Santa’s Helper


Saturday night’s annual Christmas Party and Toy Drive at Winner’s Sports Bar was in full swing when Jack arrived at 9:00 pm. There were over a hundred guests in attendance, plus a DJ, and this year’s added attraction, Santa and Mrs. Claus, along with two sexy female elf helpers.The photographer had a nice area for photos with Santa complete with a couch, Christmas tree, fake presents, and various holiday decorations. You might have thought you were in someone’s living room, it looked so good. For twenty dollars you could get your photo with Santa and his entourage.Jack put his unwrapped gifts, a football and a Barbie doll, in the toy barrels and made his way to the bar to get a drink. As he chatted with a few of the other regulars he noticed one of the young attractive elves looked familiar to him. She noticed him looking at her and she waved, “Hi Mr. Scott!”He smiled and waved from thirty feet and figured she must have been one of his former high school math students. Jack guessed she was probably about twenty-eight, so it had probably been ten years since she was on campus. His curiosity got the better of him so he walked over to find out who this beautiful young woman was.“Mr. Scott! Do you remember me?” she asked.He smiled and told her, “You look very familiar, but I’m guessing it’s been ten years since you were a student.” This was his standard response when seeing old students in public.“Christi Berg. And, yes, it has been ten years. I was in the class of 2012.”“Oh, my Christi!” he said. “I should have recognized you.”They quickly chatted a bit and he found out she had graduated college and was an accountant for one of the mega car dealerships in the area. Her best friend was the other elf and roped her into this part-time holiday job. “It’s been a lot of fun going to various parties and community events.”Right then a group came to get their photo taken so she got back to work, and Jack mingled in the crowd. He recalled Christi had been his student for three years and then in her senior year she was his teacher’s assistant for one semester. He wasn’t surprised she became an accountant as she was always a top math student in his class.An hour later Jack watched as Christi and her friend touched up their makeup in the corner of the bar as he admired their sexy costumes. Both wore matching kocaeli escort bayan green velvet bustiers, red and white striped stockings, red heels, and Santa hats. Their costumes showed off plenty of upper thigh and ample cleavage. His dirty old man mind wandered and imagined himself fucking the two young babes.As Christi turned around, she saw Jack looking at her. He knew he was busted so he walked over and told both women, “Your costumes are very…uh, festive,” he laughed.The other girl laughed and said, “You don’t want to call two of your old students sexy, do you?”“Well, it would not be professional of me,” Jack snickered. “But, yes, you two look amazing.” Looking at the brunette he asked, “And who are you?”She smiled, “Lisa Turner. I had you for geometry my sophomore year.”“Oh, yes. You played tennis, right?” he said.“All-League four years,” she said confidently.They chatted a bit more before they had to get back to work, but Jack told them he’d buy them a drink when they were off work at 11:00 pm.During the night he kept finding himself checking out Christi. He also wondered if he’d have a chance with her. Jack was a young teacher when he had her as a student, she was now twenty-eight and he was a youthful forty years old. Standing six foot tall with an athletic build he always seemed to catch the ladies’ eyes. His blonde hair and blue eyes didn’t hurt. But Jack pushed the idea of hooking up with Christi out of his head quickly thinking she must have tons of guys her age chasing after her.Christi was about five foot and seven inches tall, a size eight, perfect 36D tits, brown eyes, light brown hair with golden highlights, and a nice fake tan. She was what the kids these days call a “dime” or a “smoke show.”As promised, he bought Lisa and Christi a drink when they were done with their Santa’s Helpers duties. He offered Santa and Mrs. Claus too but they declined. “They’re not much fun,” said Lisa. “They always leave as soon as the gig is over. Not one drink, ever.”As the girls and Jack talked it seemed to him that Christi was either super friendly towards him, or she was flirting. Now being three IPA beers deep, Jack had the courage to dig a bit deeper into her personal life.“So, do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.Both girls giggled while looking at each other. “Not exactly,” kocaeli sınırsız escort said Christi. “I dumped my fiancé in June when I caught him cheating.”“Oh, I’m so sorry,” he said pretending to be empathetic. “Why would any guy cheat on you? You’re so beautiful,” Jack said without thinking.“Oh, Mr. Scott, thank you. You’re so sweet,” she said.“And enough with the ‘Mr. Scott’-stuff. You two are now adult-aged women. Call me Jack.”“Ok, Jack,” mocked Christi.“Jack Scott,” said Lisa, “what a manly-man name.”Laughing, he replied, “Yes, a lot better than my full name, “Jonathon Alexander Scott.”As the girls finished their drinks Lisa said she was going to head home for the evening, “Santa and I have a 9 am pancake breakfast gig at the Elks Lodge in the morning. Christi, do you want a ride or can you take an Uber?”Jack jumped at the opening, “I can drive you home if you need a ride.”Christi smiled, “Really? OK, thanks.” Turning to Lisa, she said, “I guess Jack will take me home.” The girls hugged goodnight and Lisa was on her way.As if on cue, the DJ started playing one of Jack’s favorite songs, “Brick House,” so he asked Christi to dance explaining his love of the song.“Sure, this is a great song. A true classic,” she said.She and Jack danced to five songs before he motioned to get off the dance floor. “Would you like another margarita?” he asked Christi. She nodded and said yes, so they headed up to the bar and found two seats.As they took a few sips Christi said, “Every girl had a crush on you back in school. You knew that, right?”Being a handsome man is a blessing and a curse. Jack got a lot of pussy in college, but teaching sixteen to eighteen-year-old girls, he had many girls have a crush on him. Rule number one as a male high school teacher: Never be alone with a female student in your classroom. Rule number two: never hug a female student.“A crush, puppy love, whatever,” he joked. “I knew in your junior year that you were going to be a beautiful woman. And I was right. Look at you. You’re stunning.” The beer was starting to talk for Jack.“Jack, you’re making me blush. But, thank you. A girl can never hear compliments like that enough,” Christi whispered.“And why don’t you have a boyfriend?” he inquired.“How much time do you have?” she laughed. “I’ve izmit anal yapan escort had a few serious relationships, but they all end up doing something stupid. The last guy cheated on me, and another got hooked on opiates. And it’s not like there are a ton of eligible guys in our town.”“So, what are you looking for in a guy,” he asked.“A good-looking nice guy. One with a college degree, a good job, financially secure, and emotionally ready for marriage,” she said as if reading it off a prepared list.“OK, sounds like what I’d say looking for a woman. Any red flags?”“Several,” she said. “Drugs obviously, a smoker, multiple baby mommas, no relationship with his family, and heavy debt.”“Well, isn’t that interesting,” he said, laughing, taking a long pause. “I seem to be your perfect match. I check all of those boxes.”Their eyes met, a smile appeared on her face, and she leaned toward him. Their lips met for a quick lip kiss. Shots of adrenaline shot through Jack’s body and all converged in his manhood. He could feel his cock swelling with blood.“Oh, Jack, you’re so sweet,” she whispered.“What was that kiss for?” Jack asked.“I don’t know. I just felt like it,” she said looking shyly away.“Are you interested in me? Like dating?” he said.“I don’t know. I’m conflicted. You do check all of my boxes, but it seems weird since you were my teacher. And you’re so much older than me,” Christi said.“I’m twelve years older, yes. But disregard my age and being your former teacher. If we had just met tonight, would you go out on a date with me?”“Probably,” she said. “But I do know you. I know you’re divorced and have a ten-year-old son. And, to be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I want to be a step-parent.”“OK, fair enough,” he said, changing the subject. “Will you dance with this old geezer?”“Sure,” Christi said. “But where is your walker?”He danced with her for several songs when they headed off the dance floor. Noticing it was about to hit midnight, Jack looked at his young beautiful friend and said, “It’s almost midnight, let’s get going. I’ll drive you home.”Christi nodded in agreement, and they made their way out the door and to Jack’s SUV. Being a gentleman, he opened the door for her, “Miss Berg, your chariot awaits.”She laughed, “Are you my Prince Charming?”He stepped toward her, almost pinning her against the open car door, with his hands up on the door on each side of her. “I am, and you’re my Cinderella.” He leaned toward her face and saw a slight smile as his lips met hers. After a twenty-second passionate kiss, Jack stepped back and told her, “And that is just a sample.”