Female Pov

I remember the day well as it was minus forty below with the wind chill and there was a blizzard outside. Schools and businesses shut down. Therefore, I grabbed a bottle of scotch, poured myself a drink, and sat in the chair with my laptop. I did a search for erotic literature.After going through several sites, I found one that looked promising. The name of the site was “Lushstories.” I read a few from each category, love poems to BDSM and decided that this was the site. I put together my profile and began writing a story.I received several friend requests and checked out their profiles. One in particular caught my eye and I accepted. Her name was Stacey and her profile showed we had much in common. Reaching for my glass, I took a swig of scotch and as I did, my heart raced when she messaged me. I responded and we began our chat.Now four months later we have grown closer than we thought possible over the Internet. One night Stacey asked what I thought about meeting. I escort izmit told her I would love to but we are half a world away. I told her that I would be closer to her next month as I had a week of business meetings in Tahiti. She said that her calendar was open and would love to meet there.We both agreed that in the four months that we have chatted a very strong bond had developed between us. We have the same taste in music, art and theater. We both enjoy quiet evenings at home reading or watching movies. Though it has been a very short period, we felt comfortable enough with each other that meeting was the next logical step. However, neither of us expected this to happen so soon.I told Stacey when I was arriving at the resort and she was busy making plane reservations as we chatted. She finally found a flight that would get her there thirty minutes after my arrival. I told her I was staying at the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa. She said that she was familiar izmit escort with the resort. Then quickly went online and was able to get reservations for the same week. It was set and both of us were looking forward to meeting.We chatted late into the night and the next morning. This had been our pattern ever since we met. I reached over for the glass and took another swig of scotch. We continued this every night until the day before our flights were to leave.Midway through my flight, I found myself feeling anxious about meeting Stacey. I thought of everything we said to each other. She always at the end of our chats would say, “Sweet dreams my love, till tomorrow.” I felt like I did back in high school going on my first date.After the plane landed, I hurried to get my luggage and head to the resort. The ride seemed to take forever. When I arrived, my luggage was immediately taken to my Garden Pool Bungalow.After checking in at the izmit kendi evi olan escort main office, I went to my bungalow. When I arrived, I was happy to see that it had its own private garden, outdoor plunge pool, terrace, and lounge chairs.After settling in, I headed to the restaurant and asked for a table for two. Stacey arrived twenty minutes later. I stood and greeted her with a kiss on her cheek. Being the gentleman, I pulled the chair out for her. She had on a white strapless dress that was breath taking.We ordered drinks and our entrées. We talked about everything from our online chats to politics. Throughout dinner, I felt as if we had known each other for years.After our meal, I suggested a walk on the beach. Stacey agreed and off we went. We were soon holding hands, laughing and talking about our feelings for each other. We stopped briefly to remove our shoes and continued barefoot. The sand was warm and soothing. A little, further down the beach I stopped dropping our shoes and pulled Stacey to me.I embraced her and kissed her passionately. She responded by placing a hand on the bulge in my pants and lightly tracing it with her fingers. I felt my cock begin to stiffen as her fingers moved slowly up the shaft then back down.