Sisters This is the sequel to ‘Virginity Lost’. In that story I told of how I lost my virginity to my English teacher Mrs Patricia Diamond when I was 16 years old in 5th form of High School. In the six months following my first sex session with Mrs Diamond I learned a lot about how to have good sex. I learned how to pace myself so that even a first fuck would last long enough to bring satisfaction to my lover. She taught me what brings pleasure, where to stimulate with cock, tongue and fingers. To put it bluntly when taken along with how large my cock is and how much stamina my youth provided, I had become a first rate fucker. It was the first weekend that Mrs Diamond’s husband was out of town, following my 17th birthday. She had been hinting that I was going to get a very special birthday treat. She picked me up as usual. şişli escort bayan I was almost as nervous as I had been on my first trip to her house because of the anticipation of what this treat could be. As we drove across the city, Patricia continued to refuse to give me even a hint as to what the surprise would be. Finally the drive was over. As we got out of the BMW the front door of the house opened and for a brief instant I had the panicky thought that Dr Diamond, her husband was at home. However rather than an irate husband the open door revealed a girl. She was about the same height as Patricia, and her features were distinctly similar. However she had her hair dyed blonde and she was very pregnant. As soon as we entered the house Patricia introduced me to the pregnant girl who as it happens mecidiyeköy escort bayan was her younger sister, Debbie. Patricia smiled at me and said, “I have told Debbie what a wonderful fuck you are and she would love to share. I thought that we could have a threesome and that it would make a great birthday present for you.” This immediately excited me. The thought of fucking two women at once was a big turn on. The fact that they were sisters made it even more so. However I was not sure about Debbie being pregnant. Debbie had been watching me as her sister spoke, and must have seen the doubt on my face because she said, “Don’t be worried about the baby, I won’t let you do anything that will hurt it.” Patricia led us up to her bedroom, where she ordered her sister to strip for me. I watched escort şişli enthralled as Debbie pulled the lose maternity top she was wearing off, revealing her belly, which looked impossibly big, but was somehow ultra sexy at the same time. She pulled down her trousers and stood wearing only her undies. Patricia moved to her back and undid her bra. I gasped with pleasure as I got to see my second pair of tits in the flesh. Debbie’s tits enlarged by pregnancy were incredibly sexy. The aureolas were dark and enlarged and I could see blue veins running under the skin. My cock was rampant. I quickly stripped and now it was Debbie’s turn to gasp when my cock sprang free. “Fucking hell Patsy, that’s a real monster!” I couldn’t wait any longer I took Debbie into my arms, my cock digging into her distended belly as I passionately kissed her. As my hand found one of her breasts I felt her hand grab my erection. She broke the kiss and said, “I want you to screw me like a whore! Get that cock into my pussy.” She pulled me over to the bed and crawled unto it with her ass in the air at the edge of the bed.