My Secret Santa Sucked


I work for a small family owned manufacturing company.  Nothing exciting ever happens here.Our holiday celebrations have downsized along with the company.  They used to rent a banquet hall for our Christmas party.  Now we are down to barely fifty people, and we get a catered deli lunch.They did add a Secret Santa gift exchange this year.  The company president’s executive assistant retired, and her replacement organized it.  She convinced most of the office people to join as well as all the younger guys from manufacturing.  Gifts were supposed to be around twenty dollars.  They could be delivered at any time, and then the Secret Santa would be revealed at a party on Cookie Day.I cursed when I drew the company president’s name.  It was a no-win draw.  If I bought a cheap gift or a gag gift, I would be ridiculed.  If I bought a nicer gift, everyone would accuse me of brown-nosing.  The only easy out was to buy a couple of sleeves of golf balls, and hope that he still gets out sometimes.The entire week slipped by, and I never received a gift.  That didn’t really surprise me much.  Most of the participants were guys, and we are notoriously bad at gifting.  There were only a handful of women, and most of them are nearing retirement age.  I barely interact with any of them, so they weren’t likely to know enough about me to choose a gift.Needless to say, I wasn’t upset at all when a customer called in with a problem just minutes before the Cookie Day party was supposed to kick off.  I ended up spending more than an hour getting them back up and running and missed the Santa reveal.  Luckily for me, there were plenty of cookies left when I wandered down to the break room.When I returned to my desk, there was a plain envelope on my desk chair.  I shook my head as I opened it.  I expected an apology and a twenty dollar bill.Instead of the expected, I was intrigued to find a mysterious note.  It did contain an apology for the lateness of my gift, but then instructed me on where and when I would find it.  The instructions were clear on the point that I should not tell anyone, and I should not arrive early.The building was mostly empty of employees when the appointed time approached.  Almost all of the manufacturing people start early and are gone by three-thirty.  Most of the office people are out by four-thirty.  A few of us have to stay until five o’clock to handle customer calls.At four-thirty-five, I made my way up to the library of customer books.  We maintain hard copy books of part lists and programming of every machine we build.  I was instructed to find my gift porno hikayeler in a specific book.The books are stored in a deep ‘L’ shaped closet.  I made my way to the back and looked for the proper drawer.  Just as I opened the drawer, the lights clicked off.  I was a bit startled, but there is a small night light by the door, so I could almost see.  I was surprised to see someone walking toward me in the darkness.”Sit on the chair and don’t say anything,” a quiet woman’s voice whispered.  I didn’t recognize her, but I did as she instructed.  My eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness, but we were around the corner from the blocked light and I couldn’t quite make out her face.   I couldn’t quite place her as I considered the women in parts, sales, and accounting.”I called your wife to see what I should get you,” she whispered.  “She suggested a t-shirt.  That seemed lame, and so I hope this tickles your fancy.”Her hands touched my knees and pushed them together and then she sat on my lap facing me.  She caught my hands and placed them on her hips.  In the darkness, I could see her hands reach for the buttons of her blouse.  In four quick movements, the blouse parted.  A flip of her fingers parted the catch on the front of her bra, and I could almost make out her beautiful breasts.”I haven’t shared these with anyone but my husband in a long time, and never with anyone from work,” she whispered.  “Start gentle,” she instructed as she pulled my face to her chest.I hope she hadn’t expected me to keep my hands on her hips.  My hands reached her breasts just as my lips did and I lifted each succulent globe to taste her flesh.  My thumbs stroked over her nipples and she moaned her pleasure.  Her prominent nipples swelled as I took each of them between my lips and suckled at them.”Harder!” she whispered as she started rocking her hips against the hardness in my pants.I let my teeth find her skin.  She dug her fingers into my hair and pulled me closer as my teeth scraped towards her nipple.  As my teeth trapped one nipple and my tongue tortured it, my fingers closed tightly on the other.  She groaned and rocked harder.I switched nipples and then left a string of little bites all around each breast.  I didn’t bite hard enough to leave a hickey, but the marks were going to be visible for a while.”Yes, harder!” she cried out as I returned to her nipple.She was practically tearing the hair from my scalp as she pulled my head against her breast.  Her other hand closed on mine and she pinched my fingers into her nipple much harder than I had been doing.  I seks hikayeleri matched the pressure on the nipple in my mouth.  She cried out and started to cum.I switched quickly back and forth between her nipples as she continued to thrust against me.  As her thrusts weakened, I eased back to gently kissing and licking her breasts.”That was more of a gift than I intended to give,” she breathed into my ear.She let her lips stay close to my ear as she caressed my head and enjoyed the gentle attention I continued to give.”I think I took more than I gave,” she whispered happily as she started nibbling on my earlobe and kissing my neck.I tipped my head and moaned my pleasure.  I couldn’t stop from rocking my hips against her.  She moaned into my ear and my body shivered in delight.”We’re so going to get caught,” she moaned, “but I want more.  Let me give you more.”I had no idea what to say.  As she slid off my lap, I wanted to tell her that more was a bad idea.  I was dangerously close to making an embarrassing mess in my pants.  I guess that only would have been fair, because I am sure her crotch was soaked.I couldn’t even begin to stop her as her fingers found my belt.  She used her head against my stomach to tell me to lift my hips, and then my pants and boxers were pooled around my ankles on the floor.Before they ever got that far, she caught the head of my cock with her lips.  As my clothes hit the floor, the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.  I barely heard her moan of pleasure over mine.I thrust my fingers into her hair and grabbed as tightly as she had in mine.  Instead of pulling her forward as she had done to me, I had to pull her away so I could warn her about my pending release.As my cock popped out of her mouth, she moaned, “No!  I can taste how close you are!  Give!”She pulled against my grip in her hair and forced her way back down onto my cock.  I groaned and started thrusting my hips.  She groaned and bobbed her head and then started swallowing as I exploded in her mouth.  We both moved together at a slowing pace as she swallowed all that I had to give.”Mmm, I want more,” she moaned, “but I can’t believe we haven’t already been caught.”I still couldn’t see her face as she lifted it to look at me from between my legs.”I’m sorry I didn’t get you a stupid twenty dollar gift,” she whispered.  “Thank you for letting me gift you my fantasies.””You’re gift was priceless,” I promised as I leaned forward and surprised her with a gentle kiss.She moaned into the kiss, and then pushed me away.”Don’t be starting something that will sex hikayeleri get us caught,” she whispered and chastised.”You picked this closet,” I teased.”Well I couldn’t give at your desk,” she replied.She stood over me and kissed my forehead.  She seemed to stare at my face in the darkness for a moment.”Maybe I’ll do that next time,” she teased as she quickly turned away.And then she was gone.  She was out the door before I could even start to pull my pants up.I tried to hurry as I fixed my clothes and then made sure we hadn’t left any tell-tale signs.  All of the desks in the area near the closet were empty as I left.  As I wandered down towards the Admin section, I saw a light still on outside of the president’s office.  The new, young assistant was still at her desk.A quick stealthy glance confirmed that she couldn’t have been my Secret Santa.  She was wearing a pullover sweater and her breasts just weren’t big enough to match.  I doubt a pretty young woman like her would have any interest in an older guy like me.  On the other hand, she had to know who my Santa was.”Thank you for organizing the Secret Santa,” I said as I walked up to her desk.  “You know, I missed the party and I missed the reveal.  Can you tell me who my Santa was so I can send a thank you?””I think it’s a secret,” she joked amicably.She stood and started to walk around her desk.”It’s just like a man to accept a gift and then miss all of the clues of who gave it,” she teased.She stepped up close to me and leaned in to whisper in my ear.”Do you think I should organize Secret Valentine?” she whispered.  Her voice did not match my Santa’s voice, but the way she leaned against me and the warmth of her lips as they nearly touched my ear sent shivers down my spine.”She said you were most gracious in accepting her gift,” she whispered.  “You two better not make me resort to blackmail to get every detail.”Her breath seemed to catch as she nipped at my earlobe.  She held it between her teeth just tight enough to leave a mark.  Then she pushed away with a smile.”Have a good evening,” she said with a smile as she slid around her desk and sat.At that moment, the company president stuck his head out of the door of his office.”Hey John, what kind of lousy gift are golf balls?” he asked.  “Didn’t you know I gave up golf last year because of my knee?”I tried hard not to sigh as he dragged me into his office to talk.  I had hoped to see whose cars were still in the lot.I struggled to appear interested in what he was saying when the picture on the back corner of his desk made everything snap into place.  His daughter was a match for my Santa.  She did marketing and was only there one day a week.  I had heard a rumor that she and the new assistant were friends or roommates in college.I knew I was right, and I knew that one way or another I was in trouble.