Nan, Mom and Me Pt.6


Please bear with the start of this chapter as it describes events over the intervening years………….. After a couple of years, Mom and I decided to have another baby before she was too old.  We had a boy this time and named him Joseph Daniel; he was nicknamed JD by the kids at school. When Mom brought him home, our lives continued on the same track.  Whenever Mom would feed JD I was always there to help drain the excess milk from her beautiful teats..  We also kept up the routine of Mom lying on her side feeding and me sliding my cock deep into her cunt.  We would often go to sleep like this when the baby had been put back in his cot. Nan still came and joined us a couple of times a week and I would visit her every night just to have a taste of her hot sweet pussy as  the entrée before joining Mom. This seemed to work out for all of us.  The children were spoiled by all of us but were also taught right and wrong and pulled up for any misbehavior. So they grew up within a firm but loving family.  I eventually istanbul travesti changed jobs from Lecturing on Health Education to working on Computers and decided to work from home.  We had plenty of room for me to set up an office.  Nan was getting older and not quite up to chasing the children if they got a bit unruly so it worked out well that I could be home to give her a hand with them.  Mom went back to work as a Real Estate Agent as it was the type of work she loved, but managed to cut her hours back so that we could all be home most days when the children got home from school. We move a few years ahead ……………………… Grace Francis was ready to go to College and JD was nearly finished High School.  Gracie had her Eighteenth birthday a couple of weeks before she was to start college and we gave her a big birthday party with about 20 of her friends.  I arranged it to be held at Fran’s and my favorite restaurant and I am pretty sure everyone had a great time. istanbul travestileri Grace went to a club with her friends for a few hours after the party broke up and Nan, Mom and I wended out way home. When we arrived home, we decided that as we had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours, that we would have a well-earned threesome.  With the children home most of the time, it had been hard to sneak an evening with Nan, and I would have to make sure Grace and JD were sound asleep before I could join Mom; and we had to keep it a lot quieter than we had before. We all went up to Mom’s room and I stripped Nan and then Mom.  Then they both had to undress me.  I had Nan lie on the bed on her back and I knelt down and parted her legs.  What a wonderful sight!  In the meantime, Mom got on the bed beside Nan and started to lick and suckle her nipples and breasts.  I couldn’t wait any longer and I buried my face in that musky field of hot woman.  I stayed there just travesti munching and licking her for about twenty minutes and then decided that it was time to fuck her. By this time, Mom had crawled up over Nan’s face and was having her pussy eaten too. I stood up and positioned myself at that entrance; it was pulsating as she waited for me to insert my rigid prick.  I entered her softly and gently, working my rod in inch by inch until I was fully inside that velvet chamber of hot love juice.  We fucked for about another twenty minutes or so until Nan couldn’t hold back any longer and she screamed that she was cumming.  I also let go of a load of spunk that I had been saving for a couple of days and we were in a glorious union cumming together. WOW, that was some workout.  We all just lay on the bed and gathered our breaths and our resources for the next round.  I made Mom lay back this time and went straight for that plateau of pleasure I knew was waiting for me.  I didn’t get to spend as much time with Mom as she was feeling so horny.  She dragged me upward and after a lot of French kissing between the three of us, I headed for Mom’s tits.  I licked and sucked there for about ten minutes but Mom was impatient for her fuck.  We proceeded to set up a rhythm and Mom let out a loud scream.