so real, but when she woke up, nothing really happened. It was just a dream.

Ronald hand was moving on her legs slowly. Moving up a little her skirt.

Her skin was so soft and she was smelling so good. His head was side bent smelling her black long hair.

What woke Michelle from the dream, was the familiar smell of cigarettes coming from the breath of Ronald. In that moment she knew it wasn’t a dream and the feeling between her legs was making her feel so good.

He wasn’t definitely handsome, but interesting. A big man, just a little older than her father, curly hair and black beard. Strong and rough.

Her daddy’s issues were hitting her bad and she definitely liked to be touched by a man.

Michelle never had any experiences before. Her college schoolmate were all looking so gaziantep escort immature, also those last year guys.

In the dark hours at home, she used to watch porn vids with girls having sex with daddy’s type of men. Her friends were always joking on her about these daddy’s issues, but was sort of true, since her father was always abroad for work’s related problems and she never had a real father figure since she was a baby girl.

She kept faking she was sleeping, till his hand reached the edge of her panties. She felt like a warm wave passing thru all her body and automatically opened her legs. Her body was like doing everything by itself.

She was feeling ashamed, sort of abused, but at the same time the situation was exciting her and the Hello Kitty on her panties soaked wet, was the proof that she liked what was happening… a lot.

Was that the moment when Ronald’s finger passed the edge and touched her wet pussy. Ronald was happily surprised and started touch her, while Michelle breath was getting deeper and longer, almost moaning.

“Do you like it?” he whispered in her ear.

Michelle, slowly moving her head towards him, opened her eyes and nodded.

Ronald, looking straight in her eyes, removed his finger from her panties and licked it clean from her juice.

That warm shiver she felt before, became stronger seeing him doing that.

It was something she saw before in those porn videos online, but never in her fantasies, she thought a man would have done that for her.

Her panties were getting wetter. She didn’t know what was happening. Michelle’s mind was confused. Her strict education was always fighting with her naughty way to be. She was “a natural” as her friends used to say, but something like that never happened before. She was a rich girl and that man was probably the lowest possible class man she ever had met before.

She could feel the warm smelly breath of Ronald on her neck’s skin. He turned to her, using his left hand fingers to play her pussy thru the wet panties. Meanwhile, with his right hand, he unzipped his jeans and started stroke his hard cock.

Fortunately, because of the dark, nobody was noticing this young girl bending back her neck for pleasure on the last row of the bus. Her breath was deep, wheezing and seeing him jerking for her, with her, was making her excited more.

“Suck me” whispered Ronald.

Michelle didn’t want believe her ears. She tried to fake she didn’t hear him say that. They were on a bus and she was scared to be seen a make a sin that would have been ruining her ‘good family girl reputation’.

“Suck me now” he said again in a rude way.

A little feeling of fear made Michelle bend down on Ronald’s dick.

The acrid smell of urine pervaded her nostrils. She was slowly opening her mouth and taking out her tongue out to taste him, when he pushed down her head and she felt like choking as big as he was in her mouth.

His right hand on her head was giving the rhythm of the blowjob and Michelle could feel his breath getting faster and deeper with time, until…

Ronald squirted a huge amount of cum in her mouth.

Michelle, gagging and coughing attracted the attention of the two women in the front seats.

“Is she ok?” asked to Ronald one of the two.

“She just didn’t digest her breakfast” answered him trying to take away the attention of those two nosy ladies.

Her puke mixed with his cum, messed the whole floor in the bus.

Michelle’s eyes were reddish as she’d cried and she was still feeling nauseating for what just happened.

In her mind, she was just hoping for the bus to reach the terminal, so she could have just leave and forget what just happened, even she liked it somehow.

Sitting still beside Ronald at that point, was like being a prisoner. She knew that unless he was leaving the bus at the terminal, she wouldn’t have been able to move away from him. What she didn’t know, was that it wasn’t over.

“Look how good you are” said Ronald showing her his cellphone.

Michelle was seeing herself sucking his dick on the screen the cellphone.

“If you don’t want me to show this to your mom and dad, from now on, you’re going to be my sex toy”.

Those words whispered by Ronald, were like a knife in her back. Aside of choking and puking when he did cum in her throat, she liked what happened. Why doing that to her?

She couldn’t say anyone about it. She couldn’t scream or anything. Who knows what he should have done if only she tried to react against that.

All those rumors about him, shouldn’t be all lies. Once she heard at the market a man saying that he was the guy who killed another man just because of a cheeky compliment to his daughter.

She remembered about that episode. The guy was found dead and with his dick cut and inside his mouth.

“See you tomorrow Michelle” were the words he used to greet her when they reached the bus terminal in the city.

What happened that morning on the bus bothered Michelle the whole day.

She wasn’t really sure she would have take again the bus the morning after, but another part of her, the same night, found herself masturbating in her bed thinking about what happened in the bus.

That morning, the bus was on time. At 6.15 o’clock, she was already stepping inside the but and walking in the aisle between dozen of seats full of people sleeping or chit chatting between each other.

Ronald was sit already in the last row and the seat on the window side was empty for her.

Lights were down, he was there and it would have take almost a couple of hours before reach the city. The only difference from the day before, was that the bus was kinda crowded and probably nothing should have happened.

Ronald was acting like nothing happened the day before. Talking to her like many times before happened when, like that day, they used to ride the same bus going to the city, her to go school and him to go work.

Michelle, thinking that would have been safer, had put her school backpack over her legs.

She was telling him about the movie she had been watching the night before with her mom and about some scandalous scenes in it, that her mother didn’t want her to see, when she suddenly felt the hand of Ronald pass thru the backpack, under her skirt and moving up her leg as it happened before.

“Sir please…” she whispered blushing.

“You’re my sex toy, remember?” he whispered back.

The risk of being caught, his fingers touching her again, was making her excited once more, like it happened the night before in the bed while she was masturbating and thinking of him.

His fingers moving sapiently inside her panties, were making her shiver and want to moan, and it was really hard for her to keep a decent look in the middle of all those people around them in the bus.

He was playing with her. Bringing her to the edge of the orgasm and stopping, to start again when he was able to feel her breath get calmer.

The edging game seemed Michelle like never-ending. She came like a river just a few minutes before reach the bus terminal.

Walking down the bus, her legs were still shaking and being in the last row, while they were waiting for all the people to go down, Michelle felt Ronald getting really closer to her. Taking advantage of being the last two falling in line, he pulled up her skirt and pushed his boner to hit her ass.

“One of these days I wanna fuck you” whispered in her ears.

Michelle just nodded, like in a hypnotic status, meanwhile her pussy was dripping her panties due to the previous orgasm.

“See you tomorrow Michelle” greeted her again Ronald, while she was running to the Jeepney stop to not get late for her lessons.

Days were passing by like that. Everyday the same bus, the same window seat and Ronald secretly touching her during the journey to the city.

Michelle, for her part, when he was bringing the jacket in the rainy days, started to jerk him off while he was touching her pussy.

It was Sunday. Right two weeks later, after their first time in the bus, when Michelle woke up really early.

“Where are you going on Sunday” asked her the mother.

“I need to meet my professor for my sociology assignment mom” answered Michelle while wearing shoes.

There was no school for her and no work for Ronald on that Sunday.

They just agreed to meet and finally go further in their so called relationship.

If people would have known about that, probably the adjectives would have been corrupt, rotten, depraved.

A 52yo man and a barely legal 18yo student.

But, aside the first time, when he threatened her with the video on his cellphone, anything happened in the last few weeks, was something Michelle liked and wanted more.

She had been thinking about it. Most of her friends already had lose their virginity with schoolmates, probably in a dirty toilet at the college.

For her, an hotel room was waiting for that moment and with an experienced man.

What happened on the bus, or better say what didn’t happen on the bus, made Michelle feel strange.

She was expecting him to touch her as usual. She didn’t wear panties on purpose and she was ready to suck his dick like happened before. She had been watching videos on her laptop and read how to swallow his cum without puking.

He woke her up once at the bus terminal.

“Let’s go. We’ll take a taxi” said Ronald.

She followed like a puppet, but bothered for his behavior on the bus.

“Maybe he just want to fuck at the hotel” was her thought.

Things got hotter in the taxi.

While they were just sitting and talking, Ronald had his hand on her leg, caressing, when he noticed the taxi driver peeking at them from the inside mirror.

“What are you looking at, huh?” said in a rude way Ronald to the guy.

“Do you like her?” he kept on saying.

Michelle was feeling embarrassed about the situation.

Nobody knew her well in the city, but the taxi driver was really looking at her insistently and she was feeling so shy.

“No sir. I would never allow myself to like your daughter” replied the taxi driver.

“She’s not my daughter. She’s my sex toy” replied Ronald with a naughty grin on his face, starting touching her breast thru the shirt.

Michelle’s cheeks got red from the embarrassment of his words, but on the other side, he was finally touching her and that what she wanted since stepping inside the bus that morning.

She pulled her head back while he started to unbutton her shirt and starting play her nipples. Also she opened her legs a little and holding his wrist, made him feel she wasn’t’ wearing panties.

“Look ahead and drive” Ronald said.

The taxi stopped when they arrived at the motel.

“It’s 300 pesos Sir” said the driver.

“Do you accept special payments?” asked Ronald.

“What do you mean Sir?” asked the driver.

“I’ve seen you peeking her tiny boobs while you were driving. Do you want to touch it and lick her nipples as payment?”

Michelle was surprised by Ronald’s words. Almost shocked.

“Daddy please…” muttered.

She started call him “daddy” a few days after their first time and Ronald was really aroused by that.

“Shut up” yelled her back.

Nodding, the taxi driver moved to the underground parking of the motel and once stopped, moved to the back seat with them.

Michelle, was in between two men.

The taxi driver started touching and sucking her nipples, meanwhile Ronald was touching her between the legs.

Never in her wildest dream she would have thought that something like that could happen in the real life.

Her nipples were hard as rocks and a little sore.

“Ouch” she said a couple of times while the taxi driver was biting her.

But the feelings were all good. Her slutty side was unleashing right that morning.

“Touch his dick” whispered Ronald in her ear.

Surprising the driver, Michelle unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard dick and started with slow movements up and down.

Compared to Ronald, he was really small and it didn’t take long for him to come, messing his pants and her hand.

Looking straight in the eyes of Ronald, Michelle licked clean her fingers and kissed him deeply, sharing the taxi driver taste.

“Get the fuck out now” said Ronald to the guy.

They stepped down and went straight to the motel’s reception, where a young guy, that should have had almost the same age of Michelle, gave them a key and took Ronald’s money without even look them back.

Arrived in the room, Ronald took out from his small backpack a box and handed it to her. “Here. This is a gift for you”.

Michelle, surprised, started opened the cardboard box and remove the paper and the plastic which were covering an 8″ pink rabbit dildo.

“Is this really mine daddy?” asked her with a big smile on her face.

He nodded back, but then again, with an enthusiastic voice she said “but daddy I’m virgin still how…”

He didn’t even let her finish the phrase. Pulled her against him and started kissing her.

His beard was tickling her face and that was the real first kiss he was giving her. Could she consider herself like his lover? His mistress?

Her romantic dream, fastly ended when he pulled up her skirt revealing her freshly shaved pussy.

That morning, Michelle woke up really early to get ready. While showering she looked down and decided that she would have look like those pornstars in the videos. Completely shaved. Clean and good to lick for “her man”.

“You little slut. You really got ready for my dick” exclaimed Ronald.

And in less than a second she found herself thrown on the bed, with him licking her between the legs and fingering her ass.

His callous finger penetrating her small hole was giving her pain and pleasure. But Ronald knew the moves. His tongue playing her clit and his finger digging her deep in the ass were making Michelle feel like in heaven.

She didn’t need to keep silent anymore. She was moaning and without even understanding what she was saying, was desperately begging him for more.

“Fuck me, I’m ready” were the words she pronounced right before she felt a piercing feeling in her pussy when he entered her without any precaution.

She was wet from her fluids and his saliva, but she was still virgin and the big tool of Ronald, made her feel like wrecked.

She started screaming, moaning, crying all together. All of a sudden.

But he wasn’t listening and she couldn’t move away.

She just was under him. Getting hit roughly and harder the more he was moving inside her. That wasn’t definitely the way she was dreaming her first time. But that was it.

She was biting her lips to try to feel less pain, meanwhile he was groaning in her ears and pushing his hard dick deeper than he could.

Suddenly he jumped out and moved right beside her face.

Michelle could see Ronald’s dick wet and dirty of her blood, right before he took her head and pushed it inside her mouth.

Fucking her mouth, and giving her again that feeling of gagging, Ronald came in her mouth like a river.