TamaraGreg III

Alina Lopez

Tamara’s mom, Dominque, couldn’t believe what she’d just heard, her baby girl was writhing in the midst of an orgasm. Dominque was torn. She was horny and had come over to pick Tamara’s brain about her encounter with her boyfriend, Greg. Was Tamara masturbating about what had happened with Greg or was she reacting to her presence? Her daughter’s thrashing had subsided, but her breathing was deep and rapid. Dominque leaned over to kiss your daughter’s head to show she wasn’t mad or grossed out, just to show it was okay. Her robe fell partially open and as her lips encountered Tamara’s moist forehead, her breast landed upon her cheek. “It’s okay, baby,” Dominque said. Tamara moaned and snuggled her face into Dominque’s breasts. “Baby,” Dominque said feeling a little panic rise in her mind as Tamara shifted on the bed and faced into her breasts. “You feel escort nice, Momma,” Tamara growled in her throat. Dominque didn’t know what to say so she kept her mouth shut. She suddenly thought she might know what a rabbit felt like when discovered in the yard by a dog. Tamara’s arms reached around Dominque’s waist and she drew herself further into her robe. “You feel sooo nice,” Tamara mumbled again. “Baby,” Dominque said leaning back against her daughter’s grasp. “We shouldn’t…” Tamara nuzzled her breasts with her face, from one to the other and back again. “Momma,” Tamara whispered, “cumming feels wonderful, but it feels so much better when someone else gets you off.” Dominque smiled knowing her daughter was right. She put a hand on Tamara’s head. “Did you and Greg have fun tonight?” “Ugh huh,” Tamara said, her voice muffled in bayan escort Dominque’s breasts. “What did you guys do, baby?” “I told you already,” Tamara purred. “He fucked me with his fingers and made me cum.” Dominque felt her pussy moisten, though she’d been wet coming into the room. Her plan was to hear what had transpired then retreat to her own room for a little finger or vibe time. “And?” “And, what?” Tamara giggled. Dominque suspected her daughter was messing with her and knew damn well what she was getting at. “His cock, baby,” Dominque had a sudden urge to slip a finger onto her clit, but she resisted. “did you measure it, honey?” “Sure did,” Tamara said, “and I took a picture of it.” “Really?” “Wanna see?” Dominque felt her stomach tighten into a quick, hard knot, “What did you tell Greg?” “That you wanted to know escort bayan how big his cock was?” Dominque stopped breathing for a second and felt the start of a full panic attack begin at the base of her skull. Her breathing increased and she felt a clammy sweat break out on her forehead. “Oh, Momma.” Tamara sat up. “Don’t panic.” Her daughter brought a hand to her cheek and caressed it. “I think it turned him on. Hell, he thought we were sisters for the longest time.” “But, what if he tells…” “He’s not gonna tell anyone,” Tamara giggled. “You wanna see his cock? It’s big.” Dominque took a deep breath and tried to settle her nerves. She leaned over and rested against the headboard of Tamara’s bed, taking another deep breath. Tamara reached over to the night stand and grabbed her phone. Her fingers slid across the screen and it lit up brilliantly in the dark room. She flicked and tapped then handed the phone to her. The screen was dominated by the fat, flared cock head, the white shaft stretching out behind. It was big, or at least from this angle looked big, but cameras did that.