Female Ejaculation

Subject: Office Gym – Part 2 OFFICE GYM (adult-friends, authoritarian, interracial) Author email: yo[dot]cfcf[at][dot]com I appreciate all feedback! Part 2 Standing there were four full-time corporate associates at my law firm; all of them were dressed in work clothes, and had their gym bags with them. I didn’t work with them, since I was in a different practice group, but I knew them all since they were friendly folks and worked a lot with the summer program. I forgot that this gym had a basketball court, and that these guys liked to play 2 on 2 after work on Fridays. Phil – the guy who spoke – was a 32 year old corporate senior associate. He had played lacrosse at university and was still a generally muscly, if a little less rock hard, 6 feet 4 inches tall. He was pale and had fiery red hair and blue eyes. He had a bit of a southern accent as he had grown up in North Carolina. Randy was another corporate associate – he had just started a year ago, and was 28 years old. A cornfed Midwestern guy, he was an avid gym goer and ran marathons and Spartan Races and things like that. He stood 6 feet tall, had short, dark brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, and a boyish smile. Mike was a lawyer in our international arbitration group. He was married – he met his wife at the law firm when they were summer interns years ago – and had a bit of a beer belly, but was a handsome guy. A little bit of dark chest hair poked out of his shirt. He was also 32 years old, 6 feet 2 inches tall, had brown hair that was between wavy and curly, and dark eyes. Belying his New England roots, Mike was always seen wearing boat istanbul travesti shoes around the office – luckily, not a big issue at the firm, since it wasn’t one of the really stuffy ones. Finally, Andy was a soft spoken guy who worked in tax. I had heard he was engaged to a woman he clerked with for a judge the year before. He was 30 years old, had curly brown hair, green eyes, and wore glasses. Andy was more of a co-rec sports guy in college – somewhat fit, but never really jacked. He was the shortest in the group at 5 foot 10, but still noticeably taller than me. “Hey guys,” I responded. “It’s not what you think -” “No worries,” Randy said. “We used to joke that the rules for what you can and can’t wear had some weird exceptions. But I guess those exceptions are real!” He quipped. All four laughed, and I laughed uneasily along with them. The four guys approached and I began to feel more comfortable. “Don’t even worry about it,” Andy said. “We’re not telling anyone at the firm. You do you!” We chatted a little bit about how the summer was going. Like I said, these guys were nice and friendly, and I didn’t feel threatened. I felt more and more at ease as we continued the small talk. “I can’t help noticing,” Mike started, “how smooth you are. Are you naturally so smooth?” “Not really,” I said, “they have that rule about pubic hair and all, so I used hair removal cream on it.” “Can I feel?” Peter asked. It seemed like a weird request, but like I said, I was getting more comfortable. “Sure,” I said. Peter ran his hands on my chest. I shivered a little bit. The four guys began istanbul travestileri getting a little more comfortable about it. “OK if I feel your pits?” Randy asked. I nodded. “Can you put your hands behind your head?” I complied. “They’re so smooth,” he murmured as his rough hands grazed my exposed armpits. Mike looked at Andy and asked, “I wonder how smooth his dick and balls feel.” Andy responded, “go ahead, he doesn’t seem to mind.” Mike held my cock and balls, feeling the bare skin. No one even asked me at that point. It was humiliating but kind of exhilarating, like I wasn’t even there. I was just being inspected by these men. Peter touched my nipples, and they firmed up. “Perky!” he exclaimed. The guys laughed. I gave a small smile. Without saying anything, Andy knelt down and gently touched my ass cheeks. “Can you spread your legs a bit?” I did. He spread my ass and touched my asshole. “This is definitely smoother than mine,” he observed. The guys chuckled. “This is alright, right?” Peter asked. I nodded. “I guess you’re pretty much naked and exposed anyway, right?” I looked at the floor in shame. “Nothing to worry about,” Andy chimed in. “It’s just like biology class, looking at a body that is so different than ours.” The other guys expressed their agreement. Mike looked at Peter. “This cage is pretty small, but looks like it fits him.” Peter nodded. “Definitely smaller than me.” Andy and Ryan agreed. “How big is it,” Mike asked, holding my cock cage and looking at Peter and Ryan, not even looking at me. “Um, 5 inches when hard, I think.” “Yeah, that’s smaller,” travesti istanbul Mike said. I was humiliated. But why was I enjoying it so much at the same time? Mike looked down at my dick in his hand and noticed I was leaking quite a bit of precum. “Looks like you’re a little turned on!” The other guys laughed. I reddened and sheepishly nodded. “Happens to all of us. But now, my hand is a little…sticky.” “Oh, and it’s getting on the floor too,” Andy chimed in, standing up after prodding my asshole for a couple of minutes. “I think the cleaning staff has left for the night though.” Peter looked around. “I don’t see any cleaning tools. We should probably clean that up though.” Out of nowhere, I blurted out, “I guess I could lick it up?” The other guys were stunned. Mike broke the silence: “yeah, makes sense. It’s your mess, anyway. Go ahead.” I knelt on the ground and licked the precum. I looked up and saw Mike’s hand also with a little precum. “Would you like me to clean that up as well, Mike?” A small smile spread on his face. “Yeah, please.” I licked the precum off the palm of his hand. I heard Andy nearby say, “that’s so humiliating.” Peter agreed, “yeah, but he’s gotta clean it up, right?” I stood up. “Well, we should probably get going,” Peter said. “Off to Randy’s to play some poker. You take it easy, Diego!” I nodded and waved as they walked away chatting amongst themselves. I headed to the locker room and made a horrible realization. My clothes were gone! The maintenance folks must have taken them. Also gone was the key. A post-it note was left on the desk, which stated: “put in lost-and-found, pick up on Monday.” The gym was closed for the weekend, and the staff wouldn’t back for a couple of days! I frantically looked around, wondering what my next move would be. I was stuck in nothing but a collar and a chastity device! What was I going to do?