Sexy Accounts:A Nephew’s Lust; Part 2 – Discovery


From the view of the Nephew.It must have been a year since I last got into my auntie’s bedroom. I had only seen her a few times since then and not spoken much. My erection and roaming around her bedroom were never mentioned again. I didn’t see my cousins as much, now we were getting older. I had to make do with my video, which I had saved onto my hard drive to wank off to, and any photos, which lay around.It was my cousin’s seventeenth birthday and my auntie was having a small party ’round their house. This was my chance. I had time to consider what to do and how to do it, and it was unlikely anything had changed location in her room. It was all about taking the opportunity when it came. *** When we arrived, there were maybe twenty people there, and these being older people and a mix of family and friends. My auntie was wearing a long floaty summery patterned skirt and a tight-fitting top. Dressed in a way that was respectable for a middle-aged woman. You could see her boobs snug underneath her top and her wide hips, but there was no view of her silky white soft legs, apart from when she sat down and exposed her calves.I had developed into a bit of a recluse in a way, so avoided the small talk and kept to myself. My sole objective was to perv on my auntie as much as possible.My loudmouth uncle was circling around. He never did like me, and I was convinced he knew of my passion for his wife. I pretended to be on my phone, which is what most people spent all day on anyway, playing games, but really watching my auntie’s every move.My auntie’s friend came over to speak to me. Her name was Nicola. They had been friends since I was a kid and she was always nice to me. Her partner was there too. I couldn’t remember his name.Nicola was different from Auntie Ellie. She was smaller, maybe five-feet-three, long hair, similar dark brown colour, but down to her shoulders. Slim, with nice legs, which she had on display. Always gave me the impression that she tried hard.I saw Auntie Ellie looking over. I thought whether this was making her jealous in any way. I was fantasising about that anyway. Nicola wasn’t really my type. For me, she didn’t have big enough şişli escort boobs. Attractive enough, though.I thought about all the stories she could tell me about them in their twenties and older, going out, the sex. Girls always talked about sex with their mates. They would have made a pair going out. Catering for all the desires: one shorter, slim, and cute; the other, tall, curvy, and sexy. They were a pair of milfs now.Time passed quickly and I noticed how Nicola’s husband was as aloof as me. At first, I thought he was like me, in that he thought my uncle was a bit of a wanker, but then I noticed something else. Like me, he was checking Auntie Ellie out. I saw him looking her up and down more than once. I wondered if she realised he fancied her and did she like the attention she got?I started to think about that pervy neighbour. He wasn’t at the party, but I wondered if he was watching now and having a wank. *** Fate was with me today and my chance was about to come. The weather was still warm, and the cake was about to come out. Everyone would be outside and knowing my wanker uncle, he would be making a big long speech. I had already heard him go on about it, then Jessica would probably something, while champagne glasses were lined up. I reckon, I had a good six minutes. I had my alarm set for five minutes, to be set as I made my exit, to maximise time. This would be just when people were ushered to the garden. I would be off to the toilet. I even made sure I had loose-fitting jeans on for the pocket space and a latch for my phone on my top, so I could film the reveal to wank over later.The ushering began. I headed off straight away. I could feel my heart beating faster with excitement. I glanced back and looked through the kitchen window. There seemed to be the right number of people outside, and I frantically checked the downstairs lounge and front room; all clear. *** I hurried off upstairs. All of the upstairs was clear of people. I had a quick look down the stairs and nobody was there. Excitedly, I ran into her bedroom.The layout was the same. No clothes on the bed, all quite tidy. The only difference being a laundry basket şişli escort bayan in the corner.Like last time, I bounced along the edge of the bed. It was the same bed, still quite springy.I had an erection already.I went straight to the chest of drawers.Quick courtesy check of the top one. Still my uncle’s sexless old man briefs.The next one would be my sexy auntie’s one.Fuck me, they were all there again. I quickly tumbled through her knickers, seeing the different colours and types. Tenderly feeling their different materials, and randomly picking up a pair of frilly green french knickers and sniffing them. They smelt so fresh and their soft silky material cold against my face. I was so turned on. I checked their size. A size fourteen. My auntie was a curvy woman.She had a range within her collection: lacy ones; sexy silky ones; french knickers and a few thongs. Just the thought of that size fourteen milky round arse in one of those. I almost had semen dripping down my leg. With there being more black french knickers, I took a pair, and stuffed them into my pant pocket.I often thought about what her pussy looked like and now with her pants there, it was on my mind again. I couldn’t see her having a hairy bush and from when I saw her in her swimming costume, I didn’t see any pubes coming out. I studied that costume intensely. I thought either a thin landing strip style or shaved but stubbly pubes. Dark ones too. No way it would be too unkempt.Having had two kids, I hoped her pussy was tight but that was unlikely.There were a lot of bras in there. The cups were big. Mainly black and white ones, some wired, some non-wired. I didn’t know a lot about bras, but I saw how one was a push-up style bra. I opened up one of the black padded ones and rested it against my chest. The cups were massive.I scrambled to the label, which was a little worn but could make out the size: 36C. I wondered if they looked big in real life, what shape they were, how they hung. I imagined those bras being wrapped around her boobs, around those big pale fleshy boulders, imagining her big hard nipples, or whatever they looked like.There was no way I could stuff mecidiyeköy escort a bra in my pants. I had underestimated the size of her cups.I checked the bottom two drawers but just found random t-shirts and loungewear.I quickly went to the laundry basket. I hadn’t thought of this in my plan. I opened the lid and there were lots of clothes in there. I stuck my hand in and fumbled around like a lucky dip and then looked in. I wanted some used pants.Then, I saw a couple of white and black ones. Frantically, I grabbed the white ones and pulled them out. Stuffed them in my pockets and put everything back in the basket and closed the lid.There was maybe three minutes left on my alarm. I stopped and still couldn’t hear any movement. I had time to look at those boxes.I had to move fast and quickly opened her wardrobe. Same layout there. With no time to look through her clothes, I reached up and pulled the first box down. It was just full of photos. I had no time to go through them. The next box was again full of photos and some documents of my cousins’ births. Disappointed, I put the boxes back and thought to use my extra minute or so looking at her clothes.When I put the box back, I felt it make a noise against something. I stood on my tiptoes and reached up higher. I managed to put my hand up, as far as I could on the shelf, and grabbed a plastic bag. I pulled it down and threw it on the bed. I felt another one at the back of the other box, a slightly heavier and larger bag, but I managed to grab it, and again, I threw it on the bed.I emptied the first one out and there were swimming costumes there. The sexy black one I saw a few years ago, a couple more swimsuits, one black and one brown, and a green bikini top but no bottoms. Plus, a random pair of lycra pants. Excited about my discovery, I emptied out the other heavier larger bag.Fuck me. The kinky bitch. I couldn’t believe it.There were lots of different sexy lingerie pieces, and equipment too.There were a couple of nighties, silky and lacy. They were short too. I doubt they would have covered her big arse.Then a couple of sexy baby doll outfits. I picked one up. It was a plus-size one with open cups. I picked it up and put it against my chest. The open cups were massive. I just imagined Auntie Ellie in it, with her long milky legs and round arse cheeks exposed, and then, the flesh of her boobs oozing out of the open cups.