Strip Hearts Ep. 02 Ch. 02


Reading episode 1 isn’t essential. Reading ep.2 ch.01 is I suppose. Feedback still welcome… As long as you’re nice..? =)


Michael pulled into the lodge, his heart beating rapidly in anticipation. He had negotiated contracts worth millions of dollars, but none of them compared to what he’s feeling right now. Apparently all the women had agreed to this. He hadn’t really seen Rachel since that night at the office, other than catching up for lunch once. It was intentional on her part for she figured a little pent up sexual energy would help him bring his A-game. He refrained from jerking off for the same reason, though he had trouble falling asleep a couple of nights. She had also told him to come on Saturday night instead of after work on Friday because she would need some time to ‘set up’. He wasn’t sure what that meant, but she had the keys anyway so he agreed. He also dismissed his lodge staff for the weekend.

Michael had plenty of clothes at the Lodge, so all he had with him was just a backpack with his electronics. He decided to go to his room first; he figured they were all in the den as the rest of the lodge seemed empty. He was wearing a light polo that fit him somewhat loosely, and he had a pair of light khakis over his boxers. From his experience the last time, it was better to have his member a little free, even if it meant it sticking out. It’s not like they won’t be expecting it. He dropped his bag and looked in the mirror. He then took a deep breath and proceeded to the den.

As he approached, he could hear music playing… club R&B it seemed like.

That could pass for stripping music.

Michael grinned to himself.

As he walked into the den, he heard giggling. He entered the den unbeknownst to the women, and he was stunned to see what obviously looked like sex toys in a box on the floor in front of the women.

Jenny and Krystle were both holding two different ones and they were joking about how Rachel needed such an extensive collection.


They all collectively turned around to look at Michael at the same time.

“Babe!” Rachel got up and skipped towards him. She was wearing this pink sleeveless sun dress that she knew he loved, for it accentuated her curves very nicely. She kissed him and led him to the middle of the den. He was feeling tense but smiled and tried to loosen up.

“Ok you know Jenny and Krystle.”

“Hey Mikey… ” both women almost said unison.

And yes he certainly knew Jenny and Krystle. Jenny could fuck. No doubt about that. She was 5’2, brunette and very beautiful. If she was any taller she would’ve easily been a super model, especially with those nice long legs and that ass to die for. She still reminded him of Haley Wilde, that is before she became the slutted up Gia DiMarco, and without the fake tits of course. She was wearing this sleeveless purple top that went around her neck, along with denim hot pants that would no doubt show off that incredible ass. She was sitting down so he’ll have to use his imagination for now.

Krystle looked like Afrodite Nite, though her body was more like Chloe Lamb as Michael later noticed. Chloe Lamb was that amateur that took the internet by storm with her incredible tits but then suddenly disappeared. She was also relatively short like Jenny at around 5’2, which caused her 36C tits to look bigger than they were. She had denim shorts on, but they were much longer than Jenny’s, and her aqua tank top looked like they were struggling to hold her tits in. Michael didn’t mind.

“This is Donna… we work together.”

Oh my she’s a dead ringer for Brooke Banner, with glasses that is. Actually she kinda looks exactly like her in that clip where she was a beautician who sucked and fucked her client because he dropped names. And hrmm.. yeah she could easily be a star on that sheisnerdy website!…Oh god I definitely watch too much porn…

Michael tried to stifle his grin.

Donna’s glasses were more professional than hipster looking, and she wore a beige skirt with a button up, long sleeved sweater / blouse thing. Quite conservative for a night like this, though Michael could somewhat make out her curves. But as Donna moved, she (intentionally?) stretched back a little and her sweater puppies were on display momentarily. Michael suddenly hoped she would be the big loser. He didn’t know how tall she was since she was sitting down; she’s probably a couple of inches shorter than Rachel’s 5’7 he guessed.

“And this is Alysha.”

Alysha certainly wasn’t hiding her curves. She probably couldn’t even if she wanted to.

36F wasn’t it…? And damn if that white tanktop isn’t going to explode! But that long blue skirt is hiding her legs… well she knows what to flaunt. She’s taller than Rachel too… probably 5’9. She reminds me DeeDee Lynn, who also had stupendous tits! But taller and more filled out…

“Didn’t I tell you she’s got great tits? It’s ok honey for once I’m giving you permission to şişli escort stare.”

The girls laughed as Michael blushed.

“Alright so here are the rules. I’ve ran them over with the girls, and we’ve come to something that works. It’s all written down too.”

She pulled out her tablet and connected it wirelessly to the huge projector screen.

“Firstly, each round will have a dedicated winner. That’s the person with lowest number of points picked up. If there are two, then it’ll be the person with the lowest total points. This is important to note for reasons that will be obvious shortly. Every fourth round, what was previously known as a grope round, is now called the dare round. This is where this… and that comes in.”

Rachel pointed to “this”, as in the box of sex toys on the floor. Michael saw that each of them had their own cases for hygiene reasons he imagined, and he could even notice one very long contraption in there.

I guess I’ll find out what’s really in there soon enough.

“That”, was a contraption that looked like it hard restraints that you could strap someone either spread-eagled standing, or just over the head.


Michael hadn’t even noticed that thing there and it caught him by surprise. It basically looked like some sort of gym set, but without the weights and all that. It was just something you could tie someone to. It even came with the straps, which looked easy enough to handle. Once the person was restrained, you could access her from basically in front of behind freely, regardless of how she was tied up.

“You like babe?”

Michael stared at her wide eyed.

The women laughed again as Michael blushed.

Where the fuck did she even get that??? That’s what she meant by being able to get anything online these days huh…and that’s what she needed to set up…

Rachel basically ignored what she knew Michael wanted to know and moved on.

“So basically I got this app that randomizes things… you tap it and it ‘spins’, basically randomly choosing an option out of however many you input. I’ve put in a series of dares, with input from the ladies of course. It’s a combination of who, how and what, and we select and “spin” one at a time. The who is either you Mikey, the winner, the loser (i.e. the last person), or “self”, as in the dare is performed herself. The how is basically how the person will be… She could be free standing, sitting or restrained – whether spread eagled standing (or on the floor), tied up overhead, handcuffed behind back, kneeling on all fours and all that. The what is basically that -the magic wand, fingered, eaten out… essentially all the toys in here plus what one can do with his/her hand or tongue. So during the dare rounds, Mike you either do it, or you watch. Time limit – one minute.”

Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Now during the non-dare rounds, what I call the strip rounds, it’s just the who. As in either you, the winner, or the person herself strips. So yeah you can grope away, but don’t try and get the girls off yeah… leave that for the dare rounds. And oh you know this – you only strip for every 20 points you lose, so that means you lose a piece of clothing at 20, 40, 60 and 80 points. 60 you get to see tits, 80 we’re naked. Time limit to take each piece off – 30 secs.”

Michael wasn’t sure if he would last past the first dare round.

“And just in case you think I’ve forgotten about the 90 points rule – when you hit 90, the person automatically has to “spin” for dare, regardless of whether it was a dare round or not. And yes the dares do include sucking your cock, but not limited to it.”

Rachel paused for effect and grinned as Michael tried to shift his fast growing boner.

“The person (or persons) who reaches 100, loses and is yours to do as you wish… Providing I join in the fun too of course. The top two gets the promised first and second prizes. Third prize if you don’t reach 100 points is just a cold shower.”

They all laughed momentarily as Rachel looked around at the women. You could cut the sexual tension and anticipation with a butter knife. Jenny and Krystle sort of knew what to expect, but this was next level stuff. Donna could feel her heart rapidly beating – this was by far the craziest thing she had ever done (and probably ever will do). Alysha looked a little relaxed and eager, and Michael could see the faint outline of her nipples poking out already.

“Any questions?”

The women all smiled and shook their head, then collectively looked at Michael.

He sheepishly grinned. “Let the games begin?”

They all laughed.

“Alright ladies let’s show my man a good time!”

They picked up their tablets and started a networked game. They had tried it previously just to make sure it worked, and it looked like it was going to with no problems.

“Oh I almost forgot! Here’s the random list of who I’ll be ‘shadowing’. I’ll cross of each round escort bayan merter as it finishes.”

Rachel took out a list that had the following: 1.Krystle, 2.Jenn, 3.Donna, 4.Donna, 5.Alysha, 6.Krystle, 7.Krystle, 8.Jenn, 9.Alysha, 10.Jenn, 11.Krystle, 12.Donna, 13.Krystle, 14.Donna, 15.Jenn, 16.Krystle.

Fat chance this will got to 16 rounds! But hey a guy can hope right. Mathematically it could be over in 4 rounds, though that’s unlikely. It’ll probably be between 7-10 rounds. Hopefully we’ll get at least 2 “dare rounds”.

Michael took a deep breath and whispered to the card gods for luck. He adjusted his cock for good measure too.

“Ready ladies?” Rachel moved behind each of the girls and looked to make sure they were all signed in. Michael just basically sat at the edge of the couch not knowing what to do.

“Ok it looks like we’re ready to go.. once you all hit ‘deal’ we’ll be ready to play.”

“Let’s do this.” Jenn spoke up. “Happy birthday Mikey.” She said coyly to him.

Michael took a deep breath and stood up.

Here we go.

He walked behind each of the women, starting with Jenny in the corner. Next to her was Krystle and Donna on the main couch area, and Alysha on the other side directly across from Jenny.

Everyone’s hand seemed normal enough. Nothing outstanding or special, and Jenny had the Queen of Spades and only two other spades card after the cards were passed. She also had an assortment of hearts, clubs and diamonds, which meant her chances of picking up the Queen of Spades and thus 13 points was very high.

Sure enough, a couple of hands later, that happened. Everyone was still trying to loosen up, in spite of the alcohol they clearly already had consumed a fair bit of, and the round finished without much banter. At the end of round 1 -Jenny finished with 13 points, not picking any hearts cards after the Queen of Spades, Alysha had 8 points, Krystle had 3 and Donna had 2 points.

Everyone seemed to breathe a slight sigh of relief, even though the inevitable was coming.

“So in this case..,” Rachel interjected, “Donna is the winner.”

The women just smiled. “We got it babe! Don’t worry… your man… and you… will get to see some action soon enough.” Jenny interjected. “And oh who are you shadowing this next round?”

“You actually”. Rachel showed the sheet of paper to Jenny. “Next two rounds, as in 3 and 4 (the dare round) is Donna.”

Donna pretended to not hear.

Round 2 cards were dealt.

Jenny again had the Queen of Spades after cards were passed, but she had enough other spades cards to not worry. And plus, she had no diamonds, so it was simple enough to play it away. Hearts was broken at the 4th hand, and Donna picked it up along with another 3 straightaway. She panicked slightly, but had a decent poker face and maintained her composure. In fact, she didn’t pick up any more hearts cards the rest of the round, with the Queen of Spades going to Krystle while Jenny picked up 4 and Alysha picked up 5 respectively.

The score after two rounds – Jenny 17, Krystle 16, Alysha 13 and Donna 6.

Someone is going to strip this round for sure…

Michael adjusted his member, and Rachel grinned as she caught him doing it.

Round 3 began and as luck would have it, Jenny ended up with the Queen of Spades again after cards were passed. No chance of passing it off this time as she had no other spades cards. That meant she was surely going to strip.

Sure enough, the second hand played was spades, and Jenny had no choice but to drop it.

“Oooohhh looks like we get our first show of the night…” Krystle chimed in.

Jenny gave her the finger.

“Don’t act like you don’t want it!”

Jenny gave her a mocking death stare. “Just play you bitch…”

They all laughed.

Krystle only needed 4 points to strip, but she only picked up two. Alysha needed 7, but she only picked up 6. Donna picked up only 3 points, and the last 2 points went to Jenny’s who of course already had the 13.

Final score after round 3 – Jenny 32, Alysha 19, Krystle 18 and Donna 9.

Suddenly, a rush of panic came over Alysha. She always knew coming in that she was going to lose some clothing, but after seeing some of the things that Rachel had in mind for the dare round, she wondered if it wouldn’t be better to just lose a piece of clothing in a strip round instead. She tried to console herself that it’s very possible she might not pick up any cards at all during this next dare round. She also told herself that she came to have some fun, so either way wouldn’t be bad.

“Alright Jenny… You’re up! Time to spin the wheel! Or tap the app to see who strips you…” Rachel passed Jenny her tablet, which was still projected on to the main screen. “Wait… what are you taking off?”

“My shorts.”

“Sweet. Someone’s ass is gonna get felt up.”

The women laughed while Jenny gave Krystle the finger again.

She istanbul escort bayan stood up and moved into position. Tapping the tablet, the app scrambled and ran through a series of jumbled characters before slowly revealing… Michael.

Everyone looked at him. Mike just froze in place, before shifting his eyes to Rachel, seemingly to ask if it was ok.

Rachel knew her man.

“I already told you that it was! Go babe. It’s your birthday. And oh you know what, fuck the timer.”

The women all laughed.

Michael took a deep breath and got up. Jenny put the tablet down and kept eye contact with him, before darting to Rachel, who smiled, and then back at him. He walked behind her and moved up close, pressing his body against hers. She still smelt and felt familiar. Her hair had a distinctive scent to it; it seems like all women do to an extent, and he leaned over from behind after placing his hands on her shoulders. He shot a glance at Rachel, who seemed to be actually enjoying this. Taking that as the final cue that it was ok, he breathed into Jenny’s neck, who sighed as he ran his hands down the side of her arms. He resisted the urge to grope her tits on the way down, but instead reached forward when he got to her shorts and unbuttoned it. He then pulled the zipper down. Stepping back a little, he moved his hands around her back and grabbed her ass with both hands, causing Jenny to gasp slightly as she moved forward. The women all simultaneously looked at Rachel and breathed a sigh of relief that she didn’t seem the least bit bothered. In fact, she looked slightly turned on by this.

Michael pulled her shorts down, getting on his knees in the same motion and coming face to face with her grey thong-covered ass.

Do not bury your face in this. Do not bury your face in this.

He buried his face in her ass as Jenny shrieked. Her shock suddenly turned to pleasure as Michael momentarily ate her out from behind, and she struggled to stand as she reached out to grab at air.

By now, Jenny’s denim shorts were on the floor, and Jenny closed her eyes allowing Michael to eat her out from behind.

However, he only did this for a few more seconds, deciding to play the tease, and took his hands (albeit very reluctantly) off Jenny. She caught her breath, and tried to hide her disappointment as best as she could.

Fuck I might have to lose this purposely. Fuck the cruise and the beauty treatment… I can do that any time.. but this… hehe

“You weren’t kidding when you said he was pretty good.” Alysha broke the silence and everyone laughed.

Michael stood up, admiring Jenny’s ass one last time before giving it a slap.


Jenny turned around in mock disgust before kicking her shorts away and moving back to her seat.

Oh man… this is just ONE strip round! Fuck me this is going to be awesome.

The Dare round was next. Michael adjusted his member and took a deep breath.

He did a mental calculation; with the scores at Jenny 32, Alysha 19, Krystle 18 and Donna 9, it was possible that ALL of them would have to do a dare. All it would take was for Donna to pick up the Queen of Spades cards.

FUCK ME! It’s my birthday… I can’t be that lucky from the get go right???

The cards were dealt, and with no passing, he saw that Donna had the Queen of Spades. His heart skipped a couple of beats. Rachel was meant to be ‘shadowing’ Donna, and she suddenly got excited that she might get in on the action too. Donna herself had her heart beating really fast… she had signed up for this, perhaps somewhat out of a drunken stupor, but she had thought it through and never done anything crazy, so why not. There was no going back now. However, she also had no clubs, which meant that the Queen of Spades was much easier to give away.

Play was slightly slower than usual. The women took their time in strategizing and planning. Donna almost jumped out of her seat when Jenny played a high clubs card. She played her Queen of Spades, and the hand went to Jenny.

She was going to be the first to be “dared”! In some ways it was fitting, and she probably didn’t mind anyway getting off with Michael’s hands (or tongue) or one of the many dildos in the box.

Hearts was broken next hand, and Krystle picked up that lone hearts card. She was now at 19 points. She was resigned somewhat to her fate, but lo and behold the next 5 hearts cards went to Donna. With only low cards in her hand, it was unlikely that Krystle would pick up anymore. In fact, Donna also played her cards smart, and it was Alysha who picked up the remaining 7, bring her to 26 points.

That meant that both her and Jenny was going to have to do a “dare” since they crossed the 20 and 40 point mark respectively. Well it really wasn’t a dare, since they technically have no option to not do it.

So at the end of the dare round – Jenny had 45 points, Alysha 26 points, Krystle 19 points, and Donna at 14 points.

“Time for some REAL fun. So the winner is Krystle, since she picked up the least amount of cards. Who wants to take centre stage?” Rachel alternately looked at Jenny and Alysha.

Jenny and Alysha stared at each other, wondering who should go first with neither moving.