Sex with Someone You Love


My, how I love to feel that wonderful tingle of excitement creep up my spine as I sit completely naked, staring down at my extremely hard cock and wrap my fingers around the middle of its shaft. Just watching and feeling it pulse in my grip as blood surges through its network of veins is enough to make my mind race and my chest heave. And I love to hear myself gasp as I slide my hand down its length and slowly draw back my foreskin to expose my smooth, engorged helmet.

I often find the anticipation of masturbating almost too much to take — I don’t think I’m alone in possessing the ability to get myself so fantastically worked up. The benefit of having a very vivid imagination I guess. A sure fire winner is imagining that I’m being watched by an eclectic gathering of, for want of a better description, the most unlikely of women. And I have to admit that the more unlikely the woman — the ones that, rightly or wrongly, frequently slip under the radar – the more aroused I become. Forget all those glossy, fake, celebrity pin-ups, if the plump, middle-aged cleaning lady I see at work knew just how many times I’d imagined her standing in front of me watching me stroke my cock she’d think…well, she’d probably think I was a total wanker. And, of course, she’d be right.

I also have a ‘go to’ set of photos sent to me by an older lady named Sandy. One particular shot has her completely naked, bending over çapa escort her bed and spreading the cheeks of her arse. She has a lovely, dark pink asshole and just below there’s a tantalising glimpse of her delicious, fleshy pussy. It’s an image that never fails to get me hard. She’s told me just how much she’d love me to slide my cock right into her ass which, again, simply makes my head spin – shame that she’s on the other side of the world. You wouldn’t want my cock as a wart on the end of your nose, but never in a million years is it ever going to reach that far. Not unless I start hanging some serious weights off it.

Anyhow, with my anticipation now at fever pitch, I ever-so-slowly and lightly start to glide my hand along the entire length of my cock, pausing at the very end to gently circle my thumb around the sensitive ridge of my helmet. Let me tell you, that feels so fucking good and I gaze straight down the yawning slit in my helmet to see if there’s any sign of sweet, syrupy pre-cum. Nothing yet, but I get a fantastic hit of the musky, meaty scent of my cock. Time to stretch my legs out, think back to Anne’s large, pendulous breasts that I saw hanging unfettered in her baggy V-neck top as she bent over in front of me today and savour the calm before the storm.

And then, before you can stutter out ‘premature ejaculation’, I’m pumping away on my cock as if my life depended on it. fatih escort I’m bucking about in my seat, rapidly penetrating the air like a mad thing, making a real show of it for the collection of wide-eyed spectators that I imagine gathered around me and watching. There’s Anne, Sandy and the cleaning lady of course; and there’s my next door neighbour with the fantastic arse; the girl who works at the checkout in Lidl and there’s Mrs Hall, my old form teacher from school, all gazing at me, unable to take their eyes off my cock. I make eye contact with each one and breathlessly ask them if they’d like me to come. And it should come as no surprise to hear that they all do.

I picture Mrs Hall bent over with her tweed skirt crumpled up around her waist, knickerless and frantically fingering her forest of a pussy as my arsehole goes into spasm. My cock feels like a red hot poker in my hand, primed to go off at any moment. But it’s not as if I haven’t been here before: I know what I need to do. As I feel the first wave of orgasm and the first surge of cum start to overwhelm my loins I do my utmost to keep them at bay by sheer strength of will…or maybe that should be willy. Although a hundred miles past the ‘point of no return’ I know that the longer I can stop myself from coming, the greater my orgasm will be. Mind you, it doesn’t help one bit that all the women watching me have their tits sarıyer escort bayan out and are bellowing ‘come, you dirty fucker’ over and over again. And who am I to argue?

It’s worth noting that, at this point, I’ve lost all notion of time and place. I haven’t got a fucking clue where I am. A marching band could stomp through my living room playing the heavy bit from Bohemian Rhapsody and I wouldn’t stop – couldn’t stop – wanking. All I know is that in about five strokes and two seconds time the women will get there wish.

My chest feels tight and the blood that usually feeds my brain seems to have been completely diverted to my cock. And then, as the cleaning lady pushes her finger in Sandy’s arse and the Lidl checkout girl starts to suck one of Anne’s nipples, I come. First, a small, clear stream of pre-cum trickles down the dark red slope of my helmet and, though I’m in no fit state to confirm this, I may have stopped breathing. Then, as I let out a loud, guttural gasp (and breathe) and jerk my clenched hand up to my helmet I erupt my initial stream of milky cum. This shoots out of me with such force that anyone sitting in the front row is in danger of getting an eyeful. The second jet, though less in quantity is equal in intensity and arcs out of me and goes, well, fuck knows. The third spurts out down my leg. The air is filled with the not unpleasant smell of cock and cum as I continue to pump away, flicking spunk anywhere and everywhere. And later, when considerably more composed, I’ll shake my head at the Pollock-like, semen spattered floor I’ve got to clear up and curse myself for not having a towel handy.

But then where’s the fun in that?