Suburbia Ch. 17 – Festival


This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone. It is the last – planned – story in the suburbia series.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts lesbian sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.



Anna was actually enjoying some alone time having a drink while listening to the background music at the festival. She shouldn’t even be here, but lady luck smiled on her when her friend Bev presented her with the three-day ticket that she had purchased for herself but something had come up at work and she couldn’t make it. Bev knew Anna was a Halestorm fan, more specifically Lzzy Hale’s superb vocals, and knew the ticket wouldn’t go to waste. They had not long finished their set for the night to a great ovation from the assembled crowd, hence Anna’s retreat to this bar area — one of the smaller ones that was suitably quiet while the first night’s headliners had launched into their set.

They weren’t bad and Anna was enjoying the background music when a young girl — at least to Anna’s early 40’s age — came in and slumped down at a nearby table (when I say table, I mean upturned cable boss with accompanying beer crates for seats). The newcomer was obviously upset about something, and Anna had decided to leave the girl to her own thoughts until she started banging her fists on the table in frustration.

Deciding to help a sister in what could easily become a hostile environment, Anna stood up with her drink and went and sat next to the newcomer “Hey sweetie, I’m Anna. There is a safety in numbers around here, I hope you don’t mind me joining you. It doesn’t take a genius to work out you’re obviously riled about something. They say a problem shared is a problem halved. Let me get you a drink and you can tell me.”

The young woman shrugged “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be such a killjoy. It’s just my friend has just got off with someone and needs the use of our tent for a few hours.” Anna patted her shoulder and went to refill her own glass and got a beer for the newcomer.

When she returned to the table, Anna clinked her glass against the beer bottle and announced, “To solitary solidarity.”

That managed to break the ice and the younger woman laughed at herself and replied “To solidarity. My names Katrina by the way. Sorry for being a crouch, I just can’t believe Jo would do such a thing after she begged me to come. I know she paid for my ticket and all but all the same you don’t leave someone hanging in the wind with nowhere to go.” And with that Katrina took a long slug of the beer.

“Well, that’s two of us, my friend gifted me her ticket when she couldn’t come. I’ve already seen the group I came to see and so just deciding what to do with myself now they have retreated backstage” replied Anna to break the ice.

Katrina’s face lit up and said “Don’t tell me, Halestorm. Oh man what a voice she has but it’s that crazy brother of hers on the drums that gets me.” To which Anna clinked her glass against the bottle once more to acknowledge the sentiment.

“So, are you here on your own?” enquired Katrina.

Anna nodded her confirmed as she took a slug of her drink, placing the drink down she eventually replied “Yup. This is hubby’s worst nightmare. He hates crowds at the best of times and he’s definitely not into this music scene.”

“I see” said Katrina in response, adding “I take it he’s not concerned about you being on your own in this crowd?”

Anna smirked and replied, “He’s got no idea what a festival is like, besides he knows I can handle myself if needs be” and with that playfully flexed her arms before saying, “Don’t worry sister your Auntie Anna will look after your virtue if you want her to. Mine isn’t the biggest tent here but you are welcome to crash there with me. No strings. I’d hate for you to be hanging around on your own. Besides, I imagine those babies attract all the boys” nodding down to Katrina’s impressive chest.

It wasn’t so much the size of Katrina’s boobs that made them stand out in her plain black T-shirt, it was the fullness of them that had drawn more than one admiring glimpse from Anna. Katrina looked down and crossed her hands further to hide her chest “These? Sadly, they attract all the wrong attention. All fellas want to do is stare at them while they’re talking to you.”

Another clink of their drinks from Anna “I’m with you there sister. Mine are insignificant compared to yours but that doesn’t stop them doing the same to me.” Anna’s face changed to a conspiratorial look and nudging closer to Katrina lowered her voice to a whisper before adding “I bet a fair few of the lezzies don’t miss clocking them either?”

For her response Katrina elbowed Anna playfully and replied, bursa escort “I thought you were married?”

Anna shrugged and nestled in clisely again and whispered “I am but if I had those babies to play with, I would stay in bed playing with them all day every day. Besides, just because I’m married doesn’t mean I don’t know what it’s like to partake in attention from the sisterhood.”

Katrina pulled back slightly with a shocked look on her face. “What?” questioned Anna, adding “I’m telling you. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” Turning to face Katrina square on she pocked a finger at the younger girl’s shoulder and asked “Come on. I’ve spilled some of my secrets. Tell me. How many blokes have you slept with?” with abroad smirk on her face.

Shaking her head as she took another gulp Katrina replied, “Oh no, my lips are staying firmly shut.”

Anna sensed a challenge “Ok, young lady, if you’re going to play that game. I’d hope it’s only in single digits and less than five.”

Katrina sensed the play in Anna’s voice and so smirked but slowly nodded her head. Anna sat up straighter and said “I’m glad to hear it. Is it less than 3?” again a very slow nod. Anna reached out and patted Katrina’s hand “Good girl. Less than 2?” Katrina let out a barked laugh but shook her head.

Anna opened her hands in exclamation “Ok, 2 it is. Now let me ask you — as a person that has had 10 times that number. I know what I’d say but were both experiences the earth-shattering events that people always talk about?” Again, Katrina was smirking but shuck her head slowly once more.

Anna jumped about excitedly “See I told you. Now have you ever had the same experience with another woman?” Again, a smirk and a slow shake of the head from Katrina. Anna punched the younger woman gently on her arm and said “Well there you go then. You’ll never know until you try and what do they always say?” Katrina looked blank and shrugged her shoulders and so Anna finished with “Who knows a woman’s body better than another woman.”

It was at this point that four young lads walked into the bar area, the lead two looking over at Anna and Katrina and pretended to doff their imaginary cap addressing them with “Well hello ladies. Would you like some company from four handsome examples of manhood” Anna was so far out of their league they knew they didn’t stand a chance with her, but it wouldn’t hurt trying?

She could tell from Katrina’s expression that she was far from impressed and so whispered under her breath “Do you want me to get rid of them?” to which Katrina nodded slightly and so Anna beamed up at them replying “Well we were sat here waiting for some tall brooding men.” They collectively nudged each other with their elbows. At this point Anna delivered the killer blow by dropping her smile and adding “Now please move on so we don’t miss them” Anna reached under the makeshift table and squeezed Katrina’s leg making her jump slightly. The other three laughed and pushed the vocal one towards the bar seeing the joke for what it was.

Anna leant nearer Katrina and asked, “Do you want another drink here or we can head back to my tent and open the bottle I have stashed away?” Without thinking Katrina leaned in and replied “I think I’ve had enough of the company around here. Do you mind me crashing at yours? If only for a short while?”

The older woman nonchalantly shrugged and took Katrina’s hand standing her up “Of course I don’t mind; I wouldn’t have offered otherwise. I think I’ve got the measure of you now and you don’t have any axes to wield. I didn’t cramp your style just then?” nodding towards the four youths.

Katrina just rolled her eyes adding “Not a chance” and continued to hold Anna’s hand as they made their way towards the mass of tents. “It’s funny. When we rocked up at the camp site this morning, little did I know I’d have to be finding alternative accommodation” Katrina said after a while.

Anna let go of Katrina’s hand and put her arm around the young girl “What sort of woman would I be to abandon a sister in her hour of need. Besides, I like your company – I’d only be sat there on my own so why not enlist some nice company to share a drink with. I see something of a younger me in you.” Katrina leant into Anna’s arm and lent her head against the older woman’s shoulder giving Anna another chance to glimpse down and check out Katrina’s full round breasts in the faded light.

After no more than five minutes picking their way through the sea of tents Anna stopped at a particularly florescent green tent and turned them both around so that Katrina could orientate herself with the surroundings “There? You see where you are from the stage and refreshments/loos area over there.” Anna swiftly crouched down, undid the combination lock, and drew the zipper back. She crawled in closely followed by her visitor.

As Katrina seated herself down on the inflated mattress, she had a quick look around to find all Anna’s gear neatly stacked in one corner which the bursa escort bayan older woman was currently rummaging around her bag and turned triumphantly with a wide grin on her face “Ta-da” holding a bottle of Vodka aloft. Katrina smiled back and raised her eyebrows as Anna added “I’m afraid I wasn’t expecting to share and only have one cup” as she handed the plastic cup to Katrina.

Anna whisked the bottle seal with a flourish and started to pour a generous measure into Katrina’s cup. Once complete, Anna clicked the bottle gently against Katrina’s cup, lifted the bottle aloft and said, “To pleasant company.”

“To new friends” Katrina replied. Both took a slug and settled in to sit cross legged on the mattress leaning against each other. Katrina decided to progress the conversation nodding around the tent saying, “You’ve got yourself very well organised in here.”

“Why thank you. I wasn’t expecting company, but I think there is more than enough room here for the two us to become comfy. Its thankfully warm enough that we don’t need extra covers and there’s plenty of items of clothing to act as makeshift pillows. We’re going to be nice and snug I think” replied Anna. They continued to talk about themselves to each other for another hour. The final act had finished, and they could hear people disperse to the refreshments area to continue the party atmosphere.

Anna stretched and yawned “Sorry, I’m beat. I had an early start this morning to get here.” She kicked off her shoes, reached under her t-shirt to unhook her bra and pulled in down each arm until the garment was tossed into the corner and then lay down to remove her ripped jeans before saying “Sorry I hadn’t thought ahead about night attire. I hope this is okay with you. You must take the pillow.” before rummaging in her clothing for a few items to act as a pillow for herself.

In order to look away from the older woman, Katrina looked at the head of the mattress saying “The pillow looks plenty big enough for us to share” just before she started to copy Anna by removing her shoes, bra and cut-off jeans placing them in a neat pile near Anna’s. Little did the younger girl realise that every move she made was being watched closely by Anna who had laid down on her side on the very edge of the mattress.

Once completed, Katrina lay back on the mattress and turned her head to look at her saviour and quietly said “Thank you again for this although I seem to be monopolising most of the bed. Should I turn on my side?”

Anna shook her head and said in reply “Just get comfy and lie as you normally would. If it would appease your soul to even the share of the bed out, we could spoon if you’re not averse to a bit of close proximity.”

Katrina smiled and rolled over to her side away from Anna adding “Mmm, that would be nice. I do like a nice cuddle and don’t seem to have had one for a while.” Anna smiled to herself and once the younger girl was settled moved up close to her back and put her right arm around Katrina letting her hand come to rest on the younger woman’s stomach.

After a few minutes silence Katrina enquired “So, if it’s not too personal, when was your first time with another woman?”

Anna pulled the younger girl in closer and quietly said “No it’s not too personal. It was last year while we were on holiday celebrating our anniversary but then there have been a few since, mainly at work” and let the comment hang there knowing Katrina would enquire further.

As expected, the next question came “What does your husband think?”

Again, Anna smiled to herself “He only knows about the first time because he was there, but he knows he doesn’t need to worry about me leaving him or anything. His overriding concern is getting his own jollies — typical man really. I see him alright on that front” again leaving the comment hanging.

“But… ” Katrina started to say but stalled “… What makes it so… different with a woman?” finally blurting the last question. Anna paused a few moments for effect and then reached with her free right hand to brush Katrina’s hair away from the back of her neck.

Returning her hand to Katrina’s midriff Anna replied “Women instinctively know where they like to be touched” kissing a trail of soft kisses along her neck until she felt the younger woman give an involuntary shiver. “Their caress is softer too” she went on as she reached higher until she got to the underside of Katrina boobs laying her palm flat and using her fingertips to softly flex the malleable flesh.

‘If only those youths could see us now’ thought Anna to herself. On feeling Katrina shiver again and push back at Anna to nestle further in the spoon, Anna returned to kissing along Katrina’s exposed neck up to her ear and then lightly taking the lobe between her lips. In a whisper breath she asked, “Now don’t tell me that doesn’t feel good?” a subtle shake of Katrina’s head was all she received by way of answer.

To progress things along Anna inched her right hand higher escort bursa to flex and squeeze the tit flesh where she could tell Katrina’s erect nipple stood proud, “Oh god” was all Katrina could muster in response, she didn’t dare move in case it broke the spell. The older woman let go of her tit stroked her hand down her midriff and after worming her fingertips under the hem of Katrina’s T-shirt returned her hand back to its previous position but now under the garment.

Katrina was marvelling at the way her emotions had turned in just a few hours. When the older woman had sat next to her earlier on, being nestled in her tent while she felt her breast was the last thing on Katrina’s mind and yet right at this moment it was the one thing she couldn’t do without. Her damp panties were testimony to how worked up she was, and it was the realisation that the older woman had been right all along. No man had ever made her feel like this before.

Anna edged back slightly so that she could turn Katrina so that she was lying on her back and when the younger girl turned her head to look Anna square in the eyes, the older woman leant down and placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips to which Katrina returned the gesture, moaning slightly as Anna pressed her tongue forward to part their joined lips. Katrina was completely absorbed in the kissing to notice Anna had reached her free arm over to Katrina’s left breast, flexing and squeezing the same as she had been doing.

Katrina continued to moan into the kisses, but Anna compelled to ask “You are ok with this aren’t you? I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but we really can just go back to the spooning if you aren’t fully comfortable?” with a concerned look on her face.

Katrina smiled back and replied “I like this and want to find out more so I’m okay so far. Now shut up and kiss me again.”

Anna smiled broadly and leant down once more, ‘If the lady wants more kissing, then that’s what she’ll get. I’m in no rush’ Anna thought to herself as their lips tenderly touched once more and so for the next 20 minutes the two engaged in a series of gradually increasing intense kisses until their lips were a blur, all the while Anna was tweaking and playing with one nipple or another under the younger woman’s T-shirt.

Now was the time that Anna judged it reasonable to progress and so pulled back from the final kiss to look deeply into Katrina’s eyes which smiled back at her as the younger woman blew out her cheeks followed by “Phew. That was intense.” This was music to Anna’s ears who could register the slight smell of fresh pussy.

Much to Katrina’s disappointment, Anna disengaged her hand from Katrina’s tit and slid it down her side but then her heart started to race as she anticipated its destination. Sure enough, the tips of Anna’s hand shimmered past her hip bone and came to rest on her white panties. Anna raised one eyebrow as a question and received a similarly slight nod in reply.

Inside Katrina was screaming for Anna to delve further and wasn’t disappointed when the enquiring fingertips ducked under the elastic and quested further down, first of all sensing pubic hair and then coming to rest on the obviously enflamed clitoris. Katrina groaned at the same time as she pushed up with her pelvis so that the fingers pressed harder against her clit and without any further effort, she started to shake from her first real orgasm. Anna clamped her lips down on the young girls as Katrina’s vision blurred with stars and her every nerve seemed to pulse and tingle.

Anna didn’t disengage her fingers and only did so with her lips once her lover had stopped shaking and was genially concerned for her safety but eventually Katrina slowly opened her eyes and smiled broadly saying “Phew, that was everything you promised.”

Anna smiled back and replied “Oh baby, that’s only a fraction of what you’re going to be shown in the next few hours as long as you are still okay with this” as she leant forward and started the tender kisses once more while enquiring her fingers lower.

Finding everywhere between Katrina’s legs saturated it took no effort to slip a finger inside which made the younger woman start to buck her hips upwards once again. Anna brought her to a second orgasm when she slipped a second finger inside. The third came after the older woman contorted round so that she could attach her tongue to the enflamed clit as her panties were hitched out of the way.

Guessing Katrina’s pussy would be oversensitive Anna made her way upwards. Pushing Katrina’s T-shirt up out of the way and started to work her lips and tongue over her engorged nipples. All the while she was doing this Katrina could see in the half-light Anna’s eyes twinkling as she never took her eyes off hers — it was obvious that she was so determined for Katrina to enjoy this until the inevitable happened and Anna induced the fourth orgasm of the evening while sucking on her tits — a first for her definitely.

Anna was shattered and had to slump down and lay on her back as Katrina scooted to the edge of the mattress on her side. It was her turn to lean forward and kiss Anna tentatively before adding “Thank You, thank you. I had no idea” and smiled the broadest of smiles as her face descended back down.