Olivia, the Polio Pharmacist


The central pharmacy had a lot of counters so it wasn’t unusual to see someone new at the information desk. The desk secretary, a beautiful lady, was sitting and waiting for someone to ask for help. Her name is “OLIVIA” as her name holder mentions.

She was never standing but moving from the desk by chair with wheels. I never saw her carrying the medicine but doing her duties such as checking the prescriptions. As a devotee, this aroused my curiosity so I kept my eye on her each time I went, until I found out why.

I dropped my wallet at the side of the desk to see her disability in details.

Fortunately it was the mid-August, she had removed her sandals.

Her one leg was paralyzed with polio and her toes were naturally crawled. The leg was not long enough to the footrests, so she had a belt around her waist to hold her tight to the chair.

The tips of her toes were curled in the normal direction and the ankles had no power to hold the foot strongly. The foot was also straight or even bent back the other way a bit.

Seems she has a small stool under her desk, so she must have rested her little leg on that when she needs some comfort.

Otherwise she was perfect and normal.

There was a tap on her table, may be calling for the next at the desk.

It was for me as the last in the queue. I also found that she was noticing me exploring her leg while collecting the issued medicine.

I had no chance rather than coming to the desk.

“Good Evening.” It was her usual greeting.

“Good Evening, want to know the dosage for these tablets” I replied.

She had a smile on her face.


She reversed her chair a bit back to find the prescription I gave before.

Now I could see her bursa escort better being bit away from the desk.

She took her polio affected foot by her hands and kept it on the lap.

So I could see the pink color soft sole of this beautiful polio affected foot facing upwards.

She took my prescription back kept it on her lap, especially touching the pink color soft sole as I could touch her naked sole.

She wheeled away from the desk to the main workstation in mid of her office.

Now I could see her totally in her chair.

When she was in search of anything related, the prescription fell down from her lap, and it is not easy for her to pick it being in the wheelchair.

She had no associate staff around, so I decided to help her to pick them.

The prescription was at her other foot.

I picked it up but I kissed the prescription.

“I know you stared at my special foot.” She whispered.

“Once I work as a trainee in a hospital, which treat patients who come cos’ motor accidents. One afternoon, I had to come to hospital ward on a call by the medical officer.

A guy sitting in a hospital bed looked like he is an Asian, was so keen on watching me or my walk, over then everything happening in the place. I have polio in my short-thin-right foot and I use pair of armpit crutches to walk. I had my short-thin-right polio leg dangling when I walk, cos’ it has no power but, depending strong on my normal left leg. This guy, who I later learned named K****, kept staring at my walking with crutches. He is resting in the ward after met with a mild accident in the bus.

He was alone and helpless since he is a foreigner here, so I asked him about his time in my city. Seems he needs help bursa escort bayan from a local, and I helped him to find the time for the bus next, but he preferred to travel day following, after some rest.

He sat in the bed and was soft spoken and asked me why I am crutching. I saw him staring at my two armpits and taking a close look at my right feet which has a small sandal compared to my normal leg. Never thought I would meet a polio foot fetishist or someone whom I am going to talk.

The crowd was few in the ward and there is only one patient in bed in a far other than him.

He wanted to see, how my palms are after walking with two crutches so I showed and I felt he wanted me to get close to him to feel them. Obviously I had to lean to his bed, and I felt that his left foot without socks, was brushing short-thin-dangling right polio leg, secretly.

I could see his cock getting hard, but I did not want to make him feel uncomfortable. At the time, I did not know what is in his mind but, so I decided to let him enjoy my feet.

He found there is no hospital staff inside the ward and he covered his bed area with the curtain.

So, I happened to be sitting in his bed and I asked him to get the sandals off from my short-thin-dangling right polio foot if he really wanted to see it. He handed me the two crutches to hold not to fall on the floor and started gradually tease my short-thin-dangling right polio foot. I let the decision go to him. At first I was hoping i could get just a close look, but he touched its rosy sole, soft heel, hiding crawled toes then he started sniff the foot.

He looked at me for a while, stopped for a moment.

“I have made you uncomfortable,” K**** said. “I am escort bursa going to get in trouble.”

“No,” I said, assuring.

“Really? This is the first time I am fulfilling my dream. “

“I am ok. Sure. You can enjoy my short-thin-dangling right polio foot. If it will help, i will rest in the bed and so will that help.”

“yes,” he said. I gave him a hug.

So for the rest of the time we talked about my short-thin-dangling right polio foot. He knew a lot about the human foot. So we talked about foot healthcare. I was surprised at first how he could keep the subject not sexual. But i guess my acceptance of him made him more at ease.

“K****,” I said, “you did nothing wrong. I am straight-forward. If a man bothers me, I tell him very clearly.

He whispered to me that he would love to receive my short-thin-dangling right polio foot on his lap. So last minutes, i let him take pictures of my short-thin-dangling right polio foot.

But we both had to stop everything because there were some noises as some staff on the board.

As the last moment, he said he wanted to do one last thing. He got down to kiss my feet. That was a new experience for me. I did not feel scared. but I felt different.

He put my sandal back and kissed my short-thin-dangling right polio foot again. He wanted to help me to place my crutches and my armpits. He kissed my both armpits before placing them.

We exchanged email addresses, and corresponded until the evening over the web. We were happy for each other.

After few hours that is after the office, I came out of the hospital with a slow crutch walk. I found, my short-thin-dangling right polio foot for the first time my short-thin-dangling right polio foot I attractive than my normal leg.

Surprisingly, he was actually at the hospital gate, with his baggage, seems he has discharged from hospital, so I should give him the shelter for tonight, who else.

He came closed to me.

“The bus is booked tomorrow morning”. He said.