Sister Moon


He carefully masked his hunger as he studied her reflected image in the smooth pane of glass. His second sight caught the throbbing pulse at her throat and he resisted the instinctual need to bare his teeth. Every fiber of his being demanded that he lunge at her, that he tear at her throat, that he devour her delicate flesh in a gluttonous display of passion. A mere human man would succumb to that need. He was stronger than that. She unconsciously straightened her gorgeous mane of black hair with her fingers. She let if fall in layers to rest on her white linen blouse. The black of her hair and the red of her pulse nicely matched the deep reds and blacks in her flowing skirt and petticoats. Her fingers moved to play with the locket that hung around her neck. Such a simple and endearing habit, but it drew his attention to the swell of her bosom, and enflamed his desire to have her flesh. He would have to be careful, he would have to be smart, but tonight he might give in to his need. His eyes shifted focus, looking through the glass, past the reflection of his new-found desire. His wife and her pack of bitches were still dining as they planned their next conquests. Young courtiers flaunted themselves, hoping to attract the attention of an older woman with more money than sense. In truth, the women had their sights on bigger game. There were moneyed men and landholders that could be teased and cajoled into easing their grip on their precious holdings. The bitches knew how to play that game as well, and they rarely showed their teeth unless they had to. He was superfluous to the games and intrigues within. His wife had come into her wealth and power on her own, and there were times that he was sure she only kept him around because she trusted him to drive her carriage. Her honored guests would join her in the cab, and she would trust him to deliver them safe and sound. He had stayed at her table as an accessory to her power for as long as she required, and then had slipped out to the veranda to be free of the noise and clamor that inevitably attended her pack of women. A serving girl had timidly followed, to see that he was without need. His glass was full, so he asked her to check back later. Perhaps he did something to give himself away, although he took pride in his control. Perhaps she was more intuitive than most, although her eyes seemed to lack intelligence. Something spooked her, alerting her to the danger, and her nostrils flared. She quickly diverted her eyes as she ducked back inside. Until that moment, his hunger had been banked, put aside for a better time. The way she moved, the tremble of her hand as she reached for the door, had brought about a pang of need, and he realized it had been a long while since he had fed. He watched her through the glass as she continued about her business. She was a tasty morsel, but she might only whet his appetite. He had carefully tucked the need away. He had no idea what brought the flock of young women out onto the veranda. Perhaps they came to escape the chaos within as he had. Perhaps they desired a quiet retreat to watch the feeding frenzy that would follow the bitches’ dinner. It was in their nature to stand as a flock and watch as the bitches separated one for branding. They were quiet and respectful, and he almost ignored them. He would have easily ignored them if the serving girl hadn’t reminded him of the hunger. As the flock circled in to protect the center, he realized how easy it would be to take one of them right here. There was no need to devour and rend and consume. Following the example of the bitches inside, he could easily draw one aside with a smile and glance. Without ever knowing why she did it, any one of them could be coaxed to come to him. She would open up with a smile, inviting him to taste her passion. She would bare her flesh as well, perhaps not here on the veranda, but surely in the garden beyond. If he minded his manners, he could feed on her lust as he teased her fantasy into reality. She would return to her friends with a smile and a story, none the wiser to what had been taken, what she had freely given. A whisper of wind teased the ends of his hair at his neck. It reminded him of the times he had known fear, and he suddenly felt the need for caution. There are hunters who might set a flock adrift in the open, waiting to see what animals came to prey. He had seen stronger ones than himself fall to the strategies of the lesser men. His hunger would not rob him of the ability to think. The flock shifted and suddenly she was there with them, standing in a shaft of light, posed and begging to be taken. He was smitten with the desire to take her, to feed lustily until all that remained was her empty shell. He had to slowly look away, lest she turn and sense the hunger in his eyes. He had found her reflection in the glass. Looking through the glass at the women who attended his wife, his eyes were distracted by the pretty little serving girl. As he tracked her progress around the table, his eyes were distracted again. As the girl moved past a mirrored column, his eyes caught a clear reflection of the woman on the veranda. She would not feel his eyes upon her reflection, and he paused to drink in her beauty. He heard her quiet avcılar escort bayan laugh as he watched her smile and curtsey to her companion. With a quick glance to be sure the flock wasn’t watching, she then struck a pose and pulled the edge of her skirt high enough for her companion to see her shoes. In the reflection, he could clearly see the tender white flesh of her ankles. It took every bit of his self control to quell the gasp of his desire. He fantasized about how she would come to him. She would give him a smile and a curtsey as well. She would slip onto his lap as they talked and flirted. When the flock was bored with watching, she would turn to fully face him, knowing that in doing so, she was giving herself to him. The volume of her skirt and petticoats would hide her actions, as would the darkness of their corner. Her hands would open the front of his trousers, and she would shyly smile at him as she felt his hardness. She would shift to straddle him, pulling the front of her skirt up as she settled in place. She would shyly lean forward to offer her tender lips for their first kiss as she boldly took his hardness inside. Should she vocalize her pleasure at the fullness she felt, her friends would merely think it was her desire to deepen the kiss. The flock would recognize the swaying of her skirt for the deep thrusting she demanded. They might begin to feel concern for their friend when her passion dictated that she release the ties of her blouse. Her eyes would be locked on his, pouring out her lust for him to take. Her hands would turn open her bodice, offering the tender flesh of her breasts to his lips. She would smile as her eyes saw only his lips tenderly caressing each succulent globe. She would not hear the cries of terror when the flock saw his teeth. They would scatter, knowing that it was too late to save their friend. They would escape through the garden, leaving him alone with his prey. Oblivious to all of that, she would bare her breasts completely for him. Her thrusting response to his thrusting need would get more urgent as she offered her hardened nipples to his lips. He would let his lips and tongue tease across her delicate flesh as she gifted him with her sweetness. As his inner beast ripped into her flesh, rending great chunks, she would pull his lips back up to her own. As his teeth tore her open and devoured her last breath, her lips would press to his as she offered him her heart. “Would you like a refill?” a quiet voice interrupted my fantasy. It took a moment for my eyes to find focus on the waitress. She idly accessed the account on her tablet, and prepared to punch a button to order my next drink. My eyes searched through the window to where my wife and her friends were dining. They had reached the point where they were pulling out the calculators on their smart phones to split the bill. I had twenty minutes before I had to be back inside. “I’m driving, so I better not,” I replied. She shrugged, tapped the pad twice, and dropped it into a pocket in her polyester apron as she turned to go. “Miss?” I called her back. Her nostrils flared as she froze in place. Although she turned smoothly back toward me, the motion looked practiced. It looked like years of training had gone into hiding the fact that something had put her on edge. “Yes?” she asked, barely covering the fear in her voice. Her hands drifted to the small of her back, perhaps to be in a subservient pose. The pose lifted her shoulders and her modest breasts in a most delicious way. I pushed that thought aside. I pulled a fifty from my wallet and held it out to her. She might have thought it was a snake, but her eyes managed to hide her concern. “They aren’t going to tip you enough,” I suggested. “It will be fine,” she said lightly, not looking at the money. “Really?” I asked sarcastically, flicking my eyes towards my wife and then back. Her eyes couldn’t hide everything. The women had been running her ragged for the last two hours with their demands and bossy natures. She barely let the corners of her mouth quirk up. “Thank you, sir,” she allowed as she graciously took the bill and tucked it away. “You’re welcome,” I replied and she turned and left. My eyes returned to the polished stainless panel inside by the bar. In its reflective surface, I could only see the garden behind me. My eyes refocused on the reflective image in the window, but they still could not find what I sought. I dared to let my eyes wander over to the group of women at the other table on the patio. I pretended to look but not see them as I scanned their faces. I could not find the face I was looking for. Unlike my fantasy, that had reflected on a memory, she had short, dark hair and a low cut sun dress with thin straps over her shoulders. I hadn’t seen her leave, but she was not there. The sudden feel of hot breath on my neck made me freeze. “Tell me of your hunger,” her low voice cajoled in my ear. She had drawn out the ‘h’ and let her hot breath tease across my skin. She leaned in close, letting her teeth touch my earlobe. I dared not flinch and cause an instinctive response from her. She could easily rip out my throat before I could move to protect myself. I almost laughed at myself. Humans never understand beylikdüzü escort bayan that they wouldn’t feel a thing as the teeth of my inner beast sank deep into them. I didn’t laugh. She might not be human. “Does you hunger fill the room?” she asked breathily, drawing out the ‘h’ again. “Like the mournful saxophone at the start of the Sting song?” I dared to ask. She was too young to know the reference. “Like the scents in the boudoir when two lovers have met again for the first time,” she teased. She turned her head, sliding her teeth up the edge of my ear, until a bit of sharpness caught the flesh. A single drop of blood slowly formed. Her tongue lingered on my flesh as she took it, sending chills along my spine. The close-cut hairs on my neck stood on end. “Tell me what you want,” she commanded. I struggled to form the words. Ever since my wife had become president of the Women’s Club, she had been too busy to spend time with me. Perhaps it was a pretense, perhaps not. I wanted this beautiful young woman in her sun dress to sit on my lap and convince me to be inside her. She was probably a gold-digger, or worse, but I was strong enough and smart enough to deal with her after I had used her for our pleasure. I slowly turned my face to hers to be sure of what she was offering. She was gone. I spun around in my chair and just barely saw her sundress disappearing behind the first line of shrubs in the garden. The bushes were tall enough to ensure privacy. I turned to see how negotiations were going at the table inside. === Kathy hated her job. The hours were long, the tasks were grueling, and few people cared if she did it or not. It was a lonely job with a lot of travel, and no time for friendships. It was getting harder and harder to pass herself off as an innocent waif. She struggled at times like this to come up with any up-sides to doing the work. ‘It could be worse,’ she thought. ‘I could actually be a waitress.’ ‘It could be a lot worse,’ she added. ‘I could become one of them.’ It was tempting. She knew their secret, and sometimes, like this time, it was hard to deny that she wouldn’t mind having their powers. If she became one of them, she might be able to track the last monsters down. It would be so much easier to do her job that way. And she wouldn’t have to be lonely any more. If she were one of them, she could have taken the man on the patio and used him any way she liked. She had seen him checking out her short skirt and her long legs. She was almost afraid when he had called her back to the table. She had laughed at herself when he offered her a nice tip. His generosity almost convinced her that he was simply human. In a way, he reminded her of the tutor that had trained her so many years before. In a different way, there was something about the man on the patio that called to something deep inside her. There was compassion in his eyes when he offered her the money. He wouldn’t have to be one of them for her to offer herself to him. For a mere moment, she let a fantasy build in her thoughts. She might pretend to be one of them, pretend to threaten him and use his fear to dominate him. She could draw him into the garden, tease him to arousal, use him the way they do. With a sharp blade at his throat, and her lips on his skin, he would never know that she was merely a human with needs. If he were one of them, he might let her take as she pleased, using her before destroying her. The fantasy was tempting. But, she had a job to do. Her research had shown her that one of them was using this restaurant as a hunting ground. It had taken weeks to get a job here, and longer to narrow down her search. She was very certain it was one of three people, and they were all here tonight. She unconsciously flexed her body, checking that all of her hunting tools were in place. Her eyes scanned the restaurant again. The woman and her cronies were still at the table. They only preyed upon the men here, many of whom deserved to be preyed upon. The one she was looking for preyed indiscriminately, on men and women, young and old. These women were awful, but they were not her target. Even though the table had been cleared, the older women hadn’t yet paid the bill, and they were still making demands of her service. Part of her mind concentrated on maintaining her guise. Her main focus shifted to the other two that she suspected. Looking through the glass, she couldn’t quite make out the younger woman, with her gaggle of friends. Kathy slipped around closer to the window for a better view. The gaggle was there, but the woman was gone. The man wasn’t at his table either. Kathy slipped outside, with the pretense of checking his table. Neither of them were anywhere in sight. It was time to fulfill her duty. She checked her tools again. The silver blades had been blessed less than a week ago. She slipped into the garden to hunt. Long ago, when Kathy had first been chosen to join the hunt, the monsters she sought were nearly animals. It was not enough that their spirit selves devour their prey. They would physically attack their victims as well, shredding their flesh and eating the tender organs. They were evil beings and it was a great honor to remove them from our existence. But things had esenyurt escort changed. Perhaps they knew they were being hunted. Perhaps they learned to hide the evidence. It became harder and harder for Kathy to find them. They were still animals, and they deserved the fate she brought them. There arose a new species, perhaps like the older women inside. They preyed on the weak, playing with their emotions. More often than not, they separated fools from their money, and then used the money for charity. They lived well as they did so, but that was not a crime. Kathy could not bring herself to hunt them anymore. But then some of the old ones had surfaced again. They were wild killers that would devour their victims and then carve intricate ritualistic designs in the body. In trying to hunt them, Kathy had learned their secret. As she slid into the garden, she chided herself for ever wishing she could become one of them. They were all vile animals that needed to be put down. Although she still did not know which one she hunted, she knew exactly what she would find. The killer had already had enough time to toy with their prey, arousing and seducing them. In the throes of passion, the killer would consume their victim’s lust and more. Kathy was hoping that the killer would be too involved in the ritual carving that followed to notice her approach. She slipped into her hunting trance to enhance her stealth and allow her eyes to see more than most would see. She was shocked by the reality that she found. In a darkened byway of the garden, the woman sat astride the man. His shirt was off and his pants were down. The top of the woman’s sundress was down around her waist, exposing her beautiful breasts in the moonlight. Kathy did not allow herself to compare the woman’s fullness to her own handfuls. The woman’s panties were tossed aside on the grass, but she was sitting too far up his torso to have him inside her. One might mistake their intentions as physical romantic play, if it weren’t for the tight grip she had on his neck, and the awkward angle that her head was twisted to by the fistful of hair that he held. Their physical bodies were barely moving as they struggled. Kathy’s trance vision allowed her to clearly see the beast that writhed out of the woman’s chest, gnashing its teeth and attempting to injure the man. Her vision allowed her to see that his strength matched hers, but he seemed to be toying with the monster. The woman reached behind her back and into the nothingness and pulled out a wicked knife. Kathy instantly recognized that it matched the type of knife that would have been used in the ritual carvings she had seen. The man would never see it until it was too late. Kathy had seen enough. In four quick strides, she drew both of her own blades from their hiding place at the small of her back, and she pushed them at sharp angles into the woman’s ribs, through her heart and lungs. For a long horrible moment, there was a silence louder than the loudest screams. Kathy pulled the knives free, and the lifeless body tumbled to the side. For another long moment, Kathy stared at the body. There were strong powers there, and she could take them now, if she wished. She wondered if she could become the creature that she hated. As the body began to whither and age, she found the courage to resist. She turned her attention back to the man. He just lay there looking up at her in shock. He was lightly sweating from his exertions, and the toned strength of his body gleamed in sharp relief in the moonlight. A different sort of monster lurked inside Kathy, and it chose that moment to take control and demand action. She felt helpless to stop it. She dropped to her knees beside him in a menacing stance, and pressed a blade to his throat. Somehow her other hand had put its knife away, and it dropped to caress the warm skin of his stomach and ribs. “You know what she was,” she chastised him, “and you know you are lucky to be alive. She was the worst of the worst, and we regret having to eliminate one of our own.” His eyes flared as he realized that his life was still in peril. She knew that she was lying by implying that she was one of them. She couldn’t stop herself. She couldn’t stop her hand as it slid down his body and wrapped its fingers around his withering shaft. “If you wish to live,” she informed him, “you will let me take my pleasure and feed from yours. I will not dine as deeply as she would have. You will live and you may even enjoy yourself.” His eyes flared again as she pressed her teeth and lips into the muscles of his chest. Her tongue tasted his sweat and manliness. She groaned in desire, and then groaned again as his hardness grew in her hand. As she nibbled her way up to his neck, his hand slid in under her shirt and up to her breast. His thumb stroked across the fabric of her bra over her nipple and she kicked a leg over his body to straddle him. Her lips carefully kissed their way past the blade she still held at his throat as her hand stroked his hardness and took its measure. He was bigger than she expected, but not so big as to worry her. The monster inside of her demanded that she take him inside. She pushed her panties aside and pressed his head to her folds. With a final kiss almost on his lips, she pushed back to drink in the lust she knew would be in his eyes. She was amazed at how easily he slid in and yet how full he made her feel. Her eyes drifted shut and she growled at the pleasure she was taking. Most men would have allowed her to take her pleasure.