Summer morning, or Kick in the balls


It was a hot summer morning. The sun blazed in the garden, jumping with its bunnies on the leaves of apple trees, which should soon bear fruit. The nightingales sang in a flood, and a light wind leaned one of the branches of the apple tree against the window of the house.Our hero lives in this modest house. He has already woken up, opened the curtains and is now doing exercises. It’s very ugly to spy on others, but I’m sure readers won’t mind if I take advantage of this author’s legal right to spy on my characters and show you my character in all its glory, because now is just the right time for this.He is a tall eighteen-year-old with a lean build but moderately muscular. He’s not a jock, not at all. But he shows that he is taking care of his health. He has cute brown eyes. I think readers will be pleased escort kocaeli with the fact that he practices almost naked, in some boxers. This will help us get a better look at his body, including the part of him that everyone is interested in. He is well equipped, and the short, tight-fitting boxers emphasize this well. His weighty pouch nestled comfortably between two strong long legs. I think he enjoys looking at himself in the mirror during class, and for good reason. He is still watching, enjoying his body.Now he is crouching, and we see his juicy elastic buttocks pulled together by the fabric of boxers. Now he is in a plank position, his whole body tense, he has a sculpted torso and strong arms; in the groin area, the same pouch (with jewelry) sticks out. But he stands in an interesting pose and stretches kocaeli anal yapan escort his back and press; in the people this pose is called “cancer”, in which he looks especially good. Strong back, elastic young hot body.So, a handsome eighteen-year-old boy was sitting in some tight boxers on a soft sofa, his legs apart; he was aroused from touching himself and, apparently, from his reflection in the mirror too. What he had between his legs looked impressive even through his boxers. Any girl would dream of sucking such a guy, and there would be enough guys.Unexpectedly for me, he hit himself in the balls with his fist several times, his legs shuddered, his abs tightened, his breathing quickened. He stroked himself through the fabric of his boxers, izmit yabancı escort then deftly pulled them off and tossed them aside. He took a pair of office rubber bands and bandaged his clean-shaven balls with them. Now they were securely fixed and could not avoid blows. His hand reached for the member, and he began to masturbate. With the other hand, he hit his balls.He likes to beat himself on the testicles, and indeed, not only himself, but also other guys. He liked to feel the power over the guys when he held their balls in his fist and was ready to inflict the most hellish pain in their lives at any moment. This sense of power aroused him. Especially if he managed to saddle huge beefy guys in this way. And after he managed to capture the eggs of these jocks in his iron fist, all their strength was already useless, and they became helpless. He also did not mind when he was already held for the most precious thing. As his gonads constricted, he wondered how long he could last. Of course, such mockery of the testicles does not make any sense if you are not going to finish after this.