my sister Gill – Part 5


PART 5It had been a hectic four weeks back in 1980. Four weeks ago I was a sixteen year old boy developing an unnatural interest in my 23 year old sister called Gill. I was a virgin and had spent quite a few evenings wanking myself off thinking about my sister. I had never had a girlfriend and certainly never had any kind of sexual relationship with anyone. I considered myself to be ‘straight’. I read porn magazines and lusted after the beautiful women I saw in them. I had never even seen a porn film and only had a vague idea what sex was really all about.Gill was married to Tony and I often spent the weekend at their house away from the restrictions of my parents and left to do as I pleased. On a Friday night four weeks ago my life changed. I had walked in on Gill and Tony getting down to some adult stuff on the couch in the living room. Gill had Tony’s cock in her hand and he was sucking on her tits. I didn’t realise at the time but this was all carefully staged and part of a plan to pull me into their sordid sex lives.Now, four weeks later I find myself lying on a bed with my sister and her husband. Gill is busy sucking on Tony’s hard cock whilst I lay watching and wanking. Not only am I watching but whilst doing so I am dressed from head to toe as a woman complete with long blond hair, bra, panties stockings and skirt. I even have 5 inch stiletto heels on my feet.The fact is that only an hour ago I had exploded my cum deep in my big sisters tight arse and then found myself strapped to a chair and being arse fucked by her husband Tony who in turn exploded his cum deep inside me. I had also sucked my first ever cock and enjoyed it.As I lay on the bed and gazed at Gill sucking Tony’s cock deep into her mouth I reached out and started to finger fuck my big sister. Nobody cared, nobody complained. It seemed the rule of the day was simply to have fun and do whatever we wanted.There was however one rule. One big rule. I was not allowed under any circumstances to put my cock inside Gill’s pussy. I couldn’t have vaginal sex with istanbul travesti her. But that was the only rule. I had already had anal sex with her, she had already taken my arse with a strap on, but vaginal sex, actual fucking had not happened.Some may find this story hard to believe. I will agree it is like a fantasy, but this is what shaped my life, what made me who I am today. This is why now, at 46 years old I am sitting here dressed as a woman, calling myself Laura and writing this story. I have a lot to write because my incestuous sex life lasted almost two years and in that time I experienced so much that I want to tell. I have held onto this, kept it a secret for too long.I know now that Gill and Tony had been planning to bring me into their sex lives since my 16th birthday. They had however waited until three months after my sixteenth birthday before they swung into action. They had planned the lot. They had teased me and pulled me in and my hormonal sixteen year old mind had fallen for it.Was I bitter? Was I annoyed? No … I couldn’t have been happier then or now. After all these years I have once again found myself at my big sisters house and I am dressed as Laura. I’m 46 years old, fatter and uglier. Gill is sitting next to me as I type this. She is 54 years old now, far larger and nowhere near as sexy as she used to be but we are both happy with that. We have just spent the last two hours making love as we never have before. Her pussy is wet with my spunk because for the first time ever I had slid my cock into her wet pussy and came inside her. After 30 plus years I finally got to fuck her pussy and I can honestly say it was worth waiting for.Back in 1980 and that weekend when Gill had carefully strapped me onto a stool and invited her husband to come and fuck me I suppose I was taken advantage of. I hadn’t known what was about to happen, but when I saw Tony unzipping his jeans and releasing his monster cock I know that I wanted him to fuck me. I had enjoyed it so much when Gill istanbul travestileri had fucked me with her strap on, I had found myself yearning for a real cock inside me and here was that real cock. It was an added bonus that I was sharing this situation with my older sister with whom I had definitly fallen in love.When Tony had grabbed my head and pushed his erection into my mouth I hadn’t struggled, I had welcomed the experience. Somewhere deep in my mind I knew this was what I needed to do to satisfy my curiosity.So, part four of my story ended with me climbing onto the bed with Gill and Tony. It was mid afternoon and we had the rest of the weekend ahead of us. What happened? Read on to find out.I kneeled on the bed watching intently as Gill sucked on Tony’s cock. Her hand was working up and down the shaft in time with her mouth. Considering the size of his cock Gill was doing a very good job of taking most of it into her mouth. Tony simply lay back and let it happen.I was gently fingering Gill’s pussy, slowly working my fingers in and out of the slippery folds of skin. I shuffled closer and closer as I watched the action. Gill sat up releasing Tony’s cock. She leaned across and we started to kiss. I could taste Tony’s juices on her lips.“Want to help me Laura?” asked Gill. “It’s a big cock and takes a lot of sucking.”She reached out and held Tony’s cock upright. It looked huge. I slowly leaned forward and extended my tongue until I tasted him. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to lean further forward and take his bulbous head into my mouth.Gill lay back down and joined me, we were kissing and licking Tony’s shaft. Spit and juices flowed. His cock disappeared into Gill’s mouth as I licked up and down the shaft and around his balls, then we swapped and Tony fucked my mouth.I didn’t question what was happening, this felt like the most natural thing, I was enjoying what I was doing and getting very turned on. I felt so sexy in my lingerie and long blond wig. In my mind I was travesti Laura, it just so happened that Laura had a hard cock rather than a pussy.“Hang on, stop .. NO! I’m gonna cum and I don’t want to yet!” cried Tony.Gill and I both laughed as Tony grabbed his cock and pulled it away from our mouths. The thought that Tony might cum had never crossed my mind, but now that it had I really had the urge to taste his cum in my mouth.“I think Laura wants your cum in her mouth Tony.” She smiled and leaned over to kiss me. We kissed deeply her lips salty and soft.“Later babes. Why don’t the two of you get on your hands and knees over here and let me have you from behind? Then I’ll see if I want to cum in Laura’s mouth.” And he grinned.We both shuffled up to the top of the bed and took our positions on our hands and knees next to each other. We were holding onto the head board and straining to kiss each other.Tony moved around behind us and Gill gasped and drew breath. I turned my head and saw that Tony had entered her. He was slowly thrusting his hips and fucking her from behind. Gill continued to kiss me, her eyes closed breathing heavily.I could hear Tony panting. I reached down to my own cock. The front of my little skirt was wet to touch as I slid my hand underneath and grabbed my cock. Gill was finding it hard to kiss me and breath, her breathing was short and fast and she was moaning. Tony was obviously giving her a lot of pleasure.“Oh God … mmmnn yes.” I think she was close to coming.I felt a hand on my ass as Tony reached across and started to rub at my anus. A finger slipped inside and I gasped along with Gill. It felt so good to be penetrated and I rubbed my cock vigorously as Tony finger fucked me as he cock fucked Gill.“Fuck yes. I’m cumming.” Yelled Gill. “Oohhh …. Mmmnn fuck!” Her body convulsed. She seemed to be coming hard. She moaned and gasped and I could hear Tony gasping out loud as her pussy convulsed on his cock.Gill collapsed onto her elbows with her head in her arms. She looked fucking hot with her sexy ass in the air and Tony banging away behind her.I watched as Tony shuffled back pulling out of her wet pussy and started to position himself behind me. I had all sorts rushing through my head as I realised he was about to fuck me.I felt him lift my skirt and I felt his hands either side of me.