Nursed By My Mother Part Five


Please note, this story is a continuation of other stories. To gain a better understanding of the plot, please read the previous parts.Mom had arranged to have Sheila come over mid afternoon the next day to discuss my rehabilitation. Sheila was some what hesitant at first, but my mother sincerely apologized for her reaction when she caught Shelia and myself in a sexually compromising moment. My future rehabilitation specialist agreed to meet with her.The past several weeks had been such a blur of sexual excitement. My mother, who had now become my new found fuck partner, was far more then just enthusiastic participant. I was some what troubled though. I had a true longing for my home care worker Shelia. I really had begun to develop deep feelings for her.I snapped out of my thoughts when Mom saw Shelia’s car pull in the drive way. It was suggested that I go upstairs. Mom didn’t want Shelia to be embarrassed or uncomfortable because of my presence.I remained in the upstairs hallway so I could listen in on the conversation between the two women. Mom was very cordial and polite. She began by apologizing and once again explaining her reasons for acting as harshly as she did.”It’s just that my son means every thing to me.” Mom said in an almost tearful voice. “Ever since I walked in on his father having sex with our next door neighbor, Robbie is all I have left. You can imagine how finding you two in a similar situation had caused such a reaction in me. I feel terrible that I lost all control. I know now that all you were trying to do was help my son in his time of need. I really want to offer my thanks and appreciation for what you so unselfishly did for him. Please, please can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” said my mother in a sweet sincere voice. “You are the only one I trust to help my son.”The final words must have pulled at Shelia’s heart strings because she immediately agreed to help me with my rehabilitation. “You know, I really can’t blame you for your interest in my son. He truly is a sweet and dear young man.” Mom said trying not to over do it.”Oh gosh yes.” replied Shelia. He is an absolute sweetheart.””You two are not even that much different in age, are you?” Mom asked.”No, not really.” chuckled Sheila.”Well, I am so very happy that you found it in your heart to forgive me and my insecurities. I can promise you that because I know all you are doing is trying to make my son comfortable and happy that you have my full support in what ever transpires between you. ” Mom said. “Holy crap,” I thought to myself. “that almost sounded like Mom was giving Shelia permission to continue giving me hand jobs. This is too good to be true.” I quietly crept down the stairs and was able to see their reflections in the front room window.Shelia agreed to start my rehabilitation the following day. She got up and the two women embraced just as old friends would. The hug seemed to linger a bit longer then normal and the sight of these two sexy ladies with their breasts mashed together caused my cock to stiffen. Mom put her arm around Shelia’s shoulders and walked her to the door. There seemed to be a bit of a spark there. Was it a genuine friendship or perhaps more? I wasn’t quite sure. When I heard the door close, I came down. Mom was cleaning up the dishes from the tea she had served. As I walked up behind her, Mom leaned over to pick up a napkin that had fallen on the floor. While she was bent, I lifted her calf length gray skirt up over her large round ass. My cock twitched as I caught sight of my slutty mothers choice istanbul travesti of under garments. Here she was in her white button up blouse, long gray skirt and dark nylons. Very prim and proper you would think, but there, underneath the plain exterior, was a vision of sluttyness. Mom’s nylons were held up by a black lace garter that framed her smooth naked ass. The pouting bare cunt lips that were now completely visible to me were peeking out of the folds of her groin. The sight caused my cock to spring to attentionI dropped to my knees behind her and gripped her naked ass with my good hand. I pried open my mother’s pink, womanly softness and placed my face between her large cheeks. Mom leaned over further and grasped the end table for support. My tongue darted out finding her puckered little rose bud. Mom flinched at the contact. I stabbed my tongue out again, this time harder and deeper actually penetrating her musky wrinkled hole. Mom let out a loud, long moan.”Oh yes Robbie. Lick mamma’s bum for her.” she said now panting.I cursed out loud about how restricting it was with the use of only one hand.”Here, let me help.” said Mom as she straightened up and moved over to the sofa. She quickly knelt which caused her supple ass to point directly at me. My mother then lowered her face to the back of the sofa and reached behind her. Mom hiked her skirt all the way up over her ample hips then spread her ass cheeks wide.She was totally open to me and I could clearly see the excitement bubbling out of her wet and slobbering cunt. “There, that’s better. Now you can lick me all you want sweetie.” Mom said in a low, husky voice.I dropped to my knees bringing my face in perfect alignment with her gaping slit. Lowering my mouth towards her brown wrinkled hole, I began stabbing my tongue into her opening. “Mmmm yes Robbie. Lick it. Oh yes, fuck mamma’s ass with your tongue. Make her feel like a dirty slut.” She said.I reached underneath her with my free hand and began pulling and tugging at the buttons of her blouse. I wanted to feel her huge milk sacks as I tongued her ass hole. The task was difficult with the use of only one hand when Mom finally said.”Here, wait a sec.”Mom sat up and quickly stripped off her blouse and plain white bra. She knelt back down then took my hand and brought it up to her left breast. I lower my head and once again began the anal assault which caused Mom to erupt in a series of loud moans and groans of approval.Mom’s ass was now thoroughly lubricated not only with my saliva, but also with the cunt juice that my tongue would occasionally drag up from her leaking pussy. I luxuriated in the taste and slipperiness which I promptly stuffed into her back door.Standing now, I dropped my pants. As I moved closer to Mom, she quickly took hold of my cock and guided it into her wet and open cunt. After a few strokes to fully lubricate my cock, I pulled out causing Mom grunted her disapproval. This time, I took my cock in my own hand and slid it up the length of her slit till I reached her asshole. The sudden shock of my knob rubbing her sensitive spot caused to her lurch slightly. “Ohhh Yesss.” Mom hissed.I placed my cock head directly at the opening to her anal passage. I push it forward.”What are you doing?” Mom asked in a some what panicked voice as she turned her head to look behind at me.”I want to fuck you in the ass.” I said as I thrust my hips forward again.This time my cock head slid into Mom’s tight hole. She let out a loud gasp followed by a little yelp.”Wait Robbie, this istanbul travestileri is going to hurt.” Mom said clenching her sphincter muscles. “I promise I will go slow. I would never hurt you Mom. Please just relax and let’s try again.” I said reassuringly.I reached down underneath Mom and began sliding my fingers back and forth across her clit. Mom soon began to pant and buck her hips in excitement. She was ready. I asked her to aim my cock for a second try. This time she eagerly reached behind her and guided my hard member to her now relaxed anal passage. I once again gained entry with just the tip of my cock. Mom clenched, but then immediately relaxed . I pushed with a little more force now. Mom responded by prying open her ass cheeks with both her hands. I reached under her to stimulate her clit as she whispered.”Yes, thats it baby. Slowly. Carefully. Make your momma feel dirty. Mmmmmmm!”. My cock was soon buried deep in my mothers ass as she thrashed around moaning and groaning like an animal in heat. I pistoned in and out of her slowly but steadily. Mom returned the thrusts with equal vigor. “Oh Robbie, fuck your Mom’s ass. Fuck her till she cums. I am such a dirty girl. Do you like that sweetie? Do you like fucking mamma’s ass?” Mom said as she totally relaxed her anal muscles. “Oh gawd yeah Mom, I love fucking you in the ass. I am going to cum soon.””Please baby, please wait for me. Let me cum first.” Mom said afraid that I would be unable to continue the anal attack once I reached my orgasm. I concentrated very hard on calming myself while still pounding my rock hard eighteen year old cock into my mothers asshole. I sped up the manipulation of my Mom’s clit soon felt the first vibration of her impending orgasm. Suddenly Mom’s ass slammed tight, clenching my cock in a death grip. The pressure on my rod was tight enough that it almost prevented me from sliding in and out of her. She then let out a scream. An honest to goodness scream of satisfaction. Mom lessened the constriction of her anal muscles and began gyrated and thrashing about in her orgasm. It was so strong that Mom was clutching the sofa cushions in front of her hard enough that I thought they would tear. After her orgasm, Mom remained bent over the sofa. She began mumbling over and over. “Oh Robbie, that feels so good. So dirty. So slutty. I am such a dirty girl. Such a slut.”With out question, this was the most intense orgasm that my mother had ever experienced with me. I Finally couldn’t take any more. The clenching, the raw sexual comments she was making and the fact that I was fucking my own matronly mothers asshole was overwhelming. So much so that it pushed me right over the edge. I let out a stream of cum with such volume that it thoroughly coated her insides making her ass walls incredibly slippery. Mom was so full of my cum that it began oozing out of her with each back stroke of my still spewing cock. Finally after the last tremors of our mutual orgasms had subsided, I pulled my cock out of my mother’s drenched ass hole as we both flopped back down on the sofa to catch our breaths. “Oh my gawd Robbie. That was absolutely fantastic. I never knew sex could be so good. So marvelous. I can’t believe I wasted all those years.” She said as she reached back underneath her inspecting her asshole. “Oh my, I am a kind of tender down there now you dirty boy.” Mom said laughing.”I am only as dirty as my mother.” I replied as I slid my hand down to finger her wide open cunt.”Mmmm.” replied my mother.” Holy crap Mom, travesti I can’t believe how wet you are. You must have really enjoyed that.” I said as three of my fingers slid easily into her cunt.”Oh gawd yes baby. I loved it. But we are going to have to wait a few days before we try that again. I think I better let my ass return to normal first.” she said again laughing. The next morning Shelia arrived about nine. Mom had already gone for the day. Her leave of absence from her job had now ended and this was her first day back to work. Shelia began an assessment of my injuries then developed a rehabilitation plan. The first part of each treatment would be light stretches and preplanned movements to limber and warm up the muscles that had become inactive. The length of time that I spent in total bed rest while I healed had taken it’s toll on my normally athletic build. Next, we would go through a series of exercises followed by more stretches designed to strengthen and add flexibility. The last step would be a deep tissue type full body massage to tone and relax the newly formed muscle tissue. The massage would be from front to back and top to bottom.The whole process would take about four hours a day. After the stretches and exercises were completed, it was time for my massage.”OK, please take off all your clothes and cover yourself with the sheet, then lay down on your stomach. I will be right back as soon as you are ready.” said Shelia as she motioned me to the portable massage table she had brought with her.I did as was instructed and called out to her when I was ready. Shelia came in and began to rub a light scented medicated oil into my skin. Her strong hands managed to find all the knots and tight muscles that had been irritating me for the last several weeks. I began to relax as she continued with her work.”I missed you.” I said as Shelia’s fingers worked their magic.”I missed you too.” she replied with all sincerity.”You know, Mom felt terrible about what she did and feel even worse for they way she yelled at you.” I said as she continued massaging me.”I know, and I completely understand why she did what she did. Your Mom must love you very much to be that protective of you.” said Shelia.”Yeah, I guess. This whole thing has been tough on every one and I am sure glad that you agreed to help me. I really did miss you and couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing you again.” I said quietly.”I am not ashamed of what went on between us.” I said with all sincerity. “Mom and I had a long talk about that and she totally understands.””I am not ashamed either, in fact I really did enjoy our times together.” Shelia said as she motioned for me to turn over. “Your mother seems like a very cool and understanding lady. You know, she could have ruined my carer if she had complained to the medical association. But she didn’t and I really respect her for that.”I laid on my back as Shelia first started massaging my shoulders and neck. When she leaned over me, her loose fitting top allowed me an unrestricted glimpse of her well defined cleavage. My cock began to stiffen. Shelia was well aware that I was looking down her shirt at her sweet breasts but did nothing to discourage me. She didn’t straighten up like you would expect, but rather leaned over further giving me a better look. I gulped at the sight of her swaying breasts that were so sexily encased in her sheer half cup bra. My cock was now totally hard and making a tent of the sheet that was draped over my waist.As Shelia straightened up to get more oil, she couldn’t help but notice my hard cock poking up underneath the material.”Oh my, what have we here?” She said in a low sultry voice. “I think you really did miss me.”. “What time did you say your mother would be home?” Shelia asked causing my libido to surge.”Not for three hours yet.””You’re sure?””Yes,” I said.