Perchance To Dream Pt. 2

Group Sex

Melanie found some of my daughter Alice’s looser fitting clothes and struggled into them. The Uber driver was two minutes away. Maybe, I thought. Just maybe, we can get Melanie out of here without a major scene with my hungover wife.Dressed in my skivvies, I creaked open Alice’s door and peered out into the hall. My bedroom door was shut, where my wife was still, hopefully, sleeping. I waved Melanie out and we raced downstairs to the laundry room. She picked up her clothes from last night and we went out the front door.We kissed briefly, but passionately, and a little Prius rolled up. Fortunately, it was not the same guy as last night!“I’ll call you,” I said to her.Melanie tilted her head slightly and squinted her eyes a little at me.“I will!” I said. “I promise!”I ducked back in the house quickly, just as my wife stepped out of our upstairs bedroom.= = =I was totally useless that morning at the office. I was dying to call Melanie but thought I should wait an appropriate amount of time. Typically, I work from home on Fridays, but I went into the office today. After I called my masseuse Shaylene and canceled my ‘appointment’, of course.Alice gave me Melanie’s number, with a wink and a smile. Alice was plastered last night but she knows something went on with Melanie and I. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember much else. I hope!Ten o’clock rolled around, I figured Melanie must’ve gotten through her morning by now. I called her.“This is Melanie,” she answered.“Hi Melanie,” my voice croaked. Oh great, way to sound natural, dumbass! “It’s me. Jim. You know, Alice’s dad.”“Yes,” she answered. “I think I remember you. Are those your handprints on my ass?”“Yeah, well,” I stammered. “You told me to and I didn’t want to but you said–”“Relax, old man!” she laughed. “Just yanking your chain, Jim. I’m glad you called, I was getting worried. I’ve never had to kill anyone before but you were getting close.”“Thank God!” I was so relieved. “Listen, Melanie–”“All my friends call me ‘Mel’.”“Okay then, Mel… About last night–”“Don’t you say that!” she warned. “Don’t you dare say ‘About last night’!”“Melanie, Mel, last night was the greatest night of my life. That’s what I was going to say.”Silence on her end.“Mel?”“Yeah, sorry. I thought you were going to give me the ‘About last night’ speech. You told me, Jim. Last night, you told me that you loved me. Did you mean that?”Without skipping a beat I simply said, “Yes. I meant it. I love you.”“Okay, good. Um, me too.”I grasped for something to say. There’s so much to say, but, this still felt very surreal.“How’s Alice doing? Did she make it into work?”Mel laughed. “Barely! I gave her a bogus assignment in the archives. She’ll be able to sleep in there, no problem. She hasn’t said anything about last night, to me anyway. I don’t know if–”“Mel,” I interrupted. I hoped she couldn’t hear how desperate I felt. My voice still quivered a little bit here and there. “I need to see you. We need to talk. But I also need… I just need to see you. Soon!” Yep, total desperation. I’ve been married thirty years, I’m not so good with the smooth talk anymore.“Same here, Jim. I think I will knock off work at noon, head on home to my apartment.”“Text me the address. I’ll be there at 12:15.”“Done,” she said.I felt relieved, Mel didn’t seem to notice the desperation in my voice.= = =I sat in the lobby of Melanie’s apartment building. Finally, after what felt like hours, Melanie arrived. And my heart stopped.She breezed in the door as if she was in slow motion. Well, that’s how I remember it. Her black tailored suit tried to conceal her sexuality, but it was only partially successful. A hint of cleavage showed just above her white silken top. The buttoned up blazer strained to contain her full bust.I remembered that full bust from last night. I remember being rough with it, however. We didn’t exactly engage in any foreplay.She smiled radiantly at me as I stood up. She began to pick up the pace of her steps, but then I held out my hand.“Hang on a second!” I called. She stopped a quizzical look on her face. I made a twirly motion with my right hand, indicating to Mel to spin around. She did, but only after giving me a sexy pout.“Wow,” I said, stunned. “You look incredible! Let me guess, Nordstrom Rack?” I knew perfectly well she was wearing an Ann Taylor or Armani or some other designer suit that cost well over a grand. Sometimes I try and diffuse the tension with humor. It’s stupid, but that’s what I do.“Oh, you’re funny, mister!” Mel looked at her expensive watch. “You know, my lunch break is over and I’m heading back to the off–”I quickly closed the distance between us and swept Mel off her feet in a crushing hug. I set her back down after a few moments, and we kissed, gently at first, just enjoying each other for a little while. The passion began to build, and Mel dropped her case.“Oh shit!” she cried out. “That’s my laptop!”“Maybe,” I suggested. “Maybe we should set your stuff down in a safe spot so it won’t get smashed, or splashed, or otherwise damaged.”“Splashed?” she asked as we headed towards the elevator. “Just what did you have in mind?”I just smiled at her as I held her close. Just being next to her made me excited, nervous, anxious, tingly, and yes, aroused. We walked into the empty car and she pushed the top floor.“It’s so good to see you,” I whispered as I nuzzled her neck. “My morning… mmmm…. My morning was fucked, I couldn’t get anything done.” She smelled so good. Lavender, maybe?Mel tilted her head back, giving me full access to her neck. If only I was a vampire, then I could make her mine forever.“I worked on a brief all morning,” she responded. “It was a slam dunk… mmmm yessss… It should have taken about half an hour… oh God… I’m not even half done. Kiss me, Jim!”Last night was frantic, crazy, wild; like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Which was wonderful, believe me. But I wanted to enjoy Mel in a different way today. I wanted to get to know her, this mystery woman.I pressed her against the side of the elevator wall, my hard cock pushed into her abdomen. Both of our breaths became more rapid as the arousal level increased. Our lips pressed together in a passionate kiss.I unbuttoned her blazer as her abundant chest heaved. Her slender figure accentuated her large breasts. I pulled back, my hands on şişli escort her hips. I couldn’t help but stare.“Look at you, Mel. You’re like… my dream woman.”Oh wow. So not smooth.I traced a couple fingers from her ear, down along her jawline, then lightly placed my hand over her throat for a moment. Her sharp intake of breath showed I hit a chord of some kind. I slid my hand down her chest, between her lovely breasts and slid it around her hip, pulling her close to me. Her scent intoxicated me.The elevator slowed, and I said, “We’re going to have us some fun today, baby girl.”We stepped off the elevator, and I scooped her up in my arms, like a bride on her honeymoon.“What are you doing?” she asked, laughing.“I don’t have the slightest idea,” I assured her as I carried her to her door. “Keys? Quickly? I’m not getting any younger.”Well, I had to set her back down. I couldn’t negotiate the key and the knob and still hold Mel at the same time. We got inside and closed the door.“Well, Jim, what did you want to talk about.. Whoa!”I scooped her up again and just asked, “Bedroom? Quickly, now.”Giggling, Mel answered, “Down the hall, on the left.”I banged her foot on the couch and then knocked something off of the little occasional table she had there. I think it was just the TV remote but I couldn’t be sure.“Sorry,” I said, trying to maintain the few shreds of dignity I had left. “How much do you weigh, anyway?” There’s that lame attempt at humor again.“A hundred and thirty, thank you very much. When was the last time you saw the inside of a gym, mister?”“Too long ago, obviously!”Mel’s about 5’8” or 5’9”, so 130 pounds is absolutely perfect. I was just not as young as I wanted to be.We made it to the bedroom with only slight shoe damage to her walls, and I dropped her on the bed; a bit unceremoniously, I must admit.Mel propped herself up on her elbows. “You have no idea how turned on I am right now.”I tried responding, but mostly I just breathed heavily. I held up one finger to her for a few moments, then was finally able to speak. “I think… (gasp)… I detect… (gasp)… sarcasm…”“Noooo!” She said, sarcastically. “You need some water? I don’t have any Geritol…”“Hey you,” I teased. “I’m not above… (gasp) spanking you again! Just gimme a second. “I forced myself to calm down and dug my phone out of my pocket.“You calling someone?” Mel asked. “The EMTs, hopefully?”“Hush up, you! Show some respect for your elders!” I found the Pandora app and selected my George Benson channel. “Breezin” came on. A classic. Mel watched as I put on some awesome moves and began to strip to the soft beat and gentle guitar.“Okay,” Mel smiled at me. “Now I AM getting turned on! Nobody’s ever danced for me before, so if this is going to be some type of lap dance, you’d better let me get to my purse so I can pull out some singles!”I gave her the best strip show of her life, I’m sure. I threw in all the moves; Running Man, Shopping Cart, Sprinkler, Lawn Mower, and finally got all the way naked except for my argyle socks. They’re very sexy. Then I threw a Charlie Brown move at her.“Oh God,” Mel laughed. “Please, PLEASE! Don’t! Stop! You are NOT fucking me with those socks on!”“Party pooper! These are my lucky socks! And who said anything about fucking?” I did take the socks off, though. I’m not entirely stupid.Fortunately for both of us, I was all out of dance moves. “Okay, can I be done now? You should be in a near-orgasmic state at this point.”“Oh, I’m on the edge, Jim. Trust me. Now get over here and start doing stuff!”I jumped on the bed beside her, then climbed on top of her and started kissing her.“Is this one of those CFNM things?” she stopped to ask me.“See if… what?”“C-F-N-M. Clothed Female, Naked Male. Some weird fetish thing? Alice said you were a bit goofy, but I had no idea how much…”“No baby, you’ll be naked soon enough. I’m just gettin’ warmed up.”Hmmm… She had a point, though. It’s kind of hard to undress someone when they are laying on the bed.“Okay, honey. Up you go!”As she stood before me, I felt like stopping time just to admire her some more. But I know that would make her feel weird, so I just pressed my hands alongside her thighs, feeling her delicious shape. Looking into her light green eyes, my hands slid up to her waist, slowly, enjoying her curvature, and the silkiness of her top. I took her jacket lapels in my hands and pushed the jacket back off her shoulders.Melanie’s chest rose and fell before me. Her cleavage is right there… maintain, I told myself. Maintain! Don’t just attack them like the adolescent you really are deep inside! Keep it cool…I reached for her waist again and curled my fingers around the base of her blouse. I pulled up ever so slowly, then her blouse hit her speed bumps. Without actually touching her breasts, I managed to get her top over them.Mel tilted her head a little bit, looking at me expectantly. “You okay, cowboy?” she asked with her little smile. Her breasts continued to rise and fall.I was caught staring again. She can’t possibly understand, though. I’ve had thirty years of A-cups, and my wife didn’t really enjoy me playing with them. And Melanie, well, I’m not having to pay her! And here she is, this beautiful young woman, with D cups straining against this gorgeous black bra, and she wants me. So this was an extraordinary thing for me. I needed to try not to act like a blithering idiot, but it wasn’t easy. It was hard, very hard.“I’m good, see?” I indicated my fully hard cock. Okay, get moving!I stepped forward and embraced her while my hands traced her bra straps back to the catch. Awesome, I thought, only one hook back here. With a skill and talent that belied my actual nervousness, I undid the catch one-handed. Smooth.I stepped back a bit, her bra straps in my hands, and pulled her bra towards me, freeing her breasts.Breathing heavily myself, I stepped back in and encircled my arms around her waist. With her breasts pressing into me, we kissed gently. Her soft lips on mine, my left hand held her skirt while my right pulled down the zipper in the back. Melanie deftly stepped out as the skirt fell to the floor.I dropped to my knees and discovered a little treasure that I had missed last night; a shiny studded navel piercing.“Diamond?” I asked Mel, looking up between her breasts.“Of course!” she laughed.I şişli escort bayan should’ve expected nothing less! I leaned into her tummy and licked and kissed her belly button. At the same time, I slid her black G-string down her legs. I noticed a couple more tattoos I didn’t see last night; a cross and another Chinese symbol. Although her aromatic sex beckoned me, I stood up and took Melanie’s hand and led her back onto the bed.As she reclined, I lay next to her, wrapping my right leg around her. I pushed her hair back from her face so I could kiss her better.“Hey you,” I whispered.“Hey,” Mel whispered back.“I’m glad last night wasn’t just a dream.”“Me too. I was afraid you weren’t going to call me…”We kissed passionately, my hand caressing her cheek. Eventually, I lowered my hand to her breasts which, I’m pleased to note, didn’t disappear when she laid on her back. My fingers pressed into her firm yet yielding flesh. Mel moaned a little as I traced my fingers all over the sides of her breasts, the tops, underneath, but not the nipple. We continued kissing as I manually explored her breasts.“Mel,” I said, eventually breaking the kiss. “I have to confess, I love your tits. I know, that’s a vulgar word. But that’s what they are, they’re great fucking tits!”“Well, thank you! I’m glad you like them. They are liking you right now.”“Well, I’m going to go visit them for a while. Um, if you want to turn on the TV or something, that’s fine. Cuz I’m just going to suck them for the next couple hours.”Mel brought her arms in, squishing her breasts together for me. “Have at them!”I wriggled my way down the side of her so that my face was in line with her lovely pink nipple. Holding her breast more firmly now, I grazed my lips ever so softly over her nipple, teasing it awhile. Shortly, I started lightly licking her hard nub with my tongue, just running it around in lazy circles. It took all of my self-control not to just glom onto the poor unsuspecting nipple and suck the crap out of it, but you can’t start out that way!Presently, I released my grip on her breast and my hand drifted down her stomach, enjoying her silky-smooth skin. My hand danced lightly over her pelvic area, not diving in there yet, just letting her casually know ‘I’m down here playing with your parts.’I figured Mel had enough nipple licking and I moved in for the kill. Drawing her nipple into my mouth, I began to suck. Gently at first, then with more suction. My right hand settled on her mons venus as my fingers stroked her outer lips.Mel squirmed a little now and then, and held my head against her breast.“Did you want to put on the news or something?” I asked, releasing her nipple. “Because I’m just getting started.”Shaking her head at me, she pulled my head back into her breast and with her other hand, pressed my hand into the folds of her sex.“Hey!” I mumbled into her breast. “Not so fast, these things take time, you know!”Melanie rolled her eyes in fake disgust and relaxed again. I went back to work. I gave in to her demands a little, though. I separated her pussy lips ever so slightly with my middle finger. I found a bit of dampness at the very lower end of her sex, and pressed in, further separating those lips. I loved the feel of her wet pussy.While still trying to get some milk out of Mel’s breast, I slowly stroked her pussy up and down, enjoying her liquid velvet. I settled my finger near the top and slowly rolled my finger left and right, then up and down, then in circles around and on her clitoris.This went on for several more minutes, my hand dipping back into her sex for more juices to keep her clit wet. Mel was downright mewling at this point. As she lifted her hips up and down, I moved my hand down a little more so my finger could slide inside her while my palm still stimulated her clit.That was the ticket! Mel blew out her mouth several times and arched her back, and just whispered “cumming”, then fell back completely on the bed.I brought my drenched fingers up to her as yet untouched breast and circled her nipple. The little nub grew as hard as it could get. I licked her soaking nipple as I crossed over her body onto her other side for better access to this breast.Now, my left hand went down to her sex as I sucked her left breast.“Are you…” wondered Mel. “Are you going to do this all over again?”“I said you could turn on the TV!” and I resumed my tit-work. This poor breast had been neglected all afternoon! I couldn’t just let it sit here all lonely. Mel, however, was rather worked up already. It only took a couple of minutes of this before she came again.Somewhat reluctantly, I left her breast and crawled back up to Mel as she opened her legs wide, ready for me to penetrate her. Truly, my cock was more than ready for that! But I thought she might need just a little more stimulation first. Maybe a lot.“Would you mind terribly if I kissed your pussy for a minute?” I asked.Feigning a little anger, Mel asked me, “Do you have to? I’ve been waiting to get fucked for quite awhile now.”“Yeah, hon, I’m sorry, but it has to be done.”“Well alright then,” she smirked. “If it has to be done.” I decided right there and then I would do just about anything to get her to give me that sexy smirk more often.Since Melanie was already warmed up I didn’t spend a lot of time on the preliminaries, I just dove in head first. Well, mouth first! Her nectar flowed over my tongue as I sank it deep inside her. I love tasting a woman for the first time, it’s just so intimate, and she was deliciously clean and slightly tangy.Honey, darling, sweetheart. My face is buried in your pussy and you taste so good, I’m just going to eat you up forever, my love.I slipped in two fingers without any hesitation from her as I concentrated my tongue more on her clitoris. Then three fingers, and shortly I managed to get the fourth in there as well. She was so tight but so juicy that it wasn’t a problem. I moved a little to one side so I could get a better angle for my hand; I wanted to be sure to tickle her G-spot. It should be… right up… around here… yes!I worked my hand back and forth slowly but firmly inside her tight canal as I alternated between sucking her clitoral area through my teeth and fiercely licking her. I settled on just pressing hard on her clit with my tongue as my hand forcefully rammed mecidiyeköy escort into her vagina.Oh God, Melanie. Please cum for me. I want to make you cum again. Cum for me now.Melanie’s thighs clamped on my head, and I couldn’t move my hand back and forth anymore. Melanie moaned and then screamed to God but I could barely hear her with my ears completely covered by her legs. But I could feel her pussy contract and convulse and pulsate, and I felt a sudden surge of new juices.I sucked and swallowed as best I could, seeing as how I still had very little breathing room. Melanie bucked a few times, and a new spasm wracked her body every now and then. Then her legs collapsed, releasing me, and I reluctantly withdrew.I know she needed some recovery time, but I couldn’t help but kiss her on her lips. She slowly responded, and soon lapped my face of her own juices.I had waited long enough. My cock had suffered years of neglect in these past forty minutes! I had to let the wild mustang go free!He (my cock!) plowed right into her tight pussy, lubricated by all of her delicious honey. Melanie gasped at her stretching, then yelped as I began seriously fucking her. We couldn’t kiss at this point as the fucking was too fast, too furious.I will admit to being proud of myself. I’m no porn star that can go on for half an hour, but I went for a long, long time. Ten or twelve minutes, for sure. Or maybe five. Definitely at least five. But that’s a lot of strokes as I relentlessly pistoned in and out of her tight sex. I was trying to pin her to the bed with my pulsing, steely cock. God, she felt so good. And I was doing her some good, too. Mel could only pant and chirp, with the occasional long moan thrown in as she tried to breathe. I wanted this to be a loving, romantic afternoon for us. But instead, we’re just fucking like wild animals. Maybe that’s a different kind of romance.I held off as long as I could. At least five minutes, dammit. Yes, I’m sure! I decided to see how she was doing.“You like…(pant) me fucking you?”“Shit yeah!” she panted.“Say it,” I commanded. “Say you, love… you love me fucking your cunt.”“I love it!”“You love what?”“Fucking my cunt! Goddammit!” she was practically screaming at this point.“Say it… again!”“Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Jesus Christ FUCK MY FUCKING CUNT!”That’s kind of a trigger word for me. “Cunt.” Too nasty and vulgar for everyday use, but oh so very damn nasty and vulgar during sex.I drove deep and stayed there as my orgasm swept through me. I poured squirt after hot squirt of my love juice deep into Melanie. I shivered for a moment, the orgasm was so strong. I think Melanie was cumming too, oh yeah, she definitely was.We both floated around for a minute or so, gasping a little, giggling some. Grownups shouldn’t giggle, at least grown men shouldn’t. But I do sometimes, after sex. Sex should be fun! I like having a good time and showing it. Melanie kissed me all over my face, searching for her juices, I’m sure.“Let’s roll over, tiger” Mel suggested.We went to my left and Mel stayed with me, my cock still implanted inside her. He was down to about 90 percent, though, and deflating quickly.Melanie rose off me and splooshed all of our mixed cum right onto my dick and pelvis area. We both giggled again.“Let me get that for you,” she offered as she began to lick my cock clean. Her beautiful blonde hair, now damp and sweaty and messy, dragged through some the cum. Her kisses roused him a little, but I was too dead. Or too old! Shit, it sucks being old.= = =I was on such a high a few minutes ago, but then my brain started functioning again. Stupid brain, it always wrecks stuff.I just couldn’t shake the big lingering question, why me? Knowing full well that this could ruin everything, I plunged ahead because I had to know. I mean, people don’t just enter my life and need spankings and have wild sex with me every day. That seems like a porno movie, not real life. Is she after something? That can’t be it, she’s got a good job, beautiful apartment, nice car… what’s going on?“Mel, I have to get serious with you for a little bit.”“You sure you want to do that?” Mel teased as she twirled my chest hairs in her fingers.I looked her in the eye, which was hard because some semen strings hung in her hair and they distracted me.“I have to know, Melanie. What… where did this come from? I mean, is… all this… you and me… is this just random chance or, something else.”“Mmmmm, something else,” was all she said, smiling. We lay for several moments in silence.“Well, I guess I could spank it out of you, but I’m not sure your ass could take that kind of punishment again. Can you just tell me, please?”“Alright, Mr. Jansen. I happen to know quite a bit about you. A lot, in fact. And everything I hear just makes you… very attractive to me.”“You ‘know’ about me? How? From whom?”“Well, Alice does talk about you an awful lot. You took her to a Britney Spears concert. And you two are always doing things together like Comic-Con, Halloween dress-up, all the things you did for her in the high school…  Drama club productions. You sat in the front row of every one of her shows, for God’s sake! And more than that, she said the other kids all loved you because you’re goofy and you talked with them and hung out with them. How you’re still that way and help with any issue she has. You protect her from semi-crazy Mom… you just sound like the perfect guy and a great dad.”I couldn’t believe that she knows so much about me from overhearing my daughter Alice’s conversations. I mean, my understanding was that Alice and Mel weren’t exactly buddies. ‘Iron Balls Johnson’ was the nickname I heard from Alice.“Well,” I said, trying to think of something to say. “So I’m a nice guy to his kid. But nice guys finish last. Nice guys don’t get the hot, sexy girl. This doesn’t explain much.”“Tell you what, Jim. Since I know so much about you and you know nothing about me, I’ll give you a crash course, Melanie 101. It will take about three hours or so. You got that kind of time?”“Sure, I’ve got all day! What’s this crash course?” Really, I had nothing else to do and wasn’t in a hurry to get home to my wife who was just counting down the minutes to Four O’Clock so she could start drinking.“Hang on a minute,” she said as she slipped out of bed. There was none of that ‘oh I need to be covered with a sheet’ crap, Melanie strode confidently around the apartment completely nude, and she was poetry in motion. Yes, an old cliche, but that’s what she looked like. She found her iPad and jumped back in the bed beside me.