The Birds And The Bees.


Hello all, I’m so sorry that I haven’t written. I’m working every day now, and have my boys in afternoon, so I’ve been busy. I ‘ve been thinking about all of the hard cocks out here who enjoy my stories, and how I’ve been depriving them. This story took place 2 years ago, in late Summer.As I told you in a previous story, there is a park near my house.(The same park as in my last story). Actually its a large, wooded area with a pond and alot of walking trails. There are also alot of little paths that lead into the woods. It’s a very nice place, quiet and serene. It’s also quite busy in nice weather, people fishing in the pond, soccer moms walking on trails, and bird watchers walking through the woods.I love nature. I enjoy camping and boating, just being outdoors. It’s nice to escape once in a while. I regret that I don’t walk in this park as often as I used too, because of my time constraints. Usually, I would walk alone on the main walking paths, bursa escort but sometimes, if I was with somebody, I’d venture into the woods. I found some very secluded spots.Two years ago, in early September, I decided to go for a walk with a male friend of mine, Jack. He’s a dear friend who helped me out during my divorce. I’ve known him since high school. Jack has always been a very attractive man, even in high school. All of the girls, including me, wanted him. We didn’t have sex with each other until we we’re both 19 years old. Since then, we’ve been off and on “fuck buddies.” At the time of this incident, however, we hadn’t had sex in about a year, and I hadn’t seen him in about 2 months.As I said earlier, it was hot out, in the high 80’s and quite humid. I decided to wear a pair of cutoff jeans and a light blue loose fitting shirt with my sneakers. Jack arrived with a pair of grey running pants and a white muscle shirt. When I saw bursa escort bayan him, I immediately got wet. He looked so hot. I gave him a big hug and we started our walk.We walked about 40 minutes, looking at the birds, enjoying nature. At this time, I was still getting over my divorce, so we talked about that alot. Jack let me vent and we discussed my future options. I hadn’t started giving massages yet and was a bit lost on what I would do to make money. We found a bench to sit on and Jack let me cry in his arms for a few minutes. Jack was sweating, and so was I. The humidity made it a bit uncomfortable, so we decided to go back to our cars. On the way back, I asked him if we could take the long way, on a small foot path leading into the woods. He said sure and we started back. This path is rarely used because its a bit over grown, and it leads nowhere. At the end is a small, little field about 200 yards from main path. I knew escort bursa this, Jack didn’t.I was feeling vulnerable and hadn’t been with a man in a while. Being out in nature, and the feel of his sweaty body had made me horny. My shirt was wet, and low cut. I had caught him sneaking a pick at my tits a few times, that turned me on too. When got to the end of the path, into the small field, Jack looked a little perplexed.”Um, I think we went the wrong way Sara” he said.”No we didn’t” I replied, with this smirk on my face.I reached up and gave him a huge kiss. I rubbed his crotch with my right hand, noticing that he didn’t have on any underwear.”Fuck me.” I said, in a soft, sexy voice.”Right here?” he replied, looking a bit shocked.”Yes Jack, right here.” I said, “Fuck me.”As I said that, I yanked his jogging pants down to his knees. His big cock was dangling in the hot sun. I gently pushed him against a tree, then I grabbed his hand and put it on my left tit. Then, as I shoved my tongue down his throat, I began stroking his cock. It didn’t take very long for him to get hard.Jack was getting into it. He was kissing me roughly, and squeezing my tits. The smell of our sweaty bodies was arousing.