Suburbia Ch. 03 – Doorstep Selling

Alexis Fawx

This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone. Its another of my early stories but sets the scene for later chapters.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts lesbian sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


She wasn’t sure if she welcomed the knock at the door or not. Jayne was only part way through sorting the mountain of washing that remained but maybe was glad of a break, she’d get rid of the visitor and take a break for a coffee. Opening the door, the tall blonde was greeted by a pretty woman her age if a little shorter in stature offering her hand and saying with a cheery smile “Oh hi. I know you haven’t been moved in long and certainly don’t want to disturb you, but I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Helen, I live around the corner, and I sell a certain brand of cosmetics door to door”.

Deciding this was the sort of interruption that she didn’t mind, Jayne took the offered hand to shake and standing aside said “In that case then I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, I was just about to get a coffee, do you want to join me?”

Helen smiled one of her dazzling smiles and replied, “That’s sounds a lovely idea if you’re sure I’m not disturbing you?”

Settled on the sofa, Helen began to run through her sales pitch and was distracted while unzipping her large bag to extract a sample when she mistakenly opened the wrong zip and the head of a vibrator popped out making Jayne raise her eyebrows as Helen blurted out “Oops sorry, wrong pocket. That’s from my other doorstep sales job” she offered by way of explanation.

She was just about to close that zip and return to the correct pocket when Jayne reached out her hand to touch Helen’s arm, saying “Wait a minute, I think I’d rather hear more about that line, I have enough cosmetics to be getting on with. What sort of stuff can you get hold of?”

Helen was more than happy to change the conversation, primarily as the orders were usually larger but also as a horny slut and a user of these products, she got to try a little of the samples out. ‘Maybe Jayne liked to party?’ she thought to herself handing Jayne a catalogue, Helen began to extract a variety of toys in varying colours from her bag.

She switched one toy on saying “This is the most popular vibrator we sell, it’s lovely and surgically smooth and has an interesting action” as she handed it over to Jayne who turned it over in hand. Seeing Jayne’s inspection, Helen took hold of the item again and making Jayne jump slightly, held the buzzing toy to the blonde’s right breast roughly where the nipple ought istanbul travesti to be. As the bud grew a slight re-alignment was required before Helen turned the next toy on, saying “This one has some nice ribbing and has a slightly stronger action” just before holding it against Jayne’s left nipple which was already standing proud.

Jayne wasn’t sure how to take the initial touch but decided to let it slide as she was curious where proceedings would go. When the second toy made contact with her nipple, she was well into it and her pussy had started leaking. Helen turned on the third toy and announced, “Now this baby is my personal favourite, this is really going to rock your world.” Bold as you like she angled the tip against Jayne’s pubis which prompted the housewife to moan lightly as she still held the first two toys to her nipples and rested her head back against the sofa.

What Helen had failed to inform Jayne about was that despite being a mother of two kiddies, she was actually bi-sexual and seeing Jayne’s latest reaction had decided that she had found her next lover to seduce. By way of explaining her reaction, Helen announced “No, you can’t really appreciate the power of this baby like that. Let’s try this”, as she lifted the hem of Jayne’s skirt and worked the wand in soft strokes up the blonde’s inner thigh. Jayne didn’t give a damn about excuses as long as Helen continued what she was doing and simply opened her legs further to allow her visitor freer access. What she hadn’t told her visitor was that she was very much a practising lesbian, hooking up with a couple of her neighbours on a very regular basis.

‘Bingo’ thought Helen seeing Jayne’s reaction encouraging her to push higher until the tip of her toy made contact with Jayne panty covered clit. “Oh god yes” was all Jayne could say as she thrust her crotch nearer the buzzing plastic toy. Helen knew she had struck gold at that point, what had started out as a casual sale enquiry had presented her with her next lover. She already had a trio of housewives in the surrounding area who had been seduced and who could be called on to sink to their knees and eat her cunt simply by calling at their house and here was another example.

Helen tried to pull the elastic of Jayne’s panty leg aside, but the elastic held firm until she pulled vigorously, and the stitching gave way ripping the panties beyond repair. She didn’t particularly care as she now had access to the treasure beneath. Helen started out by training the point of the vibrator on Jayne’s engorged clitoris which stood red and proud, with her spare hand Helen traced a line down the fleshy folds until she reached dampness, allowing her to worm her finger inside and make Jayne hiss through clenched teeth, bucking her hips up and down again in quick succession while throwing her legs wider.

A couple of moments of istanbul travestileri this kind of treatment was enough to send Jayne over the edge, the cue for Helen to crane her neck forward and use her tongue on the large fleshy clit before her and switching the vibrator down to push inside Jayne a good six or seven inches. Within a minute Jayne’s hips were bucking again as she screamed “Oh sweet Jesus, that’s it just there” as her second climax followed. Her third came as Helen had her laid flat along sofa so she could try and bury her tongue as deep in Jayne’s cunt as possible and her fourth orgasm was encountered with Jayne on her hands and knees with Helen knelt behind feeding her pussy the fourth toy in her collection — a strap on plastic cock.

Helen stood back from the sofa, not caring that the plastic cock was dripping copious amounts of Jayne’s pussy juice on the carpet. She was delighted in the sight of the pretty blonde collapsed on the sofa spent of energy. Removal of the strap-on cock allowed Jayne a few moments of rest before Helen knelt at the side of her, gently kissed her on the cheek and whispered “I hope you’re recovered because I need my pussy eating now. Lay down on your back, I want to sit on your face.”

Meekly Jayne did as instructed and was treated to the sight of Helen’s damp and swollen pussy descending to her mouth which she greeted by extending her tongue to lap at the juices — ‘God it tastes good’ she thought to herself as she went about her task with genuine enthusiasm. Helen was particularly pleased with Jayne’s efforts especially when she saw the blonde reach her spare hand down to her own pussy and start to frig her clit. Jayne made sure her new friend had two orgasms before they had to clean up and get on with the outward normality of their lives and Helen’s parting gesture was to pin Jayne up against her own front door in a long and frantic kiss.

She would call on Jayne once a week to help demonstrate the latest toy that Jayne had purchased who after a couple of months was amassing quite a collection which Jayne then had the delight of sharing with her neighbours, Sheree, Judy and Kay — the strap-on dildo’s were particular favourites.


It was always Thursday when Helen called on Jayne and this particular Thursday was a couple of months into their affair when Jayne greeted Helen at the door in her sexiest white lacy Basque, stockings and garter. Helen’s mouth, and pussy for that matter, were watering just from looking at her.

“I have two offers for you” Jayne said as she led her lover up the stairs. Pointing ahead to the master bedroom she added “We can either climb on to my marriage bed and fuck our brains out like sex crazed lezzies that we are…”, which sounded just fine to Helen. “Or we can go in the spare room…” said Jayne as she started to open the spare room door “… travesti istanbul and join my friends in a gangbang.”

Helen was riveted to the spot in the doorway. Before her on the large bed were three naked writhing women. The oldest of the three was lying on her back wearing a strap-on cock which was being ridden by a very busty brunette whose tits were swaying in the most mesmerising motion that Helen had ever witnessed. Behind the brunette was a younger woman also wearing a strap-on cock pumping the brunette from the rear. “This is Kay from across the road, Judy opposite her and Sheree her neighbour. I didn’t want to mention them to you until I was sure I had you addicted to my pussy” offered Jayne by way of explanation.

With a little disappointment Helen said, “I take it that I didn’t take your lezzie cherry then?”

Jayne put her arm around her friend and confessed “I’m afraid Kay lying on the bed there beat you to it by a couple of weeks”. Snapping them out of their revere Judy ordered “Don’t just stand there woman. Get over here and let me eat that lovely snatch of yours, Jayne has told us how sweet you taste”. Jayne playfully pushed Helen towards the writhing women and who stumbled towards them a little dazed by the turn of events.

This didn’t extend to her involvement with the others as she simply lifted her skirt to reveal her panty less crotch and offer it to Judy to munch on which the brunette did with both relish and an experienced tongue. Addressing Sheree to the back of Judy “I take it you’re up her ass rather than double fucking her pussy?”

A sweating Sheree nodded and answered, “That’s right, she loves to feel the two cocks rubbing against the membrane, although she has taken two in her cunt before now as well as my fist.” This latest revelation made Helen’s pussy damper more than ever (if that was possible) and she simply added “Ooh, nasty.”

Between pants Sheree added “She’ll get her own back later by butt fucking me in return.” They were interrupted by Judy who was groaning through a mouth full of Helen pussy that she was coming. While all this going on, Jayne was sat in a nearby chair ramming three fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

The women decided to have a move round. Judy removed the strap-on from Sheree so that she could return the favour, after Helen had cleaned Judy’s pussy juices from Kay’s strap-on she lay on her back so that she could eat Sheree out while getting a bird’s eye view of her butt fucking at the same time Kay was banging away between Helen’s legs feeding the other strap-on into her waiting snatch. Jayne didn’t miss out as she went and stood facing Sheree so that she could eat the homeowner’s pussy instead of shrieking out to the world that she was coming.

Helen eventually got what she wanted later on while Sheree and Kay were DP’ing Jayne at the bottom of the bed, Helen had Judy lying back on the bed so that she could feast on the brunette’s large tits while spreading her legs as far as they could go so that she could feed her entire hand inside the bucking woman. If Helen thought Judy was a noisy fuck when she was DP’ed, it was nothing to sounds she made while being fisted.