Secret Powers Ch. 10: Tara’s Visit


I walk into our house and I don’t see Mum, but then I hear moans from her bedroom. I peek out the window and see Tara’s car. It’s nice that Mum’s making up for lost time.

I step quietly to the loo, then to my bedroom. I strip off my work clothes, including my soaked knickers (thanks to Lydia!).

I lie naked on the bed and check my phone for messages. Just one, from Lydia: “I can’t wait to make love with you for real.”

I reply, “It’s what I want so much too.”

I close my eyes and remember her pretty face and her delicious little boobs. My hands start doing what I want to do for her. I cup my boobs and arouse my nipples.

My fantasy is interrupted by Mum yelling, “Ahhh, Tara, yesss.”

I think about Lydia licking me as I finger my pussy gently. I hear Mum scream as she cums. I don’t feel like cumming right now, but I rub to excite myself a little.

I toss on my nightie and go to the kitchen for juice. Mum and Tara come in, in robes.

Tara sees me and says, “Oh, hi, Mary. I didn’t hear you come in.”

I reply with a smile, “No, you were kind of busy.”

She smiles back wickedly and projects a finger into my pussy, stabbing quickly in and out. I gasp as the sensation hits me unexpectedly, and I stagger to a chair to avoid falling.

I look up at her and I project twists onto her nipples, and my nipples harden with hers. She fucks my pussy mercilessly as I pinch and twist her nipples hard. I glance at Mum, who is watching us, mouth agape.

Tara and I go at each other hard. Mum looks at me as I start to cum from our fingers. I scream and my body shakes. Tara moans then leans against the counter for balance.

“Wow, Tara, you made Mary cum so quickly,” Mum says when she can speak.

“Yeah, she was already wet, so I just went for it. Any complaints, Mary?”

“Oh, no. It did take me by surprise though,” I say with a grin.

I find the juice that I came in for mersin escort (apple juice, not pussy juice).

Tara starts rummaging around to prepare dinner. “Another bloody Tara meal?” I say as a mock complaint.

“Haha, yes. Suffer, girl!” she replies.

I go back to my bedroom and check my phone. Sonya has texted, “Hi”

I give her a call.

“Hey Mary, how ya doin’?”

“Great here, Sonya. How are you and Melissa getting on?”

Sonya pauses. I sense a slight embarrassment. “Um, she’s very nice.”

“Only nice? She’s really sexy. I hope you two had lots of fun today.”

“Well, yes, Mary, we did,” she says, a bit less inhibited.

“Fantastic! I think you are both very special ladies, so it’s great that you have each other.”

“Aw, you’re sweet, Mary, you’re special, too.”

“I hope Kyle hasn’t been bothering you.”

“He tried to call and he’s texted, but I have blocked his number.”

“Good. He shouldn’t have any idea where you are.”

“Yes. I’m so grateful to Tara and Melissa that they have allowed me to stay here.”

“Are you missing anything that we didn’t pack up?”

“Nothing that can’t be easily replaced. So what have you been up to?”

“Oh, I’ve spent a bit of time with a lovely young woman I met at the mall where I work.”

“Wow, you get around, Mary. Not that I blame you. You are so sexy.”

“Well, I don’t collect women on purpose, but this one has captivated me.”

“Aw, that’s great, Mary. I hope things work out for you.”

“Well, it’s early days, literally, but thanks. Is Melissa there?”

“Sure, I’ll put her on.”

“Hey, Mary,” Melissa says.

“Hi, gorgeous. Treating Sonya well?”

“Of course. She’s lovely and amazing. For someone who’s just started with women, she’s a natural. She knows just how to please me.”

“I’m sure you please her, too.”

“She hasn’t complained so far.” I can sense the grins on mersin escort bayan their faces. “What did you do today?”

“I’ve met someone who has powers, a young woman at the mall. She’s definitely gotten under my skin.”

“Cool. Love at first sight?”

“Not sure about love yet, but I did feel something powerful the first time I set eyes on her.”

“Congratulations, Mary. I hope you two are happy together.”

“Well, I wouldn’t call it a relationship yet.”

“Oh, okay, so not until next week?”

We laugh. She just might be right. We gab a few minutes more, then say goodnight.

On the way back to the kitchen I pass Mum and smile at her. “I’m so happy for you, Mum,” I whisper. She smiles back.

I come up to Tara and hug her from behind. “You’ve made Mum very happy. Thanks for that.”

“Oh, the pleasure is mine,” Tara replies.

“I suspect it goes both ways. That’s great.”

I sit at the kitchen table and admire Tara’s easy wizardry with food.

Mum comes back and asks me how my day was.

“Great, Mum. I told you about Lydia, right?”

“Um, oh yeah. The one at the mall?”

“Yes, I tested her, and wow does she ever have the powers. Like me, though, she didn’t know. The first couple of times she saw me in the coffee shop she projected into me and got me going, not even knowing what she was doing.”

“How did you test her?”

“We went to a park after work. We sat on a bench. I told her to try to turn me on with just her mind. She was amazing, giving us both really strong orgasms.”

“Wow, cool.”

“She’s so nice. She’s never had sex before, so it’s all new to her, but she seems to know what to do. I feel something special about her. It seems like more than sex.”

Tara pipes up, “Lucky you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in love.”

“But you are very loving, Tara,” I say.

“I try to care, yes,” Tara says, with the hint escort mersin of a sigh.

Tara serves up dinner and as usual, we are delighted.

I thank Tara with a kiss and hug Mum. I return to my bedroom and check my phone. Lydia has texted, “Hello, sexy.”

I return the text, “Hey sexy yourself!”

“What are you up to tomorrow?”

“Don’t know, not working”

“Oh cool, me either. Want to come over?”


We agree on 10:00 or so, and she gives me the address. “It’s on bus route 107.”

“See you then, sexy!”


I get ready for bed and then lie in the dark under the covers, bringing up the image of Lydia. The shape of her boobs excites me, and my nipples get hard. I rub them gently. Her smile penetrates me and my passion flares.

I get an idea. I turn the light back on and take some nude selfies. I scroll through them and choose one with my face and boobs. I text it to Lydia with the caption, “Touching myself, thinking of you.”

I turn the light back out and caress myself all over, thinking of her touching me. A minute later, her reply arrives, “I was too!” with her face and naked boobs. Oh my, her boobs are more lovely than I had imagined.

They are so tiny and delicate, but with big brown nipples. I want to touch them and suck them so much. I pull my nipples to see if I can make mine as big as hers, but I can’t.

I gaze at hers and slide a finger into my pussy. Wow, it’s so dripping. I know I get very wet, but I’ve never gotten so wet so fast. I slowly move in and out while thinking about her wonderful nipples in my mouth.

I slowly arouse myself gently, trying to enjoy the journey. But then her smile grabs me again and I lie back, fingering my pussy madly and rubbing my clit. I cum hard, gushing juice over my hand.

I lie back and pant, my heart pounding. Her name rings through my head – Lydia, Lydia, Lydia. My phone pings. She texts, “Oh, Mary, you made me cum so hard.”

“Same here, Lydia!” I reply. “I can’t wait to be with you.”

“Mmm, me too.”

“Good night, my darling xx.”


I cuddle my big penguin as if it were Lydia and fall asleep.