Susan and Mark start a family

Double Penetration

My brother, Mark and I were insatiable! Every chance we got, we had mind-blowing sex. Whenever my husband Barry and my son Daniel were out, we had sex at my house. Whenever they were home, I drove to Mark’s apartment. Barry was clueless, which added to the excitement. His own ‘prim-and-proper’ wife riding her muscular brother’s huge penis in the marital bed.Mark and I had recently started to have unprotected sex, and a naughty thought entered my mind after he finished ejaculating on my breasts. I propped myself up onto the headboard to cuddle Mark.”Mark, dear?” I asked.”Yes, love?” Mark replied while caressing my boob.”How would you feel,” I asked as I looked into his piercing eyes, şişli escort bayan “about a baby?”Mark sighed.”Susan, I would love to have a child with you! But what about genetic issues?””I’ve looked into it and it should be fine!” I replied.”What about Barry?” Mark asked.”Oh, fuck Barry. It’s you I want!” I replied, squeezing his semi-hard penis. “This is your bed now, not his!”Mark stretched his arms and placed them behind his head, with a smug expression.”I like the sound of that”, he replied.I cuddled into his muscular body, vaginal bush rubbing against his leg.”So, when do you want to, you know, meet again?” Mark asked.”Well,” I replied. “Daniel and Barry are here all of şişli escort bayan tomorrow, but I could tell them that I am going out with Julie.”Mark turned towards me, pressing his penis against my bush and shoved his tongue into my mouth.I checked my wristwatch. “Shoot! It’s nearly six! Barry will be home any minute!” I said, rushing to put my clothes back on.Mark quickly got dressed and ran to his car. He gave me a wink before driving off.I sat in my room, flustered with excitement. I was going to try for a baby!-|-The next evening couldn’t have come any quicker. Mark had booked us at the fancy restaurant in town, while I went with the Julie story as an alibi. She knew about mecidiyeköy escort Mark and me, which is why if Barry were to get suspicious, Julie would lie for me.I wore a black sleeveless dress and high heels. Barry called me beautiful and told me to have fun.”Oh, I will.” I sneered.I drove to the restaurant to meet Mark. We sat in the corner, candle-lit and whispering sweet nothings to each other. After a wonderful meal, I drove the two of us back to Mark’s apartment. Inside, we immediately stripped off all of our clothes and made our way to the bedroom.I wanted to savor the moment. I crawled onto his muscular body and worshipped every part of it. Rubbing my boobs and vagina over his abs. Kissing his handsome lips. I got on top of him and placed his throbbing penis under my vagina. I sensually grinded against it, feeling the texture. I looked down at him. His cheeky grin looking up at me.”You ready for a baby?” I shyly asked.