Sisters weekend visitwith their big brothers chapter 1


Matt and I, (Roger), are sitting home Friday night waiting for our sisters to arrive they are staying the weekend to go shopping, and look for an apartment for school next year. The girls arrive around 8 pm Nikki Matt’s sister is wearing a short white skirt and a low cut yellow top her big round boobs look fantastic, Gracie is also in a white skirt and a tight pink t-shirt her perky boobs look great her nipples straining the material. The girls smile and say hello each hugging their older brothers first and then the other. The boys 7 inch Cocks are already starting to stir for their little sisters. Who just happen to be wearing the guys favorite tops.Matt and I are best friends roommates and jerk off buddies, We both have huge crushes on our little sisters and each others sisters, they are usually what we talk about while we stroke our hard cocks. our sisters of course have no idea. We have always been close with our sisters, hugging them whenever we can, and sometimes they would lay on our beds with us watching a movie on our laptops, not quite cuddling but close, we have missed them since we moved out. After dinner the girls say they want to build a fire and wear pajamas and watch a movie, so we find a movie while they change, The girls return each in their t-shirts still but now with little shorts, and no bras, we then go change into pajama pants and t-shirts, Matt says can you believe they are wearing our favorite tops, I know I reply I miss seeing Gracie in that pink shirt, when we return the girls are each on one of our couches. Guys Gracie says we have missed our big brothers can we snuggle while we watch the movie? um sure we say barely able to hide our smiles. our luck it seems is continuing. Gracie slides in beside me while Nikki and Matt get comfy on our other couch, My little sister looks and feels great escort cuddled up next to me and my Cock is growing rapidly, I am moving around trying not to let my hard cock press into her but every time I move Gracie snuggles closer, I give up and enjoy my Cock throbbing into my sisters side.later as we are both laying down on separate couches cuddling our sisters, I know Matt is as hard as I am, Nikki asks so where are we sleeping? Well Matt replies we thought we could share one room and you girls share the other.Nikki is quiet but Gracie whispers to me I want to sleep with you ok? cause I want to talk to you about something, sure sis I say and out loud I say hey lets change that I miss my sis. sure they reply.We watch two movies cuddling the whole time, my fingers lightly rubbing my sisters neck as my Cock throbs and throbs into her body. then it’s bedtime.I am in bed in my boxers waiting for my sister, Gracie enters in a small red silk robe obviously still braless, she pauses for a second, and I say you know sis you really are gorgeous, Gracie smiles, runs over, lifts the sheet, and crawls into bed, I am sure she glanced at my huge bulge as she did. Gracie slides into my arms and says, I don’t really have anything to tell you I am just a bit lonely and was loving the cuddling and wanted more, are you mad? she adds, I smile and say no I am not mad you are nice to cuddle sis, Gracie smiles and snuggles in more. but a beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be lonely sis I say, my hand lightly rubbing her arm, I am sure lots of guys like you, yeah they do she says but they all just want sex. We lie there for a while not talking, Gracie has her head on my chest her hand is lightly rubbing my stomach while I run my fingers through her soft silky hair. Her nice perky boobs feel great pressed into my chest, bayan escort I know Gracie has a clear view of my hard cock in my boxers. but there is nothing I can do to hide it. later Gracie turns and says goodnight big bro and kisses me softly, Soon after we drift off to sleep.The next afternoon, our sisters are shopping, Matt tells me about his time on the couch and in bed with his sister, it was very much like my time, his cock hard all night he said, his sister in an almost see through top while she slept in his arms, Nikki has big round 36 c,s I can understand how horny my bud must be. We are both horny but decide to wait until Sunday night after our sisters leave to have our stroke session. We spend our day talking about our hot sisters and slow stroking our cocks so we can build a nice load for Sunday.Saturday night, our sweet sisters bring home Chinese food for dinner, After we eat and clean up they offer us a fashion show we are surprised to say the least but accept gladly. Matthew and I settle on the couch as our sisters display their new outfits, a collection of short skirts with leggings (mmm leggings) all paired with low cut or tight tops, for the next half hour or so our lovely sisters innocently show off their long legs and sexy cleavage, we are loving the show our bulges proof of it. ok ok we will stop Gracie says I am sure you are bored, no it’s ok we say, ok lets watch a movie Nikki adds, she briefly glances at our obvious bulges and says to Gracie but they are enjoying this, Gracie giggles and says we will be right back. why don’t you guys just wear your boxers or something she adds be comfy we are going to beWe are both in shock did she mean what I think Matt says do they know we are hard? I think they do I say shocked still, and I think they knew last night too. yeah Matthew escort bayan says I am sure Nikki saw how hard I was while we were in bed, Gracie had a good view of my bulge while we cuddled in bed I agreed, well they will know for sure if we strip to our boxers, yeah I say but lets do it anyway we laugh and remove our pants.our sister’s return wearing matching little red silk robes and they look incredible, that’s better guys, Nikki smiles when she sees us in our boxers, our sisters can obviously see we are both hard, did you find a movie? Nikki asks, um yeah still looking, I make my mouth work while still confused as all hell. I find a movie as our sisters slide onto the couches in front of us, Guys Nikki says about 20 minutes later, We want to say thank you, and our sisters sit up and each hug us, Gracie’s pert boobs press into my chest causing my already hard cock to throb, I can only imagine how Nikki’s huge firm breasts must feel against her brothers chest. we each get a soft kiss, Nikki explains, we both needed this a weekend away from parents, we have the best big brothers, yeah we do Gracie says and adds, not to mention how nice it is to be able to cuddle a handsome guy and know he wont try to fuck you. we are all shocked and then we laugh and Matt says so that’s what all the cuddling is about, you guys don’t seem to mind Gracie says and kisses my cheek, we again laugh and then return to the movie, our gorgeous sisters again in our arms. our hard cocks pressed into our sisters Assess.We again watch movies until late at night both Matt and I hard as rock all night long, our sweet sisters bodies so close to our hard cocks, their silk robes feel so good as we rub their shoulders lightly while we cuddle, slowly but surely their robes slipping open more and more allowing us to see more and more of their beautiful cleavage. but never enough for us to see the whole breast almost as though they are doing it purposefully. My breathing is strained and I can tell Matt is getting the same sweet torture from the way he is breathing the girls are very quiet.